Hljóðaklettar, the most alien & surreal landscape I’ve seen

Eight thousand years ago, a volcano erupted directly underneath glacial ice and the river Jökulsá á Fjöllum (glacial river in the mountains in translation). This caused explosions and chaotic flooding which formed canyons, rock formations of diverse shapes and sizes (even structures similar to a honeycomb), and basalt columns twisted and angled in every direction.

I felt like I was on another planet while seeing all of this in Hljóðaklettar, rock of echoes. Formed when the Jökulsá River heavily eroded volcanic craters, the rocks left behind have acoustics which can alter the river’s sound, depending on where you’re standing. Hence the name.
Hljóðaklettar is in the northernmost part of Vatnajökull National Park. Vatnajökull, located near the subglacial volcano Bárdarbunga, is Europe’s largest glacier outside the arctic and the source of the previously mentioned river. 

This post is part of my Iceland summer school series.
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Everyone in my dash is talking about this girl band. Meanwhile, I’m coming up with a list of things that interest me more than that:

  • How do ants reproduce?
  • When you saw a jean, where do you start? Inseam or outside?
  • Does Meryl Streep have a middle name?
  • Who came up with the word ‘curtains’?
  • Who was the first person to adopt a hedgehog as a pet?
  • How many people die crushed by ceiling fans yearly?
  • How did the first person that checked inside a honeycomb come up with the idea? How many times were they stung?
  • Would Republicans vote for a Teletubbie if it ran against a Democrat?
  • I wonder how long it’d take me to learn to count to ten in German.

Adorable Honeycomb Jewelry

Natalia Moroz, the co-owner of the family business Winged Lion confesses in reference to her creatively crafted designs: “As many of inspirations come from one’s early impressions, I remember of a small family farm where my great aunt and uncle grew grapes and kept over a dozen of beehives. It was exciting to see all stages of bee production and harvesting. And the first necklace I had as a little girl was an amber drop that always reminded me of honey. Now, so many years later, when I thought of making the honeycomb necklace, amber seemed to be an obvious choice of gemstones. Additionally, we make the same design with citrines.”

The pieces capture the beauty of the geometry behind the honeycomb and its rich gold color, as well as its symbols of love, family and sweetness. Find then in their Etsy shop.

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This is one sexy Glock 26…

Barsto Match Target barrel fitted

EW trigger work with hand fit connector
Recoil guide rod and springs replaced with
properly tuned springs and guide rod.
finger grooves removed
trigger guard undercut
wrap around stippling
Trijicon HD Night Sights.
EW signature honeycomb slide cuts
Cerakote finish on the slide