New, is that a good or bad thing? (Closed rp)

Silence, the usual thing to hear within the dark hollow that the spirit resides in. To her silence was a good thing, it meant that she was alone and safe. So when the sound of shrieks filled the entire Hollow the spirit was very curious to what could have set her Skrills, bat like creatures with snake tails, off in such a panicked manner.

The shrieks echoed for the many miles that made up the spirits home, announcing to their Mistress, as well as the other creatures that resided there that they had an intruder. Intruders were certainly rare, but every century or so the Hollow would have one, mostly human, that accidentally found the way in and was lost.

In a swirl of shadows, Trick disappeared from her home, moving silently and quickly to the sound of the source. Attaching herself to the shadows of a near by tree the girl watched the new comer with curiosity, “well, what do we have here? Someone is certainly lost to have found this place.” her voice echoed through out the area, keeping her location hidden.