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ok auston and jvr can choke on their first round picks bc mitch’s lucky charms and mo’s frosted flakes are clearly superior cereals but auston did come in clutch with the reeses puffs and jvr never redeemed himself and he’s kicked off the team like who tf picks corn pops i’m sorry but he’s voted off the island

mars headcnaonns

ok shows over thanks 4 playin

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How the RFA+Saeran Smell Headcanon

I was thinking of this awhile ago and the more I thought about it, the more smells I felt like I could associate with each person! So please enjoy <3

Yoosung smells like…
Floral shampoo, coffee grounds, spiced wood deodorant, mint gum, kimchi, dorito cheese, Monster energy drink, hair bleach, cherry blossoms, pizza and new cut grass 

Zen smells like…
Hair products, chocolate axe, rosemary shampoo, sweat, fish bread, lingering cigarette smoke, leather, beer, motorcycle exhaust, oranges, cheap subtle cologne and rain

Jaehee smells like…
Hot chocolate, sugar cookies, coffee latte, soy sauce, cinnamon, spice scented shampoo, lush bathbombs, white wine, newly baked bread, chai spice perfume, strawberries and roses

Jumin smells like…
Calvin Klein cologne, red wine, catnip, pomegranate shampoo, truffles, his garden, cedar wood aftershave, pancakes, leather seats, grapes, potpourri, caviar and rich chocolate cake

Seven smells like…
Honey shampoo, doctor pepper, musk, car wax, dry shampoo, redbean paste, milk chocolate, pine trees, honey comb cereal, car garage, cotton candy, popcorn and wood burning fire

Saeran smells…
mint chocolate, coconut shampoo, fake leather, black pepper, petrichor, chilli spice, lemon, mint tictacs, whisky, nail polish, matches, cigarettes, sandal wood, banana hand lotion and candy

Wrong Place Wrong Time (16)

Part 16 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)
- ⛪️Also mention of Religion.

Summary: You end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and it has negative repercussions. Main characters include: Reader and EXO.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 Part 4  Part 5 Part 6  Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15  Part 17  Part 18  Part 19  Part 20  Part 21  Part 22  Part 23  Part 24  Part 25  Part 26  Part 27  Part 28  Part 29  Part 30  Part 31  Part 32  Part 33  Part 34  Part 35 (Final)

Word Count: 3,926 
(Just wanted to quickly thank those who replied on my previous post letting me know that the longer word counts are totally okay. Feedback is always appreciated guys! 💙)

You were rudely awaken by somebody blowing cool air into your ear, groaning you turned over to your side, your internal clock was telling you that it was not time to get up yet, but the blowing came again and for longer this time.

“Ughh, what do you want Baekhyun?” You rolled over to your side, opening one of your eyes.

“Do I look like Baekhyun to you? Get up!” Chanyeol pouted grabbing the sheets off of your body and pulling you up into a sitting position. You smiled at Chanyeol pulling him into a hug, lingering for a while before you pulled away from him again. “What was that for?” His eyes were wide with surprise.

“I don’t know…I kind of missed you.” You were embarrassed to admit it but it felt good at the same time. He smiled at you showing a row of perfectly white teeth. “Anyway why are you here?!” You pushed his shoulder hard so he fell backwards onto the bed.

“The first thing you do when we become friends again is bully me. I’m offended.” He stuck his tongue out. “I have good news and bad news for you.”

“Bad news first.” You opted, you weren’t sure how much worse the news could get around this place but having said that any form of hell was possible here.

“Okay well the bad news is that you have to do some training with me. I’m sorry I tried so hard to keep you out of this, you don’t know how angry I was when Junmyeon suggested this but he wouldn’t take no for an answer.”

“What do you mean ‘training’.” You made quotation marks with your fingers. “I’m not going to be on field.”

“You are Y/N.” Chanyeol dropped his head, sinking his fists into the mattress. “I’m sorry I tried hard, but he said we need all hands on deck, the only two that will be out are Jongdae; because he’s still not fully recovered, and Baekhyun because he’s the only one that knows what he’s doing when it comes to stitching us up.” He gave you a weak smile.

“What type of training though Chanyeol?” You didn’t like the sound of this; you shifted uncomfortably standing up from the bed and looking down at him.

“Cute pyjamas.”

“Stop side-tracking Chan. What type of training are you talking about?

He began to bite the skin on his thumb. “You know… defending yourself, how and where to hide…how to use a gun…”
You laughed at him in disbelief shaking your head violently.

“There is no fucking way I’m using a gun Chanyeol. Are you crazy? I’m not doing that shit again, I don’t want to turn into a monster, I don’t want to turn into –”

“—me?” Chanyeol smiled sadly finishing your sentence; you couldn’t look at his eyes now. You felt bad but of course you didn’t want to do what he did, why was that so wrong? “I’m not doing this because I want to Y/N. And you won’t be either; you’ll be doing it to defend yourself, in this world it’s dog eat dog, okay? Kill or be killed, and I don’t prefer the latter.” You could do nothing but sulk now.

“What was the good news?” You mumbled, pouting and looking down at the floor, you despised your life right now.

“You’ll be training with me.”

“Really? I was hoping for something better.” You sighed, wrapping your arms around yourself.

“Ouch, that hurt my ego.” Chanyeol held his hands above his heart, pretending that you had wounded him. You stuck your tongue out at him, slipping your slippers on and walked towards your door.


“Nooooooooo!” Jongin whinged stomping his feet childishly on the floor. Everyone was in the kitchen apart from Sehun. He was still upset from last night and was probably going through emotional turmoil since he didn’t know which truth to believe. It was awkward since everyone was sitting on the opposite side of Minseok on the table, although the boys thought they were being discrete they really weren’t. You weren’t particularly Minseok’s number one fan, but you felt slightly bad for him. You really wouldn’t be surprised if he was the Tell-Tale he was a secretive and dangerous man, yet something deep down was telling you that it wasn’t him. It had to be someone on the outside and you weren’t sure if they were trying to help Genesis or ruin Genesis.
 Attempting to be the neutral ‘better’ person and bridge the gap you opted to sit in the space between the boys and Minseok, although to be honest he didn’t look like he was too bothered and rather seemed as though he was enjoying his own company.
All of you were around the table eating cereal, there was a slight buzz of conversation mainly about what was going to happen tonight and what precautions had to be taken.

“What’s wrong with you Jongin?” Kyungsoo rolled his eyes, looking down at the bowl in front of him.

