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Mom doesn’t wish to see you[Part 10] (Bruce Wayne imagine)

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Request: Mum doesn’t wish to see you part 10 ????? I luv you honey !
Summary: Not only do you find out that you’ve been cheated on, but so do the boys and the aftermath.
Word count: 715
Warning(s): cheating, divorce, swearing, cliff hanger? 
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You just couldn’t shake the feeling of being followed. Every time you went shopping you had the feeling of being followed, not only could you feel eyes on the back of your neck from between the Isles, but also the same car was always parked within 5 parking spots from you, and if possible, right next to you.

When you would have meetings in the coffee shop, the same woman would always follow you in 5 minutes later, sitting away from you, her eyes always on you, even if you walked past her to visit the restroom.

You tried brushing it off, you just thought the woman was a regular at the coffee shop, maybe just recognized you from the press, even though she seemed oddly familiar. But then you started seeing her nearly everywhere, the movies when you went with your friends, outside your workplace, in the mall, everywhere.

You often thought about talking to Bruce about it but opted not to, taking to account the stress he’s already under with WE and the bat business. You had always ensured him that you could fully take care of yourself and this was an occasion that you could differently prove it, only to realize later that the biggest strength is to ask for help, but you realized it far too late.

One day someone had booked a meeting with you in your office, so you were there early, getting your paperwork ready when the front desk informed you that your client was there.

She was quickly shown to your office and when you absentmindedly got up from your seat to shake their hand, and our eyes finally met hers, you couldn’t believe your eyes. Not only was it the woman that you recognize was following you, but now you realize why she looked so familiar all this while. It was the woman that Bruce was all over. “You…” you muttered in shock.

Look here bitch, I’m not here to exchange pleasantries, I’ll give you a week to get away from Bruce, otherwise you’ll really fucking regret it.” she threatens.

It’s not like if I leave him, he’ll run to you, fucking whore.” You spit back. She angrily slaps you across the cheek, you quickly grab the phone, “Security please,” You say, and not more a half a minute later the woman is being removed, a huge red mark on your cheek.

The whole family looked in shock at dinner when they saw the slight swelling on your cheek, but no one asked, guessing that if it was something major, you would have told them. Though the boys had a silent agreement to keep a closer eye on you, just in case something was happening.

A whole week you had to look over your shoulder everywhere you went because of course, you wouldn’t leave Bruce just because some bitch was threatening you. You didn’t even fully know what kind of weight the threat even had, was she serious? Was it just empty blabber?

You felt the eyes on the back of your head a lot more intensely, as the days ticked away and on the last day, the anxiety was through the rough. “I should have talked to Bruce, or Alfred even.” You mumbled to yourself, as you got on your coat and grabbed your purse. 

You worked in the middle of Gotham City, so you had to park your car a couple hundred meters away, because of the lack of parking spots. It was a particularly gloomy night and you thought of asking one of the guards to accompany you to your car, but ended up not doing so.

Walking away from the safety of work, you immediately regretted not taking anyone with you, you felt someone follow you, but Bruce always told you to not look back, but walk as fast as you possibly can. As you entered the alleyway that led to your car, a feminine cough came from behind you.

You turned around to see the same lady yet again. “I warned you, and even gave you a little time, you really thought I wouldn’t go through with it?” 

“What do you want?” You ask, slowly backing away.

To finish what I started.” She grimly said, a manic smile on her face.


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tfp ultra magnus headcanons? also I luv you honey 😘 (it's u know who)

TFP Ultra Magnus

  • Surprisingly, he loves to cuddle. But only in private; if you both get caught, he gets really flustered and embarrassed
  • Lots of gentle top-of-the-head kisses. He thinks it’s easier than mouth kisses, plus to him they mean a little more
  • Probably will lecture you about some things - he doesn’t mean for it to come out as lectures, he just wants you to take care of yourself and be safe!

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honey & sunsets & trees 🖤 luv u

honey: what’s your favorite memory you made this year?

right now as i watch a girl on this train take snapchat selfies and she looks ridiculous.

sunsets: give 3 movie recommendations

gone girl, the addams family values and the devil wears prada! (last one just for good measure because i know youve never seen it!

trees: favorite thing about your hometown?

for someone who loathes summer, i love that i live in a coastal city with incredible beaches! im more of a big fan of the ocean and the cafes along the coast than the beach itself honestly but its probably my favourite thing! ill leave some pics under the cut!

thanks hales i lav you!

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