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au where jeongguk is a freelance photographer and his specialty is landscape photos. he likes taking them because it’s definitely a lot easier to frame the photo when the subject is something that doesn’t move, plus he has a valid excuse to travel so it’s a win-win situation for him. he first meets park jimin through hoseok at one of their group hikes. he’s not going to lie, jimin is probably one of the most attractive people he has met in his life, but he thinks nothing of it, deciding to concentrate on photographing the lush greenery. at least, he thinks nothing of it until the end of the day when he’s reviewing his photos and realises that 70% of them include jimin in some way.

“what do you mean by you’re the lucky one- i’m the lucky one here!”
“um, no i’m pretty sure i’m the lucky one??”
“can you guys please stop bickering over this it has been like five minutes.”

popgoes! man, i kinda missed this game… i’m kinda sad it’s over, haha

but the last episode has given us some… hints, shall we say. more like little easter eggs, but still. it’s something.

first off, the red and blue distortion on the main menu is actually not mark’s doing; i’ve checked other videos from other channels, and it is just the main menu. that’s not dark’s doing, unfortunately.

also can i just say that mark is fuckin amazing at this game good lord dude i can’t keep up

one thing that stood out to me, though, was what happens when you change your view of the security cameras: there’s a brief flash of static as the channel changes. where else have we seen static recently…?

food for thought, perhaps.

the biggest thing we got from this video, though, is that weird voice towards the end. not only can we hear it, but mark can too. 

that’s pretty concerning if you ask me. what’s interesting, though, is who the voice might belong to. and from what i’ve seen, i’m in agreement with everyone else - based off of the tone of voice, i think it’s wilford. it’s too “peppy” for it to be dark.

on top of all of that, the facecam briefly distorts right after the voice is finished speaking? 

now this is something that we’ve all seen before - that is a very clear indication that dark is either about to show up, or is already there. maybe we should be questioning if we’re even watching mark any more…

leave him alone alksdjksf



I came across a character of @tamak0 that I kinda love tbh, Marly


also hands left me a very deep wound

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For the lightning round, let's mix it up. Janeway x Lorca and Cornwell x Chakotay?

Janeway x Lorca 
A: I love it

Cornwell x Chakotay
C: Not a bad ship

Pixie Ships: Lightning Round edition!

Ahh I just figured out my class schedule for next semester and it’s going to be BALLER! I get to take two costume classes with my favourite prof and I’m taking a psychology class on sexuality with one of my favourite psych profs and I think it’s going to be super interesting. Having said that I might end up dropping it because as much as I’d love to take 4 courses I’m also going to be working 3 jobs on top of helping run a club so I’m not sure I could do all that. We’ll see though! I register for classes on Friday morning so fingers crossed that I get into all of them D’:


Anyway, I think YG and JYP really get along ‘cause that’s a lot of battles man. I think this is probably what everyone’s been waiting for and I honestly would love to skip it 'cause it makes me so nervous lmao You have no idea.

Specially when they started talking about dividing the teams and Seungmin’s condition. However it seems like planning is going well so like, maybe I should worry until the actual battle begins, except I won’t 'cause I’m just a stressed person like that, send help.

Seeing Jongin having no confidence in himself really hurt, he must have lost a lot of confidence after the first two missions, he can’t even look at them in the eye when they make comments about his singing.

The dancing team tho, Felix literally made my mouth open wide with surprise, that was amazing. Also, save Hyunjin please lol. 3racha, just hearing the name makes me excited, I seriously can’t wait for their presentation. Why is BangChan so relatable I’m– He also works so hard omg such a good leader, he was so tired he fell asleep while working ;A;

Can we please skip the moving montages? I’m a soft person, thanks. Actually, now that I think about it, I prefer the montage rather than the evaluation let’s return please. I really like Matryoshka, but it is so funny that they just bow after performing lmao And just as I say this he asks them to change the track and to take Chan out, I’m doomed lol.

Vocal team, the live performance of the melody was really cool, but Jongin… Man I’m worried for him, each chapter he just looks more insecure, weaker, and I feel like he’ll just have a breakdown at some point, I’m worried. The last performance though, it was really cool, I loved how it went from silly to rude, and I’m just glad he didn’t make any of the members leave the dance team.

