honestly this was just an excuse to draw them looking cool lol

So recently ive been into a kpop group called KARD, which is unique for its mixed genders….and naturally, i had to draw my ships as an idol group lol. 

Halfway through i realized that their names make the acronym LAME, and i found that absolutely hilarious. So, now it’s their official group name lmao


Levi likes to be a dick


Okay while I’m at it (i mean talking abt my art policy w someone laughs)
I would like to share this thing happened to me from months ago.
Something I rlly have to tell to all my followers or people who visit my page.

To begin with, I’m a really flexible kind of artist regarding my own art’s policies.

Use as icon? Use it. Use as header? Use it. Repost? Redraw? Trace? Reference? Yep, totally don’t mind, go ahead. I see those stuff as ways to appreciate my art, instead i would like laughs at it and “wow why would you like my ugly art cries, thanks tho.”
There is only one thing I ask from you all, “a credit”, yep, a link back to my tumblr. Or my twitter, or my name, just anything.

Because all I want is “respect and honesty” alright, you don’t need to ask my permission, but if you respect me & my art you surely would at least write down my name on the caption right?

Lol i became too sappy im sorry.
And well so, it’s not rare, but not often either for me to saw my art getting reposted. But this one particular haikyuu page in fb reposted my art without a credit to me. I wouldnt tell which art and which page bcs i don’t want problems. Please don’t look it up either i beg you.

Ok so, ofc my friend is like “haru isn’t this your art?” So I’m like “oh yes it is”
So i went to the page, and comment, kindly and politely, to put my link to tumblr on the caption. Thought, honestly, i wouldnt mind if they don’t do it either bcs if you see the comment section, the link is there, right there.
But this page, instead of choosing to just ignore the comment, which is already quite rude, choose to delete my comment.
My friends are like “whoa wtf, do u need a hand” but I’m too tired of shits already so I’m like “nah it’s cool.”

Ok, so, I’m no big artist, and I’m totally cool with this kind of thing. But it’s rlly unrespectful to the artist to do this kind of thing man. If you can’t support the artist by buying their stuff, commissing them, well excuse u, at least pls support them by respecting them.

To the admin of that page, i forgive you but please don’t do it anymore cries.

I’m sorry for rambling too much, i just feel like i need to make this post so some ppl would know all i want is my name written on the caption
Here have a KageHina :’) i haven’t been drawing so much lately cries //rolls away

Soonyoung crushing on you !! // scenario

Originally posted by myeungho

A bullet-point scenario highlighting our bright star, Soonyoung/Hoshi !!

Send requests for scenarios and reactions on my page if you wish :)

- special shout out to our hosh rn bc this poor boy is sick and he could use all the healing time he can get (stay healthy and rest, love <333)

- this sweetie is honestly one of the most hard working people e v e r

- he pushes himself so much

- and we know that he’s tough on the members when practicing but I’m sure that’s only because:

- 1. he knows the potential of his friends

- 2. he cares about the future of svt

- Soonyoung is just so caring to the point that it hurts him sometimes???

- I’m glad he’s resting because we all know he needs it, as do the rest of the members (especially with this crazy tour schedule they’re in the middle of)

- so really, I honor Soonyoung for everything he does, and he deserves only the best out of his career ;u;

- and with this I’m sure he’d only want to be the best version of himself for the girl he likes as well

- his determination in furthering his career would be the same when it comes to pursuing his crush

- with that said, let’s get right into the scenario !!!

- as an intern at pledis entertainment, you find yourself becoming close friends to 3 specific members of a particular svt unit:

- Channie, Savhao, and Junnie ! 

- you get to know these three performance unit boys individually, but you never get to hang out with them altogether

- so one day, your little friends tell you that it’s about time all four of you meet up once and for all

- but because of your crazy schedules, there’s really no other time to do this besides the performance team practice time

- at first you think, “hey it’d be kind of cool to see them choreographing n practicing n whatnot!”

- thing is

- there’s one member you haven’t exactly bonded with/talked to like you did with the rest of the performance team:

- Kwon Soonyoung

- thinking it would be awkward for the team leader to see you hanging out with his team, you often pushed off the idea of visiting their practices

- no matter how many times the three boys begged you to come

- you just couldn’t say yes

- you’d feel bad but you’d try to convince them that it’s for the best

- and besides, the practice is meant for them to practice, not to chat around with some intern (not like they would mind tho lol)

- imagine pouty chanhaojun @ you bc iSN’T IT JUST THE MOST ADORABLE THING???

- ANYWAYS, after much thinking, the three guys figure that there’s really no way they’d be able to hang out with you as a group unless they invite you over to practice

- so they get s n e a k y

- kind of

- okay not really

- during one of your shifts, Chan texts you:

- “y/n!! are you free right now?”

- “yeah, what’s up?”

