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10 facts you should know about me because ‘don’t talk to strangers honey!’

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1. Most of y'all think I’m older but you’d be surprised if I told you my age (lmao that don’t mean you can ask though)

2. I suck at math.

3. Field Hockey player (will never forgive my school for not letting me go for my first ever nationals)

4. I have more medals than trophies from Inter-School Essay Writing Competitions, English Language Proficiency Tests and English Olympiads.

5. I have mild anxiety.

6. My journey to writing started with me writing random scenarios at the back of my notebooks.

7. My first ever book (online) was called 'Playing with Destiny’ which had absolutely no planned plot whatsoever and led me to delete it.

8. My parents don’t know I have a fanfic based blog. They know I write…I think?

9. I want to go to the U.K for my higher studies. (I LOVE THAT PLACE OMG)

10. I’m an introvert and tend to isolate myself a lot. (Wow the contrast)

Bonus: I love the fact I’m nearing 1K followers ❤❤

I tag whoever wants to do this💓