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IN WHICH REMUS BRINGS SIRIUS HOME TO CORNWALL (their days are spent exploring rolling paddocks with sea salt in their hair, kisses to their necks, and laughter on their lips. tangled fingers and warm hearts; home at last, home at last) // LISTEN

001. promise ben howard 002. the iceland sound superpoze 003. dawn dario marianelli 004. wildfires ohbijou 005. skinny love bon iver 006. familiar ground the cinematic orchestra 007. ceilings local natives 008. the secret life of daydreams dario marianelli 009. fool’s gold the middle east 010. revelation blues the tallest man on earth

MOONY (it’s the whispers in the back of your mind; the shadow in your peripheral vision; those lupine senses that never quite leave you, even when the moon has long since slid beneath the horizon) // LISTEN

001. intro a recording of wolf howls 002. the wolf fever ray 003. black flies ben howard 004. scalpel blade ohbijou 005. wolf tailor 006. index dead man’s bones 007. the woods brighter later 008. werewolf heart gypsy death star

I CAN’T WIN (you’re sirius orion black. keeper of hearts, wearer of denim, and attender of gigs. you love too much: recklessly, without mercy, as inexhaustible as the ocean. you like your music loud and your lovers louder) // LISTEN

001. the way it is the sheepdogs 002. the devil takes care of his own band of skulls 003. howlin’ for you the black keys 004. unbelievers vampire weekend 005. no hope the vaccines 006. i can’t win the strokes 007. sour cherry the kills 008. seven nation army the white stripes 009. pumped up kicks foster the people 010. i bet you look good on the dance floor arctic monkeys 011. mykonos fleet foxes 012. shuffle bombay bicycle club 013. keep on swinging rival sons 014. run right back the black keys

AN ENTIRELY INNOCENT SITUATION (remus glanced down at sirius’ mouth, wondering, wondering… his vision flickered; he knew, in that instant, that this was it. this was the moment. this was over five years of bottled up furious adoration, violent affection, all-consuming love and lust and longing crushed into a single split second. [x]// LISTEN

001. you already know bombay bicycle club 002. first day of my life bright eyes 003. bloodflood alt-j 004. wide eyes local natives 005. asleep the smiths 006. only love ben howard 007. the dreaming ohbijou 008. found you out sr sly 009. three months local natives 010. two the antlers

MOONY/REMUS (you always knew you weren’t special, but it hurt all the same) // LISTEN

001. thunderlove ohbijou 002. keep your head up ben howard 003. you’re a wolf sea wolf 004. children of the bad revolution lana del rey 005. the fear ben howard 006. wonderwall ed sheeran cover 007. full moon the black ghosts 008. i don’t want love the antlers 009. winter vivaldi 010. blood the middle east 011. open house bombay bicycle club 012. shake it out florence & the machine (orchestral cover)

REMUS/SIRIUS (for love that will complete you, scare you, tear you apart, and leave you wanting more. the soundtrack for cigarette-stained finger tips, languid smiles, and blustery, cold winter days exploring the city because you’ve nothing left but each other) // LISTEN

01. the modern age the strokes 02. love will tear us apart joy division 03. drive darling boy 04. slow sound strange shapes 05. troublemaker beach house 06. civilian wye oak 07. hard to explain the strokes 08. paper heart st. lucia 09. atlas hands benjamin francis leftwich 010. you only live once the strokes

LONE WOLF (your name is remus lupin. everything you once knew to be true is crumbling all around you, but that smile stays fixed and tight and your heart beats black as night, and no one is any the wiser to the madness that rages beneath your skin) // LISTEN

001. barton hollow the civil wars 002. wolf tailor 003. holy holy wye oak 004. lights out, words gone bombay bicycle club 005. skin cloud dog & panther 006. dark lights shine bright gabriel bruce 007. baltimore blues no.1 deer tick 008. new ways an horse 009. the storm boy & bear 010. it’s alright, ma (i’m only bleeding) collective acoustics remix 011. you’re a wolf sea wolf 012. old pine ben howard 013. lonely boy the black keys

WORMTAIL (for the boy who was always underfoot, human or otherwise. for the slow, sinking sensation that comes with losing yourself; for succumbing to the darkness that you’ve spent so long fighting against) // LISTEN

001. white winter hymnal fleet foxes 002. hear the noise that moves so soft and low james vincent mcmorrow 003. skeletons of monsters and men (yeah yeah yeahs cover) 004. a lion’s heart tallest man on earth 005. write on your skin newton faulkner 006. forbidden friendship john powell 007. higher love james vincent mcmorrow 008. helplessness blues fleet foxes

SIRIUS/REMUS ii. (a mix for the hopes and dreams of a wayward young werewolf with silvery blonde hair who loved a dog in disguise far more than he probably should) / LISTEN

01. hello, my old heart the oh hellos 02. counting stars one republic 03. when you were young (piano instrumental) the killers 04. maps yeah yeah yeahs 05. call me maybe (acoustic cover) ben howard 06. what if bombay bicycle club 07. dream a little dream of me billie holiday & louis armstrong 08. your eyes bombay bicycle club 09. 40 day dream edward sharpe & the magnetic zeroes 010. over the love florence & the machine 011. manhattan cat power 012. smells like teen spirit (jazz cover) paul anka