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I may surprise you, pixie boots. 

WtNV Sick Fic Rec

I will start to put together fic recs for different Welcome to Night Vale fanfiction. I am often being asked to reccomend fics so I felt the time has come and I have read more than enough to do multiple themes. ALL OF THESE ARE CECILOS UNLESS SPECIFIED OTHERWISE.

This is the first theme. There are so many more amazing fics, but the list can’t go on forever so without further ado:

Asymmetric by messyfeathers

Cecil uses his voice. Carlos uses his actions. It feels unbalanced, but maybe it doesn’t have to be perfect to be love.

I Cannot See Your Smiling God by DeathPalmNut

Literally the best thing ever. Post-Old Oak Doors and Post-Strex Kevin. Cecil/Kevin/Carlos. Carlos finds Kevin in the desert while searching for a way home. He and Cecil help Kevin rediscover who he used to be. REALLY FLUFFY, REALLY LOVELY. There is also a sequel.

A Scientist Is Usually Fine by Sorida

It really was only a matter of time until one of them got sick. Somewhere in the back of his mind, Carlos knew it would be him. He’d really meant to prepare Cecil for it but there was always science to do and well, actually walking Cecil through taking care of a sick Carlos just wasn’t at the top of the list…

A Radio Host Is Unusually Tenacious by Sorida (Sequel to the above fic)

It had already happened to Carlos, so Cecil really should have seen it coming. But then he was out reporting on the sudden torrential downpour and it was nearing Night Vale’s cooler season and honestly, Carlos was so cute when he was doing science that Cecil didn’t want to bother him with something so insignificant…

Far Too Literal by NebulousMistress (not yet finished)

Carlos should have gotten his flu shot this year. Well, at least it wasn’t chicken flu.

When your boyfriends are sick… by Preussen

Carlos must take care of Kevin and Cecil when they both get sick

It Could Only Be Cecil by Ynnealay

Cecil is sick, and with a lack of living interns, Carlos has to fill in for him. Announcements from the Night Vale Medical Community, a town-wide clothing drive, and the fact that Carlos can’t stop talking about his boyfriend on air.

Sick of Body Not of Heart by Pappels (SabakuNoKel)

Carlos is sick. Good thing Cecil is there to take care of him

Aware by ZiGraves

Carlos experiences one of Night Vale’s charming local viral infections.

Immunity (or, Caring for your Sniffling Scientist) by juxtapose

Carlos is immune to most weird happenings in Night Vale, except for when he isn’t.

Something Sweet by messyfeathers

Cecil has his bad days, but thankfully Carlos has a few highly scientific remedies for that (after all, prepared is the fourth thing a scientist is!)

In Sickness and in Health (tentacles not optional) by Xparrot

Carlos knew something was amiss when he woke up on the mattress, rather than entangled in a mass of tentacles.

Desert Heat Fever by sherloki369

Cecil is ill, and Carlos comes over to look after him. (Short fic to make me feel better about having my own cold.)

Feverish Broadcasting by Jathis (NSFW+CECEARLOS)

Cecil has a fever but insists on doing his job anyway.

Fever Dreams by Jathis (NSFW+CECEARLOS)

Cecil is sick and his lovers have to take care of him.

An Ill-Timed Discovery by Louffox

Based on the comic by @blobcecil 
Cecil is slammed by an awful bout of the flu. So sick, he can’t work, he can’t cook, he can’t make tea, he can hardly even move, let alone pull on his human shape.
Enter Carlos, caring and worried and oblivious boyfriend…

The (lack of) Voice of Night Vale by Rivalshipping_Archive (rivalshipping)

no but what if progressively cecil’s voice goes hoarse and scratchy from an achy throat but he bravely soldiers on until one day carlos turns on the radio and it’s dana filling in because cecil’s home sick — the poor guy lost his voice and since his voice is his livelihood and his pride and joy you can imagine how miserable he’d be. carlos can imagine it too so he takes a day off science to bring cecil soup and kisses and hold him while the poor guy curls up kittenlike against carlos in mute misery

Crying Out In The Wilderness by Cephy (HOMESICKNESS BUT THIS ONE IS SO GOOD)

After the events of “Old Oak Doors”, Carlos is lost in a desert otherworld. This is the story of how he finds his way home.

One Imperfect Weekend by SuperKat

Carlos prepares for the perfect weekend, but his plan backfires spectacularly. The week is, scientifically speaking, godawful. The weekend is somehow worse.

Missed flu jab by Spacey Whales (Hetty_Mouse) (MAUREEN/MICHELLE)

Michelle comes down with the flu.

In Sickness & In Health by doodlegirll (MARCUS/JAKE)

Even angels get sick. Luckily Marcus has Jake to help take care of him.

Batman 1000 Sale: What to Buy for Cassandra Cain

It’s happened. A year and a half since I started making these posts, DC has finally put on a sale that not just features Cassandra Cain is actually making a point of putting every single issue of her 73-issue solo series as part of the sale.

