honey we shrunk the kids

Be that boyfriend that puts her on to movies she’s never seen even if she’s never had a childhood. 


2. Straight out of Brooklyn 

3. New Jersey Drive 

4. Juice 

5. Harlem Nights 

6. Who’s Da Man 

7. Just Another Girl On The IRT 

8. KIDS 

9. Requiem For a Dream 

10. In the Realm of the Senses

11. Friday 

12. Brown Sugar 

13. The Best Man 

14.  There Are No Children Here (Oprah Movie) 

15. Beloved 

16. Candy man 

17. Do the Right Thing 

18. Waiting to Exhale 

19. Eve’s Bayou 

20. I’m Gonna Get You Sucka 

21. Black Dynamite

22. Hoodlum 

23. Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song 

24. The Mack 

25. Jungle Fever 

26. Tails From The Hood 

27. Johnny 5 

28. Honey We Shrunk The Kids 

29. The Land Before Time 

30. Space Invaders 

31. City Of God 

32. Belly 

33. New Jack City 

34. Training Day 

35. Paid in Full 

36.  Menace II Society

37. Boyz N da Hood 

38. Baby Boy 

39. Above The Rim 

40. Set it Off 

41. South Central 

42. Dead Presidents 

43.  Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the  Hood 



46. Blood In Blood Out 

47. ATL 



50. State Property 

51. Strapped 

52. Players Club 

53. Deep Cover 

54. Before I Self Destruct 

55. Snow on tha bluff 

56. The Wash

57. Straight Outta Compton 

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Forza Horizon 3 just announced that it’s getting a Hot Wheels themed expansion which sounds pretty cool… EXCEPT THEY DID IT ALL FUCKING WRONG

Guys. I’m gonna try to be nice here. When you make a Hot Wheels game, I don’t want just “ooh tracks and hot wheels brand cars.” I wanna be small! I want a car the size of a Hot Wheels car! I want to race an ultra-realistic looking car through somebody’s kitchen and dodge rat turds under the oven! I don’t want “regular sized city with orange race tracks going through the air!” That’s WRONG. 

GET IT RIGHT. Let me be tiny and race in a backyard! I wanna live Honey We Shrunk Ourselves. I’ve wanted to experience the Hot Wheels scene from Honey We Shrunk Ourselves since I was a kid. Let me have this, video games. Let me have it. 

71- Simon Sez (1991)
Why Would You Make This?
71- Simon Sez (1991)

Star Wars Clone Wars, the “Honey, I” series, Idiotic Idioms, Wedding Cakes, Fox News ads, Dane Cook, and we mock the dead all during this Super Secret Podcast about the most forgettable movie ever.

Irregularities in Space

Eiffel never noticed the terrarium disappearing, but there’s something much, much more important he didn’t notice. I’ve been looking through old transcripts, and here’s what I found.

Episode Three, Discomforts, Pains, and Irregularities:

“Thursday will be movie night. If you would like to vote for what film we’ll be watching, submit your written choice to Commander Minkowski… although since all we have is a VHS of Honey I Shrunk the Kids, the effect of your vote will be negligible.”

Episode Seven, The Sound and the Fury:

“Thursday will be movie night. If you would like to vote for what film we’ll be watching, submit your written choice to Commander Minkowski… although since all we have is a VHS of Home Alone 2, the effect of your vote will be negligible.”


the signs as things i've heard at school
  • Aries: END MY LIFE
  • Taurus: Shut the fuck up stop saying I'm the straight friend
  • Gemini: Dawg... That is one fantastic cat... Do you have more pictures?
  • Cancer: WE NEED AN ASS
  • Leo: It's like 'Honey I Shrunk the Kids' except it's 'Honey I Popped the Baby'
  • Virgo: *in a voice like Gollum* rrrewhgh thghth WHGGHEEE
  • Libra: Where is Mac Hawk? Mac Hawk? Where is Mac Hawk? (read it out loud)
  • Scorpio: Snape is an embarrassment to humanity stop trying to redeem him
  • Sagittarius: Honestly? Fuck birds. What purpose do they serve?
  • Capricorn: These oats... are so prime... bro you gotta try these oats...
  • Aquarius: Free me from this mortal body. I am ready.
  • Pisces: Bees are good and pure creatures shut the hell fuck up

Summary:  While attempting to cast a spell to find his true love, Stiles accidentally turns himself into a frog.


