honey teriyaki

I find it interesting the way Whelk describes Noah when he was alive:

“Czerny didn’t really have a sense of humor. He just sometimes said things that happened to be funny.”

“Czerny still hadn’t cared, not really. He was the most mild, ambitionless creature Whelk had ever seen,”

Versus the way Noah’s sister describes him when he was alive:

“My mom always said he was a firecracker, which just meant he was always getting speeding tickets and jumping on tables at family reunions and stuff. He always had so many ideas. He was so hyper.”

He called me one evening, I guess it would’ve been when he was fourteen, and he told me he’d had this dream about ravens fighting and battling. He said they were all different colours and sizes and shapes, and he was inside them, and they were, like, swirling around him.” She motioned around herself in a whirlwind; she had Noah’s hands, Noah’s elbows. “And he told me, ‘I think it would be a cool art project.”

And finally the glimpse into alive Noah when he is feeding off Blue and Gwenllian’s energy:

“Internal you?” he guessed, as if she hadn’t said anything. “Whatever. I just mean, like, a general you. So you come up with five, like, super great chicken recipes. Like, rotisserie. Those are the ones that cook for ever, right?” He ticked off his fingers. “Like, uh, Mexican. Honey-curry. Barbecue. Uh. Teriyaki? And. Garlic-Something. The other thing you need is, like, beverages. Crazy addictive beverages. People have to think, I’m craving that honey-curry chicken and that, uh, lemon tea, hell, yeah, to the max, yeah, Chickie-chickie-chicken!”

He was more animated than she’d ever seen him. This cheerfully prattling version of Noah was surely closer to the living version of him, the skateboarding Aglionby student with the bright red Mustang. She was struck by the realization that she probably wouldn’t have ever become friends with this Noah. He wasn’t terrible. Just young in a way that she had never been. It was an uncomfortable, sideways thought.

“— and I would call it – are you ready – CHICKEN OUT. Get it? What do you want tonight? Oh, Mom, please get CHICKEN OUT.” Noah smacked Blue’s little ponytail so that it hit the top of her head. “You could wear a little paper hat! You could be the face of CHICKEN OUT.”

And it just makes me even more angrier at Whelk, who was supposedly Noah’s best friend, because he didn’t really know the true Noah if that’s what he thought of him.

“Harmony” Honey Garlic Slow-Cooker Chicken

So recently I got very sick, and had to move back in with my parents. This was disruptive in a lot of ways, not the least of which being that I had to move across the country (from Ohio to Arizona) to move back in with them. It’s also very disruptive to our lives. I’d been living on my own, and have developed my own habits and living style. It clashes with theirs. Still, I want us to live together in some sense of harmony, so for dinner tonight, I made this: my “Harmony” Honey Garlic Slow-Cooker Chicken!


- two pieces of chicken (some people use thighs; I used breasts cause it’s what we had)
- honey (your binding agent. It’s thick and sweet, and is the product of a lot of hard work. Channel that into your meal)
- teriyaki or soy sauce (soy if you want a little more of a kick to it, teriyaki if you want it sweeter)
- 4 cloves of garlic (every relationship, no matter how smooth, will have some element of bitterness to it. Combining the bitter garlic with the honey helps to bring both sides of it into your meal)
- onion salt (to taste)
- a dash of basil
- the tiniest bit of rosemary (for a little power-up)

Place the thawed chicken in the bottom of the slow cooker, and turn it to “low”. While the slow cooker is warming up, combine the sauce ingredients in a bowl. Stir together the honey and teriyaki/soy sauce first, either clockwise or counter-clockwise, depending on the intent you would like to put in it. I stirred clockwise to bind. Add in the dry spices, and crush the cloves of garlic into the bowl and stir it all together, then pour over the chicken. Cook until the chicken is cooked through (5 hours on low, 3 hours on high), turning the pieces over occasionally.

