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The Positive One Shot

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You were no longer Mrs. Styles.

It had happened so fast. Him confessing that he had been unfaithful, to the endless fights and, finally, the divorce. Though, telling your three-year-old daughter was the hardest part, and it broke the both of you to see her with tears in her eyes, her bottom lip wobbling, promising to be a good girl as long as you stayed a family.

“Can we talk?” He asked, bringing you back from your thoughts, “The little one is taking a nap.”

“Yes,” you sniffled, realising the tears in your eyes.
You laid the, now, signed divorce papers down on the table, turning around to face him. He looked pale, eyes dull from the endless fights. He was tired, but so was you.

“Can we try to discuss things without fighting, please?” He sighed as he ran his hand through his hair, knowing fully well how it will end.

“I guess,” you mumbled.
You had been fighting for a week now, not getting closer to any solution as he would storm out of the house, leaving you behind, crying, and come home the next morning.

“It isn’t fair,” he started, “It isn’t fair that I can’t have Darcy every other week.”

“Nothing in this life is fair, Harry. You’ve proven me that. I need her here with me. She is the only thing I got left, and I’m not letting you take her away from me as well.”

“I need her, too. She is my daughter, too. Stop being so damn selfish. She is the only thing I’ve left as well,” he hissed, the anger inside him boiling up.

“Don’t you dare call me selfish, Harry,” you hissed back at him, “You ruined this family, not me. You slept with that other woman, Harry, not me. You’ve no right to call me selfish.”
You slammed the bedroom door behind you, after having left the living room in tears with Harry’s eyes following you, his hands in his hair in frustration. 

You had lost faith. The promises you once made no longer existed.
They were all broken and it broke you as well.  

“Mamma,” a little voice spoke. 
You, quickly, opened the door, letting their three-year-old in. Her hair was messy after her afternoon nap, her stuffed elephant was tucked under her small arm, as she yawned, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes with her little hand. 

“Hey, baby. Was it a nice nap?” You asked as you picked her up. You adjusted her on your hip, placing a kiss to your daughter’s forehead. 

“Yes,” she lisped, rubbing her tired eyes with her hand, once again, “Mamma, sad?” She looked at you with her big green, and sparkeling, eyes, touching your warm cheeks with her small hands, a concerned expression across her face. 

“Mumma is a little bit sad, sweetheart, but I’m okay now,” you promised, pressing a kiss to her rosy cheek, “I love you, baby,” you said quietly. 

“I love you, Mamma.”
You kissed her cheek, once again, and sat her down as she started to squirm in your arms - and as soon as her little legs touched the ground, she walked over to the nightstand. 

“Mamma, look,” she squealed, standing on the tip of her toes as she reached for a white and purple stick, “Mamma, it’s purple,” she giggled, loving the purple colour. 

“Honey, give it to Mamma, please,” you begged. 
Your eyes had widened as soon as you saw what she was reaching for on the nightstand. 

“No, Daddy see,” she squealed in excitement, running out of the bedroom, leaving her stuffed elephant behind. 

You, quickly, grabbed the elephant from the floor, hurrying after her, trying to catch her before she reached her father - but she had already reached him. 

“Daddy, it’s purple,” she giggled as she climbed onto his lap to show him the purple stick, she was holding. 
He smiled at her excitement, a grin on his face as he gently took the purple stick from her little hand, getting a closer look on the item she had shown him - though, the grin on his face quickly disappeared, his stomach tightened as he saw what it was. 
He looked up as you rounded the corner to the living room, his eyes on yours, and he knew. 
You were pregnant. 

twerkin’ out. a broadway musical playlist for working out.

for beyonceknowles-official

01. Overture / Work Song - Les Mis (Original Broadway Cast // 02. Fortune Favors The Brave - Aida (Original Broadway Cast) // 03. Rent - Rent (Original Broadway Cast) // 04. I’ve Been - next to normal (Original Broadway Cast) // 05. Honey, Honey - Mamma Mia (Original London Cast) // 06. Spooky Mormon Hell Dream - The Book of Mormon (Original Broadway Cast) // 07. Rainbow High - Evita (2012 Revival Cast) // 08. The Heat Is On In Saigon - Miss Saigon (New Broadway Cast) // 09. King of New York - Newsies (Original Broadway Cast) // 10. The Break - next to normal (Original Broadway Cast) // 11. Carrie - Carrie (Premiere Cast) // 12. Like Father, Like Son - Aida (Original Broadway Cast) // 13. Candy Store - Heathers (Original Cast) // 14. No Good Deed - Wicked (Original Broadway Cast) // 15. The Dance O’ Death - 9 to 5 (Original Broadway Cast) // 16. Voulez-Vous - Mamma Mia (Original London Cast) // 17. Nobody’s Side - Chess (Danish Tour Cast) // 18. Revolting Children - Matilda the Musical (Original Broadway Cast) // 19. You Can’t Stop The Beat - Hairspray (Original Broadway Cast)


young, dumb, and in love - overly cute love songs perfect for how overly in love billy and teddy are // listen

01. he could be the one - hannah montana 02. thinking out loud - ed sheeran 03. honey, honey - mamma mia! 04. i want crazy - hunter hayes 05. tip toes - jayme dee 06. die in your arms - justin bieber 07. don’t stop (acoustic) - 5 seconds of summer 08. i do - colbie calliat 09. the way - arianna grande 10. faster - matt nathanson 11. oh, it is love - hellogoodbye 12. u - austine mahone

So the official in-character justification framework of The Education Protocol got hammered out!

Essentially, @honey-mamma got told after the events of i11 to “lay low but be useful”. She thought about it for a while, trying to figure out how that worked. Unfortunately for @councilofvenice it was sitting on the collective Council desk, being an annoying trashpile until she got what she wanted. And what she wanted was to have access to one of the scenario rooms to run new/under preforming/high potential Bees through encounters she or her close contacts had been through on their journey: Ur-Draug, Lurker, etc.

So, how did your character get involved? Did your faction pass off your OC’s name to Inanna, so she could bodily haul them from their house and into the training room? Did your OC hear about it and track the members of EP down for placement in a training group? Did someone’s OC just take pity on your poor lost and confused OC out in the field?

Reblog with an answer! (Or fanfic. Fanfic is good.)

she’s into drummers ◡‿◡✿

{someone new - hozier // gold rush - ed sheeran // endlessly - the cab // i would - one direction // things are looking up - r5 // when you say nothing at all - ronan keating // i’ll be your man - james blunt // sweet caroline - neil diamond // i’m gonna be (500 miles) - the proclaimers // come on eileen - dexys midnight runners // try hard - 5sos // uptown girl - billy joel // hey soul sister - train // signed, sealed, delivered i’m yours - blue ft. stevie wonder & angie stone // honey, honey - mamma mia (abba cover) // army of lovers - lee ryan // teenage dream - katy perry}

{listen here}

sweeney doesn’t give head he gives throat → some favourite songs from some favourite shows that keep my going 

1921 - tommy; summer nights - grease; holding out for a hero - footloose; sherry - jersey boys; honey honey - mamma mia; johanna act two sequence - sweeney todd; tommy, can you hear me? - tommy; i dreamed a dream - les mis; the girl gets around - footloose; walk like a man - jersey boys; beauty school dropout - grease; master of the house - les mis; memory - cats; dancing queen - mamma mia; big man in town - jersey boys; super trouper - mamma mia; what a feeling - flashdance; dawn (go away) - jersey boys; you’re the one that i want - grease; mamma mia! - mamma mia; one day more - les mis; til him - the producers

|| listen ||