We were just taking cute wordplay portraits and then OH NOOOOOOOO

Let’s just say Tadashi’s friends dumped campfire ashes into his favorite cap as a joke to get him back for their nicknames. We can do that, right? Right???

Big Hero 6 cosplay
Honey Lemon • Jess / Go Go • Kat C.
Fred • Bok / Tadashi • Miguel
photos by Reskiy / extra stuff by me
except the Tadashi joke which was their idea and also hurts meeeee

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Welcome to Monster High

Freaky just got fabulous

I am so happy I was able to meet up with these fabulous ghouls at Momo-con this year.


Clawdeen Wolf: Instagram:@Princehenri and Tumblr: @lolaneedabowla

Draculaura: Facebook and Tumblr: @rainbowredwood

Honey Swamp: Me and Facebook

PhotoCredit: @arukouarukou


Snacks after a day at the nerd lab

We could totally see Honey Lemon being into baking! There’s a bit of chemistry in there, after all. Tadashi gets first dibs (and takes the one with peanuts so that Hiro doesn’t accidentally eat it) Go Go stops Hiro from ruining Honey’s Instagram post  Fred is satisfied with his invisible sandwich

Big Hero 6 cosplay
Hiro • Jin (me) / Tadashi • Miguel
Go Go • Kat C. / Honey Lemon • Jess / Fred • Bok
photos by Reskiy

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So these are the beta test pictures. Learned a lot about the big guy yesterday, and found a major area that I’ll need to correct before taking him out to a con. Overall not a bad test, even go a chance to make a few kids in the neighborhood smile.

Just wanted to thank all of you for taking the time to show this early version of my Baymax cosplay some love!  You are all awesome!


Still our most popular video to date. ^-^


Where is Wasabi?” There in the second photo! Hahah! Sorry, Wasabi! We couldn’t resist!

These friends of mine are my headcanons for their respective characters so it was really cool to finally see them all dressed up! The whole shoot felt really natural because it was like we were just hanging out as usual, except while looking a little different, hahah! I hope you will stick around for more pictures!

Our friend who is Wasabi to us was actually in school that day, apparently to be told that he would be graduating with honors as valedictorian! Whoo!

Big Hero 6 cosplay
Hiro • Jin (me) / Tadashi • Miguel
Go Go • Kat C. / Honey Lemon • JessFred • Bok
photos by Reskiy

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