honey thistle


I had a restful winter break and I hope you (yes, you!) did as well :) It’s always nice to recharge your batteries at the end of the year, and it allowed me some time to really think about the direction I want to take this business and make some big decisions. More to come on that as I flesh things out a bit more ^_^

In the mean time, I’ve been diving head-first into some of the new projects & products I want to introduce this year. I thought I’d start with this little baby penguin necklace while it’s still cold here in Toronto. I’ve had the idea for about 2 months now, but the holiday rush meant that I couldn’t really focus on any new ideas, so here it is all brand spanking new for 2017. 

I made a little troupe, and they are available in my etsy shop here

Also I post a lot more frequently over on instagram and the content tends to vary (no cross-posting I promise!) so if you’re inclined to see updates more often, please join me there :) 


I did a lot of crafting over the last few weeks, and I’m trying to take pictures whenever there’s an iota of sunlight… it’s coming along slowly but surely.

The first new item up for 2015 is a variation of my usagi terrarium necklace, which was my most popular item in 2014. I present… the glow-in-the-dark kodama (forest spirit) necklace! I first learned about what kodamas were when I watched the film Princess Mononoke and I have been obsessed with them ever since. My favourite part about this necklace is that because it’s glow in the dark… it actually looks like the kodamas in the film if you were to ever wander into shady forested areas.

Click through here to see it in more detail, and watch this space for a few new products over the next month :)


I never know how the end product will look like when I’m painting these mini paper clay sculptures… but today it turned into a fairy house ^_^

I wanted the house to be funky, but also maintain clean lines so it took a little longer than expected. 

I’m working on more mini house goods - although this time in the wearable department instead of figurine, so watch for those in the next week or so :D


I worked on this Laputian guardian earlier this week, and finally got enough light to capture some photos yesterday (woot) :) Laputa was the first Studio Ghibli film I ever watched (unknowingly at the time since I was 8…), but because of that and because of how beautiful the whole story is, it’s remained in a special place in my heart. 

The whole process is super finicky since each part of its body is made separately and then joint together… so there have been a few casualties. If you would like to check it out in more detail or take it home with you, the listing is here. There are currently only 2, but I might make more in a month or two if there’s demand for ‘em.

Happy Friday!


Today I decided to shoot a few pictures of my new miniature owls because miniatures are awesome :)

The background is made from green cardstock that I picked up at the local art store. If you’re interested in looking at them more in depth or to purchase, feel free to head on over to my etsy.

Look for more miniatures to come! I have some previews on my new instagram account (@honey.thistle) if you can’t bear to wait haha ;)


I’ve been on a woodland kick lately and these are a few of my latest pieces :) They’re largely inspired by my time spent in northern Ontario earlier this summer, where spotting any of these animals would have been a treat (although I would prefer to be far far away when I spot a bear).

I’m going to add a few more similarly themed items (although probably not necklaces) and see where they go. To see more detailed shots, feel free to head over to my etsy.


I’m super excited about these new miniature terrarium necklaces! This time around I made little forest animals (and a special caterpillar from alice in wonderland)… I can totally picturing them getting together and having a forest fiesta of sorts :)

If you’d like to view each one individually in more detail, feel free to head on over to ye olde etsy shop (link on the side bar to yer right).


I recently finished glazing a number of miniature paintings I did a few weeks back on paper clay. Painting on the dried clay really does feel like painting on paper! It’s unlike painting on polymer clay for sure, and I sort of prefer it for all these tiny details.

I also learned about glazes/varnishes through this process. Originally I was going to varnish it with a polyurethane based liquid that my bf used for a stained wood project earlier… but to be honest that stuff is nasty, smells awful, and I don’t particularly like the idea that it will be touching anyone’s skin later on. So after some researching online, I settled on the Liquitex brand of gloss varnish. They also offer a matte version, which I probably will buy in the future because photographing shiny and tiny objects is a pain.

Anyway, if you’re interested in seeing these in more detail or in buying, you can find them in my etsy.

Happy Monday!