Jongin had his head in his cupboard, looking slightly defeated. “I’ve run out of sugar, No! Why me?! Why!?”  You laughed a little bit at his stupidity it was somewhat cute, Yixing gave you a scornful look from across the table. The both of you still hadn’t spoken yet and it was putting you on edge.

“Why don’t you just have Honey like the rest of us for goodness sakes. Why do you have to be so difficult all the time?” Kyungsoo frowned motioning towards Jongdae to pass him the honey jar and tipping it over his cereal.

“Because I’m special and I’m Jongin, so I need to be unique. One of you guys must have sugar in yours.” He whined, looking through the cupboards one by one. The honey was being passed around the table by the boys.

“Honey Y/N?” Junmyeon asked, holding it in your direction. You shook your head, you preferred sugar over honey but your cereal was sweet enough anyway. Junmyeon looked over to the other side of the table at Minseok, but then put the jar of honey down and began talking to the other boys again.

“Um… actually you know what, I’ll have a little.” You took the jar from Baekhyun who reached for it and held it out to you, pouring the tiniest bit in your bowl You didn’t actually want any but since you were playing mediator you had to step in.

 “Minseok…do you want some honey?” You pushed the jar towards him, patiently waiting for a string of abuse and profanities about how ‘he could look after himself’ and ‘if he wanted the honey he’d get the honey.’ He stared at you for a moment raising his brows, taking hold of the jar and dragging it towards him.


Your eyes widened. Minseok just thanked you. The most civil bit of conversation the both of you had shared.

“Y-your welcome.” You stuttered still in disbelief. Everyone in the room looked up at Sehun who had just entered the room, he took the seat opposite you. His eyes were red and puffy, he had been crying and quite a lot too. Your heart began to ache seeing him like this, you weren’t sure how old he was, but you knew that he was young and to be going through all of this must have been proving too much.
You heard a gasp coming from the cupboards.

“Minseok…What the heck is this?” Jongin turned around slowly, holding up a can of red spray paint in his hands. You dropped your spoon on the floor, flicking your eyes between Jongin, Minseok and the can of red spray paint.

He looked up slowly at Jongin and back down at his bowl again, shovelling some cereal into his mouth. “How should I know? It’s not mine.”

“Then why did I find it in your cupboard?” He pointed an accusing finger at Minseok. Everyone in the room was staring at him silently, all apart from Sehun, he was audibly crying now, wiping his face with his sleeves.

“Minseok what’s going on, please tell me it’s not you. Why is this happening!? Why won’t you defend yourself? It’s you isn’t it? You’re the Tell-Tale.” You could just about make out was Sehun was saying, he was hysterical and wasn’t breathing properly, you had to press your hand against your mouth to stop yourself from crying too.

“I’ve never seen that before.” Minseok said nonchalantly, his face unchanging as he stirred his spoon around in his bowl. “I don’t know how it got there.”

Jongin walked over to Minseok’s side of the table banging the can down in front of him. “Really Minseok?! Because you’re not all that convincing right now!”

“Jongin stop it. Maybe it wasn’t him…” You whispered, looking at Minseok who was looking straight back at you, but still his face was giving nothing away and you didn’t know what to believe.

“Are you seriously trying to defend this piece of shit right now Y/N?” Jongin shouted at you from where he was stood. He turned his attention back to Minseok. “So come on ‘Tell-Tale’ Why is it that you’re dropping all these hints for us. Are you on our side or against us? Either way you’re getting all this information from an outside source so how the fuck can we trust you?”

Minseok rolled his eyes upwards, putting his spoon down carefully in his bowl. He quickly slipped a gun out of his pocket pointing it at the other end of the table, making everyone jump back and duck for cover. He laughed in astonishment, slipping his gun back into his pocket.
“Wow! Are you guys being serious!? You’re all actually scared of me right now. You seriously think I’m this Tell-Tale asshole. You’re all doubting me right now? Sehun, you’re doubting me?!” He pointed a reproving finger in Sehun’s direction. Pushing his chair backwards he stood up and walked towards the exit. “I don’t fucking have time for this shit. I have a raid to prepare for.”
You looked over the table at Sehun; he was a complete wreck, shaking violently.

“Sehun its okay” You cooed reassuringly “I’m sure it’s not him.”

“Are you being fucking serious Y/N!? Are you blind? Everything points towards him” Jongdae banged his fist against the table. You frowned getting up from your seat and running out of the kitchen.

“Y/N where are you going? Y/N!”

You were walking up to Minseok’s room, when you saw him leaving it and closing his door behind him. He was wearing the exact same clothes as the night that he slipped out of the house. All black attire with black boots and a bottle of an unknown liquid in his hand. You quickly slipped into the room that you were stood next to as you didn’t want to be caught. You weren’t sure who’s room it was but they were going to have to let you borrow their jacket for a while because you had made up your mind. You were about to follow Minseok.

You kept your distance when following him, and now you were really beginning to wish that you had just gone and put proper shoes on, because these slippers were really not serving any type of purpose. You slid down the streets still trying to keep a fair distance, when suddenly you were being lead to a Church. You were confused and sincerely hoping he wasn’t planning to kill anyone inside because that would most definitely be a new level of low. But instead of walking into the church auditorium he crept through the back, in which you realised he was standing in a graveyard. Your body shivered you weren’t the biggest graveyard fan and you were wondering what on earth Minseok was doing here. You stood behind a tree about two inches away to keep yourself hidden.

“I know you followed me.” You heard Minseok call from where he was positioned, slowly turning round to look at the tree. “Besides that’s the most cliché hiding spot. Maybe if you actually try hiding in a grave the next time it would be harder to spot you.” You had been caught, sheepishly you stepped away from the tree and towards Minseok.

“I’m sorry.” You whispered “I just wanted to get some sort of proof that you really weren’t the Tell-Tale.” You didn’t get too close to him, purely because he was someone you couldn’t trust. “But i’m confused as to why you’re here.”

He sighed heavily. “I’m not the Tell-Tale.”

“I know you’re not, I just kind of had this feeling deep down.”

He looked up at you shocked. “Thanks for believing me. Funny how Sehun couldn’t, after I cared for him so much.” He rolled his eyes.

“So this where you came the other night?” You questioned. He nodded pointing at the two gravestones.

“I Came to see my mum and dad.” He half-smiled pouring some of that liquid he held onto the soil in front of one of the headstones.

“What is that?” You asked, squinting your eyes and taking a step closer to him.

