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There is definitely a massive subset of straight-identified women who are not heterosexual but see sex with women as fun but not to be taken seriously, for whom their attraction to women is not very meaningful to them, etc. I don’t think that is necessarily bad either- obviously many factors come into play there, like not being given the cultural space to explore that attraction as meaningful, homophobia making some people less likely to take the risk of same sex relationships if you don’t have to incur that risk by virtue of it being the only kind of attraction you experience, less social support for you realizing that kind of attraction as meaningful, etc- and that’s the relationship a lot of bi women I know have to men actually, plus you’re not obligated to only have sex within romantic contexts and I think the idea that that kind of sex is always better is silly. I will tell you that if you’re a gay or bi woman and someone who considers herself straight (not questioning, not curious, or any other number of terms that indicate she’s exploring an important part of herself) asks you out, you run the other way because they identify that way for a reason, and that reason is generally that you don’t matter much to them and they don’t see themselves ever getting to a point where you do matter to them. Call her in a few years if you want but those women often do not treat gay or bi women well at all.

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Dark, you're not yourself when you're hungry. Eat a snickers.

Dark looks at you, bored and disinterested. He gets up from his desk and strides over to you, circling you like a predator circles its prey before it pounces. “I don’t think you fully understand who it is you are attempting to annoy.” He traces the first two fingers of his right hand underneath your chin, tilting your head up a little. “So, I suggest you go away. Now.” There’s a crescendo to the ringing in your ears, and you suddenly find yourself in the middle of the street outside where you have to dodge cars and dive onto the sidewalk to avoid getting run over.

Dark watches you from his window and just smirks.

(Don’t mess with the Emo Boy when he’s bored…)

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favorite nct blogs?

adhfsjfh someone actually asked me  ´ ▽ ` )ノ thank you anonie ~

okay so here goes

@nctinfo & @nct-u for updates and pics of the boys during their rookies days aduhauhf

@1aeil & @taeiloves my fave fave fave taeil stans theyre the best (and sappiest we all are but) taeil stans and i love them with all my heart  ❤ 

@taebreez my closest friend on here (ily june  ♡)
@starrynct possibly the nicest person i ever met (we dont deserve you zen)
@neocity my mom im in charge of hyping her up and i take my job very seriously ily 
@taeyongshi a cute taeyong stan & her textposts *thumbs up* 
@spicypancakedoyoung shes a fave but i still hate her  ♡

@hqleetaeyong SO NICE OKAY and funny like thanks for making me laugh at 2AM 
@taeyonggi soft ty stan pls enjoy her edits and her

and others i really enjoy seeing on my dash 
@2-tae @chokemewinwin @dofawn @taeyounq @1aeyong @grandpa-ty @nakamuto @teewhytrack @taei @taeyongd @incorrect-nct-quotes @taeiljaeh @doyouta @14jae @icetaeil @tybeoji @nctmark @jonginkims @hey-uta, @rookiies, @lqtaeyong, @taeyonghi, @nakasyuta, @dovounq, @lqmarklee @nctaezen

oh yeah lets not forget the legendary blogs @neotechs & @nakamotens

lmao sorry i turned this into a follow forever (its just i might never make one so might as well answer this like this ~) 
appreciate these blogs i love them all 

definitely not here to get into sorting Discourse or whatever but jack is a squib and Bitty’s part veela thank you for your time

Yo nerds

July is gonna be an interesting month for me, why you ask? i need to raise £400 before august. I already have saved alot and ive calculated to reach my goal i need 21 people to commission me a £10 drawing.

Why this insane task? If i can earn this money in time i can get the chance to work with a voice actor/animator and now game designer kirbopher. He essentially is someone who helped mold my art to the style it is today and find myself as an artist.The chance to work side by side with him to add my character into his game as a fully animated boss would be something id cherish forever. Now of course i have to fight thousands of people trying to get the 7 places when that kickstarter opens but i really want to have that chance.

What can you do to help? As stated before i just need 21 people who would be willing to get a commission from me, If you cannot do this but would still like to help me in the long run you can signal boost this to anyone you’d think could help.

My commission info can be seen here: http://starlightsruby.tumblr.com/…/hereeess-an-update-falls…

Thank you so much for reading and i hope to work my hardest this month (also yes i am trying to get a job but the risk of me not getting one before the months over is a scary chance so this is a safe bet)

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How the fuck did you accidentally punch your teacher

okay so like, the school im at is a huge school. not in terms of size but like, its basically every grade packed into a small building and ive been here pretty much all of my life (lowkey awful place tho i am SO glad to b transferring finally) and ever since kindergarten this one teacher would always threaten to send bad kids to the “dungeon”. she would always tell stories about it and, being very young, we were pretty scared of it. She has a tradition where the oldest students, once theyve finally suffered through the hellscape of that school, will get a blindfolded tour of the dungeon on the last day (we arent allowed to tell the younger kids about what its like). I, naturally, was fucking pumped. this is the thing that every kid DREAMS of getting to do and it was finally my year. so we get blindfolded and she loops us through the halls before eventually getting to the entrance (its a REALLY small tunnel, you have to crawl) and it leads into this small, dark room (pitch black with our blindfolds). theres stuff hanging from the ceiling and things covering the floor and walls, but she also gets teachers to reach out and touch you and rattle things and stuff. there would be bowls of stuff like orbees or whatever to be pretend guts and all that jazz and we were constantly bumping into eachother and stuff because of just how small the room is, so naturally some of the people i was with were screaming. I, on the other hand just NEEDED the full experience, so im touching EVERYTHING. at would point i held hands with someone trying to touch my shoulder, and i found a rubber chicken hanging from the roof, but basically im swinging my arms around kind of wildly (the tour is short, i needed to find Everything okay) and on the way out i manage to just slightly branch off from the rest of the group and whip my arms out in front of me trying to touch stuff, and i just happen to sock someone whos standing in front of me (it was a hard hit, i was in a rush). i pretty quickly realized that it was someone supposed to be a “kid”, and as i try to step further i just hear the very out of character and disappointed voice of my teacher saying “your group is that way, ______” and directing me out. and thats why i punched my teacher. 

I’m gonna personally fight every person who hated on Folie a Deux and made Patrick associate it with bad memories, that album was incredible smh

I’ve been living with friends and family, couchsurfing and now traveling for the last 8 months straight and while I do love not being tied down and having lots of options I really miss having a dedicated place of my own. Mostly I miss having a permanent altar, I never feel comfortable setting up long-term altars anywhere I go because it’s not my space. 

I choose to live like this so that I can be flexible and give in to my nomadic side as often as possible but at some point it’s going to feel really good to have my own space again.

Pro-tip:  If you’re a fan of someone’s work, whether it’s gif making, vid making, fic writing, fan art…whatever…tell them.  Tell them because you don’t know what they’re hearing from other people.  Your words of encouragement could save them from completely giving up and walking away from their craft.

• ••icon of Pete Townshend, conceived for the Who blog @the-beat-girl runs.
The project is still open and the main colour can be changed, if you like! •• •
🌟. I decided not to use an image, and tried to do it m'self, so I very much hope you all like it!

s p a r k l e m o t i o n 1987 🌟 2o17 
🌟. standard brush • layers • on digital canvas

make me choose: asked by @jungkooky  fire era jimin or i need u era jimin? >:)


Tom Hiddleston lifting Ladies not so gently with only one arm