honestly thought how did they get all these a guest stars

GoT S07E01 Thoughts

I don’t know if this will be a regular occurrence, but for the first episode, I’m going to be laying out my thoughts about the premiere in what will probably be a lengthy post that’s half gibberish and half maybe something substantial. Undoubtedly, not eloquent. These are just thoughts and nothing more that I’ve jotted down while watching and am now about to elaborate on. 

Let’s begin with what has to be one of the most epic intros in Game of Thrones ever. No, I don’t want to hear your counter. You will not sway me on this. I don’t care, mate, because this scene was bloody awesome. The minute Filch Walder Frey’s face popped up, I knew it was Arya and I knew shit was about to go down. Now nobler humans might be like ‘Oh, Arya is going down a dark path; this is bad’ but her gathering all of the Freys in one room was poetic justice. What they did at the Red Wedding warranted retaliation and this has been a long time coming. 

It was beautiful the way it happened too – a dark sadistic glee washed over you as you watch a room full of men choke on their drinks as Arya stands there telling them they should’ve killed all the Starks, and “leave one wolf alive and the sheep are never safe.” 

Look, people really hated that line prior to the premiere, but in context, it was wonderful, it was justified, it was so unbelievably satisfying. Then when Arya goes, “tell them the North remembers; tell them Winter came for House Frey”, you bet I got goosebumps. Like I’ve said time and time again, ‘Winter is Coming’ is not just a warning, but it’s a battle cry for the Starks. This is their season. When the world dies, the lands become barren and the knights of Summer struggle to survive, the North prevails, and the Starks are at the helm of this changing tide. It’s their time now, and beginning it with Arya avenging the loss of her family is a truly poignant way to set the tone for the rest of the season. Yes, we’ll see Cersei and Dany duking it out, but at the end of the day, this is about the Starks. 

The next thing I jotted down was ‘zombie giants’, which is just to say that: holy shit, there are zombie giants! Seeing the sheer number of White Walkers, it makes you realise how utterly inconsequential Cersei and Dany’s fight for the Iron Throne is. There won’t be a kingdom to govern when those icy bastards get past the Wall, and believe you me, they will eventually. No matter what anyone says, that Wall is coming down probably at the end of this season. 

Seeing Dolorous Edd as Lord Commander gave me goosebumps as well. I adore him; I love him, and I swear to god if he dies, I will kick someone’s ass, so he’s probably going to die. But him meeting Bran and Meera made my heart race. They are so close to Winterfell and we’re so close to another Stark reunion. Also, hey Bran, I know the world is ending but cheer up, pal. 

Now we get to the highly talked about scene with Jon and the Northern houses. First of all, I felt so euphoric when Jon told the North that they would need every man and woman, boy and girl fighting in this battle. Even more so when Lyanna spoke up and basically told the men in the room to shut up about it. Her “I don’t need your permission to defend the North!” speech was seriously my top five favourite moments of the episode. The look of pride on Brienne’s face as well. I wonder, however, if this means Sansa might learn how to fight? I don’t see it. She’s a diplomat, a politician, but she should know some self-defence. Jon should teach her. Late at night. Alone. Some flirty teaching…. I’m getting sidetracked. 

Speaking of Jon and Sansa though, can I just say to that redditor who apparently saw the first episode: ‘Hey buddy, you were wrong! And if you interpreted that scene as Jon putting Sansa in her place then you really are a sexist creep.’ Because while yes, Sansa does argue with Jon in public and Jon does tell her his word is final, he in no way puts her in her place. And there is no moment where the other Houses laugh at her. In fact, going by the murmurs of agreement, quite a large amount of lords and ladies wanted Jon to give Umber and Karstark lands to the houses who didn’t fight for Ramsay. 

I also want to clarify something here before anti’s get all up in arms about this scene (not that I think any of them follow me or stalk my blog but if you do: hi, how are ya?). While I do agree with Jon’s decision, in the end, I also understand Sansa’s opinion on the matter. If I had gone through what she had under the ministrations of Ramsay and knew that these Houses who have sworn up and down in the past to fight for the Starks sided with him, I’d be furious. There wouldn’t be a damn thing anyone could say to me to get me to forgive their indifference and compliance in the trauma I went through. Sansa has every right to want to strip the Umbers and Karstarks of their land. I can even understand being angry with Jon for not understanding this, but here’s the thing, she wasn’t.

Immediately after this extremely public argument, it cuts to a scene of Jon and Sansa talking about it. They didn’t fight, let the emotions fester and build up resentment. No, Jon and Sansa talked it out. He told her not to undermine him in public and she told him a king needed to be questioned lest he ends up like Joffrey. Then when he asks her if she thinks he’s like Joffrey, her eyes lose that fight and there’s fondness in it, as she tells him firmly that he is the furthest man from Joffrey she had ever known. Although they’re arguing and disagreeing on important political decisions, there’s fondness and trust and respect in the way they talk to each other. 

What I find interesting is that after Jon and Sansa’s scene, they cut straight away to Jaime and Cersei. Two pair of (sort of) siblings and yet two vastly different relationships. The placement of these two scenes is no coincidence. The two relationships act as literary foils for one another. Both are fighting and arguing, but in contrast, Jaime and Cersei are clearly on very different paths from one another. There’s wariness, disbelief, and disappointment in the way Jaime looks at Cersei; and she is so consumed with her grief, anger, power, she can’t see that he is questioning her very right to be on the throne. They are shot as two opposing figures circling each other with lots of space in between them. On the other hand, Jon and Sansa were shot close together, always within inches from another, with dimmer lighting, and more physicality (ie. Sansa touching his arm to assure him and let him know she may argue but she is on his side). 

Don’t dismiss the sequence of these scenes. Nothing in this show is a coincidence. 

Moving on, I love Sam and I am so excited to see him again, but dear lord, that was the most disgusting series of shots ever. I felt physically ill. Please never again. But I wonder if he discovers the dragon glass at Dragonstone this early in the season, what else will he uncover in the Citadel? There’s definitely more in store for Sam’s storyline and I wonder if it might be something to do with R+L=J. People have theorised about Sam confirming it somehow. We’ll see, I guess.

Nothing really of substance to say about the Brienne, Podrick and Tormund scene, but it made me laugh out loud. Tormund is the physical embodiment of the heart eyes emoji. And his “you’re a lucky man” to Podrick when he gets knocked down by Brienne was such great comedic timing and brilliantly hilarious. 

I wish I could play this next scene on a loop. Sansa telling Littlefinger off has to be the greatest ‘screw you’ to all the people clambering for StarkBowl just because they don’t like Sansa. I love when she says to him, and I’m paraphrasing here, “you don’t have to get the last word. I’m sure it’s probably something clever” and just dismisses him like he’s nothing, which he is. It was so queenly, so regal and so cutting. It was exactly like Sansa. She may not have a sword, but her tongue is sharp enough to wound. 

The biggest surprise of the episode was seeing bloody Ed Sheeran. When we heard the singing, I said that whoever that was had a great voice, and low and behold, it’s bloody Ed. I knew there was a huge musical guest star but this totally surprised me. I love this scene though. Arya’s always been on a very rigid path for vengeance. Those who serve the Lannisters are in the wrong and there’s no grey area about it, but you can see her sitting there listening to these men caught in someone else’s war longing to be home with their fathers, wives, daughters, etc. and realise that they are victims of this war just like everyone else. I wonder how that’ll change (if it does at all) Arya’s journey towards vengeance because truth be told, I am worried about her this season. Next on her list is Cersei, but we all know Cersei will either die by the hand of Jaime or by Tyrion (probably Jaime), so where will that leave Arya? Will she give up her quest and head home to Winterfell? Or will she die trying? 

You know what? I do like the Hound. I like his redemption arc. And although I don’t believe it makes up for all the bad shit he did prior to it, I am intrigued to see where he goes from here. Also, this line is hilarious: “it’s my luck I’d end up with a band of fire lovers.” 

Now, what I’m about to say people might nitpick with me being an anti-Dany person, but honestly, I’m not. I just thought the whole Dragonstone sequence was incredibly boring. It was exciting the first thirty seconds, but it dragged on for so long. Then when she stands at the table and says, “shall we begin?” it was just so anticlimactic. It was the dullest part of the episode and I’m hoping it gets more interesting for her soon. Actually, no doubt it will be considering this is her make or break moment, but let’s be honest, that sequence was way too long. 

Anyway, I’m done. Those are my thoughts. Let me know what you guys think!

Falling Deeper

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Pairing: Justin Foley x Reader

Request: “Hiii LOVE UR BLOG SO FREAKING MUCH IT HURTS❤️❤️, i was wondering if you could write a justin x reader imagine, where the reader and Justin have been friends for a long time and everyone thinks they’re dating but they’re not. Like they would flirt, have inside jokes, feeling for each other(but won’t admit) and one day when Justin asks the reader to crash in her house cuz of Seth they confess their feelings and flufff”

Words: 2.000

A/N: OMG! This my first Justin imagine and I so loved this little nugget too. Thank you for your support and I hope that you like this one too. Thank you so much for your request and, if you want, please don’t hesitate to leave a feedback in my ask box.

