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Falling Deeper

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Pairing: Justin Foley x Reader

Request: “Hiii LOVE UR BLOG SO FREAKING MUCH IT HURTS❤️❤️, i was wondering if you could write a justin x reader imagine, where the reader and Justin have been friends for a long time and everyone thinks they’re dating but they’re not. Like they would flirt, have inside jokes, feeling for each other(but won’t admit) and one day when Justin asks the reader to crash in her house cuz of Seth they confess their feelings and flufff”

Words: 2.000

A/N: OMG! This my first Justin imagine and I so loved this little nugget too. Thank you for your support and I hope that you like this one too. Thank you so much for your request and, if you want, please don’t hesitate to leave a feedback in my ask box.

- G. x

Warning: (Y/M/N) is Your Mother’s Name, talking of family issues, swearing.

“Am I seeing you tomorrow, Jus?” You confidently asked your best friend as you decided to go directly home after your classes. You were in the hallway, in front of your now-closed locker.

“Of course, pretty.” He winked at you and you let out a loud laugh. He was a great flirt and that was one of the characteristics you loved in Justin.

“Shut up, sweet talker!” You tried to cover the romantic excitement that flowed in your veins and he just hugged you as he knew that you loved it whenever he would compliment you.

“Take care, okay?” He reminded you as you nodded for several times to answer. You hugged him back.

“Just get together already!” Your friend Jessica exclaimed as she got through you and Justin along the hallway. She winked and you saw that Sherie agreed with her. They were surely making their way to the gym for the cheerleading practice.

“But they’re already together.” Zach shouted to the girls as he shut his locker and followed them.

“Idiots!” You shouted as you broke the hug between the two of you. “I’m going now, Mr. Foley.”

“Alright, Mrs. Foley.” You both laughed loudly. He started to call you in that way, because you both had to pretend that you were husband and wife the day before. Some maniacs were trying to hit on you and he came up with that idea, it sucked but you loved it.

“You should take care too, okay? Don’t break a bone during your basketball practice.” You reminded him after you left a quick kiss on his cheek.

“Yes, Mum!” He rolled his eyes and gave you a kiss on your temple. With that kiss, you felt protected and it felt that Justin was with you, even though he’s not walking you home that day.

“Go on or you’ll be late.” You smiled at him as you both went in separated ways.

“Text me as soon as you get home, okay?” He walked in backwards as he wanted to see if you were already walking away.

“Yes, sir!” You huffed as you wanted to stay with him a little longer, but you had projects to finish and coach Patrick never let people to enter the gym during his teams’ practices.

You slowly walked back home and Justin never left your thoughts. He stayed in your mind even when you were doing your homework.

You loved Justin, because who wouldn’t, and he made you happy every time. He could be considered as an asshole by some students, but you knew that he had a kind heart. He could be weak too, mostly when it came to his family, but you always knew how to cheer him up and how to mend his broken heart.

People has always thought that you were together, because you couldn’t be you without Justin and Justin couldn’t be him without you. You completed each other, even though you were just best friends. You flirted and sometimes people mistook your actions, but you never admitted your feelings to him. You were obviously shy to admit it, you thought that it was flustering because you didn’t know if he felt the same towards you, even though his friends said that the feeling was mutual.

“(Y/N)!” Your mum called as dinner was ready and you didn’t notice it as you were so focused on finishing your Communications’ project and thinking of Justin. “Dad’s not home before 10 pm and he told me to not wait for him.”

“I’m coming.” You shouted as you ran downstairs, stopping in front of the front door when you heard the bell ringing. “I’m opening it.”

“Sure!” Your mum shouted from the kitchen as you heard the glasses clinking while she was preparing the table.

“Justin!” You worriedly called his name as you opened your front door. You were happy to see him, of course, but not after seeing his dull gaze. “What happened?”

“Can I,” he started as you saw him angry and down at the same time. “is it all right if I crash here tonight?” He bit his lower lip as he looked at the ground. He was so shy to ask you some favours, although you’ve been best friends for a long time now.

“Of course, Jus!” You sadly smiled at him as you already hinted that something was wrong in his house. You let him enter the house and you closed the door behind you. “Have you already eaten?”

“Uhm,” He felt more relaxed and relieved that he finally found someone who could help him for the night, although you were really his first choice. “not really.”

“Then have dinner with us.” You smiled as him as you pulled his hand and headed to the kitchen.