- “can you come down to the practice room rn?”

- “you guys aren’t having practice right now, right?”

- “*suspicious eyes emojis*”

- “Chan, how many times do I have to tell you that I don’t want to intrUDE??” “I’m sorry, but I won’t go if you guys are busy.”

- “WAIT LISTEN LISTEN” “we actually need someone to give their opinion on this part of the choreography we’re coming up with… and we were wondering if you could take a look?”

- “uhhhhh… don’t yall have a creatives director… and an assistant choreographer LMAO”

- “yes yes but we want to know what girls like you would think of it you know :(”

- “sigh”

- “come on, just do us a favor” “and doing us this favor means you’re technically not intruding :3″

- “… fine.”


- so you head to the practice room, and as soon as you walk in:

- “Y/N-IE~” the boys greet you in excitement

- well except Soonyoung but

- he gives you a smile and a curt bow at least

- you give him a bow and a formal greeting as well, but that’s just about as much interaction you’ll have with him

- at first :3

- your three friends honestly just wanted you to be with them, and they finally found an excuse to bring you over to practice

- but you proved to be more helpful during their practice than they had all expected

- you gave pretty good constructive criticism on some of the dance moves and even gave a few suggestions for formations

- and your little trio LOVED IT

- but you know who appreciated your help the most?


- it was very nice to have another person give their opinion on the team’s choreography

- and it’s not just another professional choreographer or director doing it either

- it’s a normal person (I mean this in a good way :)

- and he thinks you’ve got a good eye for things that even the pros couldn’t catch themselves

- Soonyoung also realized how much nicer/less stressed he was when you were there helping out

- so all in all, he was really glad you came

- in fact:

- “hey, Jun, Minghao, Chan,” Soonyoung calls the rest of the team as they convene for practice the day after your visit

- the three boys turn to him

- “do you guys think… we could have y/n down here again? You know, just to help out again?” the leader looks down and paces shyly back and forth, but his face is blank

- “WAIT ARE YOU SERIOUS?” Jun says as his eyes widen in disbelief

- “yeah, of course,” Soonyoung is trying to keep his cool composure


- so they call you up to invite you once again, and since your three friends had expressed their gratitude for your help after practice yesterday, you agree to go

- you arrive at the practice room and are greeted warmly not only by your little trio

- but also by Soonyoung, who flashes a wider smile than the day before

- and it goes like this for almost every performance team practice you can attend from then on

- over time, Soonyoung would start to notice that you’re not the average, serious intern who’s just doing her job (and a little extra for their team)

- there’s a reason why his fellow team members have become so close to you

- they’re all so fond of your positive nature, understanding, honesty, and ofc your fun personality

- and these things are what draw Soonyoung to you

- if he’s being honest, he’d say he’s been attracted to you since he first saw you walking around the company building

- but your whole personality confirmed how much he was beginning to really like you


- he’s honestly not like the rest of the members when it comes to crushing

- he’s kind of a mix of flirty and shy but you won’t be able to tell when he’s gonna be which???

- it can be confusing tbh

- like if you give him a compliment on some solo dance he made for himself, he could either go:

- 1. “oh reAlly??” *smirk* “was it… attractive? ;)”

- 2. “oh… really?” *blushes* “thank you~” *smiles at floor*

- but I’d say he’d be pretty shy 70% of the time at the start, and then he’d slowly get more flirty as you guys become closer friends

- speaking of being close friends, Soonyoung would also put so much effort into becoming your best friend

- because he wants to confess to you knowing that you’re close to him

- so even if you reject him, he knows there’s a chance that you guys can still be friends at least

- the last thing he wants to do is lose you altogether :(

- ALSO, ONE SUPER DUPER BIG THING that Soonyoung would do with his crush is force her to dance with him

- yeaH that’s right, get your dancing shoes on bc this boy will beg and beg until you agree to dance something with him

- even if you can’t dance, he’ll still really want you to do it

- it’s just a way for him to get skinship moments with you tbh slick shit hosh, real slick

- he’ll teach you the basics first and then progress into harder and more partner-based choreos ;);)

- so you’ll be slowly building up a whole dance routine collection with your bestie !! how cute :’)

- when he’s on flirt mode, Soonyoung is a huge tease we all know this

- the cute things he’ll do to get you flustered during your dance routines would either make you laugh or make you super weak omg

- he wouldn’t hesitate to take any opportunity to suddenly pull you close while dancing, and he’ll probably charm you with a smile while he’s at it

- and as he gets used to meeting up with you to dance,

- Soonyoung would want to spend time with you A LOT MORE OFTEN

- but only with you

- so oftentimes, after performance team practice, the other three dancers would hang out for a little bit in the practice room

- but Soonyoung would be itching to hang out with you and work on your dance routine alone in the room

