Halloween 2016: It’s Aliiiiiiiiiiiiiive!

The 3rd out of 4 special Halloween themed pictures this month.

Featuring Big Hero 6’s Honey Lemon as the Mad Scientist and Baymax as “the monster”. OOoooooOOOOoooo.

Big Hero 6 © Disney Marvel

Art © Project_00_Wolfen

Clearly I am really slow on the uptake, because I just realized if you look at the buttons on Honey Lemon’s purse:

Those are the abbreviations for elements on the periodic table. Honey doesn’t just go into battle, push a button, and have it spit out a pre-made chemical ball. 

She literally encounters an obstacle, comes up with a solution in her head, and types up a formula for it on the fly. 

Watching Big Hero 6 and realizing it actually portrays a healthy and realistic sibling relationship. 

Watching Big Hero 6 and seeing how racially diverse all the characters are.

Watching big hero 6 and not getting hit with any random and unnecessary romantic subplots.

Watching big hero 6


Honey Lemon in the labb, ya all!! To think that I had to be reminded of this movies existence… Shame on me. (*my animation-nerd pride got hurt*)

UPDATED! (This one got many “uncanny-valley” warnings, so I tried to balance it out more!) 

More animated ladies with “realistic” proportions (because why not):

Elsa (GIF)ElsaAnnaRapunzelMother GothelAunt CassColetteMeridaRoxanneSusanLindaMavis

OBS: These edits were created simply to give me a chance to practice my manipulation/anatomy skills. Nothing more, nothing less. They are NOT meant to be “better than the original” or “what it should have looked like”, or serve as a general negative critique on the respective movies’ animation styles.


Hey there Tumblr! I’m so sorry I didn’t publish any other work for almost a year from the last one… Well, now I’M BACK! And I’ll do my best to publish my digital drawings more often :3

This is a short “comic” I thought up a long time ago, and now it’s finally finished!

Hope you enjoy it :D

UPDATE: you may have noticed that the tumblr page linked in the drawings is now different. That’s ‘cause I changed my old tumblr URL. Now EVERY drawing that was linked to mad-hatter-s.tumblr.com has now to be found on shiaraekoon.tumblr.com

Sorry for troubles, and thank you everyone!

The last work I made before: http://shiaraekoon.tumblr.com/post/95308890535/the-braid-club-lol

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We were just taking cute wordplay portraits and then OH NOOOOOOOO

Let’s just say Tadashi’s friends dumped campfire ashes into his favorite cap as a joke to get him back for their nicknames. We can do that, right? Right???

Big Hero 6 cosplay
Honey Lemon • Jess / Go Go • Kat C.
Fred • Bok / Tadashi • Miguel
photos by Reskiy / extra stuff by me
except the Tadashi joke which was their idea and also hurts meeeee

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