“Good evening, (Y/M/N)!” Justin politely greeted and your mum flashed him a sweet and welcoming smile. You let his hand go as you took his blue sports bag off his shoulder.

“Good evening, Justin.” Your mother greeted. “Have you had your dinner yet?”

“He didn’t, Mum.” You answered for Justin as you knew that he was feeling a little bit uncomfortable. After all this time, he was still shy around your mother.

“Oh, eat with us!” Your mother panicked as she put an extra plate with a glass and the cutlery.

“Thank you.” Justin warmly smiled as he felt loved. You knew that he didn’t get much attention from his mother like how you did and he had serious problems at home, that was why you always tried to be there for him.

The three of you sat on your places and you shared a warm and delicious food together.

“Mum,” You seriously called her attention as you carefully chewed your food. “can Justin stay for the night?”

“Yes, of course! The guest room is always ready for him.” Your mother smiled sadly as she sensed that Justin had his family problems once again. It wasn’t the first time that Justin was crashing in your place and he has been welcomed by your parents with their arms widely opened.

“Thank you, really.” Justin was overwhelmed for the help that he was receiving and it made you love him even more because he knew how to appreciate the small things.

“Justin, you are always welcome in our family. Don’t hesitate to ask for help, okay?” Your mother reminded and Justin smiled while nodding in response.
After dinner, Justin helped you to clear the table and to wash the dishes.

“Jus,” You called him as you turned the faucet off and wiped your hands to dry them. “do you want to watch the stars?”

“Cheesy night ahead?” He winked at you and his gaze became bright once again. You knew that he felt better, but you still wanted to talk about it. He couldn’t keep his resentments to himself.

“Don’t you like it, Mr. Foley?” You hugged him from behind while he was drying the last plate.

“I do, Mrs. Foley.” He responded and you just let out some cute giggles. After some seconds, he put the last plate on its place and he wiped his hand using the towel.

You and Justin then headed to your house’s roof with two blankets and some chocolate bars. You used to do this when you were little and you would fall asleep on the roof while watching the stars with your parents.

Justin fixed one blanket on the flattened part of the roof and you both lied down on the blanket as you admired the starry sky.

“These stars are so bright.” You commented, being amazed at the protuberances that you were seeing.

“But those stars aren’t as bright as my life with you.” Justin sweetly said as he looked at you and you suddenly felt the heat in your cheeks.

“Aw, Justin!” You were flattered and you wouldn’t deny that. He knew how to make you smile and, in fact, he flashed you his warm smile when he saw you smiling.

“(Y/N), I am so happy to be with you right now.” He looked back at the sky and he sighed as he thought of his situation at home.

“And I am happy to have you here, Justin.” You smiled at him as you saw that he was focused at admiring the dark sky.

“And I thank you for that.” He seriously said, searching for your hand as a tear ran down his face. “Seth’s been stressing me since he came back to my mother. I was already happy that they broke up, but my mother kept on welcoming him home, although she knew that he would hurt me, although he hurts her too.”

“Jus, your mother has just loved somebody that couldn’t appreciate things. He’s an asshole, I know that, but it wasn’t your mother’s fault.” Justin intertwined his fingers with yours as you explained him how the things really were.

“I know, it’s just that I don’t feel that my mother cares about me anymore. I mean, she would stumble to serve that reckless ungrateful man as if she’s a maid.” Justin sighed as he worried of his mother. He cared for his mum and you couldn’t deny how great he was as a son.

“Justin,” you faced him and caressed his cheek with your free hand. “it’s not fair, but your mother is blinded by her love. Unluckily.” You sighed. “I am sure, though, that she cares about you. She’s just afraid to show it, because Seth hates you to death. She’s afraid of the consequences.”

“What a fucked-up situation.” He bit his lower lip as he shook his head, switching his gaze from the sky to your face.

“I know, but I am here for you Justin.” You caught each other’s glances and he smiled at you.

“Honestly?” You put on your questioning look and he looked at your lips and then he looked back at your eyes. “My world got better since you came into my life.”

“Aw, Justin.” You flashed him your flattered and touched smile. “You’re the sweetest.”

“It’s the truth and I would never lie to you.” Justin caressed your cheek as he tucked a strand of hair covering your face.

“Why is that?” You put your hand on his and you caressed it with your thumb. Your hand was small compared to his and you were amazed because it was so soft and smooth for a boy.