If there was one lesson worth remembering from Stiles’s two years spent training under Deaton, it was this: magic, as something great and powerful and mystical, did not appreciate being used for trivial things. It was a rule that Deaton had tried to impress upon him time and time again, usually by way of horrible stories about mages who’d tried to use magic to fix their plumbing and then came away with a permanent desire to drink dish soap, or an emissary who’d tried to use it to find their car keys and wound up merged with their car for two months instead. The stories were all true, or so Deaton claimed, and Stiles believed him just enough to be cautious about using magic for any old thing. Despite the definite temptation, he’d never attempted to use magic to find a misplaced item, get out of paying for a plumber, or stop missionaries from knocking on his door. He avoided the minor magical tweaks, the insignificant and everyday things, and as a result, he thought he and magic understood each other.

So, really, Stiles couldn’t be blamed for thinking that a spell, in a spell book, was legitimate enough to avoid the backfire. Deaton had hundreds of spellbooks, most of them locked away and guarded by Derek, his grumpy werewolf associate, but Stiles only wanted one book, any book. Just one harmless spell to try out on his own, without supervision or censure; he’d thought Derek, as the youngest son of a booming werewolf family, would understand wanting to test his skills on his own terms.

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‘Honey I shrunk the Agent’ - kaitouphantom1412

[ kaitouphantom1412 said to secretagenthakuba:⇕ This should be interesting]

[⇕ <—- Leave this in my ask if you want to see an AU where our characters are in a “Honey, we shrunk the kids” scenario]

Hakuba had just got in. He had been out on a job to ‘Acquire’ a device from some typical ‘big bad’ his jobs always seemed to lead to. He had been in rather a rush to deal with this one as he had agreed to have Kaito over to his mansion later and luckily he had made it out in time even early. 

He was just checking over the machine in his living room before he put it into a secure storage to be picked up. It got a bit battered in the ensuing fight and Hakuba rolled it over carefully looking at it. It had a disk at the end with a pole sticking out similar to a small satellite dish. He frowned scraping some dirt off it and as he did he felt a tiny switch ‘click’ and the definite sound of a machine powering up. He moved back startled just as the dish let out a beam that hit him square in the chest. 

Hakuba sat there staring numb at where he was hit expecting pain but it never came. He was surprised by this but not as much as when he looked up and saw his house growing around him! Or he was shrinking? He quickly tried getting to his feet and ended up stood on his couch yelling in confusion as he currently stood at 8cm!

Yeah, it’s true that “walk” can be overused, and in a way that’s not invisible.

It happens when a writer has a whole scene blocked out in their head, and is trying to provide readers with a mental map that gives them the exact same stage directions that the writers sees. This kind of thing is the kind of thing that tends to bog writing down in general. You get people walking across the room, walking over to the door, walking down the stairs and up the stairs and over to the couch and so on all in the course of a single page or paragraph, and it gets repetitive.

The solution? Don’t focus overmuch on describing your characters’ movements in the first place. Every time you find yourself using the word “walked”, don’t stop and wonder if you should replace it with “peregrinated” or “perambulated” or “circumnavigated” in this case. Instead, ask yourself, “Is it necessary to convey this action at all?”

And if it is, let me suggest these low-impact alternatives: came, went, crossed, left.

She went downstairs. He crossed to the vanity. They left the room. We came to a fork in the road. The thing that is notable about these words is they describe the act of crossing a threshold, of arriving or departing. Outside of a “Honey I Shrunk The Kids” situation, we don’t actually care about the epic story of how your character got from the bedroom upstairs to the living room downstairs. It’s enough to know that they got there. I promise you! It’s enough! This is not a show situation. It’s not a tell situation. It’s a get it out of the way and get on with things situation.

I’m not saying to never describe how someone walks. Use it to establish character. Use it to establish emotion in the moment. The only time you should be describing somebody sashaying or stomping or flouncing or padding or tip-toeing or whatever is when the thing conveyed by that word that is not motion is something you want to get across.

Vimeo Pledges $10 Million to Fund Indie Film Projects on Its Internet VOD Platform

According to Variety, we’ve “upped the ante.” And as we all know, this is a reference to “Antie,” the beloved ant that gave his life for the kids in Honey I Shrunk The Kids.

Similarly, we just pledged 10 million dollars to our beloved platform, Vimeo On Demand.