Still our most popular video to date. ^-^

Happy Valentines Day! Enjoy these Cosplay Couples!

“Show me a boob man and I’ll show you a no-brain, no-class knuckle-dragger who knows nothing of the fairer sex. I don’t get it; you can’t take the measure of a good woman just by ogling her chest. There are far more important things to consider. See, if you’re enlightened like I am, then you know the real show is down below: the booty, baby! That’s where it’s at! Nothing trumps the rump, my friend. Anyone who can’t see that is either blind or a fool. That’s why I say enough with this mass boob hysteria. It’s time to set things right. It’s time to give the ass the respect it deserves!”

Dandy and Honey (Space Dandy)

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