- G. x

Warning: (Y/M/N) is Your Mother’s Name, talking of family issues, swearing.

“Am I seeing you tomorrow, Jus?” You confidently asked your best friend as you decided to go directly home after your classes. You were in the hallway, in front of your now-closed locker.

“Of course, pretty.” He winked at you and you let out a loud laugh. He was a great flirt and that was one of the characteristics you loved in Justin.

“Shut up, sweet talker!” You tried to cover the romantic excitement that flowed in your veins and he just hugged you as he knew that you loved it whenever he would compliment you.

“Take care, okay?” He reminded you as you nodded for several times to answer. You hugged him back.

“Just get together already!” Your friend Jessica exclaimed as she got through you and Justin along the hallway. She winked and you saw that Sherie agreed with her. They were surely making their way to the gym for the cheerleading practice.

“But they’re already together.” Zach shouted to the girls as he shut his locker and followed them.

“Idiots!” You shouted as you broke the hug between the two of you. “I’m going now, Mr. Foley.”

“Alright, Mrs. Foley.” You both laughed loudly. He started to call you in that way, because you both had to pretend that you were husband and wife the day before. Some maniacs were trying to hit on you and he came up with that idea, it sucked but you loved it.

“You should take care too, okay? Don’t break a bone during your basketball practice.” You reminded him after you left a quick kiss on his cheek.

“Yes, Mum!” He rolled his eyes and gave you a kiss on your temple. With that kiss, you felt protected and it felt that Justin was with you, even though he’s not walking you home that day.

“Go on or you’ll be late.” You smiled at him as you both went in separated ways.

“Text me as soon as you get home, okay?” He walked in backwards as he wanted to see if you were already walking away.

“Yes, sir!” You huffed as you wanted to stay with him a little longer, but you had projects to finish and coach Patrick never let people to enter the gym during his teams’ practices.

You slowly walked back home and Justin never left your thoughts. He stayed in your mind even when you were doing your homework.

You loved Justin, because who wouldn’t, and he made you happy every time. He could be considered as an asshole by some students, but you knew that he had a kind heart. He could be weak too, mostly when it came to his family, but you always knew how to cheer him up and how to mend his broken heart.

People has always thought that you were together, because you couldn’t be you without Justin and Justin couldn’t be him without you. You completed each other, even though you were just best friends. You flirted and sometimes people mistook your actions, but you never admitted your feelings to him. You were obviously shy to admit it, you thought that it was flustering because you didn’t know if he felt the same towards you, even though his friends said that the feeling was mutual.

“(Y/N)!” Your mum called as dinner was ready and you didn’t notice it as you were so focused on finishing your Communications’ project and thinking of Justin. “Dad’s not home before 10 pm and he told me to not wait for him.”

“I’m coming.” You shouted as you ran downstairs, stopping in front of the front door when you heard the bell ringing. “I’m opening it.”

“Sure!” Your mum shouted from the kitchen as you heard the glasses clinking while she was preparing the table.

“Justin!” You worriedly called his name as you opened your front door. You were happy to see him, of course, but not after seeing his dull gaze. “What happened?”

“Can I,” he started as you saw him angry and down at the same time. “is it all right if I crash here tonight?” He bit his lower lip as he looked at the ground. He was so shy to ask you some favours, although you’ve been best friends for a long time now.

“Of course, Jus!” You sadly smiled at him as you already hinted that something was wrong in his house. You let him enter the house and you closed the door behind you. “Have you already eaten?”

“Uhm,” He felt more relaxed and relieved that he finally found someone who could help him for the night, although you were really his first choice. “not really.”

“Then have dinner with us.” You smiled as him as you pulled his hand and headed to the kitchen.

“Good evening, (Y/M/N)!” Justin politely greeted and your mum flashed him a sweet and welcoming smile. You let his hand go as you took his blue sports bag off his shoulder.

“Good evening, Justin.” Your mother greeted. “Have you had your dinner yet?”

“He didn’t, Mum.” You answered for Justin as you knew that he was feeling a little bit uncomfortable. After all this time, he was still shy around your mother.

“Oh, eat with us!” Your mother panicked as she put an extra plate with a glass and the cutlery.

“Thank you.” Justin warmly smiled as he felt loved. You knew that he didn’t get much attention from his mother like how you did and he had serious problems at home, that was why you always tried to be there for him.

The three of you sat on your places and you shared a warm and delicious food together.

“Mum,” You seriously called her attention as you carefully chewed your food. “can Justin stay for the night?”

“Yes, of course! The guest room is always ready for him.” Your mother smiled sadly as she sensed that Justin had his family problems once again. It wasn’t the first time that Justin was crashing in your place and he has been welcomed by your parents with their arms widely opened.

“Thank you, really.” Justin was overwhelmed for the help that he was receiving and it made you love him even more because he knew how to appreciate the small things.

“Justin, you are always welcome in our family. Don’t hesitate to ask for help, okay?” Your mother reminded and Justin smiled while nodding in response.
After dinner, Justin helped you to clear the table and to wash the dishes.

“Jus,” You called him as you turned the faucet off and wiped your hands to dry them. “do you want to watch the stars?”

“Cheesy night ahead?” He winked at you and his gaze became bright once again. You knew that he felt better, but you still wanted to talk about it. He couldn’t keep his resentments to himself.

“Don’t you like it, Mr. Foley?” You hugged him from behind while he was drying the last plate.

“I do, Mrs. Foley.” He responded and you just let out some cute giggles. After some seconds, he put the last plate on its place and he wiped his hand using the towel.

You and Justin then headed to your house’s roof with two blankets and some chocolate bars. You used to do this when you were little and you would fall asleep on the roof while watching the stars with your parents.

Justin fixed one blanket on the flattened part of the roof and you both lied down on the blanket as you admired the starry sky.

“These stars are so bright.” You commented, being amazed at the protuberances that you were seeing.

“But those stars aren’t as bright as my life with you.” Justin sweetly said as he looked at you and you suddenly felt the heat in your cheeks.

“Aw, Justin!” You were flattered and you wouldn’t deny that. He knew how to make you smile and, in fact, he flashed you his warm smile when he saw you smiling.

“(Y/N), I am so happy to be with you right now.” He looked back at the sky and he sighed as he thought of his situation at home.

“And I am happy to have you here, Justin.” You smiled at him as you saw that he was focused at admiring the dark sky.

“And I thank you for that.” He seriously said, searching for your hand as a tear ran down his face. “Seth’s been stressing me since he came back to my mother. I was already happy that they broke up, but my mother kept on welcoming him home, although she knew that he would hurt me, although he hurts her too.”

“Jus, your mother has just loved somebody that couldn’t appreciate things. He’s an asshole, I know that, but it wasn’t your mother’s fault.” Justin intertwined his fingers with yours as you explained him how the things really were.

“I know, it’s just that I don’t feel that my mother cares about me anymore. I mean, she would stumble to serve that reckless ungrateful man as if she’s a maid.” Justin sighed as he worried of his mother. He cared for his mum and you couldn’t deny how great he was as a son.

“Justin,” you faced him and caressed his cheek with your free hand. “it’s not fair, but your mother is blinded by her love. Unluckily.” You sighed. “I am sure, though, that she cares about you. She’s just afraid to show it, because Seth hates you to death. She’s afraid of the consequences.”

“What a fucked-up situation.” He bit his lower lip as he shook his head, switching his gaze from the sky to your face.

“I know, but I am here for you Justin.” You caught each other’s glances and he smiled at you.

“Honestly?” You put on your questioning look and he looked at your lips and then he looked back at your eyes. “My world got better since you came into my life.”

“Aw, Justin.” You flashed him your flattered and touched smile. “You’re the sweetest.”

“It’s the truth and I would never lie to you.” Justin caressed your cheek as he tucked a strand of hair covering your face.

“Why is that?” You put your hand on his and you caressed it with your thumb. Your hand was small compared to his and you were amazed because it was so soft and smooth for a boy.

“Because I’m falling deeper in love with you.” He confessed his feelings and you felt the heat and the burning sensation in your face one more time. “I love you, (Y/N) and I don’t want to lose you.” He was brief, but he knew how to explain his hidden feelings.

“Justin, you are the sweetest person ever.” You bit your lower lip and he flashed you his sweetest smile, that smile that you loved the most in him. “And you would never believe it, but I love you too, for a while too.”

“Really?” His eyes grew wide as the words flushed in his mind.

“Really!” You gave him your confirmation and his smile grew bigger, just as big as yours, teeth confidently showing.

He leant in as he was about to close the gap between the two of you. He was really a gentleman, even though he seemed an asshole. “Can I?”

