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Coming Out [a Barry Allen imagine]

Request: Hi! Can you do a Barry x Reader where he and the reader (his wife) has a teenage son and he loves him a lot and the son is really well-behaved & big nerd like his daddy but he starts acting strange & the reader finds out that he’s scared to tell his dad that he has a boyfriend, who happens to be Captain Cold’s son and she convinces him to tell Barry - who knew his son was gay the whole time? I need to see Barry’s parenting skills! 😉⚡😊⚡☺⚡😀

a/n: ahhhhh daddy barry

“Come on, sweetie. You need to tell your father. This is a big thing.” you whisper, rubbing your son’s shoulder comfortingly. He inhales deeply, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose before letting you lead him into Barry’s study. “I’m right here, Tyler.” you remind him softly, brushing your thumb across his cheek. “Babe?”

Barry whips his head around, marker halfway to the whiteboard. A grin appears on his face, stretching his brown scruff on his upper lip. “Hey honey, hey bud! What’s up?” he questions, capping the dry erase marker before spinning. His socked feet pad on the floor and he repositions himself in front of his desk, leaning back. “What’s up? Kinda freakin’ me out with the silence.” he repeats, crossing his arms over his magenta sweater, eyes darting between the two of you.

You nudge Tyler, nodding your head at you husband; light blue sleep shirt dropping off your shoulder. “Dad, I have something to tell you.” he tenses, raising his arms to wrap around his waist protectively. Barry frowns, green eyes flooding with worry as he straightens his upper body, fingers clutching his bicep. “I’m gay.” Tyler confesses, cringing, dark brown hair covering his blue orbs.

There’s a shine in the speedster’s mossy green eyes that you know all too well. “Barry…” you warn, tilting your head forward. Tyler gulps, playing with his black oversized hoodie, watching his dad in anticipation.

“Hi gay, I’m da- okay, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Ow!” he quickly saves himself as you whack his upper chest. Tyler snorts at the scene, readjusting his glasses. Watching The Flash get beat up by your mom? Priceless. Barry huffs, nose twitching slightly. “Geez, I try to crack a joke…” he trails off, pushing himself off the desk and walking towards his son. “Ty…” he puts his hands on his son’s shoulders, bending down. “I’ve known. I’m your dad, I know things, contrary to common belief… Plus, I saw you with Michal a few months ago. I didn’t say anything because I wanted you to be ready.”

Tyler smiles, “So, you aren’t mad?”

Barry shakes his head, flashing a grin. “Never. I’m so happy you came out to me.” he mumbles, hugging his son, “Does his dad know too?” Tyler nods. “Good, explaining that to Snart…would be interesting.” he huffs as he lets go.

“Thanks dad, mom! I love you!” Tyler exclaims, brushing his bangs from his eyes. “I’m gonna go text Mike!” he beams, heading towards the staircase.

“Wait, TY!” Barry calls, making his son stop, peering back. “While you’re upstairs, tell Joey to come down here. He’s in big trouble with daddy.” Tyler nods, climbing up the stairs and yelling for his younger brother. You raise an eyebrow at your husband, who rubs the bridge of his nose. “He flushed my contacts,” he makes the up and down motion with his finger, “Down the toilet. So I have none for tomorrow.” he sighs.

Joey hops down the stairs in his kangaroo onesie, “Yeah, daddy?”

“Joey, what have we talked about touching daddy’s things?” Barry scolds the four year old. This is gonna take a while…

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UF, US and SF skelebrothers reactions to one day when they relaxing their S/O jumps from the air vent above, lands in front of them, then points at them and yells "ARE YOU READY FOR AN ADVENTURE!?!" (Saying yes will result in an adventure with S/O)

Red:  His arms fly up in surprise and he jumps a foot in the air.  “ADKFHADKSFADS!!!”  He almost has a heart attack, which is saying a lot for a skeleton.  He’s not going on an adventure, he needs to sit down for a minute.  Look babe, this is cute and all, but- hey, how did you even get in the vent in the first place?  He knows for a fact that they aren’t made to support the weight of a human.

Edge:  He double takes, brows rising.  Honestly he’s impressed.  You actually managed to get the drop on him.  That is some very impressive stealth!  “… WHAT.  AL… ALRIGHT?”  He is dragged into their adventure, and basically ensures things go wrong in the best possible ways.

Blue:  “YES I AM!!”  Blue is so excited he’s actually vibrating a little.  He’s already up, he’s ready, let’s go, adventure awaits.  He probably has a little kit in his closet at all times for impromptu adventures. 

Honey:  “hey, bud.”  He doesn’t even look phased.  “an adventure, huh…?  ok, where we headed?”

Black:  “AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaahhhhh….  HUMAN!  DO NOT STARTLE ME LIKE THAT!  I COULD HAVE KILLED YOU!  BUT… IT IS A TEMPTING OFFER.  YES, LOVE, I AM READY FOR AN ADVENTURE!!!”  If you tell anybody that he jumped almost as high as Red he’ll get pissy.

Puppy:  When you jump out at him he just flinches a little, startled.  He actually wants to know what he’s getting into before running in head first, asking what kind of adventure you have in mind.  Whatever you answer there’s a fairly good chance he’ll say yes anyway; unless it’s exceedingly dangerous, and even then… well he has an inkling you’ll do it anyway.  Better for him to be with you and plan accordingly.  And yes, there will be a plan.  He’s like an endeared and exasperated old guard dog, plodding after you with a dry but indulgent smile.

