honey badger day


Performed by: Inga Be, Xena Gustheart, Jessie, Tomo Norimaki, Sam, Sarina Sol, Vicki Stavrinos, and Yukiko

Number: “The Honey Badger Strut”

Choreographer: Inga Be

Style: Locking

From: “Happy International Women’s Day!” (2015)

This was notsupposed to go this far. This was supposed to be just a sketch.

Trying some techniques that Cory Loftis taught us when he came to visit. It’s a lot different than the usual cell shading i do, but it’s lots of fun!

I really love Honey Badger. She’s so kooky.  I wish she was able to stay in the film. *crosses fingers for sequel*

I’m Sending Digital Valentine’s Day Cards!

So for the first time in years, I’m excited for Valentine’s Day! The reason is because it’s actually the 1 year anniversary of when I saw Big Hero 6 for the first time and the “obsession” came into play. So, I have decided to actually celebrate the holiday this year by designing and sending out Valentine’s Day cards! 

Here’s how it’s gonna work:

-Like/reblog this post or send an ask if you want to get a card
-I’ll send a card in your fanmail box
-If you wanna send something back, go on ahead! I would love that!

Simple right? Now, all the cards are obviously going to be Big Hero 6 characters, but since I don’t know how many people are actually going to want one I can’t give a character choice. I wish I could, but that might be difficult for me since I haven’t already drawn them all up. I’ll try to pick the character I think you would like the most based on your blog or if I know you though.

These are the characters that will be on the cards:

Hiro and Baymax  
Honey Lemon
Gogo Tomago

You guys have until Feb. 14th to send in to get one! Everyone that wants one will get one!

anonymous asked:

14, 18, 20

14 - are you a musician?

That depends on whether you consider singers musicians? I do, so yes I am. I can noodle on a lot of instruments, but with no real proficiency. I was, as a child, in what was considered to be the best children’s choir in the world.

18 - what’s your patronus?

According to pottermore, it’s a heron, I think. I prefer to think it’s a honey badger because there are days when I literally do not give a fuck. Or a mantis shrimp. That’d be cool.

20 - would you rather be in middle earth, narnia, hogwarts or somewhere else?

I think it’s pretty safe to assume that if I got to live in a fictional universe, I’d like to be in space somewhere. Starfleet, probably, although an occasion visitor to the Serenity might be fun. Or hanging with the Doctor.

Of the three mentioned, I’d probably go with Hogwarts.

I’m at work for another half hour! Ask me more!