- so he’d be awkwardly standing to the side as the trio plays around before he musters enough courage to say:

- “uh, hey guys,” he’d clear his throat. “I kinda- I mean, y/n and I- we want to… you know…”

- “oH, do whAt?” Jun wiggles his eyebrows. Chan and Minghao laugh along


- “Soonyoung’s making me do a dance with him again,” you’d explain


- “Wtf Soonyoung, you didn’t tell them?” you say

- “hey hey, you didn’t tell them either,” Soonyoung would laugh nervously

- and when the three boys finally get kicked out by Hoshi, the trio would probably tell the rest of the members about this out of saltiness lma0

- a few members would start to interrogate him about his crush, and he’d probably deny it every damn time it’s so obvious you ain’t fooling anyone buddy

- but when Soonyoung starts getting the feeling that you might like him as well, he’ll probably openly admit it to the group one day

- he’d show up pretty late to an svt meeting that Seungcheol is holding in the practice room

- “Soonyoung, why are you always so late nowadays?” Seungcheol would say in an upset tone

- “he was probably just hanging out with y/n again,” Chan would say bitterly

- “yeah, what a best friend stealer,” Jun would pout

- “hey man, y/n is my best friend,” Minghao would hit Jun in the arm

- “okay but who became her firST friend?? Das right, it was mE,” Chan would join in the fight

- “alright alright, that discussion can be held somewhere else at some other time,” Seungcheol would stop them. “Soonyoung, seriously, what’s going on? Is this about y/n?”

- “yeah dude,” Seokmin would say. “If you really like her, just admit it already.”

- “no one’s buying it when you say you don’t,” Wonwoo adds and the rest if the boys nod in agreement


- “and I’m sorry for always being late to these kinds of meetings and practices lately. I just really like her okay?”

- “I’m putting all this effort into hanging out with her because I really don’t want to lose her. 

- “You guys know how I am when I’m serious about pursuing something.”

- the whole group goes silent. Seungcheol thinks it over

- “Normally,” Seungcheol starts. “I wouldn’t let this kind of thing slide with me, but I can tell you really like y/n, so I’ll forgive you.”

- “But let me tell you, if she’s willing to spend that much time with you, she probably likes you too.”

- with this, Soonyoung finally decides that it’s time to confess

- one night, your hangout with Soonyoung extended a little later at night than usual, meaning you’d have to walk home to your apartment alone in the dark

- but ofc Soonyoung, being the caring person he is, would want to accompany you home, just to make sure you get there safely

- and while you guys are walking home, Soonyoung’s heart can’t help but flutter while seeing you smile at your conversation under the street lights at night

- he’d be falling so hard at this point, he’ll have to do something about it

- and as a dancer, he’s not one to tell you how he feels with words

- so when you get to your apartment, you unlock your door

- but before you can twist the door open

- he impulsively takes one of your wrists, pulls you close, and locks his lips with yours in a passionate kiss

- and you, unable to fight back the feelings you have for Soonyoung as well, kiss him back

- breathless, he pulls away from you afterwards and looks deeply into your eyes, your faces just a few inches apart

- having noticed you kissed him back, he asks

- “Is it safe to say that the feeling is mutual?”

“why else do you think I agreed to dance with you?” you laugh 

- he breaks out into a huge smile before pulling you in for another kiss

Don’t Play

who?: Wanna One’s Ong Seongwoo
genre: 🌸
type: bullet point

the ‘our two lips’ flower boys

blog navigator.

• flower boy AU
• Seongwoo loves to play but not on the job and definitely not with your feelings

the double-edged sword flower boy AU is back, with added Christmas spirit. I kind of lost touch with this AU, it has been awhile. :”) but TYSM for requesting anon!! The boys are back ;)