Finally, D-Day, time to battle against the YG trainees, whom I know nothing about— Am I nervous? Of freaking course I am, YG artists have always been scary in my eyes lmao JYP dissing YG for being late lol Wait a minute… The YG maknae is 4 years younger than me?! This is a scary world, he’s such a baby. Suddenly Jongin is not that young XD

YG enters the scene and suddenly I don’t know what’s going on lmao No one gets their name correctly at first, my poor kids. I know they’re all smiles now but I bet this will get scary very fast. God I’m nervous.

Let’s start, rap team. Man I love the track so much, Matryoshka is really good, and I feel like Jisung and Changbin’s flow was really freaking good this time, they were shining with confidence, also the looks they exchanged between them and with the YG trainees, that was an intense game; the feedback was really good too, so I felt very relieved. Then we have Yedam, he is adorable send help, however he’s really cool when performing and his voice was fantastic, he also gained a lot of confidence during the performance and it was good to see him go to the front; the feedback he got was good too, so I’m glad 'cause he’s a baby and we must protect.

I can’t believe YG actually told them to not perform a title like that because it’s an elimination program, I laughed really hard XD Anyway, I can’t believe they ended it before the second round, this program is freaking 10 episodes only can you not? It really is so weird that they’re making things go so slowly when that program is so short, it almost feels forced to a certain degree, but well. I guess we’ll just have to wait for another week!


You’re too conciderate, but I know what you mean ;) Still, it’s your blog and if you like the pairing, you should enjoy it. Who doesn’t like it can unfollow you or just scroll. You know, it’s pretty funny that you love the pairing, but you really draw it very little.

You are very sweet.

Like I’ve said, I have gotten a bit bolder in drawing the pairing lately, but there’s always a tinge of guilt if I go too overt with it (unless it’s a request. Then I can justify it a bit). I think you’re right though. It doesn’t really bother me when other people are passionate about a ship, so I don’t know why it bothers me that I am. I mean besides reasons I’ve listed before. That comes with holding myself to too high a standard that I can never really reach, though. Own worst critics and whatnot.

I don’t think anyone would be able to tell it’s my OTP unless I outright said it, but the plus side is I think most people would guess I love the OT4 most and they aren’t actually wrong. I just also have that duo ship I love just as much on its own.

I don’t know. I’ll try to draw it more. Just need to fight the self-conscious hurdle.

Honestly the servant AU was an excuse to go free range shipping nuts because I felt other projects I was working on were a bit too solidified (and that’s the opposite of a bad thing, btw! I’m excited for where they’re going), and I wanted to mess around with pairings more without a solid tether. And that’s not to say it won’t get one as it goes as far as relationships go (after all the plot marches on) but for now I can at least explore and experiment.

The life of a shipping whore.

Look, I like Ken. He’s a Cool and Interesting character. And if he wants to transform from Cool and Interesting Imprisoned Assasin’s Sidekick to a Cool and Interesting Full-Time Lawful Evil Villain, then I support his choice and I will continue to be a ken stan

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the fact that you consciously choose to be a good person and check off that hypothetical list says a lot about you bud :>

maybe u.u Part of me just feels like an automaton whose just making sure to respond to things with the appropriate reaction. “This person said this. So to be a “nice person” I need to respond with this response. It is the correct way to respond in order for them to be pleased.”

It makes me feel more like a machine than a real person. It’s not that I DON’T feel those things I try and express. I care about people quite deeply, and I care about others’ feelings. But in the way I respond and talk and interact with them it all feels like I’m just making sure to hit all the right points so that I can form an appropriate response.

I feel like I don’t know how to properly express the things I feel so I just use that checklist so I can come across as nice. But that makes me feel fake and like I’m just following a script.

Some folks: I want Elias to become HUMAN
Me & a good chunk of fellow readers: Sorry fam, Elias is an ancient creature of lore and very much a Fae who doesn’t bend to human rules. The author wanted monster/human content, she made it, and the best that will happen is Elias understanding more and more human emotions and how to handle thos and humans in general. I don’t make the rules  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ We’ll always have humanform glamoured Elias, but thats it.


When the new fresh drama[tm] hits the fandom of the thing you enjoy and now the thing itself is proclaimed irredeemably bad, but you dont care because your enjoyment of the thing is in no way connected to what other people in-fandom do.

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