honey i was right about the war

Your name is powerful. It is a spell with magic and brimstone interwoven into every syllable that rolls off your tongue like milk and honey. It is your war cry and a hushed lullaby. It is the beat of your heart and the quiver of truth. It is all you are, your entire being condensed into a cosmos that fits right between your teeth. Your name is more powerful than anyone could ever imagine.

  • Han: you want me to stay because of the way you feel about me
  • Leia: I don't know what you're talking about
  • Luke, Chewie, R2, every rebel on Hoth: 🎶 who'd you think you're kidding he's the earth and heaven to you try to keep it hidden honey we can see right through you girl you can't conceal it we know how you feel and who you're thinking of you keep on denying who you are and how you're feeling baby we're not buying, hon we saw you hit the ceiling face it like a grown up when you gonna own up that you got got GOT IT bad?????
  • Leia: NO CHANCE!!!! NO WAY!!!! I WONT SAY IT NO NO!!!!!!!
  • Rebels: you're doing flips!!!!! Read our lips!!!!! You're in love!!!!!!!!!!
  • Rebels: girl don't be proud it's ok you're in love
  • Leia: *making heart eyes on the Falcon* at least out loud...... I won't say I'm in love.............
kidding around, pt 6

lol this part is looong


kahn-on-tumblr this is 4 u bb

Pepper eventually says, “I really do have to go back to work.”

“Nooo,” Bruce whines softly.

Pepper strokes his face and says regretfully, “I know, honey, I wish I could stay. You remember what I told you about Rhodey and Tony though, right? They’ll take very good care of you.”

Bruce glances over his shoulder at them, both hands wrapped tight around the fingers of one of Pepper’s hands. “They took care of Steve,” he agrees reluctantly.

“I’ll tell you what,” Pepper says, kneeling down. “If you get scared, tell JARVIS to ask for me. Okay?”

“Okay,” Bruce says and hugs her quickly.

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some more voltron memes TM ( @captnsulu )

  • [everyone on their way to their lions] allura: “pull the lever, coran” / [coran pulls lever] / [hole opens beneath allura] / allura: “WRONG LEVERRRRrrrrrrr…..”
  • worlds saddest story in 6 words: for sale. lance’s virginity. never lost.
  • [galra ship hits voltron] / voltron team, in unison: “i cant believe youve done this
  • alternately - [galra ship hits voltron] / voltron team, in unison: “i came out to have a good time and i honestly feel so attacked right now”
  • pidge, gazing out of a window: “when will voltron return from war”
  • haggar: “i made you stronger!” / lance: “you fucked up a perfectly good shiro is what you did. look at him, he’s got anxiety”
  • [any of the younger four complaining about being young] / shiro: “youve got a big storm coming honey”
  • lance: “im in shiro’s lion, meow” / shiro: “get out me lion” / lance: “aww”
  • [voltron is formed] / pidge: “the boys are back in town”
  • someone puts lance in charge of a playlist, any playlist, why did they do that????? lance: [punches in ‘whats new pussycat’ 7 times] / pidge: “wait, before you punch in another ‘whats new pussycat’, throw in one ‘it’s not unusual’”
    keith is sitting there with this look on his face like he’s just got his 30-day chip from anger management
    hunk literally cries with relief when ‘it’s not unusual’ starts
    shiro unplugs the speakers after 11 times round
    (it wouldve been sooner but pidge sabotaged him)
  • it’s when u and the lads are having a bit of banter in voltron and hunk is like “im hungry lets go greggs” but then ur like “nah man not feeling a pasty lets go somewhere else” and then ur top mate (probs called lance) is like “oi lads lets go for a cheeky nandos” and ur like oh lance ur a ledge
  • bad and naughty paladins will go in the shame lion to atone for their sins
  • [lance, about do to something inadvisable] / pidge: “do it for the vine”
  • lance: [calls keith’s lion ‘blood orange lion’] / keith: [looks into camera like he’s on the office]
  • [everyone memeing] / allura: “blocked. blocked. blocked. youre all blocked. none of you are free from sin”
  • lance, at the galra: “eat my entire ass”