- Admin L

• so you know that guy who is always over enthusiastic and excited about ANYTHING
• that is Seongwoo at his finest
• you always hear him before you see him
• it’s simply a Seongwoo thing you know?
• every time, everywhere
• in university lectures
• at the campus Starbucks
• even on the other side of the football field
• Ong’s voice will surround you
• everyone is blessed with Seongwoo and the whole student body drools when they see him
• along with his 10 friends
• everyone calls them Wanna One
• for some odd reason
• strange
• literally, everyone loves them
• there are fan accounts on IG and Twitter just for individual members
• your college is so extra tbh
• side note: this actually happened at my friends’ school
like there were fan accounts of the popular boys
• lowkey scary tbh
• but anyway, they’re Wanna One
• they are just THAT good-looking, well-mannered, smart
• if you breathe the same air as them, good for you
• honestly, you’ve inhaled too much of Seongwoo’s toxicity
• he has been your neighbour since two of you were toddlers
• but it isn’t that cute, fluffy, scattered with sugar story that is expected
• no
• the Ongs and your family aren’t exactly on good terms
• it isn’t like World War III is about to lash out any moment but that’s exactly what I’m saying
• there’s just some unspoken rivalry that neither of the younger generation understands
‘you must never associate yourself with them!’
‘don’t even think about looking about that Ong boy!’
• your parents shut up whenever you question it and your grandparents brush it off
‘it’s nothing. just ignore them and don’t give charity.’
• lol trying to trip Mr Ong Senior with your walking stick isn’t ‘nothing’
• but whatever, you and Seongwoo just avoid each other
• like you’re meant to
• your families would throw a big fuss if the two of you were within a 5-metre radius
‘why can’t we just sell the house and move?’ You’ve asked that question many times
• apparently, this house is passed down to your parents from generations ago and they must ‘continue the family tradition’
• this is weird
• side note: I’m sure this happened in real life too
• so you continue to avoid Seongwoo
• even though many of your lectures are spent a few seats away from each other
• sometimes you take that chance to ogle his extremely good features
• that jawline
• his twinkling eyes
• those cool three moles on his face that form a perfect triangle
• you wonder if he took his family’s eyeliner to draw it on
• there’s no way he can be SO flawless
• but he is Ong Seongwoo so there is a way
• half of you wants to just say ‘f it’ and talk to him but the other, more rational half is saying that he won’t speak to you because of all that family drama
• no one knows what even happened
• you go about uni ignoring Ong and trying to suppress your feelings for him
• but it’s really hard because of how ‘close’ you are to him
• like if you concentrate, you can see that he’s actually drawing flowers on his notepad and not taking down notes
• Seongwoo also lets Daniel, his best friend, doodle random sketches on his hands and arms
• most of them resemble flora like patterns
• it’s also not uncommon to see Seongwoo walking home with a bunch of wildflowers in his grasp
• he likes flowers
• and he’s intimidating
• Seongwoo is that guy who will talk a bunch of crap and expect people to know what he’s referring to
• only his friends get the drift
• he’s just naturally talented in gag
• always cheerful, bubbly, making his friends chortle with laughter
• he definitely knows how to put on a show
• playfully insults all his friends, won’t hesitate to punch one of them - but gently and for fun
• you’ve seen enough of Seongwoo’s quirky personality to fall in love
• finally, on the very last day of school, you muster up the courage to talk to him
‘h-hey Seongwoo, c-could you sign m-my yearbook?’ you stutter out, blushing
• internally: please! don’t! ever! tell! my! parents! about! this!
• smiling, he turns away from Daniel - who wriggles his eyebrows - and takes your book
‘sure, of course. I can’t deny my adoring fans, can I?’
• he even adds a heart to your yearbook page
• you can’t tell if you should cry or laugh
‘thank you!’  
• ah goodness now you have to make up some crappy excuse as to why your parents can’t see your yearbook
‘oh! that! I…uh left it at Jaehwan’s place by accident. You know…since we went out to celebrate…’
• Seongwoo was at Jaehwan’s house party too, but you never communicated
• I guess it’s a good thing?
a wasted opportunity
• other than admiring from your living room window or balcony, that’s the last you see of him and the first yet last interaction you had
• you need to be careful, your mother caught you staring at him a few times
‘staring at that Ong boy again?’ she spits out ‘Ong’ so venomously you nearly shrink back
‘that Ong son is no good? Don’t mix with him! I’m so glad he will be in a different lecture next year. Good grief!’
• your whole family insists he’s bad influence, turning you into somewhat of his rival
• it does irk you a little how much they dislike the Ongs
• enough to pit their children against each other
• sigh
• family drama :(
• ahhh, another thing happens
• Seongwoo starts to pay more attention to you
‘hi!’ he chimes when he sees you at the bus stop
• ‘you asked me to sign your yearbook…and I saw you at Jaehwan’s party. Y/N? Was it?’
• is he really talking to me?
• hold up, there are CCTV cameras around here right?
‘uh, yeah. see you around!’
• *runs*
• another time, you’re going out with your friends and he seems to be on his morning run, Nikes, earpieces and all
• you blush, shyly waving
• Seongwoo greets you every time he sees you around and it really worsens your crush on him
• for a good week, you try to avoid him as much as possible
• please! don’t! smile! at! me! that! way!
• if not my heart will flutter wildly :”)
• but our families hate each other
• for no reason
• and I’m not about to go around pulling some modern day Romeo and Juliet shit
• btw, I watched the ballet this year and it was very very VERY enthralling. 12/10 would recommend
• suddenly, running from Seongwoo becomes a routinely thing
• it works
• now, it is the only physical activity you will engage in
• to hell with physical education
• but do take care of your health guys!!!
• you find yourself thinking of other things other than him
• until Saturday
• you and your best friend are on your way to a cafe for dinner
• since it’s Soyeon’s birthday, she chooses to dine at Our Two Lips
• please support Cube’s amazing rapper, Jeon Soyeon’s debut single ‘Jelly’
• please please Cube is trash but their artists are never