“Because I’m falling deeper in love with you.” He confessed his feelings and you felt the heat and the burning sensation in your face one more time. “I love you, (Y/N) and I don’t want to lose you.” He was brief, but he knew how to explain his hidden feelings.

“Justin, you are the sweetest person ever.” You bit your lower lip and he flashed you his sweetest smile, that smile that you loved the most in him. “And you would never believe it, but I love you too, for a while too.”

“Really?” His eyes grew wide as the words flushed in his mind.

“Really!” You gave him your confirmation and his smile grew bigger, just as big as yours, teeth confidently showing.

He leant in as he was about to close the gap between the two of you. He was really a gentleman, even though he seemed an asshole. “Can I?”

“Is that even a question to ask?” You winked at him and you leant in a little bit closer as you both laughed loudly.

You both moved forward and you closed the gap between the two of you. The cold breeze of air stung your skins and the stars shone up in the sky while you shared a long and sweet passionate kiss.

You waited for that moment to happen for a more than a century now and you couldn’t believe that it happened as you felt butterflies playing in your stomach.

You surely were happy and, like Justin, you were falling deeper in love with him too.

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Harry basically just confirmed haylor was a thing soooo... Idk how to respond


Oh lord. 

Okay I’ve literally not looked at social media for most of the day because I’m working somewhere where I deal with sensitive information and therefore cannot have my phone at my desk. 

So I have no idea what anyone thinks of that article aside from @vocabularryonthemind , @mellygrant and @nautilarrie who I text on the reg during my breaks to be like, “VASS HAPPENIN SELENE???” But today was an exception because I was trying to Focus™ and thus I really have no concept of anyone’s reaction to this article. 

I read it in my uber to work and almost threw my phone out the window because, being the darkest fucking Larrie possible, I live in Laurel/Larry Canyon and this diner he speaks of is where Choe ( @vocabularryonthemind) and I go to write when we don’t want to upset my housemates with our witch cackling writing sessions. And THE COUNTRY STORE IS WHERE I GO TO GET MY UK NECESSITIES EW HARRY LET ME LIVE. I can literally throw a rock off my balcony and hit the Country Store so I was all kinds of, “WHAT FUCKING SORCERY IS THIS???” when I read that article. I moved to LA and had naht a clue about what was what and just chose this place randomly and honestly after having a job across the street from where Liam lived in London I never thought shit could get weird like that again but here I am. Destined to be forever fuckin reminded of what trash I am for 1D because they’re literally in my goddamn face.  

Actual footage of me trying to leave the 1D fandom:

What the hell were we talking about? Never underestimate my ADHD and ego’s ability to literally make anything about me. 

Oh yeah! Haylno. 

Look mad props to Tay Tay for her successful career and such, but Harry couldn’t have swerved that question harder than if he literally went for a wee and never came back. This was probably him on that super long wee break:

“Uhhhh Jeff what should I say?…Yeah I’m not gonna say that, bye.” *click* … “Lou they’re asking about her…” And Louis was all

Just kidding…this guy was never just going to like flamboyantly jump into the spotlight all

Omg jk again because lol

Harry be like 

I’m sorry, but Harry didn’t get the fuckin bee for you to be a weak Larrie. 

This “confession”…

As Michael McIntyre said, “They are media. Trained. Super stars!”

Harry might be bangin on the closet door but he can hardly just casually mention that the most heavily manufactured and public relationship he’s ever had was fake. I mean, I try to take everything Harry says literally but the man actually dresses up teddy bears to send coded messages and the irony of his cheery, “I’ve been completely honest with you *WINK*!” parting words weren’t lost on me. 

So you’re telling me that for 20 months, when we have actual proof (FROM LOUIS AND HARRY VIA THEIR OWN MOUTHS AND TWITTERS) that Louis and Harry were living together, Harry slept on a mattress on the floor in Ben Winston’s attic? 

I mean they’ve been trying to rewrite that part of history for ages, and who knows why? Not me. 

I don’t doubt he was a regular guest, but I hardly believe that he was this hobo that the Winstons make him out to be. 

Anyway, I’ve been saying it for awhile, but “Style” is about John Mayer, not Harry. (x

Harry continues to be classy about how he approaches this issue, which is WAY more than anyone can say about Taylor Swift. It was almost F I V E  Y E A R S ago and she still allows everyone to speculate that every song she writes was about a one-month bearding stint, whereas Harry has talked about it literally once, and probably as a necessity in toeing the line in this new solo venture. 