“Is that even a question to ask?” You winked at him and you leant in a little bit closer as you both laughed loudly.

You both moved forward and you closed the gap between the two of you. The cold breeze of air stung your skins and the stars shone up in the sky while you shared a long and sweet passionate kiss.

You waited for that moment to happen for a more than a century now and you couldn’t believe that it happened as you felt butterflies playing in your stomach.

You surely were happy and, like Justin, you were falling deeper in love with him too.

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Harry basically just confirmed haylor was a thing soooo... Idk how to respond


Oh lord. 

Okay I’ve literally not looked at social media for most of the day because I’m working somewhere where I deal with sensitive information and therefore cannot have my phone at my desk. 

So I have no idea what anyone thinks of that article aside from @vocabularryonthemind , @mellygrant and @nautilarrie who I text on the reg during my breaks to be like, “VASS HAPPENIN SELENE???” But today was an exception because I was trying to Focus™ and thus I really have no concept of anyone’s reaction to this article. 

I read it in my uber to work and almost threw my phone out the window because, being the darkest fucking Larrie possible, I live in Laurel/Larry Canyon and this diner he speaks of is where Choe ( @vocabularryonthemind) and I go to write when we don’t want to upset my housemates with our witch cackling writing sessions. And THE COUNTRY STORE IS WHERE I GO TO GET MY UK NECESSITIES EW HARRY LET ME LIVE. I can literally throw a rock off my balcony and hit the Country Store so I was all kinds of, “WHAT FUCKING SORCERY IS THIS???” when I read that article. I moved to LA and had naht a clue about what was what and just chose this place randomly and honestly after having a job across the street from where Liam lived in London I never thought shit could get weird like that again but here I am. Destined to be forever fuckin reminded of what trash I am for 1D because they’re literally in my goddamn face.  

Actual footage of me trying to leave the 1D fandom:

What the hell were we talking about? Never underestimate my ADHD and ego’s ability to literally make anything about me. 

Oh yeah! Haylno. 

Look mad props to Tay Tay for her successful career and such, but Harry couldn’t have swerved that question harder than if he literally went for a wee and never came back. This was probably him on that super long wee break:

“Uhhhh Jeff what should I say?…Yeah I’m not gonna say that, bye.” *click* … “Lou they’re asking about her…” And Louis was all

Just kidding…this guy was never just going to like flamboyantly jump into the spotlight all

Omg jk again because lol

Harry be like 

I’m sorry, but Harry didn’t get the fuckin bee for you to be a weak Larrie. 

This “confession”…

As Michael McIntyre said, “They are media. Trained. Super stars!”

Harry might be bangin on the closet door but he can hardly just casually mention that the most heavily manufactured and public relationship he’s ever had was fake. I mean, I try to take everything Harry says literally but the man actually dresses up teddy bears to send coded messages and the irony of his cheery, “I’ve been completely honest with you *WINK*!” parting words weren’t lost on me. 

So you’re telling me that for 20 months, when we have actual proof (FROM LOUIS AND HARRY VIA THEIR OWN MOUTHS AND TWITTERS) that Louis and Harry were living together, Harry slept on a mattress on the floor in Ben Winston’s attic? 

I mean they’ve been trying to rewrite that part of history for ages, and who knows why? Not me. 

I don’t doubt he was a regular guest, but I hardly believe that he was this hobo that the Winstons make him out to be. 

Anyway, I’ve been saying it for awhile, but “Style” is about John Mayer, not Harry. (x

Harry continues to be classy about how he approaches this issue, which is WAY more than anyone can say about Taylor Swift. It was almost F I V E  Y E A R S ago and she still allows everyone to speculate that every song she writes was about a one-month bearding stint, whereas Harry has talked about it literally once, and probably as a necessity in toeing the line in this new solo venture. 

What better way to keep his aggressively private life private than by vaguely acknowledging a four week “relationship”…if you’re trying to tell me that an entire album was forged from that then maybe you should be talking to a Taylor Swift blog because I don’t believe that shit for a second. 

Harry did mention that the entire album was for a “she”. He also said…


…am I the only one who thought he was talking about Anne?

Anyway, I saw this as a very significant step away from the “lothario” and “womanising” image that was created around him throughout the entirety of the first few years of One Direction. I thought the article was honest and served its purpose. And proved once again that Harry is more of a show than tell kind of guy. 

And that he is one



Tell the Truth: Alya confronts Adrien, trying to convince him to confess his big secret–because what’s the harm, especially when she’s already figured it out?

For @miraculousfluffmonth Day 14, although in all fairness, this post is probably a better submission for the day.

“Adrien, we’re friends, right?”

Adrien smiled at Alya uncertainly, not entirely comfortable with the fact that she’d cornered him after class like this. Usually, she and Marinette would stay to chat with him and Nino, but Marinette had needed to rush home to the bakery today, and at a look from Alya, Nino had fled. Adrien hadn’t been able to do more than pick up his bag before Alya had been there, sitting on his desk and blocking the quick exit to the aisle.

He was fairly confident that Nino wouldn’t just abandon him without good reason, but still. Alya was being…odd. “Of course we’re friends,” he answered.

“So we can tell each other anything,” Alya continued.

Adrien did tell Nino almost everything, and he had done so with Chloé when they’d been kids, so…. “Yes?” He hadn’t meant it to come out as a question, but he still didn’t know where she was going with this.

And he still felt like he’d gotten trapped somehow.

It was an unnerving feeling, especially with Alya.

The girl in question smiled at him and leaned closer. “Which means you don’t need to hide with me.”


“The truth.”

Something twisted inside his stomach. “What truth?”

“You know which one,” she said, which did absolutely nothing to calm his nerves. He knew she’d been looking into the identities of Ladybug and Chat Noir, but she’d been doing that for ages. He hadn’t realized she’d been this close. There hadn’t been any hint of it on the Ladyblog.

He supposed he should be grateful for that, but in retrospect, it wasn’t terribly surprising. Alya was tremendously curious, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t keep a secret once she’d uncovered it. He took a shaky breath and tried to relax, consciously unclenching his fingers. Plagg wouldn’t be happy with this. That was probably the reason he was still hiding, assuming it wasn’t just because he’d gorged himself on camembert again and was sleeping it off. Even if Alya had realized Chat Noir’s secret identity, it didn’t mean she knew anything about Plagg or the kwami’s importance in the transformation.

Adrien wasn’t sure how much he could tell her, though. He’d assumed keeping their identities a secret was to protect their friends and families from Hawk Moth or others like him and to a certain extent to protect himself if anyone close to him got akumatized again. What he didn’t know was if Plagg would be in any sort of danger if he was discovered. Not from Alya, surely, but Plagg had seemed pretty adamant that Adrien couldn’t tell anyone about him, and he wasn’t firm on a lot of things that didn’t involve cheese, so it must be for a good reason.


Even if Alya wasn’t going to tell the world who he was—something she must have reconsidered, given how publically she had been searching for their identities and how Lady WiFi had been ready to unmask Ladybug so everyone could see her—that didn’t mean the other problems with her knowing went away. He swallowed. “How…how long have you known?”

She smiled and straightened up. “Honestly, I wasn’t absolutely certain until right now, but your reaction definitely clinches it.”

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Moon of Fire Part vii (Sastiel Sequel)

This was probably one of the most fun I’ve had whilst writing Sastiel. I appreciate all of your love, likes, comments, and reactions and honestly thank you guys so much! We’re 7/10 of the way through!!

If you haven’t read A Court of Fire and Dreams:
Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV and Part V.

Moon of Fire:
Part i, Part ii, Part iii, Part iv, Part v, Part vi

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Flashing Lights (part 1) - Benedict x reader

A/N: This is just something that has been stuck in my brain all week, and I had to get it out in order to move on with my requests…
If you haven’t watched the Graham Norton Show, I highly recommend you do because it is 
gold, especially the episodes featuring Ben seriously go watch it
In any case, let me know what you think and wether or not I should write a part two… ;D

Summary: the reader and Benedict have been dating for a while, and she goes to the Graham Norton Show to promote a movie when she’s presented with the most pleasant surprise…

Word count: 2347
Warnings: none

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[Part 2] [Part 3]

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Tyler Seguin #2

so this little imagine just kinda came to me, sorry i’ve been sort of shit with posting lately and i can’t find any inspiration but i hope you all liked this even though the end was horrible :)))

Word Count: 2,253

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It was the first official day of the teams off-season. Yet, here most of them were in Jamie’s backyard drinking some beers and splashing in the pool. Honestly you were glad Jamie and his wife, Katie, decided to have everyone over. It meant you actually got a evening off to sit and relax while slipping a martini and smiling as Katie rubbed her growing belly. 

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Yoongi Scenario: Evil Eyes.

