Honey Lemon’s selfies ✨

Big Hero 6 cosplay
Hiro • Jin (me) / Tadashi • Miguel
Go Go • Kat C. / Honey Lemon • Jess / Fred • Bok
photos by Reskiy and Jess

This post was brought to you by actually taking photos while posing like we’re taking photos for another photo!

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I saw a version of this set floating around, but it was low-res and worse, without any credit to the artist. So I tracked down the original. All hail TheAmateurAesthete of deviantart.

And if the last one doesn’t make you cry, YOU ARE NOT HUMAN.

Original pages of each picture, in order:
Baymax Is Worthy
Coffee Time
Poor Bruce
The Black Widow vs Gogo
Tadashi Would Be So Proud

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Honey Lemon!! :D Kinda rushed because I needed to fill up the master post (failed at simple math). :P 

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