What better way to keep his aggressively private life private than by vaguely acknowledging a four week “relationship”…if you’re trying to tell me that an entire album was forged from that then maybe you should be talking to a Taylor Swift blog because I don’t believe that shit for a second. 

Harry did mention that the entire album was for a “she”. He also said…


…am I the only one who thought he was talking about Anne?

Anyway, I saw this as a very significant step away from the “lothario” and “womanising” image that was created around him throughout the entirety of the first few years of One Direction. I thought the article was honest and served its purpose. And proved once again that Harry is more of a show than tell kind of guy. 

And that he is one



AA!SteveTony; You know you say everything out loud.

Word Count: ~2800
Warnings: none?


Seventy two hours after Tony disappeared into his lab and failed to come out, Steve found himself outside the doors, punching in his entry code. He wasn’t the first Avenger to come knocking, but he was the first to come bearing food– ham sandwich, baked chips, and, at Natasha’s insistence, a bottle of coconut water. Because fluids were important, and nothing improved a mood quite as fast as sugar.

She was right in guessing that Tony’s mood would need improving. As soon as FRIDAY waved him in, Steve was greeted with a sharp, “What?”

Setting lunch down on the nearest flat surface, Steve grabbed the coconut water and headed toward the bank of screens where he heard Tony’s voice. He boldly shook the bottle in the man’s face and commanded, “Drink up.”

Tony scowled, potently, for all that he looked wrung out and exhausted. “I’m a little busy, Cap,” he said, distantly. “So, unless you need something…”

“I do,” Steve held up the bottle again. “Drink.”

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FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF, with the lightest most PG mention of sex

