honey you should see me in a bathtub

N: If you started the hair washing process already, whether in the shower or sink, then N would take over only if you needed help. Otherwise, he’d just stand there and stare or go about his business. He might help you blow dry though if he sees you struggling because your arms get tired too quickly or if he’s just feeling really helpful. “I’m glad I don’t have to go through all this trouble all the time.”

Leo: This won’t be a ‘Hey, Taek honey, can you wash my hair for me?’ kind of deal. You won’t be able to just outright ask him because he just won’t do it. So, in order to get him to comply, you’d have to be already in the shower together for whatever reasons. It would be cute, actually, him massaging your scalp while staring at you to see if he’s penetrating those roots like he should. Oh, is that shampoo in your eye? Don’t worry, Leo will gently wipe that away. “You’re lucky I love you.”

Ken: Ken would be one of those 'cuddle in the bathtub and wash each other’s hair’ type of boyfriend. You’ll sit in between his legs has he shampoos your hair and gently washes it. You’ll sit there feeling all loved as he asks you about your day and whatnot and then erupt in giggles once he put the shower head on you. Then it’ll be your turn to wash his hair and he’ll sit there and blow the bubbles out of the tub. Such a big kid. “Lather. Rinse. Repeat. I’m such a good boyfriend.”

Ravi: Ravi will be adamant about not wanting to wash your hair. Why would he? It’s your nasty hair follicles, not his. But after some aegyo and kisses, he’ll succumb to your desires and wash your hair only if you return the favor of washing his. He’d surprisingly do a good job too, lathering your hair properly and massaging your scalp to the point your legs might give out. “No, babe no. I said no. That’s not my thing. Stop pouting! Put your lip back, okay fine! But this is the last time.” 

HongBin: The only hair HongBin will ever wash is his own. True story. Even if you by some miracle coax him into doing it you’ll regret it because the finished product will be a horrible tangled mess. Even getting him to blow dry your hair would be a struggle cause he’d complain about the process being too long and his arm starting to hurt. So, don’t ask him! “I don’t have to go through this much trouble for my own hair. But, I got professionals to do it for me. Anyway, this is annoying.”

Hyuk: Hyuk would be similar to Leo in terms of washing your hair only if the two of you are already in the shower. But, that’s not even a good thing because he’d be the one to want to hurry and get it over with and end up getting shampoo in your eye. He’d laugh the whole time, but end up saving your eye after all. And don’t even let him blow dry your hair because it’ll take forever as he’ll blow dry your other body parts instead of your hair as a joke. “CALM DOWN! IT’S JUST SHAMPOO! IT’S YOUR OWN FAULT YOU GOT CITRUS SCENT. STOP HITTING ME YOU ORANGE-EYED FREAK!”

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