honey u ok

Listen to the universe when u feel it’s forcing/pulling u away from someone, it’s doing it for a reason sis trust it

I love you

and you love me. and that’s abundantly clear. and i’m sorry i ever made you doubt that even for a second. because that’s unfair. i know u can’t take my word that i didn’t mean it and that there will always be a small part of ur brain that refers back to me saying that as proof of something wildly untrue. and for that i’m sorry. But i wasn’t lying to u when i said that i didn’t mean, even for a millisecond, that i believe u don’t love me or love me less for any reason. because i am 10018372829% aware that that is not tru. I know you love me, bby.

I know you love me because of the way ur eyes light up when u see me. i know u love me because of the way you ask about my day or ask if i’m ok. i know u love me because of the way u grip my hand when we walk places. i know u love me because of the content smile u wear when i lay on ur lap or sleep next to u. i know u love me because of the way u say my name when we argue and u want to stop. i know u love me because of the careful way you plead with me not to hurt myself, not to hide things, to take care of myself, to keep trying. i know u love me because u listen to me. i know u love me because u tell me everything. i know you love me because u’ve written dozens of amazing and touching poems about it. i know you love me because of the names u call me and the way u say each one. i know you love me because i feel safe with you. i know you love me because i trust you. i know you love me. i really, honestly do.

Star Trek had never been shown on Soviet television. Neither my parents nor grandparents are even aware of it. You think it means soviet people never saw space gayness or space weirdness? No way. The USSR created its own space cartoon with space gays and sometimes it’s weirder than st:tas. Don’t believe me? Let me show you something:

hello there meet our space family: professor Seleznyov, his daughter Alisa, and Captain Zelyonyy. They are aboard the spaceship Pegas. And they are boldly going to spend their honeymoon on a beautiful planet

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Good morning, honey!

Are u doing ok?

I know sometimes our day starts with stuff going out of control, bad news, a negative exchange, and it seems like everything is about to fall apart.

If that’s the case this morning, try to hang in there, okay? For your sake. Not every single little thing is going to fall apart, believe in me. Try not to let a small detail gain the proportion it doesn’t have and ruin your whole morning.

Treat yourself. Eat that little snack you love. Search for a positive talk. Use that bath bomb you’ve been saving. Dress yourself that one way that makes you feel special.

You have a whole day ahead of you that needs to be as healthy as you can make it. Take a deep breath, ok? Give yourself some time. You can solve everything afterwards, worry about it later, talk about it later. There is no recipe, but right now, do something that will do good to your heart and your chest, even if it’s taking a little break.

Kind regards,

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honey are u OK??? #kai #exo #concert

what I honestly thought

Dean: “Cas where the fuk are you”

Cas: “listen here u little shit I have suffered????? I am not ok right now???”


Cas: “FUK U TOO”

what I got

Dean: “bby dear r u ok my love”

Cas: “I am ok sweetheart what about you my darling”

Dean: “honey r u sure ur ok enough about me”

Cas: “but r you ok sweetie”

I always think everyone has a crush on me some random ass person will b like “so I have a crush on a girl” and I’m like :) it’s ok honey u can tell me :)