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Faking It

Summary: Dean x reader, in a game of Never Have I Ever, Dean finds out that the reader fakes orgasms. He then sets out to prove that she won’t have to fake anything with him.

Word Count: 3,250ish

Warnings: So much smut

A/N: So, another sexy ask got away from me, and turned into 3,250 words of smut. I’m not even sorry. Writing this got me all hot and bothered. It’s been a while since that happened.

“Never have I ever…” Dean stopped and thought for a moment, and you giggled.

“You can’t think of anything you haven’t done?” you teased.

Sam snorted and rolled his eyes. “Of course he can’t.”

Dean looked offended, and Cas leaned over and whispered something in Sam’s ear. The younger Winchester’s face turned red at words that sounded a lot like “demon blood” to you, but that couldn’t be right, could it? You’d just had too much to drink.

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Brightyn Brems
Hallelujah (2015/2016)
Choreographer Unknown

this is just a psa bc i. honestly ship stan with everyone, he doesnt care honestly, if you are a person who pays him even a lick of attention he will want to kiss you. even if you ignore him. he wants to kiss people, he wants to kiss everyone.

Ok please imagine the 10th generation  guardians in a college lecture led by Skull. So of course no one is paying attention

You have Tsuna, who honestly tried to pay attention but just ends up messing around on the internet

Then you have Hibari sleeping, like straight up knocked the fuck out and not even trying to hide it

Then you have gokudera who is all like “This class is just a gen-ed requirement, its not in my major” and he just fucking takes out his linear algebra textbook and a calculator and starts doing a shit ton of math

Then you have Yamamoto photoshopping his face onto a bunch of different ppl like. He photoshops his face onto a person who went to a Bernie Sanders rally and is all like “I can’t believe I saw Sanders.” and Tsuna has to remind him they’re in fucking japan

Then you have Lambo who’s playing games, and he yells in frustration whenever he messes up or dies

Mukuro and Chrome are just in the back chillin, watching movies on their laptops


anonymous asked:

How would you describe jongtae's dynamic? Do you think taemin likes jonghyun as much as jonghyun likes him?

yes?? i absolutely do think taemin likes jonghyun as much as vice versa lmao. people who imply he doesnt just Honestly arent paying attention to the two of them. and then theres the antis who just want to find ways to prove friendships Aren’t Real and are just Forced Images They’re Putting On For The Camera. which w that logic u could say no two ppl in shinee are True Friends lmao. they have been friends for ten entire years. its not some thing sm tries to push as ive seen some ppl claim. 

the justification that a lot of people use when they say taemin doesnt like jonghyun seems to rest on the fact that jonghyun tends to be more physically demonstrative of his affection than taemin. hes rly touchy nd he clings on and in an industry focused on what goes on in front of the camera, ppl latch onto that.

but!! just bc someone isnt as physical with their affections doesnt mean that they dont like that person just as much?? there are many ways to show your affection and theyre all valid. heres taemin saying he worries about jonghyun. heres him saying that ‘its hard to hate jonghyun’ which holy shit is an affectionate thing to say if ive ever heard. taemin talking about jonghyuns poetry skills in a familiar way. taemin going Out of His Way to get a song from jonghyun. taemin talking about how often they talk and discuss music together. this is a familiar ass thing to say if ive ever heard lmao. here he is!! talking v in depth about his relationship w jjong!! saying that they’re very close!! i want to include this bc its super cute (and ppl constantly accuse jonghyun of being Annoyingly Touchy and heres taemin doing the same thing to be playful). heres a whole collection of taemin quotes about jonghyun.

not that it matters if he Wasnt, but there are definitely times when taemin is also physically affectionate?? ppl act like its just jonghyun pushing onto him all the time but its Literally not. taemin acts affectionate to jonghyun All The Time. these are just some examples. and some more. its almost like taemin also wants to be around jonghyun. amazing huh.

