honey goat cheese

Tartlet with apples, goat cheese, chutney, honey, walnuts and thyme

Made this quick tasty pie last night: Very easy, you can buy the pastry already made. Spread pastry dough with chutney, add goat cheese, then sliced apples, some walnuts, herbs and honey, season with salt and pepper, then fold the sides. Add a little melted butter for color, then a few more walnuts and fresh thyme, and bake on baking parchment in low oven for 30 minutes, cover after 20 minutes in case it colors too much, leave to rest for 10 minutes and serve. Also great with pears if no apples. You can switch goat cheese for blue cheese. Enjoy! 

An all-Aldi purchased breakfast:

~whole grain toast, avocado, cilantro, honey goat cheese, lemon pepper seasoning
~smoothie with one banana, ½ cup frozen blueberries, 1 cup cashew milk, 2 tablespoons plain greek yogurt

Use gluten free bread to make it gluten free or sub out the greek yogurt for extra banana and omit goat cheese to make it vegan!

The perfect sack lunch sandwich for the working lady:
- Tasty bread of your choosing
- honey goat cheese spread on one ½
- tomato basil hummus spread on other ½
- chopped red and yellow peppers
- red onion slice
- basil and spinach leaves
- if you eat meat - sometimes I add salmon lox with capers to this and it’s yum yum too!

And that’s it! So yummy! 😍 the fresh basil leaves are my fave mixed with the honey goat cheese!