honey nuts

simple study snacks
  • a steaming mug of coffee ☕ (i drink mine with a spoonful of honey instead of sugar and almond milk instead of regular milk)
  • green tea!!! (i currently have a box of traders joe’s morrocan mint green tea in my pantry; it’s great with lemon and honey)
  • apples with peanut butter
  • a banana
  • easy-peel oranges
  • oatmeal (i make mine with raisins, a handful of mixed nuts, cinnamon, honey, and almond milk)
  • banana milkshake (almond milk and banana blended together for me)
  • a bowl of nature’s path cereal (with almond milk ofc, plus some raisins and nuts, and some fruit slices on top)
  • chips (black bean for me) and guac/salsa
  • a bowl of blueberries (they’re great antioxidants too)
  • healthy pancakes (almond milk, honey, sugar, cinnammon, baking powder, salt, vegetable oil, flour + i drizzle some honey on top in place of maple syrup)
  • ready-made samosas (for u fellow brown ppl lmao)
  • burritos (avocados, rice, black beans)
  • avocado toast (with some seasoning on top)
  • popcorn
  • chocolate milk (with nutella or hershey’s chocolate syrup)
  • grapes

I am so proud of Yurio. Look at him, this boy is fifteen years old. At fifteen he won gold and created a new record.

Look at him, this boy is crying his eyes out. Yuri Plisetsky, Mr. I-have-no-emotions Plisetsky. This boy put his heart and soul into this performance. Because he cares, dammit. Yes, he wanted to win but he cares about Yuri and he doesn’t want him to retire. He idolized Yuri and doesn’t want his performance to go to waste even after Yuri’s flawless performance.

This boy is so young but he’s already had so much pressure put onto him. He feels like he’s alone and has no one to confine to, so he bottles it all up to the point were it turns into anger. He’s not a bad kid okay???

He put his blood, sweat and tears into this performance to the point where he has surpassed his limit. This boy has done so much, he’s practiced so hard and done so much.

You know how emotional this was for him?? He thought about all his family and friends: his grandparents, his coaches, Yuri, Victor, Otabek. He just wants them to see how much he cares about them and he just wants to put his message across that he loves them and all he ever wanted was for them to be proud of him.
He’s worked so hard, and felt so alone??

Like this poor child.

Honestly, fuck anyone who thinks he’s heartless and a brat of a child.

Yuri Plisetsky deserves the world.

ok auston and jvr can choke on their first round picks bc mitch’s lucky charms and mo’s frosted flakes are clearly superior cereals but auston did come in clutch with the reeses puffs and jvr never redeemed himself and he’s kicked off the team like who tf picks corn pops i’m sorry but he’s voted off the island

Homophobia and other nasty things are rampant in the ace community.

I know because not only have I seen many examples of this behavior by ace people, but because when I thought I was asexual, I engaged in this behavior too. Seriously. I and many others would constantly demonize sex, calling it disgusting and thinking those who enjoyed it were too. This included gay sex, which has been regarded as disgusting for too long. Good to know people within the community still think it is too. We hated romantic affection such as kissing. When we saw a same-sex couple kissing in an image or even in real life, we would be like “eew, PDA!” and people would agree with us. Good to know that even non-sexual affection between gay/bisexual people is gross and socially unacceptable when even now holding hands in public is a radical statement for same-sex couples to make. People have been killed for much less than that.

And the worst part? Invading positivity for gay people and making it about them (you don’t know how many times I’ve seen lesbophobic aces adding to WLW positivity posts) or using tragedy to spread their accusations of discourse when they were never the target of the hate to begin with (I’m looking every ace that thought the Pulse shooting was a good time to stir up claims of “acephobia” when we all suffered a great loss). If you really want to come off as serious about positivity to your own niche, then don’t be so blatantly homophobic and piggyback off of gay people’s voices. Silencing others to promote yourself has never worked, as white feminism so proudly demonstrates. 

So please, any ace people reading this, do the rest of the community all a favor and let us speak, let us love and work to unlearn your homophobic tendencies. Not because “you’re just the same as straight people”, but because everyone who isn’t in our position harbors homophobic feelings by default. This can’t be eradicated, but it can be helped. So please, help yourself, and by doing that, you can assure that you’re helping us too. That will be all.


EDIT: LOLOLOL OMG SORRY I just realized some confusing things P1 = player one meaning player one 707 And yoosung is holding a laptop LOLOL he’s not inside a box tyvm xD

Hey guys sorry for the lack of updates ;__; I’ve recently been unable to grasp some free time ;;; the urge to draw was too stronk doe ;v;

Mini comic ft God 707 helping gal pals be introduced as gay pals in RFA