honey brook

Alternate Titles For Every "Be More Chill" Song
  • Jeremy's Theme: Sp00ky
  • More Than Survive: Spoiler Alert: You Actually ARE The One Who The Story's About
  • I Love Play Rehearsal: That One Theatre Kid™ You Knew In High School
  • Two-Player Game: Gay but Not Quite As Gay As "Sincerely Me"
  • The Squip Enters: Hello Naughty Children It's Possession Time
  • Be More Chill Pt. 1: Local Teen Still Kinda On The Fence About Being Mind-Controlled
  • Do You Wanna Ride?: Girl Who Just Called Jeremy "Jerry" Five Seconds Ago Offers Him Both a Ride and Her Body
  • Be More Chill Pt. 2: Local Teen Now Fully On Board With Being Mind-Controlled
  • More Than Survive (Reprise): Please Just Let This Poor Boy Beat His Meat In Peace
  • A Guy That I'd Kinda Be Into: So Say, Hypothetically, There's This Hot Guy, Who I Like, Who's Definitely Not You,,,
  • The Squip Lurks: S p 0 0 k y
  • Upgrade: Damn Jeremy Why'd You Have To Do My Mans Michael Like That
  • Halloween: Brooke, Honey, There's a Reason No One Ever Goes As a Sexy Dog
  • Do You Wanna Hang?: I'm Kinkshaming Joe Iconis
  • Michael in the Bathroom: You Think This Is A Funny Song At First And Then Suddenly You're Crying
  • The Smartphone Hour (Rich Set a Fire): Aggravated Arson Has Never Been More Catchy
  • The Pitiful Children: Beep Bop Boop Beep Bop Boop
  • The Pants Song: Recruit Your Son's Gay Best Friend To Get Him To Stop Stealing Your Car
  • The Play: Okay But Where's That Post-Apocalyptic Midsummer Night's Dream Bootleg
  • Voices In My Head: Everyone Inexplicably Forgives Jeremy For Almost Getting All Of Them Fucking Killed

Chloe: us? do weed? nooooo…..
Brooke: i don’t do weed usually, and except for that one time at the park i never get high with jeremy and michael.
Chloe: we’re almost constantly being filmed by somebody anyway and too much weed demonetizes our videos.
Chloe: as for the second part, nobody figured it out. there were always theories but–
Brooke: everybody assumed i would be the one!! they were all “oh brooke is so obviously in love with chloe! there’s no way she won’t confess and ask her out!”
Chloe: right, so–
Brooke: but when chloe asked me out everybody was like WHOAAA IT WASN’T BROOKE?
Chloe: honey–
Brooke: i’m BITTER.


scream .¸¸.*♡* (((like if u save any)


