A little art therapy for Friday night. My spatial recognition and my stylization are in constant battle for my brain. As I get worse, my illustrations get more jumbled but in a strange way, clearer. 

If you’d like me to illustrate a potentially unflattering (because I’m not an illustrator, and my brain comes up with shapes that are sometimes disillusionary to what many perceive to be their Set Facial Shapes), then you can send me a portrait of your wobbly outlook post (face) and I’ll try my best.

Thanks, Tumblr. 

vent art with my poor babby demon kid

They have a scarf that when they grow restless or scared or embarrassed or anything, it bristles and begins to puff up and cover them! They can completely envelop themselves in it.

But anyway, i havent decided a name or a gender for them (if they even have a gender????)

Endearments in German
  • Schatz:Darling
  • Bist ein Schatz:You are a darling
  • Ich habe dich Lieb:I have love for you/I like you ("Ich liebe dich" is stronger and more profound than "Ich habe dich lieb". The difference is hard, if not impossible, to translate to English, but in German, there is indeed a difference.)
  • Mein Lieber/Meine Liebe:My dear (Generally used as something a grandmother would say to a young child)
  • Liebling:Honey
  • Mein Liebster/ Meine liebste:My love (but not to each other more as third person like "My love gave me this")
  • Engel:Angel
  • Herzchen:Sweetheart
  • Herz:Heart
  • Süßer/Süße:Sweetie
  • Schatzi:"little treasure"/darling
  • Hasi:Cute form of Hase which is Rabbit
  • Bär/Bächen:Bear
  • Maus/Masui/Mäuschen:Mouse