Request: Hello loves ❤ can I request a yoongi scenario(fluffy pls) about him being jealous/possessive? I’m not sure why you can just let your imaginations decide that thank you 😘❤❤❤❤❤ + Hey there~ I really like your scenarios and I was wondering if you girls could make an scenario where y/n’s brother came to visit and yoongi didn’t know (neither does he knows how her brother looks like) and then he finds him in his and y/n apartment. Her brother is staying a few days and yoongi during those days feels kinda jealous? Thanks 😊 Sorry if it isn’t very clear 😅 if you can’t do it I understand don’t worry

Genre: Fluff / Comedy.

Yoongi was eager to get home, he was supposed to have full schedule today but when the radio show they were attempting got cancelled he rushed home where you should be since you weren’t going anywhere that saturday, Yoongi had already a couple of things in mind for you to do with this free time, all of them in the bedroom.
He looked at himself in the mirror in the elevator, he looked nice still with fashionable clothes and a his hair done, he wouldn’t admit it to anyone but he liked to look his best for you, you were always so pretty sometimes Yoongi thought he was lacking. But he smirked at himself disregarding those thoughts, thinking about you who would already have that little silky pajama thing, even if it was still half afternoon.

Opening the door he got rid of his jacket and shoes but then he heard something that made him sharpen his ear. The sound of your laugh, Yoongi would have been delighted any day to hear it only that this it was accompanied by a man’s laughter. 

He frowned thinking of who could possibly be here with you, you didn’t meet guy friends at home, you hadn’t told him anything about anyone visiting either. You squealed, sounding very pleased and something in Yoongi burned. Suddenly images of you with some guy laughing together, touching, kissing, you with that silky little thing on but to other man to take off, it made him inhale sharply, Yoongi stomped his way into the apartment following the sounds of laughter, you squealing, the man telling you were as mischievous as ever. It made him lose his cool completely, he didn’t want to believe what he was hearing so he stormed into the kitchen and saw you, in the arms of another guy.

You were fully dressed that was what he noticed first but his hands were on you and just that made his own hands go to fists, you were on the middle of the kitchen and it looked like he was tickling you or teasing you, both options sounding like big no’s for Yoongi, no other could be touching you like that.

-What the hell is this?-

You were startled to hear him, but as you looked his way you didn’t lose your smile, neither did you jump apart from that guy, Yoongi wanted to lunge at him, he wanted to tear his hands away from you. 

-Babe you are here!- you smiled wider and the guy smiled a little too, what kind of twisted shit was this. -This is…-

But before you could say something else Yoongi walked to you and shoved the guy away, it was stupid for him to do it when he should just leave since you were having so much fun, but he couldn’t stand the sight of you with someone else.

-Yoongi!- you recriminated like he was on the wrong, him! Like he was the one fooling around and not you.

-Hey man…- the guy started speaking and his voice made him snap.

-Get the fuck out out here-

You walked until you were in between them frowning at Yoongi who was trying to keep his cool but he very well knew it was far gone. 

-I’ll talk with you later Y/N, first this asshole has to…-

-He’s my brother!- you exclaimed outraged.

Well fuck.

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AA!SteveTony; You know you say everything out loud.

Word Count: ~2800
Warnings: none?


Seventy two hours after Tony disappeared into his lab and failed to come out, Steve found himself outside the doors, punching in his entry code. He wasn’t the first Avenger to come knocking, but he was the first to come bearing food– ham sandwich, baked chips, and, at Natasha’s insistence, a bottle of coconut water. Because fluids were important, and nothing improved a mood quite as fast as sugar.

She was right in guessing that Tony’s mood would need improving. As soon as FRIDAY waved him in, Steve was greeted with a sharp, “What?”

Setting lunch down on the nearest flat surface, Steve grabbed the coconut water and headed toward the bank of screens where he heard Tony’s voice. He boldly shook the bottle in the man’s face and commanded, “Drink up.”

Tony scowled, potently, for all that he looked wrung out and exhausted. “I’m a little busy, Cap,” he said, distantly. “So, unless you need something…”

“I do,” Steve held up the bottle again. “Drink.”

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Soundtrack (Song 1 of 5)

Word Count: 4089

Summary: Steve is still human. He makes mistakes. When one of these mistakes causes problems in your marriage, he takes the time to think back over your relationship.

Warnings: Language, angst, fluff, more angst, marriage problems

A/N: This is my new series Soundtrack, where each part will be based around a different song. Please note that this series will get pretty angsty, but I promise to make everything okay at the end, deal? The song of this chapter is “I Go To The Barn Because I Like The” by Band of Horses. Weird name, lovely song. Lyrics are in italics.

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Well, I’d like to think I’m the mess you’d wear with pride

When Steve stumbled out of the jet that night, he could think only of you. He needed to talk to you, hear your voice, see your face, touch you, hold you. You had to be awake by now, had to have realized that he had left. Normally you would have woken up immediately. The way you slept tangled up together did not exactly lend itself to graceful exits, but tonight had been different, with Nyquil holding you in blissful sleep even when Steve’s phone rang, when he answered it, when he pulled himself away from you and crept out of the house.

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ok (1918 words)

cas leaves after being been human for three days and seven hours (not that dean’s been counting).

it’s not a big announcement, either. cas doesn’t own much, it all fits in a backpack, so when he’s slowly making his way to the garage of course dean at first thinks that cas is – whatever, doing some groceries shopping or getting pizza or burgers. he definitely doesn’t think about cas leaving.

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A Way to You Again: Part 13

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count:  1215

Catch Up Here

Summary: Bucky and Y/N have been fairly successful at keeping their relationship hidden from the rest of the Avengers. That is… until Nat walks into the kitchen one night and finds Bucky kissing Y/N. While Y/N is relieved that their relationship is out in the open it soon becomes more complicated than she could have ever imagined.

Author’s Notes: Thanks to the lovely @melconnor2007 for the request! Sorry it took me forever to get this part done. The senior portrait rush is over – so I should have more time to write again, yay!

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Originally posted by sutherlins

Bucky needed to see that he wasn’t the only one with ghosts. Mine still haunted me to the point that they had nearly torn me away from him completely. As I walked to my bedroom his words echoed in my mind, “Ever the optimist – one day that optimism is going to get you killed…” Little did he know how close he was to being right.

We drove through most of the night. We spoke occasionally – small pleasantries or about the towns we passed, but we always lapsed into silence again. As we pulled onto the gravel driveway I sighed with relief. This time it was a different type of relief to see the little cottage. I wasn’t running away – I was really coming home. Home with someone I loved. “This is it,” I said with a yawn as I parked the car. I blinked sleepily at Bucky as I stretched.

“You go ahead – I’ll get the bags,” he responded with a reassuring nod.

I made my way up the uneven path – my limbs feeling abnormally heavy. More than anything I wanted to lay in the feather soft bed that awaited me and sleep for hours. I wearily opened the door and sighed to myself. It was just as I had left it – always waiting for me. I walked in with Bucky following me hesitantly. He stared around the cottage appreciatively as I watched him.

“So I’m beat… I think I’ll get some rest,” he said awkwardly as he motioned towards a hallway that led to the guest room.

“Oh… I honestly didn’t have this planned so I didn’t call ahead. The room is probably a mess – between Steve and Nicole staying there. Would you… like to maybe stay with me?” I asked shyly as I peeked through my lashes at him – a small awkward smile tugging at the corners of my lips. I wasn’t sure why I felt so shy suddenly – maybe it was the way his eyes sought after every bit of me in their tired stare, or maybe it was the way the corner of his lips quirked into a smile he fought to hide when he watched my tired movements.

“Okay sure,” he added softly as he laid the bags down by the front door. I walked awkwardly to the bedroom where I gratefully shucked my pants and quickly snuggled into the down comforter. My exhaustion had certainly not kept me from noticing Bucky standing up a little straighter when welcomed by my bare legs. He in turn shed his shirt and jeans before climbing in beside me. He smiled as he brushed the hair from my face before I quickly fell asleep.

I awoke to the deepening shadows of twilight as I stretched my tired limbs. Panic gripped me for a moment as my hands noted the empty side of the bed. My tired mind immediately went into a free-fall. Had I dreamed it all? Had I been here the entire time without him? A soft knock at the door caused my body to relax.

“Come in,” I yawned as I stretched my tired limbs again. Bucky’s head peaked into the room shyly before he opened the door fully to walk in.

“I thought you might be hungry so I ran up to the diner and ordered some food.” My stomach growled loudly at the thought of food – eliciting a laugh from Bucky. “I will take that as a yes,” he smirked as he turned on his heel and made his way back to the living room. I chuckled to myself as I pushed off the bed and followed him.

He had ordered a ridiculous amount of food – enough to probably last us for days. In fact, I was almost certain that he had ordered one of every burger the diner had. “So are the seven dwarves coming to eat supper too, or?” I asked with a smirk as I plopped down in the empty dining room chair beside him.

“Huh?” he responded in confusion. Sometimes I forgot how different our worlds had been.

