honey bliss

After Tadashi survived the fire, Hiro made him an awesome supersuit and Tadashi and Honey Lemon got married. On the night of a big dinner date with the young couple, Yokai decides that’s the perfect night to destroy Krei Tech. Tadashi gets ready to jump to the rescue when…

But Honey has reeeeeally been looking forward to this date and decided ahead of time to “take care” of Tadashi’s suit. 

Ah, marital bliss with superheroes. Hope San Fransokyo and Hiro can survive until the end of Tadashi and Honey’s dinner.

okay but imagine dayton white giving you victory head: he’s just won the biggest race of his life and he’s just buzzing with energy afterwards, can’t contain the smile on his face if you paid him to. as soon as he gets the chance, he’s pulling you away, away from the gaggle of people trying to get pictures and congratulate him. he guides you to the trailer they use to move his car race to race, throwing open the driver’s seat door and throwing you across the seats. it’s tight fit, but there’s /just/ enough room for him to get your pants and panties off. he bends over you, still wearing his hat and that goddamn jumpsuit, and just goes to town, mouth working at your heat as soon as you spread your legs. he’s frantic with it, the hands holding on to your hips are shaking, tongue and teeth and lips working in tandem to get you off. all the while, you’re guiding his head, fingers wrapped around the bill off his cap. you find your release not once, not twice, but /three/ times before he finally lets up, pulling away, boyish grin pulling at his sinful lips.

 "Did I do good, darlin’?“ he asks you, southern accent just that much thicker, dripping from his mouth like honey. you’re nodding, blissful and breathless at the sudden turn of events as he cleans you up the best he can, using napkins he finds from the glove department. eventually you two make it back to the crowd and his friends hunt you down, asking where the two of you went off to. the words die on their lips as they take in the blush high on your cheeks and the way his lips are too pink, plump and swollen. 

 "Do a little celebratin’ on your own, White?” the man in question just shrugs, tugging you into his side by your waist. he hides his sly grin in your hair, pale eyes shinin’ with mischief. “Had to get my girl as excited as I was, is all.”


What does the honey badger know of bliss?
Drinking her sugared dandelion tea,
comfort and happiness are made of this.

Working always, ever industrious,
for the good of others, for loyalty.
What does the honey badger know of bliss?

The sweet lift of broomsticks in autumn mist
and butterbeers by fires roaring brightly–
comfort and happiness are made of this.

Potions, herbology–no subjects missed.
Assignments completed most dutifully.
What does the honey badger know of bliss?

The fog of early springtime blows a kiss,
and dandelions break the snow brightly.
Comfort and happiness are made of this.

Comfort is best after work is finished,
and now is fire-time, friend time, time for tea.
What does the honey badger know of bliss?
Comfort and happiness are made of this.

– S. E. De Haven (SnuffyArt)

I wrote a poem for each of the four houses: Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Gryffindor.

What did you think?


Remus Lupin x Reader
Warnings: PoA spoilers
Requested by @harmonyforever4
Inspired by “Echo” by Jason Walker

Remus Lupin has a secret.

A secret that’s dragging him down, making him feel as if he’s carrying weights upon his shoulders and wearing a blindfold over his eyes. With each full moon comes screaming out in pain and new scars, gnarled teeth and the very familiar ache of fear inside his ribcage.

Remus is drowning, because he’s too young, too busy, too damn fragile to be going through this. 

He loses his appetite, the ability to sleep, and even the will to smile - except for the occasional times Sirius will get one out of him with a horrible pun.

Worst of all, he keeps her in the dark. Because he’s ashamed - afraid to tell her the truth. When he looks in the mirror, glancing at the numerous scars that scatter themselves across his skin, he sees a monster. And Remus is afraid Y/N will see that as well.

So he dodges her. Avoids her in the corridors, ditches meals in the Great Hall when he sees her there. He even skips class a few times, because seeing her just makes his chest shake with worry, shame, fear.

It’s dusk when she finally confronts him. 

Y/N recognizes his chestnut hair from nearly a mile away, notices the way he bows his head as he rushes through the courtyard, clearly on his way somewhere.

