honey jade

And here we have the reason I haven’t posted anything in so long!

I was commissioned by my friend Kitty to draw a birthday present for her sibling, my good friend Jack (Gorgonopsids). It features a group of their personas, who are having a ‘birthday party’… secretly an intervention! Yeah I’m not creative. Kinda proving the point, they made another two personas while I was creating this… sigh.

Anyway, this was a very complicated but enjoyable commission! A spent a lot of time on this. I also added lots of details that mean something to him, or reference something. I really enjoyed it, and feel I'e pushed myself… with the trying to get a range of styles and maintain a level of detail the whole way through, as well as distance, textures, light sources, fur and skin, feathers, fabrics… I just did my best to really learn from this.

… still can’t draw boobs tho