“Never mind,” I chuckled as I reached for a burger and fries. I couldn’t remember a time I had been so hungry in my life. While I was contemplating if it was physically possible to unhinge my jaw and devour the burger in one bite I caught Bucky’s glance in the corner of my eye. “What?” I asked as I felt a blush threaten to spread up my neck and to my cheeks.

“Oh it’s nothing,” he shrugged with a small smile before returning to his food.

After dinner was over Bucky insisted that he would clean the kitchen – even though, as I pointed out through my many protests, I was the one that knew where everything was. As he busied himself in the kitchen I made my way outside to start a fire. One of my favorite things as a child had been to sit around a cozy fire on the beach as the sun set. There had always been something magical about it – and I had always dreamed about the day that the person next to me would be the man that I loved. I smiled to myself as I set to work on my task.

Bucky found me sitting in front of the fire when he came outside to join me. I was entranced with its flames as I watched them dance upwards into the pastel sky. I jumped slightly as the blanket he had brought me wrapped around my shoulders.

“Sorry,” he chuckled softly as he sat beside me. “I noticed it had gotten cooler – I wanted to make sure you were warm,” he added with a soft smile which I returned earnestly. I returned my gaze to the fire as we lapsed into silence. I was completely lost in thought when Bucky finally spoke again. “It’s beautiful here,” he whispered quietly as his hand brushed against mine.

“Yes it is,” I responded as I smiled softly at him. “This is the one place I’ve always been able to find comfort. The one place that I have left that is full of memories of my family,” I whispered sadly as I turned to look at him. “How much did Fury tell you before I joined the Avengers?”

Bucky seemed taken aback by the sudden change in topic. He shrugged as he thought to himself. “It seemed pretty basic overall. You started working for S.H.I.E.L.D. right out of high school after being highly recruited by several top administrators in the program, Fury and Coulson included. You were a rising star in S.H.I.E.L.D. before it fell. Didn’t have a family – which come to find out was a bit of a lie, but I never fully trust Nick when he tells me the backstories of other people,” he explained.

“I…” I began awkwardly. I wasn’t certain where to begin, but I knew if Bucky was willing to show his most vulnerable side to me then it was time that I did the same for him.

“Y/N – you don’t have to,” he began as he squeezed my hand affectionately.

“Bucky – if you love me – there is something you should know,” I whispered as I prepared to recount things that I had hoped I would never speak of again.

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SUMMARY: Cole’s peace of mind is disturbed as he wonders why you’re acting so differently these days. He starts hinting Jealousy as you spend more time with KJ and not with him.  Also, Kate spills some tea you didn’t want ! The ending will leave you bawling ;)

A/N: Omg I have so much to tell you guys :D I don’t know why, I feel like you’re all my friends ^^. Ok, first,  I’m so sorry for the late update for this one! I actually wrote it way back but the stupid wifi wouldn’t let me post it so yeah -_-. But anyways, I love how it came out and I loved writing this one! I hope you like it !!! PS I will do the requests after I’m done with this series :) I will wind this story up with one last chapter.


It’s 10:30pm.

 Cole and KJ are inside their two bedroom guest room they managed to get in the Boy’s block. KJ is busy with his Poetry assignment while Cole seems lost in his reverie.

“Is everything okay with (Y/N)?” Cole questions KJ.

KJ gives him a weird look, “How would I know? I thought you guys were tight.”

“Nah. Something seemed off about her today.”

“Seemed fine to me,” KJ returns to his poetry.

“Oh,” Cole goes back to his reverie wondering why the girl who always looked at him like he put the stars in the sky suddenly seems to have found other stars instead.

“Are you sure she didn’t mention anything?” Cole questions KJ again.

“Why don’t you just ask her instead? Honestly, I didn’t notice a difference,”


Weird. (Y/N) never turned down his requests, ever. When she said no, Cole knew something was definitely up.

“So she’s okay, right? She’s fine,”

KJ puts his pen down,”Dude, are you in love with her or something?”

Cole scoffs, “Me? In love? Please,” he continues,”She was just always there, you know? As a friend. So I never saw her in that way,”

“Great. So if you don’t love her, why are you so bothered? Let me do my homework in peace, for pete’s sake!”

“Oh, sorry.”

Yeah, Why am I so bothered, Cole questions himself. His thoughts soon get interrupted by Kate’s call.

He rolls his eyes, Girls. It’s all fun and games as long as no feelings are involved.



You jog up to the Kingsville Hilltop early morning to catch the sunrise. As you lie down in exhaustion while waiting for the sun to rise, you feel the presence of another company. An unfamiliar one.


“Good morning to you, too”

You’re surprised, not in a bad way, just surprised since you never encountered any other person other than Cole up here.

“Man, the view is stunning.”

“Yes, it is. How did you find this place?”

“I was just going for a run and here I am,”

You nod. Seems legit.

“What are you guys doing here?” you hear a voice exclaim from behind.


“Is it like a taboo to be up here? (Y/n) just asked me the same thing. “ KJ retorts,”Join us”

Cole looks at you and then at KJ and then at you, before finally saying,”Nah, i’ll leave you guys alone.”


Did he look jealous?


You love Wednesdays. Wednesdays are your days, mostly because you only have one class, i.e, English Literature class at 1pm and NOTHING ELSE! You’re free all day. You decide to skip breakfast and sleep instead after being completely drained from the jog this morning.

You got up pretty late- around 10am!

“Whoa, that was some good sleep.”

Since you have 3 more hours before English class starts, you decide to take a long shower and head for lunch.

After finally making up your mind to move on from Cole, you feel so liberated.  Heartbroken, but free.

You decide to wear your favourite colour today since Wednesdays are off-unifrom days (another reason why you like Wednesdays so much!).

There’s nothing more serene than going about the entire day in your favourite colour.

You gather your literature notes and head straight to the Dine first! Gosh, you’re starved. Shouldn’t have missed breakfast, huh!


At the library

“Thought I might find you here,”

You look up to find a very happy looking Cole. He takes the seat across you.

“So, what are you working on?” he asks.

“Quiet!” the librarian gives the two of you a sharp look, making you giggle.

“Um, just english,” you quietly answer.



“Is everything okay?”

You almost lost your breath for a sec there. Don’t do that, Cole! Don’t ask me things like that.

“Of course,” you give him a small smile,”Why do you ask?”

“No reason. Missed your face at breakfast,”

That. Don’t say things like that and eat some other girl’s face. Like, COLE STOP DOING THAT.

Normally, you would’ve blurted a ‘Aw, I missed you too!’ but that was the naïve (Y/n). This is the new you. You just smile in response and look down at your English homework.

The atmosphere is so different than usual. Even earlier this morning when he bumped into you and KJ at the hilltop, it was so odd. Usually, you’d feel so comfortable around him and he with you, but there’s just so-

“Cole!!!” you hear a high pitched voice call Cole from a distance.

“QUIET!” the librarian instructs again.

Kate. Ugh.

You roll your eyes at her sight. Cole waves at her and she excitedly makes her way to your table.

She quickly takes the seat next to Cole, “What are you guys working on?”



“Uh, nevermind” Kate moves closer to Cole, “Where were you all day! I missed you”

You want to barf. You pretend to concentrate on your homework instead.

Girl, you need to chill. It’s only 11am. How can you miss him all day when it hasn’t even been half a day yet?

Cole looks nervously at you but you pretend not to notice and focus on your writing.

“Nowhere, I was just..” he murmurs.

“Oh my god, I just remembered! (Y/n) and you used to date way back in 9th grade, right?” Kate exclaims.

You widen your eyes, “Uhh..”

Kate scoffs, “Just playing with you, (Y/n). Cole already told me that it was just an act!”

Wow, what? You were just doing Cole a favour when you agreed to be his pretentious girlfriend and you both promised not to let the word out to anyone ( that it was just a façade). He was the one who made you promise! 

And now…

“Oh, wow. “ You shoot him a look, he looks flustered.

“(Y/N), I wasn’t-“ he tries to talk to you but you cut him off.

“I wonder what else he told you. I’m curious!” you close your book and act all interested towards Kate.

“Nothing much. He did tell me that you didn’t have any boyfriend in high school so he decided to go out with you. I think that was very sweet of him to do su-“


You fall back on your chair and look down at your sweaty palms. You refuse to look up. You clench your fists tight, you don’t want tears falling out- especially in front of the boy you once made the mistake of loving.

“No,no,no, that wasn’t want I-“

 “(y/n), there you are! I was wondering if you and I could-“ KJ comes in at the right time.

You grab the opportunity and get up from your seat, “Sure, I would love to!”

Cole stands up, “(Y/N), you don’t have to leave. I –“

“I want to,” you grab your books, “I want to leave.”


“Is everything okay?” Kj asks you.

Earlier in the library, he wanted to know if you were free to go  to a café nearby school premises. He had already taken permission from the Dean. Since you didn’t want to spend any blistering second under the same roof as Cole, you decided to skip English and go with KJ.