their dynamic is v interesting and complex, bc they share a lot of basic similarities (such as being introverted) but they also differ in a lot of ways. their means of emotional expression is one of them. they obviously feel super super comfortable with each other as theyve said they can spend the entire night up just talking to each other. there is a lot of mutual respect involved, enough to seek support nd help during each others solos. but also lots of affection!! and playfulness!! and the ability to have Serious Discussion about topics that are important to them, like music or talk about other aspects of their personal lives together. and heres jonghyun explaining it better than i can. like jonghyun says, its a Mutual Friendship where they stand on equal grounds, not one where jonghyun sees himself as a big brother who has to mentor taemin. 

frontier001  asked:

Thank you for being a reasonable adult and in spite of legitimate concerns over Hillary, recognizing the greater threat that is Trump. I'm so scared that the Bernie or Bust types are going to enable Trump to get elected by protest voting. I'm only 31 but I do remember Florida 2000 and what Nader did and I'm petrified it's going to happen again. Trump is the greatest threat I can imagine and how some can't see that scares me. So thank you for saying what you're saying lately.

At the moment, the Bernie or Bust folks are pissed, and hurt, and frustrated, and feel disempowered. That’s all totally okay and completely understandable. Give them time to work through the stages of grief, and hopefully enough of them will agree that Trump and the movement he leads and represents is a clear and serious threat to our entire country, but especially to the people that Bernie Sanders and all of us who support him. 

Listen, folks: we did what we could, and we got a lot done. We moved Clinton to the left in meaningful ways that she can’t abandon. We have the most progressive party platform in history. We can’t just take our ball and go home, now. If we do that, and we let Trump and Pence and the nationalists he leads into the White House, we will be fucked for a generation.

I hear people who are my age and a little older say, “yeah, they’ve been telling us that forever. It’s always about the lesser of two evils and we’re just perpetuating that.”

Okay, I hear that. This is sort of like the DARE program: they lie to you about everything, and they tell you that pot and heroin are the same thing. So you try pot and it isn’t that bad, and now they’ve lost all credibility. But the problem with that? They were telling you the truth about heroin.

Donald Trump is heroin.

In the past, maybe we were essentially choosing between two sides of a shitty coin. Okay, I can see that. I do not see how anyone who is honestly paying attention to this election can suggest with any credibility that Clinton and Trump are two sides of the same coin.

This is a serious thing. This isn’t like “my team is out of the playoffs so I’m not going to pay attention.” This isn’t a game. This is about something bigger than all of us.

I thought Hillary Clinton gave a terrific speech at the convention. She said just about everything I wanted to hear. She loudly and unambiguously took positions that are important to me, and she made me feel that, even though there are some things I don’t agree with, she’s going to be a responsible and competent president.

We still need to work hard to elect the most progressive Congress we can, which is something we’d have to do even if Bernie was our candidate and president. We still have to work hard! This is not the time we give up and pout and glare at the wall.

So be upset now. Yes. It sucks that we all worked so hard, and the DNC is shitty, and we did everything we could and it wasn’t enough, but that’s what happens sometimes. 

If you’ve followed me for the last year, you know how passionate I am about Bernie Sanders and progressive politics, so I hope you understand and believe me when I do not say this lightly: Give Hillary Clinton a chance to make her case to you, and also listen to Donald Trump and Mike Pence when they make their case to you. Remember the passion and excitement we had for Bernie Sanders, and listen to both campaigns, and I believe that you’ll agree with me that our choice is clear and isn’t difficult: Hillary Clinton should be our next president.

i’ve wanted to say for a long time, i’m so endeared by even’s little things?? like when he listens to someone, he really looks at them and really listens, and when he laughs, he does this thing like he moves a tiny bit closer, once again looking straight at a person and laughing with them, always including the ones he communicates with at the moment, always showing that he wants you to laugh with him, always showing that he listens and he’s there, not just present, it’s honestly amazing, even is the kind of person who pays attention

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hi! im new to the marvel fandom and im wondering who the well known artists and fic writers in the fandom are? thank you!

