honey and oats

You do not mess with a man’s pregame ritual.  It is a sacred and honored tradition, and everyone knows that interfering with the ritual comes at a hefty cost.  Still, when the world around you changes, you have to make changes as well.

Jack Zimmermann must have his peanut butter and jelly sandwich before each game, but he knew that things weren’t quite right.  He knew it was not the type of bread, or the smoothness of the peanut butter, or the flavor of the jelly that felt out of place. He knew what was missing, but despite it all, he kept trying.  One knife-full of jelly.  Two knife-fulls of peanut butter.  Three strokes to spread it together.  Exactly the way he memorized it, but he knew it was never quite right.

Until one day Jack sat down and pulled a sandwich out of his bag.  It was wrapped in white parchment with small note signed with some kind words and a heart.  It was made with sweet honey-oat bread, crunchy gourmet peanut butter, and homemade pluot jam.  From the very first bite, Jack knew it was the perfect sandwich, not because of what was in it, but because for the first time in years, he did not have to make it himself.

Jack was satisfied, and the ritual was complete.

You do not mess with a man’s pregame ritual.  The Aces understood why Kent Parson must have his peanut butter and jelly sandwich before each game.

But they wondered why he always made two.


No-bake energy balls! These have been so awesome for times when I just want a little snack. They contain : dark chocolate chips, peanut butter, honey, vanilla extract, old-fashioned oats, flaxseed, & toasted coconut. Mmm!

I’m going to attempt some Chowder Headcanons:
  • His second favorite breakfast food is Honey Bunches of Oats with almond milk (after Bitty’s pancakes of course)
  • He could eat an entire box in one sitting
  • But he hates PSLs (he can’t explain why Bitty, he just does)
  • He will drink an entire liter of Mountain Dew in a day
  • Jack is revolted by this and tries to get him to have smoothies instead
  • Chowder tries it for a week because Jack’s his captain but stops because he hates waking up earlier to make them
  • Chowder will sleep through anything. Anything. One time a Kegster was busted by the cops because there were a lot of underage drinkers. Dex and Nursey hid in his closet so they wouldn’t get questioned (they were already upstairs,,,doing stuff,,,,,). Chowder had no idea. They told him the story the next morning. 
  • He has older cousins who used to exclude him from fun stuff “because he’s the baby” He doesn’t like being left out of social things, which is really hard when you’re a goalie and everyone treats you as special and unique. He just really wants to be one of the team. Please don’t forget about him. invite him to brunch next time…
  • Along the same lines, he’s always surprised when people ask about him, how he’s doing, what he thinks, etc.  
  • Chews on ice, even though he really really shouldn’t.
  • It’s mostly a stim thing, but he also finds it oddly amusing? to crunch on ice? when he also sometimes gets crunched on the ice??? don’t ask him. it’s just funny.
  • Takes losses really badly. Like. really badly. He will actively avoid everyone for 48 hours after a loss. He doesn’t want people to see him when he’s like this.
  • Really wanted to run for student government in high school but realized he couldn’t manage it with his other extracurriculars. He kinda finds law interesting and wants to talk to Shitty about it. He doesn’t really want to become a lawyer but there are probably other things he could do, right?
  • Don’t ever ask him to wear wool. Ever. He doesn’t care if it’s a cashmere blend. Just. No.
  • Polar fleece is the best thing since sliced bread. Farmer bought him a polar fleece onesie with multicolored snowflakes on it as a joke. He’ll wear it the mornings after kegsters just to fuck with all the folks in the Haus with hangovers (”is that Chow…. in a onesie?…” “idk I am NOT sober enough for this”)
what it (might) be like to date Tom Holland

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  • he is incredible strict on tea, “no, no, no. that’s too much milk!!” “it’s not strong enough, leave it in for three minutes!!” 
  • laying in bed together, facing each other as his hand cards through your hair trying out different nicknames : “how about…..cupcake? dandelion? pancakes? cutie pie, sugar bunch, honey bunch of oats”….it goes on for hours unless you get distracted or fall asleep
  • “if we ever get a house together can we let harrison have a room?”
  • he’s used to getting up early for work outs so he wakes you for class or work or just to say good morning after he’s freshly showered and his hair is still damp and all curly
  • sometimes he gets a little insecure about his height so you place kisses along his neck, assuring him
  • when he gets excited he talks really fast and his accent gets thicker and he looks at you all wide eyed and smiley
  • “i’ve met him” he says whenever you’re watching a movie and an actor he’s crossed paths comes on screen
  • “ah, darlin’” he coos whenever you’re sad or upset or even just because he wants to say it
  • he talks to you in that cute lil voice he uses sometimes during interviews (i’m talking about the voice he uses when saying ‘im really good at the diet’)
  • mimicking your accent in stories about you or just to annoy you
  • loads and loads of pictures of you two occupy his camera roll, his favorite is one of the two of you laying in bed, being goofy
  • stealing those cute lil plaid pajama pants he has because they’re cosy
  • begging him to dance but them roasting him once he does because he’s actually a drunk dad at a wedding with a fedora. 

mkay so I fuckin love Craig calling Tweek cute coffee related pet names but!!!

Craig dead panning the most ridiculous over the top names like
‘craig pass the salt’
'of course darling, light of my life’

'nice shirt babe’
'thank u honey bunches of oats’

'hey, lil baby honey bee-’
'Craig shut the fuck up ohmygod’