Man, you cannot believe Cole, and the things he told Kate.

It’s like you never knew him. 

He pretended to date me because no one else would?


“Ah, sorry, yes. Everything is fine. Just a lot of things on my mind.”

“You wanna talk about it?” he asks

“Not really…” you quietly answer.

“Cool, because I was thinking maybe we coul talk about Wordsworth instead because I have a scene in the new movie where I have to recite 5 poems and I don’t have i-“

You snicker,”Slow down,slow down. I’ll help you, of course.”


You spent the entire evening drinking tea and talking about Poetry. Two of your favourite things at the same time. Talking about poetry made you completely forget the betrayal you felt with Cole. It brought an inner peace in you and you enjoyed it so much; you never did it before- you know, talk about poetry to someone so eagerly interested. So much so, KJ already learnt the 5 poems by heart by the time you were done.

The sun went down way sooner than you thought it would. It was already 6pm by the time you finished drinking your 4th cup of tea.

“We should prolly get back to school now,” KJ says and you agree.


When you reach the campus, you’re met by the sight of Cole standing outside the lawn area, leaning against his Car, you assume, with his hands folded. He didn’t look jolly.

KJ pulls out the door for you, “Thanks, KJ” 

Cole’s eyes widen at the sight of you and KJ.

“NO, THANK YOU. You’ve been a great help. I should get going now,” 

You nod.

“Yo, Cole! You coming?” KJ calls out to Cole.

“Later,” Cole replies.

“Goodnight, KJ” you quietly utter and give him a quick hug. Cole still standing there in the same posture.

Although his presence is making you feel a little eerie, you honestly don’t even have anything to say to him. So you decide to ignore his presence completely and head straight to your block.

“I’ve been waiting,”

You pause and turn back.

He unfolds his hand and moves away from the car. He looks up at you,”I’ve been waiting. For you.”

So what if he had been waiting? You never told him to. It’s not his business to.

You decide he’s not worth it.

You turn away from his gaze and continue to make your way to your block.

“(Y/n)!, wait!” Cole yells.

You fold your hands and turn towards him. You give him a blank look.

“I need to tell you something,” he finally blurts, trying to ignore your eyes.


“Uhm, about what Kate said earlier, I didn’t mean it that way. She asked me why I chose you to be my girlfriend and I just said you were single that time so I asked you. I didn’t-“

“You made me promise not to tell anyone that it was an act and now you’re-“ you increase your tone, obviously sounding pissed.

“I know, I know, I’m sorry. I wasn’t at my right state of mind. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, (y/n). You know I would never hurt you. Ever.”

Not intentionally.

“I forgive you. Goodnight,” you try to leave again.

It’s not even worth it.

“Wait, (y/n)!”

You turn around , “What is it again?”

He walks closer towards you. His green-bluish eyes looking softer than usual.

“Is everything okay, (y/n)?”

Don’t look at me like that.

You push yourself away from him, increasing the distance between the two of you. You try to avoid his gaze as you reply,”Yeah, everything is okay.”

“Doesn’t seem okay to me..” He looks at you, you try to avoid his eyes and stand still without any response.

“But then again how would I know? You’re always with KJ anyway, you even ditched me the o-“

You scoff,” Are you serious? You have Kate and all the other girls and you’re mad at me for spending little time with KJ?”

He shakes his head,”That’s not the point..”

“Then what is, Cole?” you increase your tone,”What is the point?”

“The point is, (y/n), I don’t know what’s gotten into me but I don’t like seeing you with someone else when I’M HERE. I don’t want you going to the hilltop without me, I don’t want you leaving school premises without me, I don’t” he loses his breath,” I just, I want you to spend every minute with me for as long as I’m here,” he blurts out almost immediately.

You’re not sure if  your heart was fluttering or breaking after hearing what he just said.

“And then what?” you soften your tone as put your head down and  look at the ground, instead of his eyes, because you don’t want him to see the tears forming in your eeys.

“What do you mean?”

You take a deep breath and lift your head up. Wiping away the tears from your eyes, you look at his stunned face,”What happens after you leave again? What am I supposed to do? Cry myself to sleep again because the memories of you never ever stop haunting me? Play pretend and act like you’re still wandering in the hallway somewhere? Search for your face in every goddamn crowd even though I know you’re gone like gone? Do you think its easy for me, Cole? Do you think I’m willing to put myself through all that again for someone who could never figure out that his best friend was in love with him?” you choke on your own tears, ”and that he couldn’t even see how her eyes screamed ‘stay’ when he left her without a care in the world?”

You sob and quickly wipe away your tears.

Damn, you can’t believe you just said that!

“(Y/N), I-“

You cut him off,”And that is why, Cole, I can’t and I don’t want to spend one more minute with you. Because if I did, I would fall for you, again. And for all I know, you won’t catch me. Again.”

Having said everything you had kept bottled up for years, you feel a hint of serenity amidst all the mess. Holding your heart and tears together, you quickly rush inside your block, leaving Cole wondering if he just lost the love of his life.


A/N: Get your tea cups ready because Part 4 is going to have more tea to spill ! 

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fic: pas de deux

in which arthur wins the tourney at harrenhal and crowns elia like a responsible adult and no one is offended except rhaegar

He’s not going to crown her. He’ll win the joust, because of course he will, but he won’t crown her. Of little else is she so certain.

His eye has wandered, to put it delicately, and he has not been subtle about it either. It was innocent, at first, when the girl had wept at his song, and then turned into something much different. He’s enraptured by her for a reason that Elia has tried and failed to comprehend.

Lyanna Stark is pretty enough, she supposes, in a wild, coltish kind of way, but she’s still half a child, a wolf pup barely out of its den. Only Robert Baratheon seems to be as taken with her as Rhaegar, which, as her betrothed, is at least understandable. But Rhaegar…him Elia has no explanation for.

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Chapter Three

Player: Tyler Seguin – Dallas Stars

Prompt: You and Tyler have been best friends for years and you are finally dating.

Mentions: Jamie Benn

Warnings: Slight Cursing, Cheating

Preview: The doubts suddenly rushed your mind. Why had Tyler lied to you? What was he doing?

Characters: 1832 words.

Originally posted by tyler91seguin

It had been almost two months since you had seen Tyler. You had gone back to school to start the fall semester and Tyler had begun training for the approaching hockey season. You and Tyler had not gone a single day without texting, calling, or facetiming. He assured you every time you spoke of his never-ending love for you. But the doubts still crept into the back of your mind from time to time. Even when he was with you, Tyler was still the party boy star hockey player and being back in Dallas, you were worried he would slip back into his old ways.

But as far as you know, he never faltered.

It was finally October and you were beyond excited to be sitting on a plane making its way to the lone star state. You had missed Tyler so terribly and just couldn’t wait to be in his arms again. Even if it was for just a few days, anytime with him was treasured.

You were flying in for the season opener of the Stars season as you did every year but this time it was even more special.

The plane landed and you gathered your things quickly, rushing to get off and see your boyfriend. You walked from your gate and started to scan the crowd. Reaching for your phone to call Tyler, you spotted him. There he was by the baggage claim holding a sign that read “Honeybee” in one hand and a bouquet of sunflowers in the other.

 You immediately ran to him and jumped into his arms, taking in his familiar scent.

“I can’t believe you’re finally here” he whispered into your ear while stroking your hair.

 “Me either, God have I missed you Segs.” You pulled back to see his face.

 “You have no idea” Tyler smiled and kissed you.

 You left his embrace to grab your bags but he insisted. You took the flowers from him and repositioned the carryon on your shoulder. You followed him to where he had parked the car.

 “You’re sure I can’t convince you to move here?” He smirked as he loaded your bags in the car.

 “Already Segs? We went over this before, I want…”

 Tyler interrupted you, “I know, want to finish your senior year at your school” he rolled his eyes.

 You sighed disappointedly in how the quick trip was starting. “Tyler, I missed you so much but I can’t just drop everything and move to Texas. Honestly, you’re being a little ridiculous.”

 “I’m ridiculous because I want my girlfriend here with me?” He huffed and got into the driver seat.

 “Tyler I am only here for a few days and I don’t want to fight with you over this.” You pleaded looking over at him from the passenger seat.

 You were met with a huff once again and you decided to leave him be for the moment. You had been looking forward to this trip from the moment you left home for school but now your feeling was quickly deflated by the tension sitting in Tyler’s jeep. You rode in silence to his house, with only the soft mumbling of the radio you couldn’t make out.

 When you got to the house you got out and went back to the trunk to get your bags but Tyler had beaten you there. You suddenly heard happy screams and turned to see Candace and Cassidy running towards you followed by two excited dogs. You smiled and were attacked with hugs and kisses from all four.

 “We missed you Y/N!” Cassidy said as she dragged you inside followed by Candace, Cash & Marshall.

