honey senapi

I’ve seen quite a lot of people saying things like “This character is clearly X age because look at them, if they weren’t X age they wouldn’t look like this” and honestly… This is really stupid.  People need to stop using a characters look as the sole basis to determine what age a specific character is. This can vary heavily depending on work, tone and artstyle. Case in point:

This character is 42 and mother to the main protagonist of the story she is in.   

This is Honey-senapi. He is 18.

This character is from Eyeshield 21. He is 15

Some real life examples to show that this is happens in real life too:

This is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson when he was 15.

This is Moaning Myrtle from the HP movies played by Shirley Henderson. She was nearly 40 when she played this role.

See my point here? Saying that someone is “X age” based on their looks is highly fallible because sometimes people (fictional or otherwise) just don’t look the age people might expect them to be. And that should totally be okay. What is not okay is using your headcanon age that you based on the way a character is drawn to hate on a ship or character. That is just incredibly stupid and ignorant.