“Rosewater. My mum loved it, she’d never go a day without it.” You nodded your head slowly in understanding. So this is where Minseok had  been coming all this time and it was completely understandable, you felt so bad for how misunderstood he’d been.

 “So your parents were religious then?” You whispered, looking behind your shoulder at the church and turning back around to look at Minseok crouched down in front of the headstone, you crouched down beside him.

“Yeah. My mum especially. She’d take me to church every Sunday, she’d place her loose change in my hand and let me put it in the collection pot. I loved it, it was the best part of my day.” He smiled so sadly, and you felt your heart crumpling in your chest. “I’ve not been to church for years. I can’t. I feel too ashamed, I don’t deserve it. It’s ironic my parents were taken from me, yet I take people from others. At first I told myself for I was doing it for a cause but now I don’t even know what I’m fighting for. I just do it out of anger and hostility. They’d be so disappointed.” A tear rolled down his cheek and splashed onto the dying flowers that were in front of him. You couldn’t help yourself at this point and instinctively pulled Minseok in for a hug nestling your head in between the crook of his neck and his shoulder.
“W-what are you doing?” He stuttered, his body stilling at your contact.

“I don’t really know, it just happened on impulse, but please don’t ask again because that will make it really awkward.” You half-laughed. You felt him take a breath again and rest his head against yours. You stayed like that for a few moments before he pulled himself away from you, clearing his throat and broadening his shoulders.

“If you tell the other’s, I’ll kill you.”

“Minseok” You let out a fake gasp. “Your mothers listening, how can you threaten to kill me in front of her? I’m telling you now she is turning in her grave”

“Whatever.” He laughed softly, pushing your shoulder lightly. Minseok was laughing. And it wasn’t one of those twisted evil ones either, it was a genuine heartfelt laugh and it felt like a breath of fresh air. You had almost forgotten what his teeth looked like. You loved this Minseok; you wanted this one to stick around. He stood up, moving over to a grave beside his parents and pouring the rosewater there too. You stood up too and quirked an eyebrow.

“Hey, what are you doing, you can’t go pouring that on everyone’s graves.”

He shook his head lightly. “Relax. This one’s my granddad. Fucking family reunion, I know.”

“Oi! Language.” You whispered bowing your head at the graves and turning round to bow your head at the church. He pulled a sorry face pressing his fingers against his lips and turning around to face the church.

“Let’s go.” He said walking slowly back towards the way you came. You nodded walking beside him, you noticed him laughing quietly to himself.

“What?” You asked, curious as to what was so funny.

“Oh it’s nothing. I just remembered when I was younger my mum had this thing about me holding her hand, but I got to this age where I thought I was too big to hold her hand anymore, so every time we came to visit my granddads grave she’d tell me that if I didn’t hold her hand, one of the hands of the dead bodies would rip through the soil and drag me down under with them. I was so scared, it was the only time she could get me to hold her hand.”

“Aww cute…I think… Actually that’s quite creepy” You made a puzzled face unsure of what to make of the story.

“Oh no. It’s definitely creepy” He smiled. “But it makes for a good story and good memories, I guess I’ll never forget how her hands felt in mine now. I do miss it though.”

You looked forward towards the church and held your hand out towards Minseok. He paused for a moment staring at your hand and back up at you.

“I know i’m not your mum but It’s not every day I offer my hand to people, take it or leave it.” You cleared your throat, but he was still staring at you. “Oh my goodness Minseok please just hold it, this is getting awkward, it’s really not going to hold itself.” He cleared his throat too, placing his hand in yours; you both walked silently forward staring uneasily ahead. Finally Minseok broke the silence.

“Okay, so wow this is really kind of awkward…”

“Oh, yeah, yeah I totally agree I’m really glad you said that.” You both quickly dropped each others hands and walked even faster to the exit. “So don’t tell the others we held hands otherwise I might actually have to, you know.” You ran a finger across your neck.

“Oh no, what? You think this is good for my image? Trust me I won’t”

Hours later and it was crunch time; everyone was geared up including you. You had a gun in your back pocket and it made you feel physically sick, training with Chanyeol didn’t go particularly well but he promised you that he’d be there to protect you anyway. Baekhyun and Jongdae stayed at home, looking over cameras and prepping medical equipment just incase, but you were sure you would definitely be needing it, someone was bound to get hurt. You were packed into a black van sat in between ‘Kai’ and Chanyeol; you were trying to call everyone by their code names so it would sink in. You were scared to shout for help from Chanyeol and Sehun, purely because their usual role was to stay at home so they didn’t have code names. Everyone was silent, Kai was rubbing circles on your thigh, trying to calm you down and he wasn’t even trying to be discrete about it this time, everyone was watching how touchy he was being with you but he didn’t really care. Yixing did though.

“I’m scared.” You breathing was irregular.

“Don’t worry babe, we’ve got you. You’ll be fine.” Jongin squeezed your knee. Causing Yixing to roll his eyes. Suddenly the van stopped moving.
You had arrived at the Warehouse.

“We all know the rules.” Junmyeon said “Try your best, stay alive. We’ve got this” But you weren’t so sure. Rapidly all of the boys began to run out of the van and towards the block C.

You were frozen in your seat. Cold, alone. Sat there, you couldn’t seem to catch your breath, your life was flashing before your eyes at the moment. There was no way you’d survive this. There were so many things that you still wanted to do with your life, get promoted to the highest level, get married, have beautiful children, but that was never going to happen now.

You heard footsteps running back towards the van.
“Y/N?” A hand shot out in front of your face, you looked up. It was Minseok.
“Quickly, take it before it gets awkward.” He smiled at you softly, you took a breath smiling back and took a hold of his hand, only this time around you didn’t want to let go. “I know you’re scared but you’ll be fine.” You tried your hardest to believe every word he said.

You both ran towards the building catching up with the other guys. Only this time you were surrounded by thirty or so men who were definitely not from Genesis, around 10  of them were armed with guns whilst the others had knives and other weapons.

“Fuck, It’s an ambush.” Jongin sighed.

“Really Jongin? No fucking shit Sherlock!” Kyungsoo screamed, shooting a gun at someone who was fast approaching him, you screamed involuntarily at the bullet that went straight through the mans skull.
“Don’t just fucking scream Y/N, shoot!”