 “I missed you guys too” you smiled and looked back to find Tyler but it looked like he had already gone inside.

 “Girls, will you give Tyler back his girlfriend?” Jackie smiled and pulled you into a hug. “Good to see you, Hun.”

 “You too Jackie, speaking of my boyfriend did you see which way he went?” you asked her pulling from her hug.

 “He went upstairs I believe” Paul answered.

 You gave him a quick hug and headed up the stairs. You went to go towards the guest room you normally stayed in but you quickly turned toward Tyler’s bedroom and opened the door.

 Tyler had put your luggage next to the closet and was now sitting on the bed with his head in his hands. You slowly approached him and sat down next to him. He looked up at you the moment he felt the bed shift with red-rimmed eyes.

 “I’m sorry” you both blurted out followed by soft giggles.

 “I am though, I should not have pushed you moving here, I know how important you finishing your schoolwork is. I just miss not being with you. Summer made me spoiled.” Tyler looked at you with such sincerity.

 You smiled and wrapped your arms around his neck. “Let’s just enjoy the time I am here”

 He kissed you quickly and you both headed back downstairs to spend time with his family.

 The next morning, Tyler was off to practice early to prepare for the big game. He had tried so hard not to wake you. You had felt bad watching him tiptoe from one side of the bedroom to the other so you pretended to still be asleep. You didn’t pry yourself from the comfortable mattress and the Tyler scented comforter until you heard the front door open and close.

 You slipped into one of Tyler’s t-shirts and a pair of leggings quietly padding down the stairs not to wake anyone else up. You smiled seeing a cup of coffee in your favorite mug waiting by the machine. You shook your head and brought the cup to your lips smiling as the warmth met your throat.

 You bent down to pet Cash who was now anxiously sitting at your feet waiting for some loving from you. You started looking around for Marshall when you eyed a white box with a neatly tied green bow sitting on the dining room table in the next room.

 You walked over and saw the note that was addressed to you.


I know what you’re saying “I already have one, why do I need a new one?” Just shush. It’s a new one, just accept the gift.

See you later 


 You giggled as you opened the box. You recognized the victory green immediately. You just rolled your eyes as you pulled the number 91 jersey from the box. You smiled as you ran the familiar feeling of the material through your fingers. That’s when you saw it, sitting there on the sleeve was a patch that read “Girlfriend”

 Even with no one watching you, you blushed and ran your fingers over the patch. You cleaned up the mess you made from opening the thoughtful gift and headed back upstairs.

 After you had breakfast with the rest of Tyler’s family, he had texted you to let you know that the coach wanted the boys to stay at the rink and he wouldn’t see you before the game. You were a little disappointed that you basically wouldn’t see Tyler for the entire day but you understood.

You hung out in the backyard with the Seguins until it was time to get ready for the game. You went upstairs and slipped into a pair or black jeans and the new jersey. You wore your hair down and tied up a pair of white converse. You and the girls applied some Dallas stars tattoos Tyler had lying around to your cheeks. You were all laughing over some silly joke Paul had made as you piled into the car Tyler had waiting to bring you to the rink.

 You took in the sight of the American Airlines Center, this place was like a second home to you. You smiled taking in the familiar sounds and sights of the arena. You, Candace and Cassidy decided to go down to the glass to watch warmups.

 You face lit up as soon as you saw the group of victory green clad men flood the ice. A few of the boys, recognizing you girls, tapped the glass with their sticks sending you three into a fit of giggles. Finally, Tyler skated over when he got a free moment smirking when he saw you wearing your new jersey. You mouthed him a quick “Thank You” and he smiled skating off to continue practicing.

 The game was one for the books. Every goal Dallas scored, their opponent matched quickly after. You felt as if you spent more time on your feet then in your seat. You were happy you opted for converse and not heels. The game was tied 4-4 with 30 seconds left in the third, the shot was set up and Tyler scored his third goal of the night landing a hat-trick. You jumped to your feet hugging Jackie as hats rained down on the ice.

 After all the commotion of a victory had calmed down and Tyler had been named the first star of the game, you and the Seguins were headed down to meet Tyler. The room was crowded with family and fans. You saw Jamie first, he came up to you and wrapped you in a bear hug.

 “Good to see you Captain!” you smiled

 “It’s good to see you too Y/N. I was quite disappointed when Tyler refused to share you after practice.” Jamie replied

 You looked up at him confused. “Wasn’t he with you?”

 He matched your confused look. “I thought he was with you, and that’s why he left out of here so fast.”

 The doubts suddenly rushed your mind. Why had Tyler lied to you? What was he doing?

 The color from Jamie’s face suddenly drained. “Everything okay cap?” you asked following his gaze. And you saw it. There was Tyler standing with a girl dressed scantily clad. He had his back against the wall and the girl was standing way too close for your comfort. You were about to go over there and drop your metaphorical gloves when it happened. She leaned in quickly her lips finding his. He looked shocked at first but then his lips matched hers.

 Your world had suddenly stopped spinning and the walls seemed to be coming down around you. Everything seemed to now move in slow motion. You watched as Tyler pushed the girl away but it was too late the damage had been done. His eyes met yours just as they filled with tears.

 You turned and ran, ignoring the calls from Jamie, the Seguins and most of all, Tyler. You didn’t know where you were going but what you did know is that you just lost your best friend and the love of your life all in one moment.

Time After Time (Part 6a of 10)

Summary: AU. When the reader’s parents divorce, her mother moves her to a new town, right next door to Bucky Barnes. This is their love story.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,051

Warnings: language, fluff

A/N: I want you to picture your own face in the one part, smiling brightly. You’ll know what I mean.

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6a - 6b - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10

Age 20

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Tyler Seguin- Pool Party

So @penguinxii sent a few Tyler Seguin prompts.

I took this in the direction of finding out Tyler wasn’t (any longer) who everyone said he was.

Word count: 977
Warnings: Tyler Seguin shirtless???

___________ _ X_ • _X_ _______________ _X_ •_X_ ___

It was off season for both football and hockey so Dallas was throwing a huge house party for all the local teams. You worked in PR for the Dallas cowboys so you always found yourself at these type of events. Always having to keep a blind eye to all the shit the boys on any team were pulling with girls, drinking, and whatever other irresponsible things they can get into.

You were aimlessly walking around with a beer in your hand. It was a beautiful house and there was a giant pool no one was taking advantage of. Going along with the rest of the party, you simply acted like you totally didn’t pack your bathing suit although you were wearing it under your dress. The only person taking advantage of the weather and environment was Tyler Seguin. He was sitting down next to the pool with no shirt on and short swimming trunks. God, he looked so good. And intimidating as hell from how good he looked.

Deciding to grab an extra beer, you walk over to him.

“Hey, thought you could use some hydration since you’re soaking up all the sun Dallas has to offer.” You hand him a beer. He peers over his sunglasses and smirks while taking the beer from your hand.

“My name is (y/n). I do PR for the cowboys.” You introduce yourself.

“Tyler. I sometimes hit a puck around for the Stars.” He takes a sip of his beer, “you’re the first person to come up to me all day.”

“Maybe it’s because you’re the only person here with a clue that it was a pool party. Those abs and tattoos can intimidate anyone.” You nervously laugh, taking a big swig of your beer. Drinking more frequently
when you are nervous.

“Didn’t seem to intimidate you.” A smile creeps up in the corner of his mouth.

“Well, I’ve had a few and got the courage to finally approach you.”

“HEADS UP!” One of the football players yelled as he ran into you trying to catch a pass. Before you could move out of the way you were pushed into Tyler’s lap. His arm quickly wrapped around your waist.

“You good?” He asked. You took a second to catch your breath after taking in how beautiful he looked the close you get to him.

You nodded in response since you couldn’t form words. A light chuckle escaped his mouth.

“Were you planning on swimming?” He raises his eyebrow while swirling his finger in the bow on your neck from your swimsuit top.

“Yeah, but you’re the only other person who seemed to get the memo about it being a pool party.” You rolled your eyes.

“What’s stopping us?” He nudged you off his lap then ran and dove into the pool.

You quickly removed your dress and followed him in. All the drunk players were cheering for your and Tyler’s pool entrance.

After a few minutes of splashing around and encouraging more party goers to get into the water, you and Tyler got out of the water.

“Where in the hell are the towels?” You screamed, running towards the house. Tyler followed closely behind. Both of you dripping wet and laughing at how ridiculous you look in comparison to everyone around you.

Once in the house a player stops you while Tyler continues searching for towels.

“Hey, be careful (Y/N) with him.” He said, his hand on your shoulder.

You shrugged him off.

“I can handle myself. But, thanks for looking out.” You scoff.

You heard all the rumors about Tyler. He was a womanizer. But, you were having fun. It was all playful. Honestly, you could use some positive male attention after babysitting football players all year.

Suddenly you heard your name being almost sung out from the top of the stairs. You make your way up the stairs to see Tyler gleaming as he holds up a pile of fresh towels.