  1. i was fine then i met noah, booke and audrey
  2. god please save my soul because i didn’t ask to be screamer
  3. roses are red, violets are blue, scream i cant live without you
  4. brooke is perfect like… wait, anyone is perfect like brooke
  5. i’m screamer hahaha this is not funny
  6. i’m screamer and… idk man, just give me a hug
  7. i try to stop watching scream, but i can’t, becAUSE SCREAM IS PART OF MY LIFE NOW!!!1!!
  8. when watch scream i stay like OH MY GOD WTF???????????? OH SOMEBODY HELP ME MOM I’M DYING!!!! OH MY GOD I LOVE IT
  9. all i need is season 3
  10. i really believe that screamer was the gratest thing that ever happened to me
  11. audrey is better than you
  12. scream is my eternal love love love love love love loveeeeeeeee
  14. wowwwwww who’s the killer? ki………ller???? 
  15. for my eternal love, scream. its all about scream, no other, just scream
  16. what the fuck is scream
  17. life is nothing without scream
  18. scream always in my heart no matter what 
  19. missing season 3 like crazy
  20. we don’t meet people [scream] by accident, they are meant to cross our path for a reason
  21. my heart belongs to scream
  22. rokera emo gotica e screamer
  23. pior decisão da minha vida foi ter escolhido assistir scream
  24. assistir scream eh sinonimo de sofrimento 
  25. fica de olho nesse teu cu @brooke 
  26. terra de velcro audrey é rainha 
  27. como alguem pode duvidar do meu amor por scream o amor mais puro e verdadeiro ever
  28. eu me importo com a audiencia de scream nao com voce quem disse isso sai daqui encosto
  29. netflix eu nunca te pedi nada vc poderia pelo menos realizar esse meu desejo ne? libera season 3, t amo
  30. emma se nao gostou joga o nome dela na rodinha da macumbaJOGA MESMO
  31. adoro balada minha balada favorita eh scream
  32. brooke maddox eh uma palavra cultural emma duvall nao
  33. amar scream é arte sofrer faz parte
  34. so pago micao, sou screamer por exemplo 
  35. satanas me encontrou nos seus dominios e me perguntou o que eu fazia lá tão cedo apenas respondi indiferente preciso esperar meu surtado um tal de noah foster
  36. scream falei pouco mas falei tudo
  37. vc deve ta se perguntando pq eu tenho um fc pra scream e oq eh scream
  38. só sigo quem não assiste scream
  39. meu macho preferido se chama noah foster 
  40. se eu sou cobra emma é o zoologico inteiro é
  41. brooke sorrindo e eu em coma
  42. ✼˚̣୧¸¸.✩ ser screamer eh pedir pra se fuder  ✩¸¸୨˚*✼
  43. *:・゚☾  brooke maddox vulgo rainha samba de salto 15  *.:。 ☽*
  44. ✧*:・゚•̤ᴗ•̤*ૢ¡¡¡!!! scream makes me so happy!!!¡ ✦*ೃ°˖*
  45. * ✧*:*ૢ brooke is so small and cute i dont know how can some people hate her ✦✨*ೃ°
  46. ✧*:*ૢ❁ scream makes me laugh and cry at the same ❁°˖**
  47. noah makes me smile like an idiot (•ᴗ•❁)
  49. *∗˚ ・゚•̤ᴗ•̤*ૢ¡¡¡! honey, yoU ARE NOY BROOKE MADDOX, stap trying o.k?¿!!¡
  50. ✦*ೃ°✦*°˖*once upon a time there was a princess. it was audrey jensen. she’s my princess. the end (•̤ᴗ•̤)*ૢ¡¡¡!✨


  1. brookxmaddx
  2. brookeyxung
  3. kilerwilcox n salvem se n forem usar pfff!!!! :c
  4. emaduvall
  5. zoevaughr
  6. audreyjxsen
  7. screamxws
  8. scrreamdx
  9. screwmsx
  10. noahrfxster
  11. rnoahfoster
  12. luvmaddox
  13. audreytrono
  14. brookewxs
  15. lakwoods
  16. protectvirgem AMEI PROTECT NOAH AT ALL COSTS
  17. noarfoster
  18. borkemaddox
  19. gritomaddox
  20. gritoduval
  21. gritofoster
  22. duvalldrey
  23. emsdrey
  24. emdrxy
  25. xmdrey
  26. emdrrey
  27. protectemdrey
  28. scxwam
  29. screamfostr
  30. screamkillre
  31. nwahscream
  32. kdekieran bosta
  33. screamsfav
  34. fitzgesrald

se quiserem mais me avisem/if u want more ask me
like se pegarem algo, obg sz/like if u save any, thx

unusual drag race questions for you to send and answer !!!!

1). motor boat Michelle visage or finger bang santino rice?

2). have you ever masturbated to a queen? who?

3). which queen would you let spit in your mouth?

4). who do you think has a bigger dick, sharon or detox?

5). jinkx/alaska sex tape or adore/bianca?

6). which season 7 queen do you think would be the best in bed

7). who’s ass would you eat from season 4?

8). drink willams puke or drink katya’s sweat? 

9). which stereotypically “fishy” queen would you fuck in drag?

10). be adore delano’s toilet or courtney acts cum rag? 

11). get pissed on by Roxxxy andrews, or listen to Serena cha cha talk about theater school for seven hours straight? 

