honey i am no one's exception

“I’m not your princess, this ain’t a fairy tale, I’m gonna find someone someday who might actually treat me well”

“What do you do when the one who means the most to you is the one who didn’t show?…They’re all standing around me singing ‘Happy Birthday to You,’ but there was one thing missing…you called me later and said, ‘I’m sorry I didn’t make it,’ and I said, ‘I’m sorry too,’ and that was the moment I knew”

“Don’t look at me, you got a girl at home…Honey, I am no one’s exception, this I have previously learned”

“People like you always want back the love they pushed aside, but people like me are gone forever when you say goodbye…you were all I wanted, but not like this”

“I’m probably better off on my own than loving a man who didn’t know what he had when he had it…You’re talking down to me like I’d always be around..I’ve given you my best and we both know you can’t say that…You would have been the one if you were a better man”

deadlymedusa  asked:

Hey Angel! I'm starting to getting interested in astrology but I don't know much.. Can you tell me your personal opinions about the signs? I'm an aries. Have a nice day darling.

hey honey :) just so y’all know this is my PERSONAL OPINION. 

aries: the girls are cute but are very um… intense? very intense emotions but still cute, i like them. they go hard for what they believe in and i am all for it. the men are flirtacious ass hoes, but they’re still cute and charming. i wouldn’t date one though.

taurus: the best, except we can be kind of one sided sometimes.

gemini: i don’t understand them.

cancer: the women are very artistic and have GREAT style. i enjoy them. i think they’re good friends to have around. the men are manipulative and defensive & i don’t have time for that.

leo: the women are very beautiful and alluring and they seem very confident in themselves. definitely about their shit, good leaders. the men are possesive (which can be a downfall depending on how you look at it) but they are also super funny, hardworking and charming. def my fave out the fire signs.

virgo: the women have a maternal vibe to them and they are funny and creative but can be very nasty and critical at times. the men can be very inconsiderate and rude. love to throw rocks and then hide hands. are extremely disrespectful under the guise of “i’m just being honest.” but also are very attractive and artistic. 

libra: the women and men are super pretty in a conventional type way and they enjoy the beautiful things in life which i love because i can definitely relate. very bougie, but then again BITCH ME TOO. the men are hoes though and they can be really corny. the women can be fake as hell sometimes.

scorpio: men & women are both stunning. very striking and unique. very modelesque. very interesting, mysterious people. you never really know what’s going on with them. the men WILL play mind games though.

saggitarius: the women are definitely party buddies. like if you want to have a good time and turn up they’re the person you bring to the party. very fun and lighthearted. the men though??? arrogant as HELL. walk around with their chests puffed out. have gigantic egos. they throw lots of shade in order to make themselves feel better. very dominant. they do have a very child like, adventurous personalities though, which some people might like.

capricorn: the women are very mature and they’re definitely a “voice of reason.” i enjoy their presence, they’re not extra and i love that. they know how to just chill out. also very hard working. the men are always FINE as hell and intelligent but are total workaholics, and they’re too cold and closed off. it’s better to just admire from afar.

aquarius: the women are very creative and quirky, however i cannot understand them. they cute though. the men are disrespectful.

pisces: the women are very flaky, talk a lot of shit and throw a lot of shade. have very intense emotions. they’re very pretty though, i won’t lie. me and pisces women don’t usually get along. the men are okay. they’re either super loyal or major fuckboys, no in between.


one of the supreme delights of the universe
                     compared perhaps / maybe [only] to jello infused with honey
                                                   and even then I am not sure
a stress falling on a syllable 
in a word                                          not where the stress does fall
in a poem                                         in the rest of the world

unfortunately this delight is, self-evidently, accessible only in the strict-meter. the English-language poetry does not afford this pleasure, with exceedingly rare exceptions, as it is for the most part not strictly metered even if it observes the meter–such is the fabric of the language. unless a misplaces stress is a mistake (which happens in Brodsky’s poetry; as a Russian brought up on strict meters, he wrote incomparably rigid poetry in English*), I do not believe I ever saw an exhilarating example of this kind,
                            whereas in Russian examples jump to mind by themselves

