honey nuts

grocery shopping with monsta x


• pushes the shopping cart next to u and lets u put whatever in there
• u ask him if u should buy lucky charms or cinnamon toast crunch and he picks up honey nut cheerios
• “this one”
• u tell him to grab something for late night snacks and he picks up fig newtons
• always buys the store brand rather than name brand bc he doesn’t know the difference


• literally piles protein powders and granola bars and vitamin gummies and omega fish oil into the cart
• buys fruit gummy snacks as a “splurge”
• tells u terrible pick up lines with products u walk past
• “hey…..u make me egg-cited” *wiggles his eyebrows while holding a carton of eggs*
• “just stick to egg-sercise, hoseok”


• insists u get in the cart and he pushes u around bc he wants to show off how cute u guys are to the entire store
• makes u hold all the sugary cereal he’s getting
• is the clingiest piece of shit and will backhug u down the ice cream aisle


• has coupons and buys the most useless shit bc it’s a good deal
• “kihyun we really don’t need 3 toilet brushes-”
• always makes sure to buy ice cream every time u guys go to the grocery store
• also always grabs 2 free samples for u and for himself, feeds u bc he’s embarrassing
• checks the calorie count for everything


• wants to sleep in the cart but he can’t fit into it
• lets u put stuff into the cart most of the time but always remembers to pick up shrimp
• if ur shorter than him he purposefully asks u to grab things on high shelves just to see u struggle he thinks it’s so funny and cute
• says he’s going to go grab something and he comes back saying he forgot what he was gonna get


• says hi to the babies u guys pass by, will sometimes stop to play with them
• makes songs out of the things u pick up
• “tangerines, yeah i like tangerines almost as much as listerine - speaking of listerine we need to grab some”
• puts his feet on the cart and rides it like a scooter, almost crashes into the produce
• u have to push the cart afterwards


• begs u to let him buy lucky charms, does the most and goes limp on the ground
• “PLeaSe tHE MarSHmALLowS aRe mY hAPpiNeESS”
• “changkyun, people are staring”
• “just put the damn cereal in the cart”
• “yay!”

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Before Shiro went to Kerberos, Shiro and Ryou got matching Kerberos-themed tattoos so no matter how far apart they were, they'd always feel connected. Shiro's tattoo was on his right arm, and when he's eventually reunited with Ryou he feels really guilty and sad that he lost the tattoo that matched his brother's. But they find an alien tattoo parlour and get new matching tattoos - the Voltron 'V' on their biceps.

Thanks for the Honey Nut Feelios™

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I have never read or watched Gintama and all I get from what little I've seen here on tumblr is that it's a borderline-absurdist meta-comedy determined to sucker punch viewers in the honey nut feelios.

Gintama fandom happens in stages.

First you think, “wow. that’s so long. I’m not sure I can withstand an epic length shounen comedy. besides, seems like it’s just a bunch of butt jokes.”

Then maybe you try it. You make the mistake of watching episodes 1 and 2, the two-part beginning special. (do it if you want. but Don’t. episode 3 is the actual start as in the manga). Based on that, you think “this is kind of dumb. not even funny, really.”

But you keep watching it. Not bad, you admit after a while. Sort of episodic, but it works for the comedic format. It’s easy to watch a few episodes here and there, since there aren’t any big arcs. You get to know the characters and find them relatable, sometimes in hilariously specific ways. A little sprinkling of feel-good shounen power of friendship here and there.

What you don’t realize is that you’re starting to become attached. Starting to like these people, starting to enjoy their wacky adventures and yes, even their butt jokes.

Then, about 60 episodes in, shit gets real. Like, really real, for the first time. It’s the Benizakura arc. There’s fighting and blood and MAIN CHARACTERS GETTING SERIOUSLY HURT. AND IT’S TOO LATE. YOU’VE ALREADY BECOME ATTACHED. YOU’RE SCARED. WHAT IS HAPPENING.

But then that’s over and the show returns to its former silliness. You’re shaken, but relieved. Hahaha, that was so weird wasn’t it.

Wasn’t it.

Surely nothing like that will ever happen again right? Surely it couldn’t ever be worse.

Haha. Ha ha ha–*voice breaks*

Honey nut treat

This dainty treat can be found in parlours, Jarl’s courts and pantries throughout Skyrim and are popular to serve at gatherings. Packing both sticky chewiness and a delicious crunch, they are a great snack on the go and will be a hit at your next feast. A great complement to mead!

You will need:
¼ cup pecans, chopped
¼ cup walnuts, chopped
¼ cup almonds, chopped
3 tbsp rolled oats
2 cups brown sugar
½ cup water
½ cup butter, melted
1 cup honey
1 tsp salt
2 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp nutmeg

In a pot, combine the sugar, honey, water, salt, and butter. Cook on medium-high heat until boiling, stirring continually to avoid burning. After about 10 minutes, the mixture should have thickened into a heavy syrup consistency.