jeez, idk if I’m qualified to rec you the right people tbh

  • MCU artists off the top of my head (I guess if I remember them they must be famous/happening a lot on my dash): captainshroom, orcawardseal, notallbeesinediblesushi, bluandorange, petite-madame, geothebio, beardysteve (sorry to anyone I forgot, there are TONS of good mcu artists, nonnieeeeeeeeee ;u;)
  • MCU ff writers, again off the top of my head: ohcaptainmycaptain1918, boopboopbi, buckmebxrnes, and…. wow these are the only authors I can give you…. I’m good at remembering fic titles but I am honestly terrible at paying attention to who the authors are, let alone remember them……………………….
  • honestly go ask more qualified mcu bloggers like scottlanq or steviebucks or uncensoredsideblog
  • you’re…… welcome…………..(•_•)


Guys Got7 has a HUGE opportunity right now to show that kpop really is a big deal.

Billboard charts all music but honestly, they don’t pay much attention to anyone who isn’t from an English speaking country and it’s highly possible that they fudge numbers to keep what they don’t consider mainstream American music off of their charts.

For the past 279 weeks Justin Bieber has been the number 1 most Twitter social artist on the Social 50 chart according to Billboard’s analytics, that’s over 5 years.

This past chart however Got7 flew up from 39, where they weren’t even listed as Got7 but as JJProject, to number 2. This is a really big deal in the music industry!! Placing high on these charts turns a lot of heads.

The next chart should come out on Saturday so in order to try to push Got7 into number one we need to tweet them, like tweets, and help them gain as many followers as possible in the mean time!!!

Help Got7 show the industry what kpop can do! Even if they aren’t your favorite group, this is for the greater good!

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if zayn knew he tweeted that that'd be shitty as hell so I hope that that's not the case bc it proves how much of a dick naughty boy is and how he really doesn't have zayn's best interests at heart. how in the world would zayn be ok with naughty boy dropping a demo, no matter how unfinished or not even a big deal it is, to blatantly spite fans of a band that he's been a part of for 5 years. the media is already pitting him against 1d with the solo thing and now naughty boy too? it's fucked

it’s TRUE that this whole situation is messy and ppl will hate me 4 sayin this lol but imo this includes louis tweeting naughty boy AND nb’s replies lmao like it was fun while it was going on and it felt good to see nb get shut down but the reality is that zayn is friends with shahid and louis knows this/knows that zayn records with him and louis knew shahid would retaliate. and honestly louis tweeting about that shit is what brought all the attention to it cuz honestly who the fuck pays attention to shahid’s fukin dumbass tweets? and now the media is all over that shit….

and i’m gonna go off subject a bit cuz LOL WHAT’S NEW

but ppl are talking about how zayn is betraying 1d because “HOW COULD HE WANT TO LIVE THE LIFE OF A NORMAL 22 YEAR OLD AND THEN DO THIS ?!?!” but this shit was recorded months ago like he was always in the studio with nb so why are ppl shocked that they were actually recording things…? but anyway. zayn recording with his family and friends and going at his own pace and doing things how he wants to do them/recording the music he’s always wanted to record and not being on a schedule and not having to wake up early every day or leave home or constantly perform and NOT HAVE TO RECORD A NEW 1D ALBUM WHILE BEING ON THE ROAD AGAIN …likeee these are the things i think zayn wants to be allowed to do, the things that make him happy. which obvs he couldn’t do if he was forced to stay in 1d. and nothing of what he is doing rn disproves his problems with anxiety and whatnot yet ppl are acting like he was just faking that too.

so yea lots of ppl are assuming that zayn was just lying to us and the boys hate each other/there’s this bad blood and zayn is out stompin on their hearts or something but

idk i guess it’s just gonna come to the point where ppl are with zayn or they aren’t. I’M WITH ZAYN OBVS and i’m gona support him and his future cuz i genuinely believe he did what’s best for him and what he wants to do.

he’s doing what makes him happy. being in 1d wasn’t making him happy. last week everyone was saying “ZAYN’S HAPPINESS IS ALL THAT MATTERS” but now that he’s on the path to do that nobody cares anymore and he’s horrible apparently ?? ok

edit / and also for those of us who were scared we wouldn’t hear zayn’s voice for months likeee , disregarding how this was posted, it’s very comforting to hear it and hear zayn and sigh i love him so much and his voice is so beautiful

So there’s this guy I met at an LGBT gathering and he asked me my name. And when I said, “Today it’s Alex. I’m feeling in between,” he asked me how it is other days. He asked me how he would be able to tell.

