honey bee sweets


Created from summer

Sunlight, honey hardens

Over time, ready to

Survive anything.

When crystallized

Honey meets the

Heat of summer,

It melts into warm

Sweet gold. I do not

Need to weather

Winter anymore,

I need sweetness,

I need your warmth.

- Grace Babcock © 2017

what it’s actually like to date Lee Jooheon...

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The Reality of Dating Jooheon…

  • Uh…1,300+ words, this is longer than i thought it would be, but it’s for jooheon, therefore it’s necessary, and he’s so complex that he needs a long post, so let’s get into it, bebes…
  • Realize that Honey’s actually very considerate and serious in the relationship.
  • And, I mean it… seriously. He’s so committed that whenever he chooses to love, you’d better remember that he’s entrusting you to cradle his affection with the utmost care.
  • Once he’s in, he’s IN.
  • Once you get him, you get HIM.
  • His heart is fragile, despite what many may think.
  • I mean, look at him, he’s afraid of everything… sort of. He’s kinda dramatic, to tell you the truth.
  • He can’t tolerate any tomfoolery and fickleness. Like, he physically canNOT.
  • Getting in a relationship with Jooheon is like promising that you’re willing to hold him down for the long ride… y’know… long-term.
  • This is kinda obvious, but you’re his cherished “princess” and he makes sure you know this, and will punch a fly with his fist if it annoys you…
  • Seems hard to approach to others, but you know that he’s nothing but a squish that just likes to have his life under control.
  • Adores being complimented and appreciated, so if you don’t remind him of how much he means to you, be ready to deal with a sulking Jooheon.
  • He can be offended rather easily, so refrain from harsh jokes that could be taken the wrong way, please.
  • He’s a mix between loving to show you his aegyo, or hating to show you his aegyo. It really depends on his mood and if you’re in public or not.
  • Eye contact whenever he smiles, like, what happened to your heart? Oh…it stopped beating because of jooheon, didn’t it?

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AraSol Playlist

The Call -Regina Spektor:

It started out as a feeling / Which then grew into a hope / Which then turned into a quiet thought / Which then turned into a quiet word

All I Want Is You -The Vespers:

If I was a flower growing wild and free / All I’d want is you to be my sweet honey bee / And if I was a tree growing tall and green / All I’d want is you to shade me and be my leaves

Honey And The Bee -Owl City:

If the green left the grass on the other side / I would make like a tree and leave / But if I reached for your hand, would your eyes get wide / Who knew the other side could be so green

Short Skirt Long Jacket -Cake:

I want a girl with the right allocations / Who’s fast, thorough, and sharp as a tack / She’s playing with her jewelry / She’s putting up her hair / She’s touring the facilities / And picking up slack

Dead Hearts -Stars:

I could say it, but you won’t believe me / You say you do, but you don’t deceive me / It’s hard to know they’re out there / It’s hard to know that you still care

Sweet Nothing -Calvin Harris and Florence Welch:

You took my heart, and you held it in your mouth and / With the word, all my love came rushing out and / Every whisper, it’s the worst / Emptied out by a single word

Keep You -Wild Belle:

Every minute that I spend on you / I give you honey and I give you truth

Home -Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes:

Moats and boats, and waterfalls, / Alleyways, and payphone calls / I been everywhere with you / Laugh until we think we’ll die, / Barefoot on a summer night / Never could be sweeter than with you

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spring feast

There is nothing so sweet
As the hum of the honeybees
Dining on the blooming oak trees.
I never paid enough attention
To realize just how loud
They can really be;
Their wings sing even through
The highway traffic desperate
To drown out their song.
I am glad my mother
Told me to listen to them,
To a sound I’d heard
Every year but never cared
To actually notice.

I hope the blossoms
Feed them well this year;
There is so much I do not know
About the one to come.