All the guys had spread around by now. You were alone, running and ducking for cover anywhere that you could find it. You dashed beside a crate, and heard a loud bang beside your head, looking up you saw a hole in the crate and a white substance pouring out, you just realised that it had been shot, whipping your head to the side you saw a man pointing a gun at you and licking his lips.

“Such a pretty girl, what a shame.” He walked closer to you.

“Y/N your gun!” You heard Minseok shout, “Y/N use your gun!” but you were paralysed in your spot, you couldn’t take it out of your holder, you couldn’t even breathe. You closed your eyes at the sound of a loud bang. Slowly opening them again you saw the man lying in a pool of his own blood face down on the floor. Minseok standing above his body his chest heaving up and down.
“Hey are you crazy! You could’ve died! Please use your fucking gun!” He dragged you up by your arms, that were jelly by now, you tried regaining yourself.
“Y/N. Please I know that this is hard, but you have to get it together. Okay. Please! I have to go, but goodness, just use your gun okay.” He squeezed your hand and ran off in an opposite direction.
Once you thought you were collected enough, you ran onwards to find Yixing and Chanyeol back to back they were weapon-less and cornered by two men. Your heart began thumping against your ribcage and as if on impulse you ran towards the two of them throwing your gun towards Chanyeol, who caught it in his right hand and shot the man in front of him dead. He turned around to shoot the man in front of Yixing, who then raised his gun pointing it at you.

“Drop your weapon or I’ll shot the girl.”

Chanyeol’s breathing slowed, gun shaking in his hand.

“Shoot Him!” You screamed.

“Drop your fucking weapon, now!”

You saw Jongin running into your section behind the man holding his gun at you. “Kai help us!” You screamed, you were weapon-less and Chanyeol was slowly but surely lowering his gun. Jongin was the only one who could do anything about the situation.

“Okay.” He said turning around to face you all, he smirked at you mischievously.


You screamed, your blood running cold. Shock taking over your system and code-names flying out of the window.
“Oh my God! Jongin!”

Little Family ~ Archie Andrews

Originally posted by riverdalegifsdaily

Fandom: Riverdale

Pairing: Archie Andrews x reader

Words: 1282

Requested?: Yes

Ok so this is kind of an out there type of ask but I saw an imagine kinda similar ish and it made me think of this, but an Archie imagine where him and the reader out a couple years older and have a baby? Just like lots of fluff and stuff?

Warnings: FLUFF!!!

A/N: I bloody love this request so much it’s unbelievable. And yes, I know that being married at 20 is a bit young but it’s true love y’all.

May 23rd 2021

The morning was like any other. I awoke to the sound of my husband wriggling out of bed and plodding to our daughter’s room. Every morning I still think it’s a dream, me waking up next to my highschool sweetheart Archie Andrews and our gorgeous new baby girl Ida. Yes, we’re young and possibly going to make some mistakes but at least we have each other.

I could hear his sweet voice nursing her from slumber to prepare for our busy day that is Archie’s first day of recording in a studio. We had flown out to LA just after Ida was born so that Archie could finally record his first song for his EP. I was apprehensive but once I saw how happy it made him, I agreed. 

It was hard living away from our families but both were supportive of our relationship and Archie’s talent so we left Riverdale for LA.

“C’mon pretty, let’s go get mommy up for the day. It’s a big day for daddy and everyone in the studio.” He chuckled as he returned to our room and gently sat on the bed. 

My eyes had yet to open and meet the sunlight streaming in through the largest window of our bedroom. Our apartment that was provided by the record company was too good to be true. Big white walls with modern furnishings, a lovely kitchen and three great bedrooms. Our belongings were neatly placed in the wardrobes once we arrived and that’s when it started to become home.

“Babygirl, it’s time to get up.” Archie said quietly as Ida cooed in my ear. Her little noises and cute laughs finally made my eyes open as I turned to face to my loving husband.

“Hello bigshot.” I said in a croaky voice. I scared myself with the sound of my voice and made a funny face which caused Archie to laugh and little Ida to grin.

“Come get up, we’ve got to be at the studio in two hours. I made breakfast last night so we wouldn’t have to worry this morning and all the bags are packed so we can just eat, shower, get dressed and leave.” He smiled kissing my cheek with a gentleness I will never get used to. Then like a lightbulb going off in my mind I recounted the few sentences Archie had uttered to me. He made breakfast.

“Archie, please tell me you didn’t burn the kitchen down making breakfast.” I sighed and he laughed shaking his head. He placed his left hand on my cheek and I felt the cool metal of his wedding band against my warm skin.

“It’s cereal. Honey, when I said made I meant poured two bowls of Cheerios and left a bottle of milk on the middle shelf of the fridge. I have little missy’s breakfast all ready to go as well.” He smiled at our daughter. Even though she’s only 5 months old, she looks more and more like her father everyday. Even though she has my hair, she was lucky enough to inherit Archie’s beautiful eyes.

“Well then, let’s get the Andrews family ready for the day.” I smiled as I took Ida from Archie and hopped out of bed to go to the kitchen. Archie turned on the radio in the kitchen as I put Ida into her highchair. 

Castle on the Hill was blaring throughout the rooms making me have a greater spring in my step. I looked up to see my husband dancing around our kitchen in his grey sweatpants using the milk bottle as a microphone. I laughed loudly almost doubling over. This was a regular occurrence in our household.

“How did I get so lucky?” Archie suddenly said pouring the milk into the bowls. That sentence made me stop in my tracks. 

“Sweetheart, what do you mean?” I questioned walking closer to him. I put both my elbows on the cold marble work surface. I was genuinely confused.

“I’m so blessed that I’ve been given the chance to record for this label and have this apartment and a beautiful daughter and the most amazingly beautiful, caring, loving, kind, sexy, best wife in the whole world. I’m only 20 and I’ve been given this much. I can’t thank you enough babygirl.” Archie said pulling me into a sweet and loving kiss.


We broke away from the kiss quickly to turn and face our daughter, covered in applesauce and milk. No surprises there.

“Well bless you honeybun.” Archie laughed as I did too. I look at the clock on the wall seeing it was 11 am. I quickly kissed him once more and almost fell over my own feet.

“Archie! We only have an hour left!” I shouted as I bolted to Ida to take her to shower and do my makeup simultaneously. I could hear Archie tripping over his own feet and running into the bathroom.

“You, put your war paint on, I’ll clean baby.” He said turning the bath on and taking Ida from me. I quickly applied primer and realised I didn’t have time for foundation so I plastered concealer across my face, powdered like a mad woman and drew my eyebrows on. I swiped mascara over my lashes and applied a quick layer of liquid lipstick.

