honesty system

System forces you into their definition of society.
Society forces you to swimm in a one meter swimmingpool.
But you want to dive in a deep ocean.

System can’t allow this.
Society can’t accept this.

Ends up being an outsider.
Maybe we are outsiders with a greater mind.

But we are not losers.

In all honesty, if endogenic/natural systems wanna do whatever it is that they do, then they should have the decency to not claim DID/OSDD and to coin new terminology for themselves to use.

Don’t call yourselves systems. Don’t call the individuals in your head alters. Don’t use traumagenic system terminology at all if you really wanna be allies to us. Our words were made by us, for us to use to describe the ins and outs of our disorder. Y'all have no right to use our terminology if you don’t have to deal with what we do.


The tale of two cities according to Heiko and Stephi - Part 76

All over the world you can all the important (and not so important) things that happened everywhere in newspapers. In Germany (and I guess not only in Germany) you can buy the newspapers in these newspaper boxes. You can find them on every second corner, and you only need the necessary change to pay. When I was younger I always wondered that this system works. I wondered that not everybody just takes the newspaper without paying. But it seems there are more honest people out there. Because without honesty this system wouldn’t work.
This week’s praise for the honest people who pay for for newspapers in these boxes and don’t steal them even though nobody would realize it.

you guys are so quick to beat yourselves up, which I understand because I do it too. but you can’t blame yourselves for stressed out being overplayed. it’s not our fault people are getting tired of it or are deciding they don’t like our band. it’s not because of us that Tyler is insecure. we support him really well. don’t be upset about his recent lyric change during stressed out. just keep enjoying what he creates and he’ll be okay, I promise.