Although, she has no idea where.

She finally catches up to him, reaches out, barely grazing the skin of his arm with her fingers.


The way she says it is so delicate, so honey-soaked and blissful, as if the words would crumble with one touch. Every inch of her words are coated in concern, and that was one of the biggest reasons he had been avoiding her.

Remus freezes in his tracks. He knew exactly how that voice would crack him, shatter him into a million pieces. He knew she could easily break down the walls he had so cautiously built around himself.

So he keeps walking. Faster than he had been before.

“Remus,” she repeats, this time soaked with frustration, determination.

Y/N follows him down the cobblestone path, her eyes not wavering from his light brown hair. When she eventually manages to wrap her hand tightly around his wrist, he’s forced to turn and face her.

She sucks in a breath at the sight of his scars.

Each one feels like a crack in her heart, as her lips part, eyes widen at the sight of his damaged face.

He swallows, avoids her eyes and glances down at his feet. And she can’t bring herself to say anything. 

Remus sighs, admitting his defeat and finally meeting her eyes. “Hi,” he mumbles, biting down on his bottom lip.

There was no point in asking if he was okay - he obviously wasn’t. Y/N is still grasping his wrist as she whispers, “What happened?”

Remus closes his eyes, releasing his bottom lip from his teeth. And he suddenly can’t stop the trembling of his jaw, the bubbling in his chest as he chokes out a sob, his brown eyes immediately filling with tears.

Y/N naturally pulls him into an embrace, allowing him to clutch onto her as tightly as he can muster.

When he reveals his secret, she doesn’t blink an eye.

Besides, she had never really been scared of anything.

fun fact: i wrote this while drinking coffee out of my Marauder’s Map mug :)

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What are the hosts like on their wedding day, particularly as they watch their soon-to-be wide walk down the aisle?

Ohhh. my. gosh. This is freakin adorable gonna have fun with this one!! Thanks Nonnie. I had alot of fun and hope you enjoy it! I hope you dont mind but I added some gifs as a bonus enjoy! 


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A wedding befitting his princess nothing was too grand for his darling. After all they were beginning their happy ending, despite the beautiful surroundings insecurities though were rearing their ugly heads in his heart. “Say Mommy…..?” He began to speak to express his concerns to a poker faced Kyouya only to be interrupted by the famous tune signaling it was time…He was almost scared to look upon your face afraid it would be all a dream and if it was he didn’t want to wake up. Through once he eyes befell his princess, His breath hitched and it took only one glance at your face vanquished all his insecurities, Once again the roles were reversed and you were he his knight in shining amour always coming to his rescue. As soon as you reached the altar he fell on one knee and kissed your hand saying “My Beautiful Princess” and laughed sheepishly along with everyone else in response to your joke that he had already purposed. All through the vows the one thought echoing though his mind was that he would get to spend the rest of his life with his Knight in Shining Armor who saved him so long ago~


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Not one expense was spare that’s for sure. Filling the pews of the church all of his business connections, clients, family, and friends were there to celebrate his special day. The decorations would be the talk of season and there standing still masking his emotions with his signature coy smile, He was trying so hard to concentrate on looking professional and in control what didn’t help was Tamaki’s stupid rambling on and on about how beautiful everything was like and how excited he was like a hyper chipmunk. Thanks to him he was beginning to add a headache to his list right after all the anxiety eating away his stomach. Just as he was about to strangle Tamaki with the flower garland, the familiar tune played signaling the beginning of best moment of his life. Stomach dropping at the sight of your beauty that was only enhanced by your dress as you nervously walking down, smiling shyly with all the joy in world in your eyes which was mirrored by his everything else fading away into utter bliss~