‘oh! My relative, Guanlin, works there. I’m here to collect blackmail to send to Seonho.’
• my Cube babies :”)
• Lai Guanlin? The opposite of ‘flower boy’? 
oh well
• Our Two Lips is early to celebrate Christmas, the place is already decked out with fake snow, Christmas lights and a hella lot of mistletoe
• all the flower boys now boast Santa hats
• well, some have Poinsettia flower crowns
• Guanlin literally goes tomato red when he sees his cousin
• he’s all over her Snapchat story
• from a mile away in the Yoo house, you can hear Seonho’s evil laughter cackling
‘I’m done.’ Guanlin says, tossing his mile of menus to someone else and taking a tray of empty plates from their hands
• oh look who it is
• your jaw falls open, and immediately, you feel redness creep up your neck and guilt root in your stomach
• the man you had been desperately trying to evade
• Ong Seongwoo
• and his perfect constellation moles
• to hell with him in his crisp work attire and bright red Poinsettia flower crown
• plus, he did his hair up today
• the poinsettia’s are the ones holding his up-do in place
• in fact, the dark shade of his hair makes the flower crown POP
• w o w
• but, to your surprise, there isn’t any huge beaming smile, or jokes falling from his lips
• just a serious, suave, look
• Seongwoo smiles politely and takes the both of you to your seats
• throws a huge fuss when he finds out its Soyeon’s birthday
• if you don’t get the connection, Sungwoon and Jisung spend a lot of time dabbling in dessert and confectionery other than being flower boys
• seen in the other flower boy works ^
• wink wonk check them out via the master list
ʕ ·ᴥ·ʔ
• this Seongwoo is so different from the one you’re used to seeing
• suddenly, you miss his laughter, his smile and his humour
• that small glimpse you had of his personality was enough for you to love it  
‘I’ll be back shortly with your order,’ he says, taking the menus back
• cue wink @ you
• once he’s out of earshot, Soyeon bursts into a fit of giggles
‘I knew it! Everyone was betting whether you two liked each other!’
‘huh? who?’
‘oh you know, Daniel, Lin, HyunA, Jisung, Sungwoon, Jihoon, Yeeun, E’Dawn, Hui, Eun-‘
• your hands fly to cover your reddening ears as Soyeon lists pretty much everyone you know
• it doesn’t take you long to realise that you blurted that out a crowded cafe, loud enough for everyone to hear
• curious stares bore holes into your back and you can feel the embarrassment choking you
Seongwoo belts out, skipping across the room as if it was normal
• out from the speakers blast the Christmas carol
• the speakers were connected to Seongwoo’s phone via Bluetooth
• you’re lucky he invested in Spotify premium as an early Christmas present
‘to: Ong Seongwoo. With love, Ong Seongwoo’
• he is that hoe who pulls that kind of shit
• but yes self love, self appreciation
• pretty much forces everyone to join him in a mini Christmas song karaoke session
• Soyeon gets the video she needs
• Guanlin wants to kill himself so he dabs at the end of every song
• all the diners clap and cheer along like nothing happened
• they love Jaehwan’s high notes
• it takes you a moment to process that Ong Seongwoo, who you tried to hate and avoid
• whose family is in deep shit with yours
• just saved your ass
• albeit it isn’t like he saved you from drowning
• well, drowning in your tears of embarrassment but
• it’s nice of him to try and cover your peculiar behaviour
‘MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!’ Ong shouts, spraying canned fake snow
‘uh, hyung it’s still November.’ Park Woojin reminds softly
‘well Halloween is already over and we can’t exactly celebrate Thanksgiving right now so it’s practically Christmas already,’
• happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate!
• I don’t but I’m thankful for all of you 💓
• Seongwoo wins that mini-debate so it’s declared Christmas starting from 30 November
• remember when he said Merry Christmas in the middle of May? yes, mood
• Soyeon simply snickers once more Christmas songs pour out of the speakers
• Seongwoo arrives with your drinks and you can’t bear to look him in the eye
‘Oh gosh Soyeon,’ he whisper-yells. ‘God doesn’t need snow to make an angel.’
• *points at you*
• I’m sorry I’m sucking the bad Christmas jokes too much
I can’t believe I came up with that? It’s awful
• your face is redder than the Poinsettias or mistletoe decor
• when will he give you a break?
• never
• I love Never so much
‘hey, Y/N,’ he pauses to set your dinner down
‘yeah?’ you already know how it’s going to end
• you like it
• shush, don’t let him know ;)
‘in my eyes, you’re more radiant than an angel.’
• A S D F G H J K L
• that was bad since I made that one up too
• you fight a blush and purse your lips, forcing yourself not to smile
‘I guess you’ll end up on Santa’s naughty list this year,’ you counter-attack
‘wait…I didn’t know you were into that kin-‘
‘because you stole my heart!’  
• cutting off Seongwoo for a good reason
• he nods in approval, high-fiving you
‘nice one.’
• all puns intended
• with a smile on her face, Soyeon shakes her head and quietly chuckles
‘you two are the perfect match. I saw it coming.’
• the only rivalry you’ll allow between you and Seongwoo
• who can make worst puns?
• it’s entertaining to playfully spite him
• puns bring people together
• Seongwoo looked absolutely dashing
• you suddenly love Poinsettias
• and mistletoe
• but that’s for another day ;)
• he’s sweeter than the Christmas stollen you ordered
• he’s stollen your heart for sure
• puns intended
• there’s like 0 way you can hate him now
• your family is going to combust if they knew
• maybe you’re secretly wishing for Seongwoo to appear under your tree this year
• ‘don’t wish for him under the tree, wish for him under the mistletoe!’ Soyeon hisses, winking.
• you love her
• spending time with your best friend at OTL is 12/10, I’m ready for emotional talks over Christmas scented Yankee candles yes
• then
• Seongwoo, Sungwoon, Jisung and pretty much all the other staff make their way to your table
• you can see the glint of Guanlin’s phone as he records the moment of Soyeon’s face going absolutely red when they start singing ‘happy birthday’ to her
she’s a girl crush okay, what is my sexuality anymore
• the cake that Sungwoon and Jisung made is a mini log cake
• those with little reindeer and sleds pinned on the top too
‘Soyeon, I have locked you in my memory!’
• you don’t need to look to know it’s Park Jihoon and his catchphrases
‘ahhh, no. That’s now how you do it,’ Seongwoo protests
• Jihoon pouts. ‘Okay, show me hyung.’
• ‘Y/N,’