Igor Severyanin wrote (but he also changed the proper grammar ending of the word, so this instance might be not representative–one of the brightest though)

oh turn your eyæ to the river
I do not wish to say “eyes”

(о поверни на речку глазы
я не хочу сказать глаза)

in his eyæ the stress resides on the “æ”

*as did Nabokov (wrote in strict meters; without conducting mistakes, of course)–Russians do seem to be having a hard time parting with the liberating restrictions of the meter.

Even more Hannibal-related bee pedantry

“How much of this honey is actually made of tiny tiny people parts versus the usual bee parts? I want to ask Price this.” - @wellntruly re: Katherine Pimms’ honey.

Ok so I can help you here, I am a beekeeper! Answer: zero, probably, except maybe a little. 

So for one thing, in the honey extraction scene, Pimms is clearly extracting honey from a wooden frame, which is part of a Langstroth hive, which means that this particular honey was definitely not made by People Bees.

The extraction scene from Hannibal // a Langstroth super and frame:

A hive that has been allowed to naturally develop without the guidance of frames will not have nice straight rows of comb inside. It will look more like this:

The non-human end of the human hive from Hannibal // comb from a natural hive:

You can’t put natural comb like this into one of those extractor centrifuges. You have to crush it and strain it out in a sieve.

SO ANYWAY, now that we’ve established that the extraction scene itself wasn’t People Honey, let’s address the actual question you asked!

So, ok, honey. Within any beehive, honey is by design never going to contain anything besides nectar and bee enzymes, or come into contact with anything besides wax and bee mouths. The bees create the wax cells and then regurgitate gathered nectar directly into them, and then the water evaporates out of the regurgitated nectar until it becomes honey. Then the honey cell is capped with more wax and stored until it’s time to eat it. So, as far as bees are concerned, there isn’t ever gonna be anything in the honey except for honey, no matter whether the hive happens to be situated inside a living corpse or not.

But when people extract honey, other stuff gets into it. Whether you’re using a centrifuge to extract frame honey or crushing and straining natural comb, you’re not just getting the contents of the honey cells. You’re also getting everything else that was on or in the wax, which can include everything from dead bees and parts of dead bees to bee larvae to random parasites to pollen to little bits of wood from the hive body to, well, whatever. 

And if your ‘whatever’ was ‘the hollowed-out skull of a living corpse,’ then, well. You might just get some living corpse bits in your honey. But it wouldn’t be because the bees put it there.

(I have actually complained about the Bee Stuff in this episode before, but I still appreciate the attempt, and also I am very aware that it matters to no one except me (and my other beekeeper friend who watches this show and had the exact same complaints))

(But so help me Fuller if you put bee stuff in American Gods you CALL ME FIRST AND ASK ME ABOUT IT)

(ACTUALLY, and this has absolutely nothing to do with anything, but it would be totally plausible to kill someone by spraying them with banana essence and then siccing a hive of bees on them, because Bee Rage Pheromone is chemically identical to Banana Candy Smell, which is why you should never eat bananas before visiting an apiary. And when I heard that Hannibal was going to have a bee episode, I was SO COMPLETELY SURE that they were going to use the banana thing that I was CRUSHED when they didn’t. I’m still waiting to see this plot device crop up somewhere.)