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The Lolita type was nervously pulling on his tie as he kept glancing at the doors wondering how much longer till he saw his gorgeous _____-chan, all planning and cake tasting was done and the day that he never thought would come was here! His excitement and nervousness barely contained didn’t go unnoticed by his tall best man ‘Mitsukuni…..’ glancing up to look at him just as the music began to play whatever Takashi had to say he wouldn’t know, glancing down the aisle his eyes lightt up with joy upon laying eyes on his preicous ______-chan, nervousness fading slowly away upon seeing you. The biggest smiles were on each of their faces and they locked hands as soon as they could and Honey’s eyes never left you nor did yours leave his. Sealing your fate happily with a kiss~


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His eyes burning holes in door you were due out of any moment, questions swirling around his head “Was he good enough for you? Could he protect you from all the sorrow of life? What if…..?” His thoughts quickly interrupted by Mitsukuni’s ramblings on and on asking what kind of cake they had and if he was excited to see _______-chan? “Mmmmmhhhmmm” he answered eyes never leaving the door as it slowly began to open and there you were his lovely lovely _________. All doubts and concerns blew out of his mind for now all he carried about was admiring your beauty as you slowly walked up the aisle practically beaming at him with all the joy of a blushing bride. The vows pasted by slowly for him at least, when it was time for the kiss he as fast as he could swept you up in his arms kissing gently with all the love in the world and carried you out of church despite your embarrassed protests, “I’ll always protect you ______” he vowed to you seriously as an answer earning a laugh and blushing “I know you will.” grinning wildly he leaned down for a kiss as sakura petals danced around them~


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Silence befell the usally witty twin as he anxiously glanced at the door every other second this routine only being interrupted by being mocked with a dumb joke complements of Karou which was quickly rebutted with a haughty response usually reserved for only his worst enemies. “Hate me already?” Karou teased “Of course not actually I’m…..” which was quickly interrupted with an “I know…” quickly grabbing his nervousness twins hand and giving a hopefully reassuring squeeze. The calmer twin backed this up with an “You’ll be fine, you won’t even miss me probably forget about me the minute you leave..” “NEVER.” was the answer accompanied by burning eyes to this followed by the squeaking of hinges of the long awaited door finally opening signifying the beginning of his new life with his sweet _________. The stupid annoying tune was reminding him of what was beginning to be backed by the squeeze of hand by his twin that he had forgotten for a moment the spilt second glance was a promise made and permission given by Karou to be happy finally dropping his hand. He began gazing your way and the hot-headed twin eyes were brimming with tears of happiness matching the tears in yours and as your hands linked once you made your way to altar squeezing it gently with the whispered promise to love each other forever~   


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“How could he be so nervous? Was this much nervousness possible? Would Hikaru never stop with the stupid jokes?” He voiced the last concern to his childish older twin only be brushed off and supplied with an even stupider joke than the last ones. They both knew that they would miss this in their hearts even if they were to scared to voice it to other, he was prob more calm than Hikaru but still…. Shaking it off and remembering how much he loved _______. She was his world and all that mattered that thought just ran through his head at the speed of light when two things happened his twin grabbed his hand and squeezed and the door swung open to reveal your breathe-taking form. He squeezed back as the air flew out of lungs and awe filled his eyes, never leaving her till his twin dropped his hand and for a spilt second his eyes clashed with his twin and understanding passed through the two of them without any words needing to be spoken. Quickly turning back to his beauty his lungs filled with air just as he took her hand and squeezing smiling at her as they began their new life together~ 


Admin Sam

marriage is work.
marriage is a battlefield
that is not simply
defeated by good morning coffee
and goodnight kisses.
marriage is fighting for what is right,
and letting go of what is harmful.
it is giving up
your favorite side of the bed,
and holding on
to what you truly believe.

your partner should never define your beliefs
but they should be able to walk side by side
without harm of a strong argument.

marriage is bringing her green Chrysanthemums
to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day just
because you know it’s her favorite holiday.
and marriage is standing by his side
as he yells
and screams
and curses God for taking his mother away.

of course there will be moments
where you are laying on the couch
and your head is on his lap
or her hands are in your hair,
and the world will seem perfect.
marriage will assume the position
of pure bliss.

but honey,
if you’re planning for a family,
a future,
a faithful marriage..
it’s going to take work.

it’s going to take blood-sweating,

but if you manage
to have found the right one-
all of that work,
will be far more
than worth it.