• N O. N O
‘You have the key to UNLOG unlock my heart!’ He does an ‘unlocking door’ gesture
• you can’t contain your giggles and neither can the rest of your friends.
• awwwww Seongwoo is really something else
• maybe he’s your gift this Christmas
• the sweetest, cheekiest, cutest gift ever
• you really wouldn’t have it any other way
‘Seongwoo,’ you call, just before you’re about to leave.
• he perks up, a faint pink rushing to his cheeks. ‘yes?’
‘maybe…you can give me your number and we can go out more this holiday.’
• his eyes go wide and his mouth falls open a little, shocked
• ‘u-uh..sure!’
• he NEVER stutters
‘I’ll see you around then!’ he yells as you walk out of the shop
• outside, there’s a thin layer of snow coating the ground
• snow falls
• and you’ve fallen for the Ong boy wearing a Poinsettia flower crown
• looks like you’ve got a secret to keep this Christmas
• and Santa has one wish off your list

The Christmas Prince (A Whoever You Want to Read With One-Shot)

        You two had made a deal.

         Shook hands and all, very solemn looks on your faces, promising one another a very simple thing.

         No gift exchanging on Christmas day.

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I am so beyond grateful to be a part of this awesome community. Thank you for caring about my art. Thank you for caring about me. I have such a blast with you all every day, my life wouldn’t be nearly as exciting or fun without you!

I have made such incredible friends in these past 5 months, so excuse me while I write a few essays under the cut here to thank them each specifically <3
(P.s. this art also goes out to the anon who requested Hinata in 6B for the expression challenge! I love how well this worked out!!! :D)

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anonymous asked:

HC for how the first year crows (Yachi too if you're game) would react to a girl that they are interested in asking THEM out for a date? ohoho

mori: CUTE LOL of course i’ll include yachi she’ll probably faint tho jk


  1. This girl is probably someone he admires in class or probably saw her do something really cool for her club activities and just always compliments her on it
  2. At first, he wouldn’t really call it a crush yet - he’d probably just think you were super cute and cool!
  3. But once he catches himself always looking over at you to see what you were doing or going out of his way to catch you to say hi, he thought that maybe asking you out would be nice
  4. But he’d probably be waaay too scared or nervous to do it, or that you were way outta his league, so decided to admire from afar
  5. I mean, of course you notice Hinata taking an interest in you, he didn’t try to hide it really well. You were actually waiting for him to make the first move. It wasn’t until Yachi told you that he’s not really good with this kind of stuff that you had to take the lead
  6. You figured catching him after volleyball practice would be a good time to do this - he was probably really happy, with all the adrenaline and endorphins flowing
  7. You asked him out on a simple dinner date and you took his red face, wide eyes, and the slow head nod as a yes


