Witches’ Remedies & Painkillers

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(IMPORTANT: Herbal preparations should never be boiled in aluminum vessels! Use only copper, earthenware or pyrex to avoid contamination of the medicines. Please follow all directions carefully!)

ANIMAL BITES (MINOR WOUNDS) - The powdered root of angelica (gathered when the moon is in Leo, preferably)mixed with a bit of pitch and laid on the biting of dogs, or any other creature, helps to cleanse the open wound and makes it heal more quickly.

ANXIETY - A tea made from catnip, chamomile or skullcap helps to relieve anxiety and nervousness.

ARTERIOSCLEROSIS (HARDENING OF THE ARTERIES) - Combine one pint of grain alcohol with one ounce of powdered dried Hawthorne berries. This tincture should be given in doses ranging from one to 15 drops. (NOTE: Although hawthorne is non-toxic, it can produce dizziness if taken in large doses)

ASTHMA - Place the soft fuzzy leaves of the mullein plant in a teapot with hot water and inhale the steam through the spout to relieve the symptoms. Another preventative against mild attacks calls for one tablespoon of sunflower oil taken at night before going to bed. A brew of skunk cabbage, garlic, onion and honey was favored by many witches as a remedy for bronchial asthma. A very old asthma remedy used by the Native American calls for the smoking of ground red clover blossoms. The leaves of the California gum plant combined with those of the stramonium were also smoked.

ATHLETE’S FOOT - Rub onion juice between the toes two or three times daily until the condition disappears.

BACKACHE - A tea of nettle or rosinweed is recommended for aching backs by many witches.

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Magnetic Chapter 6: Turn About

Dean Winchester x Reader

1000 Words

Chapter Summary: Dean offers to start over

Story Summary: After your Dad was killed, you were shocked to learn all about his hidden life. Deciding to follow in his footsteps, you turn to a life of hunting, surprised at how well you adapted. Then comes along Sam and Dean Winchester, turning your life upside down. You and Dean don’t get along at first, but then things soon start to change.

Catch Up Here: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5

Author’s Note: Thank you So much for checking my story out!! I’m always open to comments and suggestions!

After an awkward dinner that night of chili burgers, you had gone straight back to your room, needing to be alone for a while. It was nice being with people, to not be on your own, but it was a hard adjustment to get used to. And tonight, after the gifts from the store, and the homemade food, along with the teasing between brothers, you had felt a little overwhelmed. You were more than used to sitting in your motel room, munching on greasy fast food,  the TV the only company. So having someone who actually talked back made you feel more on the spot.

After shutting the door to your room, you took a deep breath, the silence relaxing and calming. Throwing clothes off as you went, not caring where they landed, you stood in front of your dresser in just your lacy black bra and underwear. It was one of the few girly things you could get away with wearing while hunting, and you usually splurged on them, while buying the rest of your clothes second hand, or on clearance. So many times, you only wore a shirt once before throwing it away due to blood stains or rips in the material. It was not worth buying new, and your budget couldn’t afford it anyways.

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Chapter 3

After being left right before his wedding, Chris isn’t sure how to move on. He moves back home to Boston where he meets Hallie, a free spirited elementary school art teacher who turns his world upside down.

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A notice to all MAPS/Pedosexual people, as well as our loyal followers.


WE WILL ALSO NOT BE TAKING REQUESTS OF ANY SHIP THAT IS NON-CONSENSUAL OF ANY KIND (this means any relationship with canonical rape, or a non-con canon relationship)

The mods here at shipping-aesthetics have all agreed that pedophilia is disgusting and terrible. A child cannot consent like an adult can, you are not welcome here and you are NOT part of our LGBT+ community. Pedophilia is NOT OKAY, it is wrong and it is disgusting.

And to all of the MAPS or Pedosexual people of Tumblr, get the fuck out. We don’t want you here, this is our safe place. Don’t you dare bring shame and dishonor on our flag and on our community. We LGBT+ folk already get enough shit without you asshats having to come along and fuck up how hard we’ve worked for our rights.

You have no home here, you are not welcome. I curse and spit at your culture, children ARE NOT your sex objects, THEY ARE NOT your toys, AND THEY CANNOT be your partners! You are not and never will be a part of our community and you never will get to marry someone who cannot properly consent.

So do yourself a favor honey, Leave and don’t come back. Build yourself your own community how dare you even consider yourself a part of ours.

~Mod Micah and the rest of the mods of shipping-aesthetics 👫👭👬

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“don’t think one of those is gonna fall down in the dump.”

Romeo and Juliet kinda thing

You’re Clay’s daughter and you’re secretly dating Juice, but your Dad wants you to be with the son of another chart president; You have a fight and break up. 

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He caught your attention the second he picked you up from High School in his motorcycle. Jax couldn’t be there, and your dad, Clay Morrow had sent the Prospect to go get you. He was young and he still didn’t had the tattoos on the side of the scalp but the Mohawk was there, making you giggle as your school mates laughed at him; His face was a bright pink when he handed you the helmet. “Your dad sent me” He had said. “I’m JC. The prospect.” You asked him how far was in, he said two months, and helped you on the bike. You were young, and a sucked for bad boys, and growing up in an MC, you had a thing for older guys. JC, which you learned to call Juice, being older than you, even for a few years, made you interested. 