12). which judge would you murder to bring back an eliminated queen from any season, and who would the queen be?

13). out of vicky vox and rhea litre, you have to let one on the show and you have to brutally beat the other one to death, who do you choose for what?

14). who’s panties would you sniff from season 3

15). you have three cocktails, one is laced with bleach, the other two are fine. you cant tell them apart, you have to pick two queens you love to risk the lives of, and one queen you dislike to pray gets the bleach, who do you pick? 

16). trixie mattel is running late for a show, you have the opportunity to kidnap her, get her to the show or kill her, what do you do?

17). alaska and sharon are fighting to the death, sharon has fake metals on and is having a bad allergic reaction, and alaska has long fake nails on which are hard to do things with, who wins?

18). who would you let shit on your chest, manila luzon or raven?

19). you get to a show by your fave queen! but another one of your fave queens wont let you through, you must kill them, which one of your faves do you kill, and who is the queen you are killing them for?

20). fuck, avoid, marry, kill: delta, manila, raja and carmen

21). would you rather watch alyssa edwards slowly slather her back rolls in oil, or watch jinkx monsoon pick food out of her teeth?

22). which one of your least fave queens would you hate fuck?

23). what’s a weird/fucked up drag race ship that you enjoy?

24). watch violet react to her sex tape or watch detox react to hers?

25). if you cut off your arm with a saw, you can re-pick every winner from each season, do you do it? who do you pick for each season?

26). watch bianca fist courtney or watch willam top another queen?

27). which queen could piss in your mouth and you’d be cool with it?

28). the word you associate with pandora boxx, the word you associate with chad Michaels and the name of your first pet. combine them, whats your new drag name?

29). marry mimi imfurst or a goat?

30). get on drag race and go home first, or lick the sweat off jasmine masters forehead?  

31). you find porn of your fave queen, are you really fucking happy or really fucking upset?

32). punch rupaul in the face or accept his choices for season 7

33). become as good a dancer as Alaska, or become as good a comedian as alyssa edwards :/

34). smell ginger minj’s armpits or lick her left ass cheek?

35). you can run into raja’s closet with a huge bag and take as many clothes as you want, but shes running after you with a knife, risk it and fight her off, or just go get clothes elsewhere?

36). would you cut off your nipples to become your fave queens best friend, or no?

37). who is fishier, recent jade jolie or recent Michelle visage? (seriously it seems easy but think about it) 

38). you can hack any queens twitter and start a lie about them, who’s the queen and what is the lie?

39). you get 1 dick pick from a queen of your choice, who?

40). you find a time machine and it can take you back to any season of the race, you have the ability to help one queen that didn’t win, who do you help and how would you help them?

41). worst song made by any drag queen (including queens that weren’t a contestant on the race) 

42). are you a pro stalker? think of your favourite drag racer, can you name a friend they have that isn’t popular or a drag racer? 

43). fuck, marry, avoid, kill: Alaska thunderfuck 5000, honey mahogany, nicole paige brooks and rebecca glasscock

44) cure cancer or bring back katya?

45). what queens from any season would you love to see lip sync for their life naked, and what song would they preform to?

46). erase everyones memory of lil pound cake so that no one remembers anything about lil pound cake, or erase everyones memory of ornacia? 

47). get given head by your fave queen or eat pizza w/ them

48).  who would you have an orgy with rolaskatox or the heathers

49). become pearl’s personal punching post, or punch pearl in the face

50). would you fuck someone in the old untucked lounge or the new untucked lounge?

Hey d00ds

Yo i’m the coolest and best person ever on this whole account and i’m amazing and pretty and i love everyone on here and i licc moldy honey for fun



Danielle Brooks: Jolly Christmas Medley ft. Oh Honey & Uzo Abuda

Christmas is just a week away so here’s a video from last year when Oh Honey joined Danielle Brooks and Uzo Abuda from Orange Is The New Black for a medley of Christmas songs!

“To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and to endure the betrayal of false friends. To appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.”