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Tbh I don't think that Zack S brought a lot into the show. 3x05 was an atrocious episode and 3x11, while fun and I liked it, wasn't my favorite either. He really could've written more for Iris journalist arc instead of Katrina's boring storyline that went nowhere.

He wrote what he was told to write. I don’t think they get a choice on what they write about. The showrunners know what they want, and that’s what they have to write. Also, I think he did a great job of writing Iris, it was clear that he cared about her as a character and he clearly adores Candice and respects her talent. But every time Zack wrote an episode, Iris’ journalism was mentioned and/or shown. I do not agree that he didn’t bring anything to the show. And I loved ep 11, it had WA, Iris doing actual investigating investigating (which you claim to want), Iris and Wally, Iris and Joe, Candice getting to do some comedy. and good WA stuff. For Iris, it was a great episode.

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Really quick: do you have any ideas for how a male writer (me) could describe a female character's breasts without being gross or offensive? I'm writing for a team of witches, and four of the five are flat, but one is very well-endowed thanks to magic alteration of her body (she's kind of a nympho). How can I convey that part of her to the audience without it sounding all pervy and weird?

As usual, I am no expert in either writing nor the portrayal of women in fiction, so take all of this with a HUGE grain of salt. 

Okay, so in general I find it hard to describe that kind of feature without veering into perv zone. Especially in the “she has big breasts and she likes sex” vibe because that’s an old stereotype that can be extremely demeaning and dismissive. So for starters, I would advise you to make sure there is more to your character than “nympho with big breasts” before going ahead, otherwise it will not work. (Also, describing your character as a nympho is already kind of objectifying/shaming, so you may want to rework that part first)

(Also, having a whole plot point around big breasts is pretty iffy in general, so you may want to reconsider before going ahead)

The two main elements that give of perv vibes are 1) A sense of voyeurism and 2) Objectifying, so here are a few things to avoid for sure:

1) Avoid lingering on the first go. If you think of your descriptions are the protagonists/readers eye, it becomes much easier to direct them to the important part. Consequently, if you spend a whole paragraph on “wow, big breasts!” and “she’s so skinny, but has such big breasts!!!!” “BREASTS!!!!!!!!” it will be pervy for sure.

2) Don’t keep coming back to them. Don’t specify that each outfit reveals her “generous cleavage”. Don’t have her “large breast bounce” when she stumbles. Don’t have every single new character comment on her cleavage. 

3)Have her be the “large breasted one”. She is a person, there is more than that to her.

Then, the main issue will be bringing that up in a way that feels organic. There are many ways for them to do it, but the important thing is that the central issue cannot be about “wow, them breasts!!!!! *µ*”. 

How men react to her in ways she doesn’t want, how she asserts her self-agency, how her body works for her/is an asset to manipulate. Someone tries to shame her, how does she react? Some man makes unwanted advances on the premise that she uses appearance magic so she must automatically “be up for it”, what happens?

The point being: if she used that spell, she did it for herself. It is a choice she made, and one that is interesting to explore. (Think of breasts implants, and how controversial they can be today). Your character and her appearance are not sex objects, and it’s important that you never loose sight of that.

[ 💔 :: OOC: ºᵘᵗ ºf ˢºᵘˡˢ ] - (( Quick PSA

When a person has a certain perception or belief about a character or place in a fandom, whether its canon or not- that IS NOT AN INVITE TO ARGUE OR BELITTLE THEM.

Its their opinion, and not everyone thinks the same as you.

These are made-up, fictional characters that don’t exist and are part of our imaginations. People should be free to perceive a fictional character, place or thing however they like.

If you have a problem with it, unfollow that person, don’t give them a hard time. There are bigger things in life to worry and argue about then whether or not a character, place or thing has a certain trait or not.

I’ve had to deal with this as well and not only is it humiliating, it can become a form of bullying. Because you can’t accept someone sees something differently than you do.

In short- leave people alone. Live and let live. PLEASE. ))

Movie nights usually consist of Kiyomi’s boys crashed on the couch around her fifteen minutes after said movie started. It’s a bit cramped, but she doesn’t mind in the slightest. This was a very close family and she couldn’t have wished for a better one. Thou, low-key, she kind of still wanted a daughter to balance things out just a little bit. Not to say that living in a house with the boys wasn’t always an adventure~

More under the cut cause this is going to get lengthy! I’ll try not to make it too long. There will surely be other opportunities to add more later. Okay, a few Bokuto Family factoids, here goes~

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this is my favorite image on the face of the earth and im going to ruin it by trying to paint this tomorrow cause i have no artistic ability, using water color, which i have no experience with except like painting when i was 5. ill be liveblogging the probable failure. stay tuned.


Living in Mexico, I experience a great deal of huge contrasts and they make me wonder a lot of things, question those things, and make me want to be a part of the debate. [x]


My only regrets are the moments when i doubted myself and took the safe route. Life is too short to waste time being unhappy.

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