And you weren’t ugly at all. Juice found himself looking at you while he was working on TM, while you were talking to your mother Gemma, which you were, his younger version, style and all. Later, and on clubhouse parties, he grabbed you beers, shared his weed, even some of his speed. You were both fooling around to much until it came to the term where he stole a kiss from you, while you were messing around TM, one lonely afternoon. You started secretly dating since then. Juice was your first time, your first true love; but it had to remain secret, because being the youngest and only girl had it’s cons. Your dad would kill Juice if he ever found out.

You didn’t plan on keeping it a secret forever. After all, Juice was a really important guy in your life, and you loved your family to death. You just wanted to keep the whole situation under control, but after 3 years, it’s been really difficult to hide. You were on the living room talking with him on messenger when your dad walked in along with Jax, both looking dead serious. 

To: JC 

Dad walked in with your VP. Shit. BRB. I love you! 

You threw your phone to your purse and looked at them, sitting down on the couch next to you. You blinked as you turned the TV on and looked at them.

“What’s wrong?” You asked. Jax caressed his bear and shook his head, motioning to your dad. Clay leaned against the couch and began talking.

“You’re not dating anyone, are you?” Your body went death cold, as you quickly shook your head. Clay nodded, looking at Jax and sighing.

“Honey, we need a favor.” You frowned. Whatever favor that implied you being single was off limits. You looked at your step brother, who seemed quite uncomfortable with this whole situation. “Jason Alvarez, Marcus Alvarez son. He’s your age, a upcoming VP of the Mayans” You crossed your arms on your chest, puffing your cheeks. Was your dad for real? what was this? Romeo and Juliet? 

“So?” You said in a sharp tone. 

“We need you to date him. All he wants is a shot.” Jax said.

“Very respectful…” you dad assured you. This didn’t made you any less angry. You got up and walked over to them. “(Y/N), we need this to happen. It will bring the two MC’s together and we need that now. You could be saving tons of life.” This was bullshit. That was all you could think. What about your relationship? Juice was going to loose his mind. He wanted to come clean for about 6 months now, you being the one that putted off, afraid of your Dad’s reaction. This was going to kill him. 

“Dad, you’re the member! You’re the press! I’m just your daughter.” You said, throwing a fit. “You’ve been saying that since the second i was born, the club is not my business.” You could see Jax was on your side and that made you feel happy, but if it came to power right now, Clay was over Jax. “Dad, i don’t want to date a stranger…” You said looking down, walking closer to him, hoping to touch his heart. Clay kissed your forehead and caressed your hair.

“But you’re going to.” Was all he said as he exited the room. Your mom was nowhere to be seen. Great fucking time to go and visit grandpa Nate.  You were left alone in the living room with your step brother. Jax sighed and walked over to you.

“Look, i’m sorry (Y/N). I tried to avoid this; but your old man is right. You could be saving so many people right now.” You were upset and you didn’t made an effort to hide it. 

“Whatever.” You said, grabbing your purse and jacket, walking out of the house, slamming the door on the way out.

You were waiting for Juice on the small living room of his apartment. You knew where he was hiding his keys and you had called him on your way there, let him know you needed to talk and that you would be waiting for him. You laid on the couch, and turned on the TV, two episodes of How I met your Mother later, he walked into the apartment, taking off his kutte. 

“Hi, woman.” He joked, making you smile as you got up and turned off the TV. He turned around, grabbing you by your hips and pressing a soft, yet long kiss to your lips. You smiled into the kiss and hugged him. This was going to be a hard goodbye. “Juice…” you said into the kiss. 

“Hmmm?” He moaned against your lips, still concentrated in the kiss. 

“We need to talk, baby…” You said as you tried to break the kiss. Juice nodded but kept kissing you. “Juan…” You said completely pulling away. He understood this was serious and broke the kiss, but his hands were still on your hips. “It’s about Clay…” You felt his body freeze as he nodded again, sitting down on the couch, you in the small coffee table in front of him. “It’s actually about Jason Alvarez.”

“Jason Alvarez?” He said, confusion in his face. “The idiot with the skull candy tattoo on his neck? Jesus, he’s a dork, (Y/N). What about him?” He said grabbing your hands and looking at you. You gulped and sighed, looking at him. 

“We…we need to call things off.” You said. “My dad…J-Jax…” you sighed. “The clubs need me to date Jason Alvarez to create some sort of alliance and…” Juice let go off your hand and got up. You sighed and looked at him. “Juan…”

“Don’t “Juan” me, (Y/N).” He said mocking your tone. “This would never had happened if we had came out 6 months ago, like i bitched you to.” You crossed your arms on top of your chest.

“Don’t act like this is on me, this is your club too!” You said. “It’s not my choice. You should know this kind of situations.” You said back in a sharp tone. Juice huffed and looked at you.
“So, what, you’re leaving me? you’re leaving me to be with fucking Jason Alvarez, that’s why you came into my house?”

“Juice, would you please listen to me? Clay asked me. to…”

“I just…” Juice looked around, lost for words. “(Y/N) don’t you love me?” This broke your heart into a million pieces. His frown was gone for a few seconds but came back realizing he should be mad, not hurt. “I think you should leave…go run to your mexican boy.” You gasped, surprised at the venom in his voice. 


“I hope you don’t fucking regret this.” He said and plumped down on the couch. You got up and scoffed, walking away from him and opening the door, slamming it shut on the way out. Juice threw the remote as far as he could kicking the coffee table and throwing his head back, an exasperated “fuck” coming out of his mouth. He had lost you, and for once, it wasn’t his fault. 

Maybe he rather feeling helpless, than guilty. 

This will be a 2 part imagine!