  1. Says he has no time for girls, so he wouldn’t actively be looking in the class or around him who was cute or who he took interest in - you would have to really catch his eye if you wanted him to notice you
  2. Once you did catch his eye, he couldn’t take his mind off of you
  3. Kageyama is the type to always think about the things he likes - normally, it’s just volleyball, milk, and food on his mind (in that order), but once you got thrown into the mix, he started getting head aches
  4. He literally has no idea what to do when he likes someone. When you say hi to him, he kind of just stands there and wave, watching you walk away. Plus, he doesn’t want to be a burden and waste your time when he knows girls don’t like it when guys are always so focused on volleyball (the one thing he learned from Oikawa)
  5. When you catch him to ask if he wanted to hang out, he first said no, making up some excuse that he was busy, but really he was just mentally unprepared for it all and panicked
  6. Tsukishima and Hinata called him an idiot
  7. He had to chase after you and apologize before asking to reschedule that date, because in all honesty, he would love to join you


  1. It’s not that Tsukishima doesn’t have time for girls, it’s more like he chooses to not have time for them - basically, he doesn’t want a girl who will waste his time
  2. Like Kageyama, you would have to catch his eye if you wanted him to notice you.
  3. Once he does, he finds himself talking to you, teasing you, overall interacting with you a lot more. He’ll especially take an interest if you reply back to him with equally witty remarks
  4. Refuses to admit that he likes you, like literally just avoids the question when someone asks him, but he knows that he can’t avoid the inevitable. So maybe he’ll ask you out. Some day. No rush, or anything
  5. When you ask him on a date to a music festival, he’s honestly so offended that you asked him first. That hurts a teenage boy’s pride - do girls not believe in chivalry anymore?
  6. But when you snapped back to him about how chivalry was dead or that you simply didn’t care and that you were going to ask some other cute boy, he cursed to himself and finally caved in
  7. Hinata called him soft


  1. Always stares at you in class and plays cute little scenarios in her head. She always wonders what you like to eat, what you do on your free time, what stationary you use, etc
  2. Can’t stop giving you googly eyes
  3. She even draws cute little doodles with your initials and cartoon versions of the two of you doing cute things like walking in the park and holding hands
  4. Cannot speak words when you’re within like three feet of her. She gets all sweaty and pink and stutters all her words. You’re just so pretty….!
  5. When you finally approach her, you decided to play a little game with her and kabe don-ed her to the wall. Poor girl almost died
  6. When you simply just asked her out on a date, she was too afraid to say no, so she said yes right away. Not that she wanted to say no, but in her panic state, a ‘no’ might have accidentally slipped out
  7. Her smile lights up the room the entire day and she can’t sleep soundly until the date actually happens


  1. Probably would do the same cute shit like Yachi - stares at you with sparkly, cute eyes, doodles in class, etc etc. 
  2. Would not take the initiative on anything because he still has the insecurity that any girl that talks to him only wants to get with Tsukishima.
  3. But you’ve been reassuring him that it’s not the case when you sit by him, make small talk, and laugh at his jokes. Yamaguchi’s starting to think that this is one of those high school rom com scenarios where the cute girl falls in love with a nerd like him
  4. “Yamaguchi, I’ve never noticed your freckles before! They’re like… stars!” The blush on your cheeks when you said that was when he knew you had to like him, too, and he fell for you even harder
  5. Asking you out was just way too risky and scary! Yamaguchi never did well with rejection
  6. He actually thanked the heavens that you had been the one to ask because at least that way he knew for sure that you liked him. Plus, your reaction to when he said yes was just too cute
  7. Like Yachi, probably can’t sleep well until the date finally happens

Just couple quick drawings I did at work to cool down, so excuse the imperfections. (Tough I cheated a little, had to “fix” McCree’s nose on comp, I couldn’t stand it… >__>; )
Actually 2 separate papers, but scanned them as one (+edit) and it looks like it worked out. Drawing with colored pen was fun, now I kinda wish Hanzo was also colored. :D 

And sorry it is sad Hanzo again. >/////<; I honestly should draw him smiling for once, this is like third in a row (for me irl) that is sad… Asdf. 

Yay for not using a single reference?!? xD lol.


another character from the post-apocalyptic fantasy story!

this is Minho, he’s sort of royalty. as close as you can get to royalty in a post-apocalyptic world where no one cares about rules…

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NCT U - Request Part 1

Pretty straightforward so I’ll get started now^^ 


I think Taeil would be the most guilty, not that any of the members wouldn’t feel guilty, it’s just Taeil’s personality would make it hard to reject you or anyone. You two would be very close until you accidentally muttered “I can’t believe I actually like you” and Taeil heard it, shocking the both of you. You would be madly blushing until you asked him if he heard what you said as he would answer honestly, yes. You would be asking him for an answer since you accidentally said it and he would probably struggle to get the words out until finally he said the truth. 