—  I told a woman who was married for 50+ years that I can’t wait for marriage.

Honey Peanut Butter Bliss Balls Recipe

Ingredients: 25 pitted dates, 2 tablespoons peanut butter, and 2 tablespoons honey.

Method: Soak the dates in water for about 2 hours, then peel off any excess flaky skin. Put all of the ingredients into a food processor and pulse until combined and a “dough” is formed. With wet fingers, roll the “dough” into balls (this recipe should yield about 7 balls). Place the bliss balls on a plate and freeze until firm, then roll them in chopped peanuts. Enjoy!

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Got any tips on writing kissing scenes?

Given that I’ve spent the last hour writing some steamy kisses… sure!

- Avoid repetition when you can:

Let’s look at this kiss from Ma Halamshiral Part 3:

His teeth tugged at her lower lip, his tongue sweeping into her mouth. She didn’t have to tease him or coax him. That hunger was there already, waiting to devour her, leaving her breathless as he pulled away, allowing her a single gasp before slating his mouth over hers again. They weren’t even pretending to dance now, though she could still feel the sway and the swell of their bodies pressing together. His hands searched her, making her shudder. She wanted more, wanted desperately not to have this awkward dress keeping her from feeling the warmth of him against her.

Now let me rewrite it the wrong way and see if you can spot the difference:

His teeth tugged at her lower lip, his tongue sweeping past her lips. She didn’t have to tease him or coax him. That hunger was there already, waiting to devour her, leaving her breathless as he pulled away, allowing her a single gasp before slating his lips over hers again….

It really throws me out of a scene when someone uses the same words over and over again. While this is something I think writers should be aware of all the time, it happens a lot in kissing scenes (as well as smut). While I think it’s better to switch the focus of the action to avoid repetition (moving from the mouth to the body and back to the mouth, as elaborated in the next tip), a good “cheat” is to cycle through synonyms - if you said “He pressed his lips to hers” but then want to say “She bit down on his lip” then consider changing it to “He pressed his mouth to hers. She bit down on his lip”. Make sense?

- Use more than your mouth:

You can clearly see this in the example above, but let’s look at another from Ar Lath Ma:

She didn’t allow him to finish, swallowing his words with the press of her lips, pushing him back against the edge of the desk. She felt his body stiffen as she gripped the sides of his belt, pulling herself against him. She was not patient with her kiss. It was demanding, forceful, sliding her tongue against his lip to draw it between her teeth, treasuring the small surprised moan it coaxed from him. His arms were soon around her, gliding down her back, all hesitation fading from his touch.

There are a number of examples I could have used, but this one serves as a good illustration of what I mean. Kissing is a full-body experience. Very rarely do people kiss without moving their hands, their arms, their hips - and when they do, it’s often an indication of some level of discomfort or a lack of intimacy (important to mention, if that’s what you’re trying to get across in the scene). It doesn’t have to be lewd (they don’t have to start humping) but the whole body should be engaged in some way. The more passionate it is, the more active the body is. 

- Consider the tone of your scene: 

So far, I’ve been using examples that have been very passionate, hungry kisses. As fun as those are, they aren’t right for every scene. Here’s an example from Undeserved Comfort:

She kissed him when words were no longer needed, when they were no longer enough. The press of her lips was neither lustful nor flirtatious. Her flesh was nothing but tenderness, tasting of honey and cream and bliss. His hands slipped under her robe but not out of hunger, just to fulfill the desire to hold her closer, to let himself sink into this moment and chase the guilt away with her warmth.

To take a very tender moment and have her suddenly pounce on him wouldn’t be right for the scene. Though it’s difficult to put a hard-and-fast rule to writing this type of kiss, I tend to focus more on how it makes the characters feel rather than the physical aspect of it. If it’s a steamy/gropey/I-want-in-your-pants kiss, I tend to focus more on the body - heated skin, pulling each other closer, hands wandering to other places. If it’s a tender kiss, then it’s more about embracing, wanting to be close, and either feeling whole because of their lover or an intense longing to feel more connected. 