I explained that usually Ally days were obvious because I’d wear makeup or something. Alec days were different, sort of more obviously guyish, but usually I felt like an Alex.

He saw me one day and called me Ally and I was like how did he know? Well I was wearing earrings and skinny jeans and eyeliner.

Today he saw me and called me Alex and I was like. Oh yeah. I am Alex today. And I looked at myself and realized that’s how I’d dressed, and he noted it.

Honestly I feel very thankful for someone like him who pays attention and works hard to validate others. It feels amazing that someone takes time to say hi and figure out what to call you that day.

I need to thank him next time I see him.

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For that ask meme - NurseyDex coffee shop au

1) Dex would be insanely good as a barista even though he’s really shitty at customer service. He’s not the type of person to just let things people say slide (Exhibit A: Nursey) and would honestly lose his temper with a customer, so he’s keeps his mouth shut most of the time. (If Nursey were barista he’d be okay at it,but not great cause he’d spill stuff all the time. But he’d be absolutely dazzling with the people.)

2) Nursey gets the most hipster shit, coffee and tea with no sugar or anything in them, or stuff they don’t even have in yet, and stuff he found on the Internet or something. He’d be notorious for stuff on the secret menu. Dex fucking hates him and whenever he comes in he groans.

3) Dex is working full time at Starbucks. It has flexible hours for him because he’s also a student and working to create his own animation software. He works really hard to pay his way through college and is super tired and stressed half the time. (Later on he and Nursey will just cuddle in bed until he eventually falls asleep. Nursey thinks he should get way more sleep and lets him sleep in to long.)

4)Nursey notices while Dex is making whatever drink he picked that day, the way Dex’s freckles cover all of his skin and how they seem to make a new pattern every time you blink. He likes the way Dex’s hands look and the way his eyes shine and reflect off the lighting in the shop. He writes really sappy poetry about it and performs it on open mic night (he shows up every time and Dex, who always happens to be there, watches. He doesn’t quite realize who the subject is, but it makes his face go hot when he hears it.)

5) They keep that up for like weeks or months until Nursey brings Lardo (they’re best bros in every universe they’re in) along one day “because dude he makes the best hot chocolate you’ll ever have, you’ve gotta try it” and when she sees Dex, she’s like…you’re the one the poetry is about. Nursey freaks out and Dex, who honestly wasn’t paying a lot of attention when she said it is like what??? Chowder, coworker of Dex, DOES hear and is like he likes you!! And Dex is like “doubt it”. This continues for a while until chowder secretly puts Dex’s number on the name of one of Nursey’s cups and Nursey is ECSTATIC. He texts him and dex is like ??? how’d you get this number and Nursey is like the cup and Dex is like that must have been my friend and Nursey is super deflated and is like oh. Sorry. And dex is like but we could keep texting if you want and they hit it off.

Bonus #6:
When they finally get around to going on their first date (they’re both busy and not able to go for a while) Nursey suggests coffee and is MORTIFIED and then dex is like we could after a movie or something, I like coffee.


Stydia AU: Stiles gets into an accident after Lydia gets caught cheating and it causes them to question their entire relationship 

Part 7 of 7: (Part 1)(Part 2(Part 3) (Part 4(Part 5)(Part 6)

She’d isn’t expecting him to just show up at her house that weekend…but she isn’t exactly mad about it either.  

Lydia would be lying if said she wasn’t kind of happy to see him. Avoiding him has literally been like torture, but she wasn’t sure what to say…except maybe ‘sorry’. Sorry that she cheated. Sorry that she got caught. Sorry that she ignored all of his phone calls and then he got into that accident.  

Then he tells her, “We need to talk?”

And she’s really sorry he just asked her that question.

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