“I-I… I’m sorry. I don’t feel the same way…” he would softly say, looking at your face to see if you were okay. Of course, you would have a pained expression throughout the disaster of a situation but you would try to play it cool after that to ease the awkward tension. 


Honestly, I would understand if everyone liked Taeyong tbh, eyecandy kind of guy. But anyway, I think Taeyong would be the most harsh because he isn’t sure what to do in this situation but be the coolest after rejecting you. You would be writing down your confession on a sticky note, not even noticing his figure behind you as he read the whole thing. He would tap your back, scaring you, shocked when you see it was Taeyong. Of course, you would utter in a small voice your confession since you saw the face Taeyong made when he tapped you after reading your note that you were writing. He wouldn’t hesitate to say it, not because he didn’t care, but because he didn’t want to lie to you, he honestly cares about you in a different light. 

“I’m sorry, Y/N. I don’t like you back.” he would say clear and firm, making you almost break from his words, you would be standing there in complete embarrassment but soon after, he would give you a hug. 

“There’s so many people out there that are better than me Y/N… I wish I really did feel the same way because you’re a great best friend but I really don’t want it to change from that, find someone who can you treat you better than I would.” Taeyong would whisper, causing you to be in tears from his touching words and also the sadness in rejection. 


This guy would be the funny, handsome, smart, and talented kid, there’s alot of people who already like him. When Doyoung found out you liked him, you would probably be someone who did not find out. He would panic so much he made the worst decision possible, saying that he “likes” this other girl. He wants you to move on from him because he only sees you as a little sister, he doesn’t want to break your heart either while he also doesn’t feel the same. He would walk up to you slowly and you would be casually talking to him until he says something like, 

“Y/N-ah, I found someone I like. It’s _______.” and you would be shocked and even more sad, tears threatening to fall from your eyes, excusing yourself really quick, but congratulating them first. Of course, you’ll understand Doyoung’s decision of liking a girl but it never meant that you couldn’t feel something when he told you that. 

(this gif though rip)


So, Ten is mainly that nice guy, you developed feelings him over a long period of time of being friends with Ten. You wouldn’t notice how obvious you were with having a crush on Ten until he finally found out through a few writings you had that were attempts to confess to him. He would be the kindest to you when he tells you that he didn’t like you back, honest that he found out that you liked him. You would be trying to make awkward excuses until he finally told you that he didn’t like you back. Of course, there’s always tears to rejection over love so he would pat your back sadly and tell you that there’s a variety of better people than him and that he’ll stay with you to support you. 


I would say that you were drawing a portrait of Jaehyun (let’s pretend to be artists here lol) and you wrote your confession on it. When you see Jaehyun coming by, you were too late when you dropped your little paper with Jaehyun’s drawing and confession on it as he picked it up and read it, shocked. Guilty as any guy who’s best friend was a girl, he would definitely be honest with you to saying that he didn’t like you back but comfort you the best he could. I feel like he would act extra cute just for the sake of getting you to laugh and feel better because you knew he wasn’t the typical “cute guy” if you were to put it into words.


“I’m sorry….” Jaehyun would say, not wanting to say the whole rejection. 

“O-oh… It’s alright–” 

“I’M SO SORRY!” Jaehyun would probably yell, giving you a tight hug in pure sorrow, he would be saying so much words scrambled that no one could understand what he was saying but it would cause you to smile as you would pat him on the back, telling him it was okay instead. Tbh, he might even cry too lol


So, as a pretty young guy, (funny, because I’m younger) Mark would not be sure how to let you down when he finds out. When he does get to the point where you’re going to confess to him soon, he would have to say this before anything happens. He would probably staring down the whole time in awkwardness, not being able to handle this situation himself. You would be staring at him curiously as he was just standing there when he called you out for about five minutes until he took a deep breath in and said it. 

“Y/N-ah… I know you like me… But, is it bad that I want us to be like we are now…? F-friends..?” he would say, proud that he didn’t even stutter, soft in words. Shocked that he found out, you would be one to hide your devastation and pain. You would nod with a smile as you would ruffle his hair. 

“No, it’s okay. It’s nice being friends, you didn’t have to get all nervous about it, you can always say anything and I’d understand.” you would probably say, smiling. He would have his eyebrows furrowed as he would put both hands on your shoulders. 

“Stop hiding that your sad, Y/N. It’s okay to cry–” 

You would be sobbing and crying in front of him, shocking him as he would give a small smile to how comfortably your cried in front of him as he would give you a hug, patting your back as you let your tears flow sadly. 

“I’m sorry you like me, I’m such a bad person now, huh? How can you still even be my friend…” Mark would utter sadly, continuing to pat your back. 

“I’m still your friend because there’s still a side there that cares about you like a friend would, don’t say that.” you would mutter softly, continuing to cry as Mark would just keep comforting you. 

A/N: Hope you enjoyed^^