honey kun


one actor, eight roles—narimiya hiroki

aio takumi (ima ai ni yukimasu) | aida shohei (orange days) | morita shinobu (honey & clover) |  j (bloody monday) | shinagawa daichi (yankee-kun to megane-chan) | takato yoichi (kindaichi neo) | asahina motoharu (37.5°C no namida) | katsumura hideo (kaito yamaneko)


Top 10 Josei Manga as of 2016

note: I tried not to repeat any manga authors, so several of these authors have other great josei manga too that I decided to cut in order to keep it to ten.

~titles and info under the cut~

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Here is B4 of the “send me two characters and choose a pose below” from neko-niki.
I choose Underfell!Papyrus and Underswap!Papyrus, they are based of the design of amortem-kun’s comic Papyrus Domination. 😄

Hope you like it. 😊

designs and character styles based by @amortem-kun

Underfell by Underfell community
Underswap by the respectful owner
drawing by me @shiro-dovahkiin

Pose challenge by @neko-niki here is the challenge: http://jenny-626.tumblr.com/post/158389616605/marookooart-imsemilazy-okamyblog

This food is delicious and you’ve filled my head with happy thoughts. Thanks so much for being there, guys!

I definitely hope we’ll meet again. We have to, right? And I hope she’ll have been super-happy all that time, too. I can’t imagine her with anything else than a smile on her face.^^