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masterlist | ask 

  • confesses his feelings for you live on vapp accidentally in front of millions of viewers including you
  • “there’s this friend of mine that i think would be a good wife, she’s a very beautiful and sweet girl. i like her a lot.” he smiled as he read through the comments, “her name? why would i tell you Y/N’s name?” 
  • namjoon just in the background on his phone like ummm
  • calls you straight after the live show and apologises over and over again until you tell him it’s okay and you feel the same way 
  • throws his phone in excitement after the call and accidentally smashes the screen
  • takes you out that weekend to see a romantic movie, insisting that you get the popcorn AND the ice cream because you deserve the world and if there are two food options you should always get both
  • never wears a mask or a disguise on dates because he wants people to know he’s seeing someone romantically and more importantly he wants you to know he’s not ashamed of anybody knowing about your relationship 
  • loves taking you on shopping sprees and always spoils you because how can he say no to that pouty thing you do with your face when you’re looking at something you’re in love with
  • very protective of you, even more so than he is with his members 
  • waits a while before introducing you to his dongsaengs because he just knows they’re going to be assholes and embarrass him so bad 
  • but it wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be, though namjoon did give you a stern talk about the responsibilities of dating an idol; as well as the good old “if you hurt him i will-“ 
  • jin is just like “i’m so sorry he’s normally really shy so i don’t know where that came from.”
  • prefers to cook for you himself instead of taking you out for a meal 
  • you go to see so many movies together when he’s not on schedule, it’s like your thing to go and see a movie at midnight because why not 
  • trips to art galleries and acoustic live band performances in small coffee shops
  • after a few weeks of seeing each other he asks you to be his official girlfriend over dinner, to which you obviously swoon over his words and say yes
  • smiley sunshine seokjin 
  • always talks about you during interviews, can’t stop gushing about your likes and interests and your recent achievements 
  • honestly can’t tolerate some of your friends but makes an effort just for you, however he 10/10 complains about said friends when they’re gone and he’s done playing nice guy 
  • a nervous angel when you meet his family but all goes well cause they really like you and think you’re good for their handsome prince and even ask for your number to keep in touch when he’s on tour
  • constantly bickering with you over the tiniest things like putting salt on your food and the way you put your shoes on, but he gets offended when you make fun of his crazy bendy fingers 
  • loves to cuddle you on the sofa while watching television, but not in front of the members as he’s not a fan of PDA in general, minus occasional hand holding and rare stolen kisses
  • really goes the extra mile for birthdays and christmas, even if he can’t be physically with you on the occasion he’s super sweet and watches you open your gifts via skype with this huge cheesy grin cause he knows you’ll love them 
  • spoils you so much with expensive jewellery and makeup and things you pointed out whilst shopping one day. he always remembers every little detail about what you saw and heads back into the store alone the next day trying to find it 
  • gets mad whenever you try to help him cook
  • gets mad whenever you don’t help him cook
  • always low-key ready to fight, always jokingly scolding you 
  • calls you twice every day no matter how busy his schedule is because he wants to be the best boyfriend he can and never let you down and he’s low-key checking up on you cause he’s insecure you will leave him for somebody else. despite the hundreds of times you’ve told him otherwise
  • really interested by your hobbies and always asks if he can join in with whatever activity you’re doing 
  • sex gets introduced into the relationship at the five month mark, he wanted to make sure you were 100% comfortable and absolutely certain about it before it happened 
  • after weeks of telling him you were sure one date night he finally listened to you and pretty much shoved you into the dorms
  • romantic sex 
  • honestly your biggest fan he’s so supportive of what you do and gloats about you at every chance he gets, promos you just as much as he does his group
  • when you go to their performances he asks you to watch jimin dance instead of him because he’s afraid you’ll laugh at him 
  • adventure-like dates, doesn’t like to stay inside would much rather head out somewhere and do something with you instead
  • gets mad when people make you upset and or cry, god help them if they ever ran into angry overprotective doting boyfriend
  • thinks you’re laughing at his jokes when 50% of the time you’re actually laughing at him 
  • for your one year anniversary he takes you to california
  • one day you go to the beach he’s constantly talking about and has wanted to take you for so long because of how beautiful it is but forgets all about the beach when he sees you in your swimwear 
  • tries to take you to different places when he has a break but california holds a special place in your relationship 
  • he’s the one to say “i love you” first and you say it back right away, the two of you turning into smiling babies for a moment 
  • to make up for all the fatty foods you eat together
  • asks you to move in with him around the three year mark but he has some “conditions” 
  • the kitchen is his and never forget it 
  • he gets to shower first because apparently you take too long 
  • he gets to get a puppy once you’re settled in 
  • literally makes you sign an agreement and has namjoon as a witness 
  • once you both move in together he turns into domestic husband goals like he’s always bringing you breakfast in bed and running you bubble baths and cooks the most amazing meals 
  • that christmas you surprise him with a puppy and he’s honestly overwhelmed he nearly cries because he loves you so much and now you have this bundle of fluff to take care of and love unconditionally
  • treats the dog like his child
  • threatens to call the dog jungkook 
  • hates it when you go to bed with wet hair cause it makes him colder
  • always inviting his members round for a meal, especially namjoon and his girlfriend who blossomed into a good friend of yours
  • complains there’s not enough room in the fridge every time you get back from grocery shopping
  • “buy another fridge then.” 
  • actually does  
  • has his family stay with you for one long weekend during the summer and realises that what you have is beyond rare and so special. immediately tells his parents about his plans to propose to you
  • one day he’s out with the dog and you’re doing some dusting and when you open his wardrobe you find an engagement ring box just sitting there minding it’s own business. before you can freak out you hear him come home and you’re just like asdfghjkl inwardly 
  • you don’t say anything though because you know he’d get upset about it
  • two weeks later he’s preparing a meal for you when you come home, and everywhere is covered with roses because that’s the night he asks you to be his wife

Soundtrack (Song 1 of 5)

Word Count: 4089

Summary: Steve is still human. He makes mistakes. When one of these mistakes causes problems in your marriage, he takes the time to think back over your relationship.

Warnings: Language, angst, fluff, more angst, marriage problems

A/N: This is my new series Soundtrack, where each part will be based around a different song. Please note that this series will get pretty angsty, but I promise to make everything okay at the end, deal? The song of this chapter is “I Go To The Barn Because I Like The” by Band of Horses. Weird name, lovely song. Lyrics are in italics.

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Well, I’d like to think I’m the mess you’d wear with pride

When Steve stumbled out of the jet that night, he could think only of you. He needed to talk to you, hear your voice, see your face, touch you, hold you. You had to be awake by now, had to have realized that he had left. Normally you would have woken up immediately. The way you slept tangled up together did not exactly lend itself to graceful exits, but tonight had been different, with Nyquil holding you in blissful sleep even when Steve’s phone rang, when he answered it, when he pulled himself away from you and crept out of the house.