“Baby is clean and dressed, quick we’ve 20 minutes until we have to leave, that’ll make it 11 30 and that gives us 30 minutes to get there.” Archie panicked pulling on a baseball tee and jeans. I picked out my favourite outfit and put it on quickly before running to Ida’s crib and placing her in car seat.

“We’re leaving in 5 honey!” I shouted running down the hallway to the door. I grabbed my shoes and bag from beside the door and rushed down the stairs that led to the entrance of our house. I placed Ida into the car and strapped her in.

“Go go go baby!” Archie shouted from the door as he locked it and I hopped into the passenger seat. He ran down the stairs and got into the car and began driving.

“Archie, this is really happening. You’re gonna be famous.” I smiled as he took my hand and laced his fingers through mine as he navigated the short drive to the studio.

“Might baby. I might be.” He chuckled lightly a he turned the corner. Just then, the studio came into view. 

He pulled into a parking space and as a family, we went inside. The lovely workers brought us to the studio where Archie’s producer and mixer were with a team of many others. They were all lovely and took a liking to Ida.

“Ok Archie, you ready to start?” James, his producer asked as I sat down with Ida on the couch facing the booth. Archie was smiling brightly inside as he nodded and the music began to play. His voice soothed my ears and made Ida clap her hands loudly making everyone in the room smile.

“Dada!” Ida squealed as Archie stopped singing with surprise and my jaw dropped. The music stopped and everyone turned to face the little girl on my lap.

“Ida! You little smartie!” I screamed hugging her tightly as Archie ran into the mixing room.

“She’s 5 months and talking! Oh god Daddy is so proud of you baby!” Archie smiled kissing her head and hugging me.

“I’ve a lovely little family.” I smiled as everyone “awwed” behind us. Archie laughed and kissed my forehead lightly.

“I love you.” Archie sighed brushing a stray piece of hair away from my face. I smiled widely and chuckled.

“I love you too Andrews.”

You are My Sunshine - Dick Grayson x Reader

Happy Birthday to the amazing and beautiful @dc-comics-imagines! I know I don’t talk to you as much as I wish I did, but I still care about you and your well being! I hope things are looking up and that you’re feeling better, so have some warm and fluffy Dick!

Words: 541

“Good morning, Sunshine!” Dick says as he opens the curtains to the bedroom, casting bright, warm sunlight across the room and onto your face. You grumble and shove your face into the pillow.

“Aww don’t be like that, Y/N,” Dick says. He pounces on the bed next to you, causing you to yelp as you bounce up and down, suddenly awake. He takes the pillow from you while you’re momentarily in the air. “I even cooked breakfast.”

“Cereal doesn’t count as cooking, Dick,” you open your eyes to look at him, but everything is still too bright. You grimace and rub your eyes in an attempt to wake them up. “Not unless it’s oatmeal.”

“Oatmeal is not cereal,” he says, dead serious.

“Yes, it is, Dick.”

“No. Oatmeal is an abomination and should not be grouped with the majesty that is cereal.”

“Honey, oatmeal is still a cereal. It’s a hot cereal,” you lean against him and pull him down to lie in the bed with you. You rest your head on his chest and stare at this beautiful man with an unhealthy cereal obsession. Since your eyes have finally woken up, you are able to fully appreciate how vibrant his blue eyes are in the natural light, and his hair is ruffled from you pulling him down. Everything looks so soft and warm, and if you hadn’t been so rudely awakened, you’d think you were dreaming. You brush a stray hair out of his face. “Don’t be so dramatic.”

I’m dramatic? You’re the one who was lying face down in the floor after we finished watching Firefly. Because it got cancelled,” Dick chuckles, and the feeling of his laughter makes you feel warm inside.

“It deserved better than one season!” You defend yourself.

“Exactly! My Fruity Dyno Bites deserve better than to be grouped in the same category as oatmeal.”

“That’s not exactly the same thing, but I’m really too tired to argue.” Between Dick’s steady breathing and the soft feeling from both his shirt and the sheets, you could easily go back to sleep. He runs his fingers through your hair and rubs the back of your neck, sending you further into an extremely relaxed state.

After a few minutes of peaceful silence, Dick speaks again. “You know I wasn’t kidding. I did fix breakfast. And not cereal. I made pancakes.”

“Well, aren’t you ambitious.” You smile at him.

“They’re going to get cold if we don’t go.” He sounds like he’s ready to get up, but you don’t move from your cozy position and he doesn’t make an effort to either.

“Let them.” Your voice is muffled as you turn your face into his chest. “We never get lazy mornings together. Can’t we just lie in bed like this for a little longer?”

“Of course we can.” Dick leans up just enough to kiss your head, and he lingers there for a second, taking in the sweet scent of your hair. “As long as you know that you get to make dinner.”

“That’s fine,” you snuggle closer to his warm body. “I know what your favorite cereal is.”

He just laughs as both of you lie tangled up together, basking in warm sunlight and wasting the morning away.

Prompt:  “Did you feel that?”

Character: Chekov (For anon)

Warning: N/A

You’re lying in bed when you first feel it. The dull pain against your stomach. You’re confused for a moment before you realise what it is and place your hand in the spot hoping to feel it again. When you do you’re almost giddy, rushing out of bed as fast as you can to find Pavel, whose nearly falling asleep in his cereal.

“Honey! Feel.” It’s an order that you give him no choice in as you slide his hand across your stomach and wait. 

When that kick hits again you both look at each other, “did you feel that?” there’s a massive grin on your face as he nods frantically. He’s excited, his eyes have lit up in that way that reminds you of why you fell in love with the man. 

“Ze baby!” You nod along with him and the two of you simply stand there staring at each other with grins as wide as can be…because your baby just kicked. Your baby. His baby. Your baby. 

