honey music video


“And so I’d thought I’d let you know
That these things take forever, I especially am slow
But I realized that I need you
And I wondered if I could come home”

First Day of my Life ~ Bright Eyes (listen here)

Swedish duo Pale Honey display their creative range by delivering a sound much different from the pair’s prior music on new single  Why Do I Always Feel This Way. This could be a preview of what’s to come on Pale Honey’s sophomore album, expected to arrive later this year. It’s an intimate yet springy form of synth throbbing pop that they’ve unleashed on us via their new single, a far dreamier but still smoldering tune. The single is out now on iTunes. Watch an understated music video video for the whisked charmer below.

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Honey Cocaine - Coconuts


Things that are good about this music video and song:

  • Upbeat happy feel
  • Many diverse couples celebrating time devoted to one another
  • Awesome lyrics
  • Adorable dancing and lip syncing
  • who is even hiding behind those pillows waving paper hearts around in that one clip? idk but it’s so cute
  • The grouchy looking man in the red shirt in the car
  • someone is holding a “third wheel 8 years” sign in one clip
  • the ending

This which are bad about this music video and song:

  • Nothing, please watch it you will regret nothing

[MV] 루나, 하니, 솔라 Luna, Hani, Solar - HONEY BEE (Prod.by 박근태 Keun Tae Park)


I have just witnessed the most beautiful video on YouTube.