honestly I love Armin telling off Amber

Going to a different subject on Episode 37, I wanted to bring up one line I didn’t mention in my odd lines post for a very specific reason: It’s actually exclusive to Armin’s route. And that line I am talking about is this one–which is how your Candy responds to Armin’s comeback if she’s dating him:

Candy: (What has gotten into him? Why is he getting involved in Amber’s instigations?)
Candy: (Still feeling stared at, I slouched into my shoulders looking straight at the desk in front of me.)

This is the response on every other route:

Candy: (Haha, that was well deserved. Amber closed her mouth and frowned in her corner of the classroom.)

He’s… repeatedly had moments where he’s shot back at Amber. I mean, he’s the one who went to her house:

We have this moment from Episode 28:


From Episode 21:

And honestly, from one of my favorite Manga scenes in Book 4 as well: