Honey Dijon featuring Seven Davis Jr. ‘Houze’ (Deetron Extended Remix)

This year I decided that every season I’m going purchase a product from the farmer’s market that I’ve either never tried - or have tried when I was young and didn’t like.  For Spring I chose rhubarb, which I’ve never had.  From my internet searches I learned rhubarb is most often used in pies/tarts/crumbles, etc…  I didn’t want that - so I made a Rhubarb Vinaigrette dressing - and it was awesome!!  So simple and so good.

I simmered the rhubarb in a small amount of water until it was soft and then put it in the blender.  I added local raw honey, rice vinegar, and dijon mustard.  That’s it.  Blended it up - let it chilled - and served it.  It was well received and I was all proud of myself for learning something new.  


Let’s use the more positive adjective ‘ambitious’ to describe my actions of making 3 recipes within an hour. It reaffirms that yes I should audition for Masterchef (hahaha, no) and that the 1 hour time limit that they had is actually quite doable. if anyone’s seen the Australian version of Masterchef this year’s winner, Billie, was renowned for her flawless ability to multi task which was what snagged her the crown.Definitely channelled her spirit. Visually impressive are both the recipes used in Hinako’s test, but the execution is fairly simple. Thank god. The fact that the recipe failed to specify an oil to bind the sauce should’ve been the first clue. And perhaps it was because the size of my food processor but the amount of herbs specified wasn’t nearly enough so adjust accordingly! If you’re having difficulty pinning down shiso, Vietnamese Perilla (Tía tô) is a good substitute that’s only ~$1 a bunch and is much easier to locate (although that may be because of where I live) .. you have no idea the amount of smugness my mum radiated ’ Like ooohhh,  matter cuisines you dabble in, you’ll always come back to Vietnamese food" geez

Aldini Takumi and Isami’s Aigamo Grilled with Spices Recipe

1 duck breast (seasoned generously both sides and scored), shiraga negi (or leek in this case)

Japanese influenced salsa verde: Vietnamese perilla leaves, chives (roughly chopped), 1 tsp yuzukoshou (can be purchased at Daiso if you can believe it), 15g toasted sesame seeds, 1 tblsp uruka (either made followingly or shiokara. Basically, if you also made Souma’s Char Okakiage in the same hour, retain the guts from the cod and use accordingly)

Not pictured: 1 tsp each of soy sauce and mirin, pinch of salt

Equal ratio of dijon mustard, honey and soy sauce, black pepper. Adjust to taste (it’s pretty good!)

Preheat oven to 180C. Place baking tray as it heats up. Lay duck breast skin side down in a cold pan. Turn heat on to high and cook without turning for 8-12 minutes depending on size and thickness.

Bring water to a boil in a small sauce pan and add several dashes of sake. Boil guts for 5 minutes (don’t mind the blackened bottom of the pan, mum burned pasta), remove then season with soy sauce, mirin and salt.

Flip over the duck breast (save the duck fat!) and brush with mixture of Dijon mustard, soy sauce, honey and black pepper. Roast in oven for 6 minutes.

Blend improvised uruka with Vietnamese perilla, chives, 1 tsp yuzukoshou, 15g toasted sesame seeds and enough olive oil that it blends together. Season with soy sauce and salt.

Chop off a 5cm section of leek from the white end

Slice in half, and remove the inner layers. Stack the outer layers atop each other. 

julienne (do it much thinner than pictured!). With shiraga negi it curls under iced water, to anyone that has the time, test the theory with leek!

Slice duck breast and serve with Japanese salsa verde and leek strips.


I fucking outdid myself with the salad I put little bits of anise and onion chive blossom up in there, I had a base of lemon balm, comfrey, beet greens, and dandelion leaf goin, a little clover and clover blossom, and one other mystery leaf! I forget the name but I know I looked it up to see if it was safe to eat. I think I had strawberry leaves too, but not too many because they’re not the best.

I picked some garlic and onion chives, and blueberry leaves but those sucked so I tossed them out. My chives are drying now!
I added chopped beets, sunflower seeds, blueberries, and my own weird dressing. I like making my own mayonnaise but I fucked it up and just added dijon, honey, turmeric, and bee pollen to it and then melted some Parmesan in it to turn it into a sweet Parmesan peppercorn with a lil bit of goat milk to thin it out.

So like everything was local too even the eggs used, except the oil, the goat milk, and the beets/beet greens. And the seasonings (turmeric was from some witch store tho, and the bee pollen was local and so was the honey but the salt and pepper and stuff idk probably not)
Look at me being a huge asshole! Look at me!!!!!