Eating Habits
  • Jupiter trine Mars; Jupiter in the first house; Jupiter in Aries; Aries on the second house cusp: Prefers warm or hot food. Might like spicy food. A special preference for meat, especially mutton. May enjoy leeks and onions, or flavour their food with mustard and chilli.
  • Jupiter trine Venus; Jupiter in the second house; Jupiter in Taurus; Taurus on the second house cusp: Is likely to eat large meals. Prefers warm food. Likes meat, especially beef. May enjoy apples, pears, berries, sweetcorn, cereal, grapes, artichokes, asparagus, or beans.
  • Jupiter trine Mercury; Jupiter in the third house; Jupiter in Gemini; Gemini on the second house cusp: Likes eating small snacks throughout the day. Drinks a lot of water. Enjoys dried fruits, peas, broad beans, and the like. May enjoy the taste of citrus. Is prone to eating issues or disorders.
  • Jupiter trine the Moon; Jupiter in the fourth house; Jupiter in Cancer; Cancer on the second house cusp: Likes food to be safe or familiar. Often enjoys sweet food. May really love milk. Probably enjoys eating fish, but not meat, and a lot of watery fruit and vegetables.
  • Jupiter trine the Sun; Jupiter in the fifth house; Jupiter in Leo; Leo on the second house cusp: Likes fun or childish food. Is adventurous with food. May love the taste of honey. Enjoys rice, cereal, meat (especially red meat), grapes, and iron-rich food. Probably really likes alcohol.
  • Jupiter trine Mercury; Jupiter in the sixth house; Jupiter in Virgo; Virgo on the second house cusp: Usually not a big eater, but healthy. Drinks a lot of water. Is prone to eating issues or disorders. Enjoys vegetables like carrots, potatoes, and celery. Fussy eater.
  • Jupiter trine Venus; Jupiter in the seventh house; Jupiter in Libra; Libra on the second house cusp: Likes their food to be attractive and well-prepared. Might like very sweet food and puddings. Enjoys berries, apples, pears, grapes, beans, corn, and cereal. Likes subtle, elegant spices.
  • Jupiter trine Pluto; Jupiter trine Mars; Jupiter in the eighth house; Jupiter in Scorpio; Scorpio on the second house cusp: May dislike sweet food. Either very healthy or very unhealthy. Enjoys red meat, garlic, and strong tastes.
  • Jupiter in the ninth house; Jupiter in Sagittarius; Sagittarius on the second house cusp: Can eat in excess. Often prone to drinking problems. Likes meat, especially game. May enjoy grape-fruits, raisins, and onion or leek based foodstuffs. Probably likes soup.
  • Jupiter trine Saturn; Jupiter in the tenth house; Jupiter in Capricorn; Capricorn on the second house cusp: Usually a healthy and regulated eater. Often enjoys meat, potatoes, and stock foods which are hearty yet not unhealthy. Is likely to need a lot of starch in their diet.
  • Jupiter trine Saturn; Jupiter trine Uranus; Jupiter in the eleventh house; Jupiter in Aquarius; Aquarius on the second house cusp: Likes unusual food. May enjoy apples, limes, and peppers. Often enjoys preserved fruit; likes alcohol.
  • Jupiter trine Neptune; Jupiter in the twelfth house; Jupiter in Pisces; Pisces on the second house cusp: Likes light, soft, and airy foods. May have a sweet tooth. Not a big eater, but not prone to eating disorders. Might enjoy the tastes of melon, lettuce, cucumber, or pumpkin.
Bubble bath with boys and s/o (sfw)

Heh. I really had fun with this one ^^ thanks anon!
~mod Ouma >:3

Kaito Momota
-You honestly thought that he would set up the bubble bath normally
-The moment you walk into the bath, THERE ARE HONEY STARS CEREAL IN THE BATH KAITO WHY
-RIP cereal
-He’ll just laugh as you question him and get into the bath while beckoning you to join him
-It was actually quite fun using the bubbles to form a a beard for him with the cereals in it

Kokichi Ouma
-You know he likes Panta but this is going a tiny bit too far
-Both of you wash each other’s hair and you just hug him as you both relax in the soft drink
-Both of you probably need to take another bath  with actual soap and water right after that one to prevent from attracting ants


-He can’t bathe in water so he googled on other baths humans bathe in
This one looks promising
-Took him a week to prepare the ‘special bath’
-Called for you to come see it when it was done, and led you to the bath
-Explains that since he couldn’t bathe in water, he researched that some people used crude oil in baths which is said to be great for one’s health.
-He looked so excited about it you really couldn’t say no
-Helps with washing your hair along with soap while you would put bubbles shaped like cat ears and whiskers on his hair and face
-The bath was a surprisingly good experience
-He helped you with scraping the oil of your body and made sure you got off the bath within 10 minutes precisely
-But it took awhile for Iruma to clean the oil in his system

Shuichi Saihara
-The bath would be the most normal out of all the boys
-Would be blushing the whole entire bath though
-He’s so embarrassed the whole time that you couldn’t help but cuddle him in the bath and dozed off
-He goes so red that the bath starts to heat up
-He wouldn’t move at all in case you woke up
-By the time you woke up the bath is at room temperature
-Once the bath was done, the cuddlefest continues

Rantarou Amami
-You wanted to play a joke on him and enjoy quality time with your boyfriend
-When he saw the bath he didn’t expect there to be avocados in the bath
-And there was avocado scented soap
-Would just laugh it off and kiss you for the joke
-His s/o is just too cute!
-Since he had so many sisters he was quite skilled with your hair and give you tips on what shampoo to use next time
-During the bath both of you would talk about things that come to mind
-Would definitely do this again

Korekiyo Shinguuji
-Would use scented soap along with petals and candles
-Turns out to be really romantic
-Wouldn’t let you wash his hair though
-Helps with scrubbing your back and massages your head
-Is really the most romantic among the boys
Gonta Gokuhara
-You were VERY worried about the bathtub breaking once he enters it
-thankfully it didn’t
-He wanted to invite his bug friends into the bath with him!
-Poor bby looked so sad once you said no
-So you decide to try using the bubbles and turn them into the shape of bugs!
-That made Gonta happy!
-Wouldn’t want to look at your body because its ‘ungentlemanly’
-Also his hair will take forever to wash cleanly.
But its WORTH IT

Ryoma Hoshi
-The moment he enters the bath he sinks even when he is standing so you have to hug him to make sure he doesn’t sink
-He’s like a teddy bear~
-Its so comfortable that you doze off and you let go of him
-He has to cling onto you to prevent getting completely submerged
-When you wake up you’d see your boyfriend clinging onto you like his life depends on it
-You place him on your lap and made sure his head was above water and made cat bubble clouds on the water
-As fun as it was, he’s never going to do it again


“But Jessie, you don’t even like honey cereal!”
“…. Your point being?”

cerealmonster15  asked:

[climbs in thru ur window] sssso, so, about those special humans that were once mermaids (tex grifs and grey!!) whats their deal, broski. whats the Lore™ on that? is there a chance whatever happened w/them could happen to turn tucker back to a human? DOES tucker wanna be human again or would he not wanna leave junior? (or if he went human would he be able to take junior into the human world with him)