“I found ‘em!” He says with a smile lit up across his face.

You grabbed a few and began drying off. Finishing off by wrapping one big towel around you and walking into one of the guest bedrooms. Tyler followed suit.

“So, if you don’t mind me asking, why do you come to these offseason events? I mean, it’s usually just significant others and the occasional groupie or two.” He asked, sitting down on the bed next you with a towel wrapped around his waist. You shot him a confused look.

“I work for these boys. They’re as much of my teammates as any other player. I know these get crazy sometimes. So, as the head of PR, it’s good to know the whole truth before things get leaked and I have to shut down the coverage.” You explain, while thinking you really don’t have to explain yourself to Tyler. He shrugged in agreement to your statement.

“If you don’t mind ME asking…” you take a quick breath, becoming nervous at the thought of asking the next question, “clearly you don’t have a significant other here. So, where’s your groupie?”

He seemed to expect that question coming. With a sigh, he replies, “I’m kind of over that phase. I fill my void with dogs. Dogs are great. They last longer than one night stands too. And they make me happy. Also, they have no idea how much money I make. They just care that I can throw a tennis ball across the yard.”

Fuck, why did he have to reply with such a genuinely sweet answer.

“I like dogs.” Is all you managed to reply with. A small smile crept across his face.

“Would you like to meet mine? I just got a new puppy.” He got excited to show off.

You nodded.

“I think I’d like that. And, I think I kind of like you.”

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The Drive part 1

Bughead fluff and angst! I have most of part two done but I’m not entirely happy with it yet, but hopefully should be ready soon.

The Drive

The bass rang in Betty’s ears as she worked her way through the crowd. She couldn’t believe how many people showed up as the night went on. The party was originally her idea, however it didn’t turn out quite like she planned. She had organized the details, decorated the place, picked out Jughead’s favorite movies, and even baked a few batches of cookies and cupcakes for the occasion. She wanted her boyfriend’s birthday to be something special, something he would really enjoy. She also wanted to prove to him that people did care about him, so she left Archie in charge of inviting most the guests. That decision, however, proved to be a poor one.

In retrospect, Betty should have realized that Archie would spread word about Jughead’s birthday party in a much different way than she had in mind, especially since both their parents were going out of town that weekend. Instead of a simple get together with tasty treats and movie marathons, the night had quickly blossomed into a full force house party complete with dance music and plenty of alcohol. Despite the unexpected outcome, everyone seemed to be having a great time. People were dancing, laughing, and drinking away the stresses and drama that had become the norm in their little town. Luckily, the night was young and no one had taken it too far - not yet anyway.

Betty timidly made her way through the hordes of intoxicated teens, searching for her mysterious boyfriend. She knew this wasn’t exactly his idea of a great night. She desperately wanted to find him and ensure he was doing okay. It was supposed to be HIS night after all. Finally, through the front window she saw him standing outside on the deck, leaning up against a support beam. She headed for the door to join him, the music swelling and falling as she opened and closed the door behind her. The deck was a quieter sanctuary from the bustling party inside the Andrew’s home, and Jughead was taking in the serene night with a cigarette hanging from his mouth. He glanced back at Betty as she walked up beside him and leaned against the beam opposite to him.

“Really Juggie? Cigarettes? Since when?” she teased him. He threw her a side glance and a playful smirk.

“It’s my birthday,” he said with a shrug. Betty rolled her eyes, but her smile didn’t fade. A comfortable moment of silence passed between them, Betty watching him smoke and feeling slightly irritated that he could make something so cancerous and vile look hot as hell.

“I’m sorry your party turned out like this. It’s not what I had in mind,” she stated honestly. He quietly laughed, flicking a chunk of ash off the end of his smoke. She continued, “but you have to admit it’s pretty cool all these people showed up for you Jug. I told you people like you.” She smiled sweetly at him, hoping he would recognize that he didn’t have to be an outsider all the time. He turned his head towards her, his eyebrow raised and a look of laid-back skepticism across his angular face.

“People like getting drunk, Bets. That’s why they’re all here.” he stated dryly.

“Couldn’t it be both?” she retorted with grin. He smiled, finding no reason to argue with stunning girlfriend. He took her hand, and lightly caressed her fingers with his thumb.

“Whatever helps you sleep at night,” he took a quick drag. “Either way, I appreciate the effort. You didn’t have to do all this for me,” his tone softened, and Betty leaned into him, basking in the glow of his kind words.

“Well, there’s still a few more hours left of your birthday. Is there anything else you’d like to do? You know, since my brilliant idea panned out so well,” she said lightheartedly. This time his smirk broke into a toothy smile, a rare moment of excitement Betty was incredibly grateful to witness.

“I took Archie’s keys again, you know, since he’s clearly drank too much to be driving,”

“Jughead, we’re at Archie’s house. Where the heck would he even go?” Betty laughed.

“That’s exactly it, who knows? I’m doing everyone a favor really,” he continued swiftly, his sarcasm becoming more and more playful.

“You still haven’t told me what you want to do tonight,” she asked him again. Jughead snuffed out his cigarette, and gracefully pulled her close.

“Why don’t we go for a drive? Just you and me, a crappy old truck, clear night full of stars… “ his words trailed off, his attention lost to Betty’s tender gaze.

“I’d love that,” she quietly replied, leaning closer to Jughead and tilting her head for his gentle kiss. Suddenly, before their lips could meet, the front door swung open. The music escaped loudly through the open door, causing Betty and Jughead to jump back from one another.

There, wobbling before the couple, was Archie Andrews, drunk as a skunk and staring intently at Betty. He didn’t even seem to register that Jughead existed beside her. He slammed his hand over his heart, and slurred as he spoke.

“Betty. Betty I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for you. I gotta talk to you. We, we gotta talk.” Betty stood still, her eyes wide with an emotion Jughead couldn’t quite identify. Pity? Anger? Disbelief? Archie continued his alcohol fueled speech.

“It was Grundy, Betty. That’s why I couldn’t be with you,” Jughead’s heart sank through his stomach. He felt his mouth suddenly become dry. Don’t do this to me Arch, he thought frantically.

“I was all mixed up with her, and I just… I wasn’t ready then to be your man but I am now, Betty. I’m here now. I’ve always loved you, I just didn’t know-” he paused, holding back a sudden bout of nausea. He leaned against the door behind him with a thud, steadying himself. “You- you’ve always been my best girl, Betty. Let’s just, be together! A power couple, just like- hiccup- just like you said, you know, when you said the stuff you said to me.” Betty stared at the boozed up redhead, trying to process the sudden flood of information. He spoke again before she could react.

“I love you, Betty Cooper,” he practically hollered, emphasizing each syllable of her name. Betty scowled, and shook her head as she replied.

“Archie, shut up. You’re drunk and acting like an idiot!”

“Here me, Riverdale!” he clumsily ran past the couple, jumping the deck railing and landing with a harsh tumble onto the front lawn. “Betty Cooper’s the best damn girl in town! No, no, in the whole country! The world!” he yelled, laying flat on his back in the dewy grass. “We’re gonna be together and, and get married! Kids, white picket-” he paused again, holding a fist to his mouth, his face turning pale as he holds back his gut. Jughead’s face was stiff, and his teeth began to ache from his clenched jaw. With heavy steps he approached the sloppy redhead, and pulled him to his feet by the collar of his shirt.

“Get up.” he growled. Archie complied, stumbling as Jughead practically dragged him to the house. “Getting shitfaced is one thing, pal” he bitterly hissed, “but talking to my girlfriend like that, right in front of me-”

“Girlfriend?” Archie interjected with a laugh. “Come on man, she’s just lonely. Betty!” He turned his head back to her as they reached the door. “You don’t have to be lonely anymore, I’m yours babe!”

“That’s not how this works!” she snapped. Her voice was angry, but tears were welling up in her crystal blue eyes. He quickly shoved Archie inside, and slammed the door back shut. Jughead’s heart was pounding in his chest. He knew Betty still carried some feelings for Archie, and it was a fact he tried his best to ignore. He had to believe that maybe Betty could move on from Archie’s rejection, that maybe she could learn to love him instead.

Yet the worst actually happened, right in front of his eyes. Archie was begging Betty to be his. She was clearly angry at his drunken declaration, but the thought buzzed in Jughead’s mind: Would she be reacting differently if Archie was sober? Gathering his strength, he turned around to face her, but instead saw her ponytail swinging wildly as she quickly walked towards the driveway. Jughead followed her as she approached Archie’s truck, and paused in front of the passenger door, her arms crossed tightly across her waist as she tried to contain her flooding emotions. She faced the dark haired boy, and wiped an escaped tear from her cheek. He stood motionless, unsure what he could possibly say to comfort her, or to even comfort himself. 

“Can we still go for a drive Juggie? I really need to get out of here for while,” she asked him quietly, her voice trembling as she fought to keep her composure.