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Onion honey?

I found out by reading today that there are as many as three hundred unique types of honey in the United States, each originating from a different floral source. Some of the more common kinds you may have heard of, such as clover, alfalfa, tupelo, orange blossom (I think I’ll take that one), and apple blossom. How about onion honey?

The honey bees are obsessed with the spherical-shaped Walla Walla Sweet flowers in the garden. They buzz about, drunkenly addicted to the delicious onion blossoms. It’s easy to photograph them – all you have to do is point your lens at a flower, and within a second or two a honey bee will appear in the frame.

I don’t think there are any bee farms out there churning out onion honey for the grocery stores, but I bet there’s some strange tasting honey brewing in a nearby hive.


So, earlier when I was writing my post about Eggsy and Tilde, I realized that I need a whole separate post about how Eggsy loves and respects women.

So here, have a gifset of Eggsy loving and respecting the women in his life.  And also, have me telling you why every gif here is a good example (as well as discussing a few scenes that aren’t pictured). The wall of text under this read more is akin to the Great Wall of China.  Beware.

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