*helps you through the window* cereal, honey, jesus, I have a door, that window can’t be comfortable XD

and oh man oh man you asked me a golden question a question i myself have been asking and i’m sorry but it’s taking the forefront of this:

Does Tucker wanna be human again?” The answer is yes, and here’s why: certainly, he misses things about being human. Not smelling like fish and seawater for one. Being able to go get his and Junior’s own damn ice cream whenever he wants, or being able to enjoy himself in the sun without worrying about being seen or drying out. But the real thing, the one thing that makes him want to be human again? Is that he is lonely. Bone-deep aching and painfully lonely. He can’t stay out for very long with those temporary legs, so the people that he knows that don’t know he’s a mermaid assume he’s a Really Busy Dude  and don’t go looking for him. And the people who *do* know he’s a mermaid? They’re busy with their own lives too, with jobs and other relationships and doctor or therapy appointments, so they can’t be at the ready to come see him any time. Throw in the fact that Junior will go visit his other side of his family and stay there for a week or two, leaving Tucker completely by himself, and you now have a single-father mermaid who suffers the kind of loneliness that births some nasty abandonment issues. And Tucker being Tucker, he won’t ever, ever, ever say it outright, it in fact takes a few arguments of Tucker lashing out or being snappy about him being late to their hang-outs or having to postpone before Wash picks up on it and then Wash is like OH SHIT D:> and then only death or an appointment with Grey could stop him from getting to his fishy boyfriend. And there’s Junior, who he wants to have more kids his age around to be with, to have friends and hobbies and a life outside of the ocean, for both of them.

But he won’t ever make the choice to go back to the land for the reason that Junior *can’t* go on land, not by himself. Junior can’t make temporary legs for himself and he can’t make the full shift over because of his heritage, the deep-sea-mermaid parts even though he’s a funky three-way hybrid of human, surface mermaid, and deep-sea mermaid (which at some point I’m going to call them Sangheilimaids or MerSangheili or something cuz it is exhausting typing out deep-sea-mermaid constantly). Crunchbite’s folks are a very old breed living in the eldritch horror nightmare zones of the ocean (specifically between the lower half of the bathypelagic and beyond, feel free to look up that nightmare fest of lifeforms living there), who are so very disconnected from those mermaids like Tucker, Tex, the Grifs, and Grey who thrive in the zones that still receive sunlight. You might could theorize they were the Original Mermaids ™ and evolution happened to a select few to eventually give us the mermaids that are like Tex and the Grifs, OR you could theorize that some sea-witch a long long time ago got bored and messed around with magic, fish, and humans they had a grudge against. Either way, the only way the MerSangheili/Sangheilimaids can permanently change human is through a sea-witch’s magic. (Which is absolutely where Felix would stick his nose in, Helloooo montage of Poor Unfortunate Souls)

And, okay, I’ll admit I’m borrowing bits of lore from selkies, merrow, finfolk, and rusalka a little bit especially since @irenkaferalkitty had a suggestion for the Grif sibs being selkies and now the only thing i can think about is a seal-tailed Grif doing that hilarious blub-ub-ub-ub hop crawl thing seals do when they’re on land XD

So the fun thing about former mermaids like Tex, the Grifs, and Grey is that changing from mermaid to human is a simple, if tiresome manner; they shed their fins/scales/fur/hide parts while changing and then wa-la, permanently human! In order for them to undo that and become mermaids again, though, they would have to be holding some of their shed fins while submerged in the water (taken from selkie lore), or if they don’t have those shed bits then they would need to be in contact with another mermaid while drowning (how Tucker was turned to begin with)or have the magical assistance of a sea-witch *coughLocuscough*.

And okay, you didn’t ask, but I can’t help but add this in anyway— I haven’t gotten my face canon’s all together yet for Grey or Grif, but like tails wise: Grif and Kai had big ol blubbery Hawaiian Monk seal tails and Grey was a manta ray mermaid. I haven’t been able to pick yet between a Great White shark tail (because oh ym god that’d be perfect for Tex) or a Killer whale tail (because Actual Apex Predator is also perfect for Tex) for Tex when she was a mermaid. Haven’t decided for Locus yet.

anonymous asked:

Hey there! How would the UT, UF, and US skelebros react to their female S/O sneaking around and acting a bit nervous, talking quietly on their cell when they thought the boys weren't near? And after this had been going on for about a week or so, they sat their bro down and said, "You know how we thought that Monsters and Humans couldn't make kids? Well, I just got off the phone with Alphys/Undyne, and... according to the test and the last scan we took, we apparently can. Surprise?"

Bowchickawowow~ IT’’S BABY MAKIN’ TIME!!!



Sans has definitely noticed your suspicious behavior. Afterall, he’s the same way when it comes to the skeletons in his closet. He won’t flat out interrogate you, but he’ll drop a few questions here and there like ‘who was that on the phone?’ or ‘you okay, babe?’. 

This has been going on for about a week and honestly it’s killing him. Are you having second thoughts about him? About the two of you? Do you secretly hate his nonexistent guts, but you’re too scared to tell him?


A sense of dread fills through him when you sit him down for a ‘talk’. ‘here we go,’ He thinks. ‘they’re gonna dump me and i’m gonna hate myself for it.’

“You know how we thought that Monsters and Humans couldn’t make kids? Well, I just got off the phone with Alphys, and… according to the test and the last scan we took, we apparently can. Surprise?” You explained nervously, pursing your lips and looking to the ground.

His jaw literally drops as a blue blush sprinkles hie cheeks. “y-you mean i…we…” He gulps heavily. “i-i’m a dad?”

You nod, still a little flustered from having to drop the bomb.

“oh stars,” He sniffles a bit. “oh my stars!” He throws himself on you (gently of course, as to not disturb the baby) and leans into your shoulder. You hug him tighter as he shudders with joy and elation.

He’ll love you and his incoming babybones with all he has.


As nonobservant as Pap may seem, he picks up rather quickly on your secretiveness. I mean, his brother has kinda forced him to be able to analyze others’ behaviors. And though your frequent sketchy phone calls and nervousness has shaken him up a bit, he won’t voice that to you.

Everybody needs their distance at some times. He gets that. Just as long as you’re happy and healthy, he won’t question you.

So when you finally sit down to talk with him, he’s more than happy to oblige. At long last would he have some sort of answer!

