1. Do not kill bees, they aren’t trying to hurt you and rarely sting (because they die if they sting) chances are they’re buzzing around you because you’re wearing a bright colour and they think you’re a flower

2. If you see one on the ground, it’s probably not dead, try feeding it some sugar water or put it on a flower so it can get energy

3. Put bee friendly flowers in your garden so they have lots of pollen and maybe put a bee house too

4. If you have a bees nest in your attic/garden/shed etc, don’t call an exterminator! Call a bee keeper instead so they can be rehomed rather than being killed

Bees are very important and must be looked after! Without bees, humans wouldn’t survive




This huge soft bee is the size of a cat!

These giant bumblebees have been handmade using the highest quality materials. They have cashmere velvet antennae, hand-dyed mohair legs for the authentic fuzzy-bee-leg look, and dense, soft, fake fur bodies stuffed so they are super cuddly.

Their legs are fully posable and you can also move their wings and antennae into different positions.

They come with a discrete loop in the thorax so you can hang them up to look like they’re flying!

Why did I decide to make giant bees? Well who wouldn’t love their own pet giant bee! I also want to raise awareness of the plight of pollinators through my work. Changes to agricultural practices means there are far fewer wildflowers than there used to be, meaning that many bumblebee species are struggling to survive.

Through the pollination of commercial crops such as tomatos, peas, apples and stawberries, insects contribute billions to the EU economy, not to mention that if any more pollinators go extinct it could mean we no longer see such variety on our supermarket shelves. Plants provide the base to a very complex food-chain, and if wildflowers and fruit cease to exist it’s easy to imagine how other wildlife will suffer as well.

Fortunately there are many organisations and people out there working to raise awareness and understanding of the bumblebee and honey bee. I own a 60 acre croft (a small agricultural unit in the Highlands of Scotland) which has an abundance of rare and ancient wildflowers on it. We work through grazing and management practices to make sure the meadow is kept rich for pollinators, which means it’s also good for our animals.

By buying this bee you are supporting my ongoing efforts to help save pollinators, as all that I earn from my art goes back into the croft, which is a haven for all wildlife.
You can follow my croft blog at facebook.com/tighnaneun

I do offer layaway plans on the bees. Payment can be split fortnightly or monthly over up to six months (making it about $50usd a month). Contact me for more details and to enroll in this offer.