What the FUCK Jason

He says that he has “learned a lot” from getting out so early on his season but honey child is still continuing to talk to “his crew” and ONLY them. We get it babe, you vibe really well with Kryssie and Neeley but for fuck sake, everyone is inside targeting you and you’re not trying to build any strong relationships with any of them. Go ahead boo, smoke your cigs and be the token funny guy. See how far that gets you. He literally said “Oh, if you’re evicted first then that means people gave you NO sympathy”. Bitch that will be YOU. People won’t give a flying fuck about someone who just sits outside all day. Get your ass up and play this game, everyone else has already started.

  • me, in the year 2040, getting ready for a fancy dinner party, standing in front of my antique gold vanity mirror, wearing a saint laurent f/w 2039 evening gown and cartier diamond earrings, taking a sip of champagne:what did you learn at school today, honey? :-)
  • my future child, laying on my king-sized bed with burgundy satin sheets:not much, in history we talked about the 2016 election. do you remember any of that?
  • me:drops my crystalline wineglass
  • Robert:Are you two in love?
  • Alec:Love? What? No. No, it's uh, it's sort of a different-
  • Magnus:*where is he going with this, is he about to say it's a different feeling, is he heading down the path to LUST, 'nah it's not love, right now I just really kind of want to bone him' IS NOT THE KIND OF THING YOU SAY TO YOUR FATHER ALEXANDER*
  • Magnus, calmly:It's all very new.
  • Robert, who also saw where this was going:...right

I always get super uncomfortable when people draw naruto as this uber manly hurly burly GRRRR masculine dude 

cause like have u seen him?

pls don’t forget about this part of him it’s literally the most important thing thank u


                                  мαstεя σғ tнε кεүвℓα∂ε

                                               мεмσяү σғ xεнαησяt


                                                  кεүвℓα∂ε ωαя

                           tнε ℓσst tωσ

                                       ιt αℓℓ вεgαη ωιtн…

                                       BIRTH BY SLEEP