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SHER - :Thanks for the Follows:
WACOM Intuos Pro in PSCS3. (new window for hi-res) 

A little doodle I did for my Sherlock blog to celebrate my 221 followers, and got a little behind… grown a bit more since then, LOL. I will be posting a transparent version there, but this one is the “art” version that I’m cheating and using for Fanart Friday because more art is always good :)

I love drawing in my gross-cute beady-eyed chibi style, and wanted to draw a cute pic of Sherlock following John around, because he’s a big poopy and won’t leave John alone, LOL. In all honesty, this actually is another “colour test”. I’m still trying to find a style of my own. This one is meant to emulate my marker-colouring, but meh, I still try to hard. I don’t know. I wish I could just have it come to me and be done with it already. Digital art is hard, LOL.

Anyway, silly little doodle. I don’t like my sherlock very much, but my John is cute. Hah. Hope y'all like.

Fanart Friday is taking a holiday! Have a safe and happy holiday season! A brand new year of Fanart Friday begins on JANUARY 2, 2015!