the signs as things i've heard at school
  • Aries: END MY LIFE
  • Taurus: Shut the fuck up stop saying I'm the straight friend
  • Gemini: Dawg... That is one fantastic cat... Do you have more pictures?
  • Cancer: WE NEED AN ASS
  • Leo: It's like 'Honey I Shrunk the Kids' except it's 'Honey I Popped the Baby'
  • Virgo: *in a voice like Gollum* rrrewhgh thghth WHGGHEEE
  • Libra: Where is Mac Hawk? Mac Hawk? Where is Mac Hawk? (read it out loud)
  • Scorpio: Snape is an embarrassment to humanity stop trying to redeem him
  • Sagittarius: Honestly? Fuck birds. What purpose do they serve?
  • Capricorn: These oats... are so prime... bro you gotta try these oats...
  • Aquarius: Free me from this mortal body. I am ready.
  • Pisces: Bees are good and pure creatures shut the hell fuck up

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Charming. (Supernatural!Michael)

“I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.” The words were soft, rolling from your lips like the grandest secret. “The way your eyes follow my hips, the way your lips part at a flash of skin. I have seen your eyes all but roll back in your head with a touch, now tell me.”

The purr stopped abruptly, knife to his throat as he was pushed up against the wall with purpose now. He had gone from being a seduced man to an endangered one in a second flat.

“What are you?”

He had to give it to you, you had balls to come after him like this in a dark alley behind his favourite club.

“Oh honey,” He smirked, voice no more than a condescending lure. In a heartbeat, the knife was stolen from your hands and roles reversed except he wasn’t trying to slit your throat.

“You know exactly what I am.”

“Yes.” You shut your eyes, knowing that earlier he hadn’t tried anything but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t now.

“Do I disgust you so much you can’t say it?” He snarled, hurt lacing in his tone.

“Incubus.” You replied, fear bubbling because there is no way he would let you go now. Not when you for sure knew what he was, who he was. He couldn’t let a hunter go.

“Open your eyes.”


“I won’t charm you.”

“I don’t believe you.”

Charming had been a recent, and irritating, development in the incubi’s powers. They were temptations, drawing you in with words and smiles but they evolved to adapt. The stranger danger and do not go anywhere without letting another person know really dampened there ability so like all creatures, they learned to adapt. That meant a cool power that made us mere mortals a lot weaker than them once again. All they had to do is look in your eyes, bend you to their will and voila! A new meal.

“You see, that’s the problem with all you hunters. Was I watching you in the club? Yes. Did I willingly come here with you into a nasty alleyway to have sex? Potentially. But not because I wanted to absorb your powers, I was looking for a good time. But you hunters all think we are the scum of the Earth and maybe some of us, or all of us, are but that doesn’t mean we all kill for pleasure and not because we have to, to survive now don’t be so stubborn and open your eyes.”

There was a monumental pause between the two of you. He sounded sincere but wasn’t that what incubi did? But then again, if he wanted to kill you he could have done it already. Same with charming you. You took the bait.

You opened your eyes slowly, a sliver of colour in the dark and immediately regretted it. His eyes went from pale, soft green to a vibrant, almost neon.

“So trusting, I knew you were new to this from the moment you walked into the club last week. You still had fresh blood on you from killing- oh what was it?- Ah, yes! A vampire.” He grinned maliciously, your body unable to move underneath his tantalizing gaze. You had underestimated him, saw him as a youngling not a powerful one as he is. He didn’t have to say the commands, your body just obeyed his very look.

“What are you going to do to me?”

“Nothing terrible, love. I’m not going to kill you if that’s what you’re asking but I am rather looking forward to the horrific things you and I can do together if we put our minds to it. Come now love. We have got places to be.”

Your feet moved of their own volition, your brain telling them to stop but also muddled with the alluring everything of the man before you as he wrapped his arm around your waist and smiled at you like a panther to it’s prey. And the piece of you that wanted to go with him keened at the attention while his mind raced rapidly.

He was going to break you, mold you into his perfect little toy and one day, you wouldn’t need the charm because you would stay with him simply because you loved him, had gone as mad as him. He couldn’t wait to see something so strong, someone so stubborn break underneath his hands and maybe not all incubi were evil, not all of them enjoyed the kill or better yet, the manipulation but he sure did.

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I don’t know. This went really dark really quick and I didn’t know how to not let it be so… yeah :)


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