Hope I didn’t miss blackout again

Honey Swamp: fb page (Petite Ebby Cosplay)
Draculaura: fb page (Rainbow Redwood)
Supergirl: tumblr (silversunflowerprincess)
Storm: Instagram (Tolu.chan) Tumblr (holycowguts)
Wonder Woman/Clawdeen: me


Honey whatcha waiting for…

BOI I love my Heather group oml and I can’t wait to take this group to different cons!! I’m in the process of getting my professional photographer friend to take some photos of us but I still think we look hella either way💛❤️💚

Heather D: @johnswagbert
Heather M: restlesscomatose on Instagram
Heather C: ME!

As a Latina, let me say this. I don’t give two shits if white people- scratch that, anyone regardless of race, want to cosplay Latino characters and I’m gonna tell you one big important reason. Ok listen up real quick.

Y'all listening? Because this is important, *ahem*

It’s not real.

It’s fake, it’s not supposed to be real. That’s the problem I think tumblr needs to take into consideration. You care so much about ruining a real person’s work and effort over the skin color of a fictional character, you aren’t creating a solution, you’re only adding a factor to a real problem. Cosplay is supposed to be fun because you’re embodying your favorite character. Honestly it’s one thing if you want to look as accurate as possible but if you stress over non-Latino people cosplaying Honey Lemon or Lance or fucking Generator Rex, I’m sorry but you need to grow up. (I’m also looking at y'all who complain about this and don’t even cosplay at all).