honeybunch sugar plum

me: [see’s a picture of harry]

me:  You’re my honeybunch 🍯 sugar plum 🍑 pumpy-umpy-umpkin 🎃 You’re my sweetie pie 🍰 You’re my cuppycake 🎂 gumdrop 🍬snoogums, boogums 🍭 You’re the apple 🍎 of my eye 👁 And I love you so 💞 and I want you to know 👀 that I’ll always be right here 😘 And I love to sing 🎤 sweet songs 🎶 to you ☝🏽 because you ☝🏽 are so dear 💌

Seventeen’s reaction to their S/O fangirling/fanboying over SHINee

Request: Hi! Can I request a reaction of all the members from Seventeen? They walk in to their s/o (the reader) fangirling over SHINee, like they are screaming and singing and dancing to their songs haha how would the boys would react? Would they be jealous? It’s just that SHINee is my absolute number one but Svt are a close second hahaha thank you!


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S.Coups: He would watch you at first with displeased frown and slowly grow angrier when it takes you forever to notice him. Then, clear his throat, loud enough for you to hear, so that you would finally acknowledge him and then he’d walk away all mad.

Jeonghan: He would just stand there and be like, ‘oh really?’ and then say something like, “You should be dancing and singing to my MV’s.”

Joshua: He would be okay with it at first, but once it starts to become a routine then that’s when he has his problems. He’d probably argue that you spend more time watching them then you do paying attention to him.

Jun: This boy would give you the most disgusted look on the planet and wouldn’t talk to you for like a week because that’s how long it took you to start actually paying attention to him. 

Hoshi: He’d be all whiney like, “love me, please.” Then, literally do everything in the book, just to get your attention until finally you give in to his cuteness.

Wonwoo: Death stare to the max.

Woozi: He would probably say, “okay, we get it you like SHINee and not your boyfriend or your boyfriend’s group!” Then just walk out of the room, making sure to slam the door for a dramatic effect.

DK: He’d be thinking, ‘pssh not jealousy, not even at all. What even is jealousy? Hmm never heard of it,’ as he sat there watching with jealousy that you’re focusing on SHINee and not him.

Mingyu: “Jaigiya, aren’t I more handsome to you?”

The8: He didn’t want it to bother him so much, but he just really wants your attention and doesn’t like it when it’s on other people.

Seungkwan: He’d be like, “Why aren’t you paying attention to your honeybunch, sugar plum, pumpy-umpy-umpkin?” And then frown with his arms crossed over his chest.

Vernon: Again once this becomes a routine, all hell breaks loose. “You should be looking at me and not them.”

Dino: He’d scoff and be like, “forget those moves, check out mine!”

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🍓💕💗 you’re my honeybunch, sugar plum pumpy-umpy-umpkin 🍓✨💕💗 you’re my sweetie pie you’re my cuppycake, gumdrop, snoogums boogums, you’re the APPLE of my eye ✨💕💗🍓i luv u i love you I love you I Love You I LOVE YOU!!! 💕✨♥️🍓💕💗✨🍓💕 en tus ojitos se esconde el mundo entero, & from your lips the prettiest words always escape, i luv u i love you I love you I Love You I LOVE YOU 🍓✨💗💕🍓✨


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Do you have plans today?” Wonho asked you before you could get a chance to say hello when he called you. 

Your looked down at your attire when he asked you this and raised your eyebrows at the stain on your white shirt. Your eyes went down a little further until they reached your frumpy black sweatpants that had been wore way too many times. 

I sure hope not. Why?” You question.

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you’re my honeybunch, sugar plum,pumpy-umpy-umpkin,you’re my sweetie pie,you’re my cuppycake, gumdrop,snoogums, boogums, you’re the apple of my eye.

happy birthday to TWICE’s lead vocal and fake maknae,Im Nayeon!