ELEVEN things I've learned in my first year of being an OT

I haven’t done one of these in a while but my one year of working and being an adult anniversary is coming up this month… so I thought I would celebrate with a list of things I’ve legitimately learned over the last year.

1. Fashion counts. Ok, maybe not fashion exactly, but there’s something to be said about feeling comfortable in your clothes and acknowledging that your clothes say something about you. I wore sweatpants to grad school (and I blame the physio students for lowering the standards on the normative grad school appearance in the building lol). I invested in a lot of stiff dress pants and shirts for placements but they’re so uncomfortable I rarely wear them. So. The first half of my career was a lot of “are you a student?”, “sure, you’re this persons case worker. …”, “nice shorts.” It took me this entire year to figure how to dress in a way that is comfortable, reflects my personal style, and subtly states professionalism in a “I know what I’m doing, I swear” way. I’m still not sure about how to dress in the summer… But I started a work look Pinterest too lol: http://www.pinterest.com/amietwo/work-looks/.

2. Schedule time to document. It was easy to learn to schedule client visits and travel time…but documenting was always an after thought. I literally didn’t chart on one of my clients for a MONTH one time. And I had to work one night (at home, thank goodness we have laptops) until 11 catching up. It was just like grad school…but seriously: prioritize documenting time even when it feels like it’s not that important compared to actually working with clients

3. Old habits die hard. It takes approximately 21 days to build a new one. Also, you have to be organized to be an OT but it’s ok if you’re not- it’s a skill you can learn. I think I’ve mentioned it before that a lot of the bad habits I had in school (doing things last minute, double booking myself, not flossing regularly… Etc) would end when I got a job and joined the real world. I’m not naturally an organized person. I’m like really quite disorganized tbh (my coworker has called me the most functionally disorganized case manager she has ever met — a joke that also nods to my OT tendency to ignore problems if they don’t technically get in the way of function). I have always been like this and for some reason assumed getting a paycheque would change that? I never successfully used an agenda at school…but I’m great at it now. And I haven’t fallen a month behind on charts ever since that one time. I have a much better system; although it is something I’m still working on.

4. Healthy self care is key. Other good habits I’m trying to build are personal coping strategies. Over the last month I’ve allowed yoga to replace some other bad habits in my life (I’m talking in the realm of smoking and drinking, but not exactly those things necessarily). Caring for others for a living is a privilege; it can also be draining if you’re not careful with your own health. In school we talked about making crisis plans which sounded dumb at the time -it was just us writing down things we enjoy but honestly, when you’re feeling shit, it’s nice to be able to look at a list to remind you of the things you like.

5. How to be “myself” at work and acknowledging the importance of work culture I think it just took this whole year for me to settle in to myself at work. People at work are starting to find out I love to bake, and it’s been pointed out that baking is my new thing. But it’s not new. I baked all the time when I was in school. I just haven’t baked for like 8 months because I was so stressed over work (see: number 4 for more about bad self care habits) and maybe I lost part of myself trying to be the professional OT I thought I had to be at work. It is a bit of a delicate balance- your personality isn’t going to work with every work culture. I’m lucky to be at a place that seems to be ok with me the way I am.

6. I have biases, prejudgements, and stigmatizing thoughts sometimes. But I’m working on recognizing them, acknowledging them, and changing them. For example, sometimes I get frustrated with clients who experience anxiety around trying things that will probably help them. Which is the WORST thing as a mental health worker, I know that!! I can’t help being frustrated - it’s my internal reaction - - but I need to acknowledge that I am, think about why, and think about how to make it productive in my work with the client so that my external response is not frustration. I’m working on changing my internals too though because I know clients can tell when we are frustrated, even though we try not to show it.

7. say thank you. I spend a lot of time talking to other community workers at other community agencies, hospitals, welfare offices etc That saying about catching more flies with honey is true. I’m buds with a few pharmacists in the communuty, some social workers and therapists at other organizations, and I always feel if we scratch each others backs, the system can be a better place. We’re all here trying to help our clients and I see it truly as teamwork, with client as the team captain. I never understand workers that don’t want to play on the same team but I try to be nice to them anyway

8. make work friends; they’re important. Work friends are important for several reasons. One, we spend 40 hours at work - it would suck to not have someone to kill some of that time talking about your favorite bands (or sports, if that’s your thing). Two, networking. You never know what opportunities will come out of that new work friend. Three, friends make you happier and is probably 75% of my current job satisfaction.

9. Make a stupid budget . If you’re anything like me, this will be your first steady pay cheque and even if its not a lot, knowing that same amount is rolling in every other week will do something to your psyche and you will just buy all sorts of things you don’t need. Learn about budgets and investments and all that boring stuff. one day I’m sure I will be glad I did.

10. Always have hope for your clients. if you don’t see it, they might not either.

11. KEEP LEARNING. YOU WILL NEVER BE DONE WITH LEARNING. take advantage of trainings offered to you, seek out training and mentoring opportunities, and just acknowledge that you will never know everything you need to know to do your job. Plus this is the OT student blog—- I’m all about life long learning (just not at school anymore)

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Hey I just wanted to sincerely apologize. I was kind of an ass to you when we called me 7. I'm really sorry about that. - Honey

Bud, you’ve still had thoughts about murdering my family and friends and I’m not forgiving that yet. Nice try.


“Where’s the honey dad?”

Sometimes I remove the cotton bud with honey so that I may top it up with more. Petal does this everytime. I’m glad she’s delicate enough not to bite me!