You take in a deep breath. Okay! You got this! “You know how we thought that Monsters and Humans couldn’t make kids? Well, I just got off the phone with Alphys, and… according to the test and the last scan we took, we apparently can. Surprise?“ 

He gasps so hard and melodramatically that at first, you thought he was having a stroke. “BABIES!? I’M GOING TO HAVE BABIES?!”

You giggle at his answer. “Well technically I’m having them, but they’re yours, too.”

With a loud “YIPEE!”, he lifts you in the air and twirls you around. He’s sputtering out names at 100 miles an hour and some of them are getting down right ridiculous.

As he slows up and sets you down, you can see the tears in his eyes. “I LOVE YOU, S/O!,” He places a hand on your shoulder and pulls you in for a warm hug. “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.”

He insist that the two of you get to shopping. You’re gonna need the diapers.



You’d have to be an idiot to think that Red wouldn’t notice your off color behavior. He’s been keeping an extra watchful socket on you. More than he usually does. And don’t think the phone calls haven’t been throwing him off edge. He tries to listen out for what the hell you two are talking about, but it’s no use. It’s almost like he’s stalking you or something…

Most of the helicopter behavior on his part all have to do with his crumby self confidence. You could’ve had any monster…no, human for yourself, but you chose him? Why? And with your recent phone calls and nervousness he has every right to believe that you’re cheating on him.

Why couldn’t you just break up with him already and get it over with?

When you sat him down to talk, he was uncharacteristically quiet. ‘oh shit. here we go. it was nice while it lasted.’ He thought despondently. He was running through what you were possibly about to say:

“I hate you. We need to see other people.”

“You’re gross. Bye.”

“I’m leaving you for so-and-so.”

These thought only made him cringe and his hope wither as you drew in a deep breath.

"You know how we thought that Monsters and Humans couldn’t make kids? Well, I just got off the phone with Alphys/Undyne, and… according to the test and the last scan we took, we apparently can. Surprise?” You admitted.



“sweetheart?! kids?! me?! you?!” Red.exe cannot be found at the moment. Error 404.

Oh stars, kids?! Him?! He’s literally the most incapable monster in the underground and he’s gonna be a father to an angel’s child?? Your child?!

“doll i…i don’t know what to say,” Red fells himself grinning like an idiot as tears start to well up. “sweetheart, i love you…” He quickly wraps you in a soft and firm hug.

You remain laying in bed all day with your skeleboo. Though he may think he’s a failure, he will try to be the best dad for the kid and you.


Edge notices your aloof behavior and he does not like it one bit. Not. One. Bit. But the angry tol loves you and knows you are the most faithful of partners. Afterall, who is greater for you than The Great and Terrible Papyrus?! 

This doesn’t mean you’re off the hook though. He has Sans lurking in every shadow you cast and Undyne keeping you on diligent guard. Whatever you’re up to, you need to cut it out soon. If you knew about the stress you were causing him, you would want to stop too.

He acts like a professional businessman when you sit him down to talk, his spine straight and his senses alert. “YES? WHAT IS IT, PET?”

Well, at least he hasn’t lost his charm. “I need to tell you something.”


You startle at his quick compliance, but your confidence is slightly boosted. ”You know how we thought that Monsters and Humans couldn’t make kids? Well, I just got off the phone with Alphys, and… according to the test and the last scan we took, we apparently can. Surprise?

He goes deathly silent, something that is more worrisome than him blowing up as usual, and his jaw goes slack. He places a firm hand on your shoulder and he looks at you with a desperation you’ve never seen out of him. “DO YOU MEAN IT?”

“What do you-“

“I’M A DAD?!?” He beamed, his grin growing bigger than you had ever seen. He doesn’t even give you a chance to respond as he lifts you up and cradles you like your future child. “I’M A DAD!!”

He peppers your face with plenty of skelekisses as he plans out your child’s college fund. What a dad <3


Oh no! What did he do wrong?! Did he overwork you on his puzzles? Were the tacos he made last night too hot? Why are you keeping these secret secrets from him?1!!!!11 He’s a panicked ball of stress and fluff.

Like Edge, he has his bro and Alphys keeping a sharp eye on you, but only because he wants to know what the heck in the world is going on.

When you sit down to talk with him, its like a weight is about to be lifted off his shoulders. “AH YES! I LOVE SPEAKING WITH YOU, MY LOVE! NOW TELL ME, WHAT HAS BEEN PLAGING YOUR MIND?” He’s practically bouncing in his seat like a child.

His willfulness to listen fills you with the determination to give him the news. “You know how we thought that Monsters and Humans couldn’t make kids? Well, I just got off the phone with Undyne, and… according to the test and the last scan we took, we apparently can. Surprise?”

Sans’ jaw instantly dropped at the news. “W-WAIT WHAT? AM I A DAD?!” He looks at you with starry eyelights and a huge smile.

When you assure him of your fertile self, he screams the most fangirly scream you’ve ever heard out of him. “OMGOMGOMGOMGI’MADAD!!DADDADADADADADADADAD!GOLLYGOSDARNITILOVETHATWORDSOSOSOSOMUCH!ESPECIALLYNOWTHATITOOAMADAD-“ Oh my lord he’s so excitable and will not hush up about your pregnant self. He covers your face with skelekisses galore and praises the two of you on your wonderful parental skills.

Just be ready to get a stern talking to from Stretch about parenting and taking care of his niece/nephew and bro right.


Look, Stretch respects your privacy. He really does, but the strange behavior gets to him after a day or two. He conveniently starts to pop up in the same places as you, hoping to eavesdrop on even a fraction of your conversations.

Unfortunately for him, you’re not that naïve to his odd behavior and finally decide on sitting down with him for a super cereal talk. “Honey, we need to talk.”

Stretch reclines back in his seat, a smug smile on his face. Ah yes, the taste of sweet sweet closure. “what’s up, buttercup?” He asks, taking a long sip of honey.

You swallow back your doubt and say,” You know how we thought that Monsters and Humans couldn’t make kids? Well, I just got off the with Undyne, and… according to the test and the last scan we took, we apparently can. Surprise?”

You jump as he does the weirdest spit take you’ve ever seen in your life. Honey is slowly dribbling from his chin, soddening his hoodie. He takes a moment to compose himself before he wraps you in a gentle hug. Leaning into your ear, he whispers, “hi mom, I’m dad.”

Be prepared to have your life plagued with dad jokes galore.