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one actor, eight roles—narimiya hiroki

aio takumi (ima ai ni yukimasu) | aida shohei (orange days) | morita shinobu (honey & clover) |  j (bloody monday) | shinagawa daichi (yankee-kun to megane-chan) | takato yoichi (kindaichi neo) | asahina motoharu (37.5°C no namida) | katsumura hideo (kaito yamaneko)


『 Mystic Messenger x Ouran High School Host Club 』

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Spring Break Shenanigans


Twins:  Wahoooo!!!!!!  Freedom is finally ours!  

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Kyoya:  Oh good, finally some uninterrupted time to focus on my business endeavors.  This should be lucrative.  

Honey:  Takashi!  Let’s go swimming!  I even bought us matching rubber duckie swim trunks!  

Mori:  Thanks, Mitsukuni.  

Haruhi:  A week a way from these freaks!  I mean, sleep!  

Tamaki:  Sleep?!  Haruhi, don’t tell me you plan on living a banal existence?  We are teenagers on spring break!  The world is our oyster!  We can do whatever we want!  We can go crazy!  In fact, let’s do just that!  Who’s with me for finding all sorts of life-affirming activities to do this week?

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Twins:  TAKE US WITH YOU!!!!!  Haruhi!!!! You are coming with us!

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Kyoya:  Sorry.  Can’t hear you.  Make sure they don’t kill themselves.  *hops into his limo*

Honey:  Hey Mori, Usa-chan wants to watch them do stupid things.  Let’s go.  

Mori:  Mmm.  

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Tamaki:  Hey look guys, I found poisonous snakes!  Ooh, and a crab!

Twins:  GHOST!!!!  

Haruhi:  I can’t believe I have to watch you idiots… 

Hikaru:  *whispers to Kaoru* Hey, I have an idea. Let’s hit on Haruhi and see how long it takes her to smack us.

Kaoru: Hey Haruhi, you look ravishing today!

Hikaru: I could just eat you up!

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Tamaki:  *desperately seeking a distraction for the twins* OOoh!!!!  Let’s wake up Kyoya and see if we live!  

Haruhi/Mori/Honey/Twins:  I’m out.  I don’t wanna die.  Bye!

In the past decade, the US honeybee population has been decreasing at an alarming and unprecedented rate. But why?

Emma Bryce offers some explanations in the TED-Ed Lesson The case of the vanishing honeybees.

One solution?  Plant flowers! In Marla Spivak’s TED Talk Why bees are disappearing, she reminds us that when bees have access to good nutrition, we have access to good nutrition through their pollination services.  

So get out there, Tumblr - and plant some bee-friendly flowers!

Animation by Lillian Chan