Follow Friday

Note: I don’t do these often, since the people I put on it are normally the same. But! Since I’ve “met” some new people past weeks, and got to know some of my other friends better, here it is! This week’s Follow Friday

  • abzron: Abz (Ron) is absolutely wonderful and an awesome friend! Tumblr would be so boring without her. She’s epic :)
  • flutteralways: My best friend, my sister from another country, sushi, she’s the best person I’ve ever met on the net. Love you sushi! And now go follow her!
  • malfoycursed: You! What can I say about you? You’re just simply amazing! Nana’s blog is quality beyond quality, and such a great person!
  • the-shrieking-tardis: Mrs. Weasley! This blog you simply must follow if you love Harry Potter & Doctor Who. I mean, does this url need explaining? Plus, she’s incredibly nice!
  • rupelover: Asmaa is the reason why I joined Tumblr. I loved her posts! Met her on Youtube, youtubie & dutchie.
  • thisisdeborah: DEBORAH IS AWESOME! Simply awesome! I met her in Amsterdam at the opening of the Harry Potter Photo Exhibition :)! Meeting Oliver, James & Rupert was awesome of course, but having so much fun with someone you’ve never met before made the day even better!
  • iwillspendforeverwondering: Quality, extremely sweet & just great! Go follow her!
  • honeybeesqueen: Her posts are epic, her edits even better. If you want a load of quality on your dash, following her is a must :)! Especially if you’re a Draco/Hermione shipper!