honeycomb wax


Check out our newest production piece!
It’s currently one of a kind, so you could say it’s beespoke!

Beehive-inspired for all people who wish they could keep bees but cannot.
Or if you’re just REALLY into hexagons.

Imagine this in your viking den to go with the mead you’re swilling!
I’m sure you can figure out as many uses for it as we can, anyway.

amaranthica  asked:

The rice paper is a good idea! The kind I'd had was clear and would make a fake detergent pod. However it was very thin and melted quickly in your mouth! You'd need to layer it a few times in order to get a "pop" from biting it, and you probably wouldn't be able to chew on it for very long before it dissolved. Having a layer of honeycomb wax underneath the paper might make the pod more chewy and durable!

Whoa, I never thought about that!! You’re right, the popping sensation is one of the most important parts, so it would be pretty disappointing if it just kinda melted immediately lol ^^; Honeycomb wax is a great idea!!

How do you say ‘no’ to a God? There’s honeycomb shoved past your lips and rosemary braided by deft fingers into your hair. There’s whispers in your mind of stories to be told, heroics to extoll. There’s sunlight that touches your skin, like fingerprints seared into skin. There’s the sound of music constantly in your head like a finely tuned radio. There’s jewelry on sale that looks like sun rays and a murmur of “Wear it. My gift to you, little one.” as you bring it to the innocent cashier. There’s words of love and tenderness blinking on the screen even though you never typed them. There’s the scent of citrus and burning bay on your sheets despite falling asleep under the streetlights coming through your window alone. There’s the memories of the past, of a life filled with marble walls and the heat of the Mediterranean, of medical secrets and shoving gold under the straw of your mattress and swallowing honeycomb - wax and all - as the High Priestess passes by wondering where the honey offerings have gone because He doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth and He simply put the golden thing in your hand. Dancing until your ankles hurt and you wrists bruise because He pulled you into the temple’s garden to dance for Him alone. Feeling His touch searing you, claiming you, as you cry in fear of others and joy of Him. And He strikes a deal with Haides just to know which body your soul will end up in next. How do you say 'no’ to a God? You don’t. He’s already decided you’re His. Forever.