Serve with whatever side dishes you would like! I’m serving it with long grain rice and steamed veggies, cause I try to stay healthy, and I like rice and veggies :)

weird things the signs remind me of

Aries - fake eyelashes, walking around drunk in the rain, screaming at concerts, studying all night, crying in parking lots, Memes That Capitalize The First Letter Of Every Word, Facebook fights

Taurus - cream cheese bagels, blonde eyelashes, walking down a creek, singing in the woods, lies, bad ukulele covers, doc martens, green eyes, pastels, puddles, horrible snapchats, wagons, inside jokes

Gemini - hazel eyes, skater skirts, cats, good coffee, lavender, recovery, true friendship, drums, MGMT, pasta, roses, crazy stunts, weird shoes, making dinner with friends, farts

Cancer - nose rings, short hair, forest green cardigans, honey whiskey, bad teriyaki takeout, the silent treatment, subtweets, spinelessness, crying about cats, homemade soup, watercolors

Leo - talking with a stranger at a piano until 4AM, @dril, late-night trips to target, crawling through a drainage pipe, roadtrips, cargo pants, bass riffs, smudged glasses, huge beds, weird plants

Virgo - the kind of love that makes you work on yourself, apology letters, scraps of paper saved for years and years, timelines kept in google docs, the most profound sense of loss for no discernible reason, cutoff jeans, converse, the color white

Libra - cornfields, broken glasses, long distance crushes, cupcake flavored vodka, quilts, punk mix tapes, humidity, lace shirts, nervousness, misty fall mornings in Bloomington, headphones

Scorpio - attics, greasy hair, brown eyes, waking up early, painting all night, hearing somebody you love sing in the shower, candles, stars, hail, pouring rain, crying from laughing so hard, drunk showers, water towers, the color yellow

Sagittarius - journaling, collecting leaves, wet shoes from walking through dewy grass, scrambled eggs, tail lights, birthday cards, grey eyes, broken elbows, Father’s Day, new balance tennis shoes, Ann Arbor, curly hair, tapestries

Capricorn - loneliness, crying so hard you throw up, lizard shirts, ginger ale, bad poetry, tea, basil, sweaty palms, waking up in a different place than you went to sleep, suffocating

Aquarius - Watching fireworks without your glasses on, jukebox the ghost, scary movies, antiques, dogs, hugs that take your breath away, phone calls, horrible memes, weird music, gross pizza

Pisces - messy cars, chocolate milk, Christmas, writing poetry in a garage while the rain pours, painting nails, playing piano, stalking boys, face timing at 3am, surprise birthday parties, makeup

FMLS90 Day 10

Try something new today. When you are done, tell us about how it went. Would you try this again?

Today my husband and I tried a new recipe from skinnytaste.com.  I always see such tasty looking recipes there, but never make any. So, we made honey teriyaki drumsticks, and they were so good! My husband loved them, too.  We’ll definitely try these again. It was also nice to switch things up and try something new. 

I forgot to take pictures, but here’s the recipe:


Late. That’s what this is.

Anyway, second part of the Tadashi Hamada Contest is finally under way!! Obviously, the next text is going to feature the winner of the contest, so the identity of Tadashi’s crush will finally be revealed!

Finalists (There are actually 12 because I couldn’t narrow it down further than that ahahaha I’m such a piece of shit):

basic-reactionshoneylemonicetea (for Honey Lemon)

Congratulations! Now here’s what’s going to happen next, so read carefully.

I’ve mentioned it before, but what the finalists are going to do is make a text and submit it to me (and if you can’t do that, then make it a post and tag me in it I guess). If you don’t know how to make one, then here’s a tutorial.

Basically, I’m going to give you guys a prompt and you make me a text based off of that prompt. Whichever one I like the most is going to be the winner.

Okay so I have 3 prompts you guys are able to choose from. Pick the one that appeals to you the most and make a text to correspond to it.

Prompt 1: You and Tadashi are at a coffee shop, laughing and talking, when suddenly, Fred appears out of nowhere, attracts the attention of all the customers, and announces to them that he and Tadashi are part of a boy band looking for their big break. Tadashi looks to you to save him. You can choose to either do so or let Fred continue to ruin his day.

Prompt 2: You and Tadashi are actors in a play that’s being performed at his and Hiro’s former high school. The downside to this is that the play is simply an adaptation of Twilight, and Tadashi’s playing Edward Cullen. If you’re a girl, then you’re playing as Bella, but if you’re a boy, then you’re playing as Jacob. Needless to say, both of you hate what you’re doing and mock the play when you’re behind the curtain. You can choose to either have the play go smoothly or accidentally ruin it when one of you bursts out laughing during your lines.

Prompt 3: You and Tadashi are helping Aunt Cass in the cafe. However, Mochi decides to be a butt and enter the kitchen where Aunt Cass is busy baking the goods, preparing the coffee, etc. She charges you and Tadashi with the task of keeping Mochi distracted, so the two of you come up with ridiculous ways to get the cat to stop interfering with the business. You can choose to either succeed or have Mochi outsmart the both of you.

Best of luck! <3