This is honestly a fantastic and wonderful thing, something I have been hoping for now for a long time and is a great way to set the excitement and atmosphere for her (hopefully) triumphant return.

I am elated.

So there’s that and so much more with Cass in this sale that I really must excitedly point you in the direction of some comic rec lists I’ve done in the past for buying Cass comics on a budget, considering that the point of these particular lists are just to feature every appearance Cass has in the sale.

So if you’re interested in conserving with your wallet, please check out the following lists I’ve done:

[The Cassandra Cain Dichotomous Key] [Cass + Tim Readings] [Rena’s Favorite Cassandra Recs] [Rena’s BatFam Rec Masterpost] [Rena’s Subject-to-Change Top 10 Cass Issues]

Also keep in mind, Cass’ appearances in the Robin: Wanted storyline also happen to be on sale, however this is disregarded by fans in large swaths due to it being incredibly out of character, out of voice, and really was just an excuse to make Cass a Robin villain for no good reason. Unless you are a completionist, please don’t give money to this arc [Robin (1993-2009) #148-151 or 161-162]

That being said, let’s get to listing : ) 

Batgirl (2000-2006) #1-73

Cassandra’s solo series starred her for 73 issues (plus an annual and Secret Files that are not yet available through comixology) and is the ultimate source of Cass reading. I’ve talked about this series in detail on both this and my renaramblesaboutcomics blog rather extensively. There are few issues I don’t positively love of this series, but you should go in feeling pretty informed. The series is divided up (mostly) by its three head writers – for the first 37 issues that would be Kelley Puckett, then Dylan Horrocks until #57, then finishing us off is Andersen Gabrych. It’s a pretty fantastic series through and through that should be the source of your Cass Cain reading~

Batman: Gates of Gotham (2011) #1-5

Cass’ triumphant return to Gotham after years of being benched in the preboot universe. It’s a great story featuring the Wayne family of the time minus Bruce – Dick, Cass, Damian and Tim all must unite together to save Gotham and the Wayne family name from a threat only known as the Architect.

Nightwing (1996-2009) #81, 98

#81 is in the middle of the storyline “Venn Diagram”, and is honestly one of the best guest appearances Cass has in other comics period. It’s full of BatFamily moments, Cass fighting Deathstroke, and some great sibling interaction between Dick & Cass
#98 is… not so fun. Not a high rec, but an appearance all the same. This is a War Games tie-in featuring Tarantula, be warned.

Robin (1996-2009) #70, 73, 86, 88, 98, 119, 127, 128, 132, 133, 148-151**, 161-162**

This is the good, the bad, and the ugly, folks.
#70, 73 are No Man’s Land tie-ins and Cass’ first interactions with Tim. The first is a small cameo and the second is a full issue that has a lot of merit if you’re interested in the friendship that grows between the two over the years.
#86 is Officer Down tie-in where Cass and Tim help the rest of the Bat Family track down the shooter of Jim Gordon
#88 Cass and Stephanie meet for the first time, though not on such spectacular terms as Bruce begins training Steph. This is important to the development of their friendship and is how Cass learns Stephanie’s name
#98 Cass and Steph meet again, though the tides have changed – another fairly big development before we see their friendship grow in Cass’ own solo series
#119 Tim suspects someone betrays Batman in the future and decides to tail Cassandra to see if it’s her. Cass makes a game of it.
#127-128 While Stephanie takes over being Robin, Cass shows up to be a sounding board for Tim and to protect him from an assassin. [Warning: these do feature Bruce manipulating and firing Steph for ??? idk setting up War Games]
#132, 133 Part of Robin/Batgirl: Fresh Blood see below
#148-151, 161-162 Adam Beechen Recommended Skip

Robin/Batgirl: Fresh Blood [Batgirl (2000-2006) #58-59, Robin (1993-2009) #132-133]

A fun crossover from when Tim and Cass took over Blüdhaven in Dick’s absence. It’s honestly one of my favorite comic storylines and I highly recommend it to people interested in either Tim or Cass

Batman (1940-2011) #600, 605, 607, 631, 632, 633, 635, 683, 686

#600, 605 are part of the Bruce Wayne: Murderer?/Fugitive storyline that’s fairly lackluster, but I actually enjoy both of these issues a fair amount and there’s great stuff to dig into from a character perspective if you’re curious
#607 is not a big Cass feature but an interesting follow up to the precious storyline
#631, 632, 533 are War Games tie-ins
#635 Cass has a minor cameo on one panel
#683 Cass has a minor silhouette cameo in one panel
#686 Cass has a minor cameo on one page and it looks like she is on the villain’s side of the funeral which is… not a good thing. Or even understandable

Superman/Batman (2003-2011) #5

THIS IS THE FIRST ISSUE I EVER READ WITH CASS IN IT. I love this comic so much it hurts. I adore this comic. I am a loser for this silly, fun, action filled amazing comic where the Super and Bat Families are in full stock and running around making puns while they attack the White House. This is fun. It’s hysterical. It’s completely stupid. I love it.

I hope this list is helpful to some of you out there curious about what to buy for more Cassandra Cain : )