In a mixing bowl, combine your nuts, oats, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Pour the caramel in and stir well with a large spoon. While the mixture is still warm, shape into medium-sized balls and attach them together with a skewer, 3 balls per skewer

Place your skewers on a tray lined with baking paper, and refrigerate for 30 minutes before serving.

simple study snacks
  • a steaming mug of coffee ☕ (i drink mine with a spoonful of honey instead of sugar and almond milk instead of regular milk)
  • green tea!!! (i currently have a box of traders joe’s morrocan mint green tea in my pantry; it’s great with lemon and honey)
  • apples with peanut butter
  • a banana
  • easy-peel oranges
  • oatmeal (i make mine with raisins, a handful of mixed nuts, cinnamon, honey, and almond milk)
  • banana milkshake (almond milk and banana blended together for me)
  • a bowl of nature’s path cereal (with almond milk ofc, plus some raisins and nuts, and some fruit slices on top)
  • chips (black bean for me) and guac/salsa
  • a bowl of blueberries (they’re great antioxidants too)
  • healthy pancakes (almond milk, honey, sugar, cinnammon, baking powder, salt, vegetable oil, flour + i drizzle some honey on top in place of maple syrup)
  • ready-made samosas (for u fellow brown ppl lmao)
  • burritos (avocados, rice, black beans)
  • avocado toast (with some seasoning on top)
  • popcorn
  • chocolate milk (with nutella or hershey’s chocolate syrup)
  • grapes

Grocery shopping with my mom when I saw this and all I could think of is Jason sitting at the table eating a bowl of honey nut Cheerios and Bruce comes down sits at the table and Jason turns the box around and says, “For those days when you have to run a multi billion dollar company and fight Gotham’s scum at night, YOU need honey nut cheerios to start your day off right. The official sponsor of the Batman.”

Domestic honey bees are not endangered; dozens of wild species are. Someone please explain to me how consuming honey harvested from domesticated, non-native honey bees is supposed to help wild pollinators? Your honey-nut Cheerios will not save the world; you are being lied to

ok auston and jvr can choke on their first round picks bc mitch’s lucky charms and mo’s frosted flakes are clearly superior cereals but auston did come in clutch with the reeses puffs and jvr never redeemed himself and he’s kicked off the team like who tf picks corn pops i’m sorry but he’s voted off the island

consider this

Prussia takes new little Germany to his first meeting

And everyone fREAKS THE FUCK OUT because they think it’s HRE who’s supposed to be DEAD

And so they start arguing and yelling and throwing their scientific journals at each other because no one can be brought back from the dead

And tiny Germany is so frightened and he tries asking his big brother questions like “why am I supposed to be dead?” “Why are they so mad at you?” “Did you do something bad?” “Why is he so scary?” And Prussia kinda skirts around this because he doesn’t want to explain to his brother he was actually a science experiment and he used to be someone else and he has to answer everyone else’s questions. 

So Romano of all people, Romano who wasn’t involved, Romano who was intrigued by this tiny resurrected nation, Romano who was surprisingly very calm and quiet during this, goes over to tiny Germany and pulls him gently away, trying to keep him out of harms way. He calms tiny Germany down and tries his best to answer his questions, and leads him out of the meeting room to the coffee room and makes him hot chocolate with lots of sugar and whipped cream and marshmallows. Within the hour tiny Germany has calmed down and is asleep on the elder’s lap. 

Years later, Germany wasn’t able to recall which brother was the one who helped him out that first meeting, and just assumes it was Veneziano because he was the nicer one. 

Romano hasn’t stopped hating himself. 

I am so proud of Yurio. Look at him, this boy is fifteen years old. At fifteen he won gold and created a new record.

Look at him, this boy is crying his eyes out. Yuri Plisetsky, Mr. I-have-no-emotions Plisetsky. This boy put his heart and soul into this performance. Because he cares, dammit. Yes, he wanted to win but he cares about Yuri and he doesn’t want him to retire. He idolized Yuri and doesn’t want his performance to go to waste even after Yuri’s flawless performance.

This boy is so young but he’s already had so much pressure put onto him. He feels like he’s alone and has no one to confine to, so he bottles it all up to the point were it turns into anger. He’s not a bad kid okay???

He put his blood, sweat and tears into this performance to the point where he has surpassed his limit. This boy has done so much, he’s practiced so hard and done so much.

You know how emotional this was for him?? He thought about all his family and friends: his grandparents, his coaches, Yuri, Victor, Otabek. He just wants them to see how much he cares about them and he just wants to put his message across that he loves them and all he ever wanted was for them to be proud of him.
He’s worked so hard, and felt so alone??

Like this poor child.

Honestly, fuck anyone who thinks he’s heartless and a brat of a child.

Yuri Plisetsky deserves the world.

Save the bees!

Honey nut cheerios is running a “save the bees” campaign. If you google it, they’ll send you wildflower seeds! Im super excited for flowers!!!


Just a reminder, check to make sure the flowers are not an invasive species in your area! I know where I live, all the species are safe to plant, but do a quick google search and double check!