Another example of tone illustrated in a kissing scene, this time from Dying Alone:

He lay his arms against hers, holding her there for a moment in their silence, the restless sounds of a recovering battlefield feeling far more distant than they had before. The mist thickened, the first droplets of rain falling. Slowly, he eased her grip, allowing him to turn and face her. The word was on his lips once more - my heart - trying to ask what was wrong when she reached up, catching the nape of his neck and pulling him forward to the press of her kiss.

He did not know what this was in response to but he gave into her insistence. She tasted of battle, of blood and sweat and ashes, the heavy scent of the Fade made physical in her flesh. Her mouth was pained but delicate, tracing sadness on his lips that warmed only slightly as he returned the gesture, his hand moving to her cheek. He pushed her far enough to look into her face, his brow lowering.

Here, the setting and atmosphere do a lot of the work for me in illustrating the emotional side to the kiss. Because he does not know what is motivating it, the kiss is more focused on his concern and his observations of her behavior. 

Some Commonly Used Words for Kissing Scenes:

kiss, press, pull, tug, slate, bite, moan, sigh, shudder, tremble, hum, gasp, pant, take a sharp breath, plunge, sink, whimper, writhe, arch, angle, trace, curl, curve, brush, caress, suck, graze, massage, taste, nip, nuzzle, stroke, peck, slip, tease, bliss, savor, soothe, tempt, urge, longing, burn, heated, warmth, crave, thirst, ache, thrill, slender, supple, deep, hungry, searing… and probably a lot more that I’m just not thinking of right now. 

One common tip I tend to ignore:

I’ve seen a lot of writing advice that is phobic of using the word “kiss”. While you certainly shouldn’t overuse it, I think it’s silly to say that you should absolutely avoid the word like the plague. Saying “He surrendered to her kiss” or “His kiss was everything she needed in that moment” won’t suddenly turn your writing into schlock. As long as your focus is on more than just the mere act of smooshing faces, you’re good to go.

For more tips on writing kissing scenes (including a great list of articles on the subject) check out this post.

Hope that helps!

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Prompt: Solas is very frustrated about not finding the Orb yet, nearly losing his composure late at night. Lavellan happened to be walking by and goes in to comfort him. It works, and they fall asleep on the couch together.

Prompt (Part 2?): Dorian wakes up in the morning to see Solavellan asleep on Solas’s couch together

Set shortly after Ma Halamshiral.


Undeserved Comfort

“And the worst, that which Blessed Andraste must weep to see: All of it built on a foundation of slavery. While most nations forbid the buying and selling of slaves within their own borders, nearly everyone ships their people to the Imperium for sale, skirting the prohibitions against such atrocities, and feeding the Imperium’s endless hunger for bodies.”

His eyes skimmed over the page once more, a hot rage building in his chest.

“Bodies to fight the Qunari. Bodies to work the mines and the quarries. Bodies to build the palaces of the magisters, to sweep the crumbling streets and turn the middens and serve at the whim of their mage overseers.”

This book told him nothing he did not already know. It told him of magisters and the Imperium, but nothing of their nature, nothing of their magic. He was searching for a reason – some explanation as to how a magister had been able to unleash the power of his foci. It should not have been possible. No mortal had ever accomplished such a feat. And the fact that he still lived…

This should not be. And yet, it was. The sky was torn asunder, a false archdemon roamed the lands— all made real through power that this man, this creature, should never have possessed.

You handed your foci over to a slave-ruling Magister. You made this possible.

His fingers curled around the edge of the table, his nails scratching roughly at the wood as he snarled.

Idiot. Idiot. Idiot.

He swept the book from the table with a roar, old paper fluttering and spinning before it slammed into the wall. He planted his elbows down, sinking his head between his hands, frustrated nails pressing hard into the base of his skull. He could hear those words again, the ones that had echoed in his mind, that chased his thoughts through the ages.

You ruin everything you touch, Wolf. This will never change.

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