honey u ok

  • light: *kills L. steals L's name. moonwalks on L's grave*
  • also light: *clenches fists* you are NOTHING *glares actual daggers* compared to L! you have NO RIGHT *is actually growling this whole time* to be wearing a mask of L..!

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Would you be able to make a Yandere Jumin? Or even more Yandere Yoosung?

I’ll definitely make more Yandere Yoosung! lool

And Yandere Jumin? Hmmm

Maybe I can draw some Yandere Jumin~

aries x libra

aries: i have a problem

libra: we know honey

aries: i didn’t even tell u my problem yet

libra: is that so, honey

aries: yes it is very so, i just told u that

libra: alright honey

aries: u wanna hear my problem

libra: not really honey, but go ahead

aries: (screams) you’re so infuriating bc we’re not dating but you keep calling me honey and it’s making me rlly confused???

libra: (interested) (winks) (winks thirty more times)

aries: wat

libra: honey

aries: waattttt

libra: r u saying u wanna date me

aries: (challenging) r u saying u wanna date me

libra: idk maybe (shrugs) 

aries: and another thing, this indecisive thing of yours is really busting my chops big time

libra: ok

aries: wat

libra: let’s date

aries: sweet

my mom is a VIRGOOOO this morning i was rushing to get ready for my hike bc my alarm didn’t go off and my mom was like “u need to wear a better jacket go downstairs and get my jacket from the washing room u can wear that” and i was like “nooooo i don’t have time!! i’m just wearing this” and she was like .,.,.,.,.. and i was like “i’m sorry for shouting i’m just feeling rushed” and my dad was like “its ok honey u just continue getting ready” and my mom was like “idk about THAT bc THAT hurt my feelings why dont u want to wear my jacket”

  • Regular person: remembers childhood
  • Regular person: what great and fond memories ! :)
  • Me: remembers childhood
  • Me, instantly dissociating: thanks i hate it

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i have a sore throat what do

heat a glass of water until it’s warm (drinkable warm, not hot warm. it probably takes a minute of heating or less?), squeeze a whole lemon into your glass of water and add a teaspoon of honey. make sure the water is in a drinkable temperature and down it.

ginger is also good for a sore throat.

Star Trek had never been shown on Soviet television. Neither my parents nor grandparents are even aware of it. You think it means soviet people never saw space gayness or space weirdness? No way. The USSR created its own space cartoon with space gays and sometimes it’s weirder than st:tas. Don’t believe me? Let me show you something:

hello there meet our space family: professor Seleznyov, his daughter Alisa, and Captain Zelyonyy. They are aboard the spaceship Pegas. And they are boldly going to spend their honeymoon on a beautiful planet

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