honeyboo boo

Alana. Oh Alana. This girl and her family. I want to hate them so badly, but I can’t. What gems!! Sometimes TV needs a swift kick in the ass because it’s so boring. But wait! Here comes Alana and her proud redneck family.  YES YES YES. It’s like every time an episode ends I’m left wanting more. Almost like GIMME THE GO-GO JUICE!  Yo do you Alana, you do you!

He tweet about you and you answer


@Luke5sos (y/t/n) have a small mouth that’s ridiculous !

@(y/t/n) wtf I hate you Luke Hemmings why are you saying this on twitter ??!??!


@Ahston5sos (y/t/n) is so cute when she want to cuddle with me! <3

“(y/t/n) stop moving and stay with me bastard  ox


@Calum5sos (y/t/n) sing in the shower such a good voice honey! ;)

@(y/t/n) I hate you honeyboo boo!!


@Michael5sos  just come back from the bathroom and (y/t/n) ate all the pizza!

@(y/t/n) fuck you fat ass don’t put this on me you’re the one who ate all the pizza !!!