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Flashing Lights - Benedict x reader

A/N: This is just something that has been stuck in my brain all week, and I had to get it out in order to move on with my requests…
If you haven’t watched the Graham Norton Show, I highly recommend you do because it is 
gold, especially the episodes featuring Ben seriously go watch it
In any case, let me know what you think and wether or not I should write a part two… ;D

Word count: 2347
Warnings: none

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The Drive part 1

Bughead fluff and angst! I have most of part two done but I’m not entirely happy with it yet, but hopefully should be ready soon.

The Drive

The bass rang in Betty’s ears as she worked her way through the crowd. She couldn’t believe how many people showed up as the night went on. The party was originally her idea, however it didn’t turn out quite like she planned. She had organized the details, decorated the place, picked out Jughead’s favorite movies, and even baked a few batches of cookies and cupcakes for the occasion. She wanted her boyfriend’s birthday to be something special, something he would really enjoy. She also wanted to prove to him that people did care about him, so she left Archie in charge of inviting most the guests. That decision, however, proved to be a poor one.

In retrospect, Betty should have realized that Archie would spread word about Jughead’s birthday party in a much different way than she had in mind, especially since both their parents were going out of town that weekend. Instead of a simple get together with tasty treats and movie marathons, the night had quickly blossomed into a full force house party complete with dance music and plenty of alcohol. Despite the unexpected outcome, everyone seemed to be having a great time. People were dancing, laughing, and drinking away the stresses and drama that had become the norm in their little town. Luckily, the night was young and no one had taken it too far - not yet anyway.

Betty timidly made her way through the hordes of intoxicated teens, searching for her mysterious boyfriend. She knew this wasn’t exactly his idea of a great night. She desperately wanted to find him and ensure he was doing okay. It was supposed to be HIS night after all. Finally, through the front window she saw him standing outside on the deck, leaning up against a support beam. She headed for the door to join him, the music swelling and falling as she opened and closed the door behind her. The deck was a quieter sanctuary from the bustling party inside the Andrew’s home, and Jughead was taking in the serene night with a cigarette hanging from his mouth. He glanced back at Betty as she walked up beside him and leaned against the beam opposite to him.

“Really Juggie? Cigarettes? Since when?” she teased him. He threw her a side glance and a playful smirk.

“It’s my birthday,” he said with a shrug. Betty rolled her eyes, but her smile didn’t fade. A comfortable moment of silence passed between them, Betty watching him smoke and feeling slightly irritated that he could make something so cancerous and vile look hot as hell.

“I’m sorry your party turned out like this. It’s not what I had in mind,” she stated honestly. He quietly laughed, flicking a chunk of ash off the end of his smoke. She continued, “but you have to admit it’s pretty cool all these people showed up for you Jug. I told you people like you.” She smiled sweetly at him, hoping he would recognize that he didn’t have to be an outsider all the time. He turned his head towards her, his eyebrow raised and a look of laid-back skepticism across his angular face.

“People like getting drunk, Bets. That’s why they’re all here.” he stated dryly.

“Couldn’t it be both?” she retorted with grin. He smiled, finding no reason to argue with stunning girlfriend. He took her hand, and lightly caressed her fingers with his thumb.

“Whatever helps you sleep at night,” he took a quick drag. “Either way, I appreciate the effort. You didn’t have to do all this for me,” his tone softened, and Betty leaned into him, basking in the glow of his kind words.

“Well, there’s still a few more hours left of your birthday. Is there anything else you’d like to do? You know, since my brilliant idea panned out so well,” she said lightheartedly. This time his smirk broke into a toothy smile, a rare moment of excitement Betty was incredibly grateful to witness.

“I took Archie’s keys again, you know, since he’s clearly drank too much to be driving,”

“Jughead, we’re at Archie’s house. Where the heck would he even go?” Betty laughed.

“That’s exactly it, who knows? I’m doing everyone a favor really,” he continued swiftly, his sarcasm becoming more and more playful.

“You still haven’t told me what you want to do tonight,” she asked him again. Jughead snuffed out his cigarette, and gracefully pulled her close.

“Why don’t we go for a drive? Just you and me, a crappy old truck, clear night full of stars… “ his words trailed off, his attention lost to Betty’s tender gaze.

“I’d love that,” she quietly replied, leaning closer to Jughead and tilting her head for his gentle kiss. Suddenly, before their lips could meet, the front door swung open. The music escaped loudly through the open door, causing Betty and Jughead to jump back from one another.

There, wobbling before the couple, was Archie Andrews, drunk as a skunk and staring intently at Betty. He didn’t even seem to register that Jughead existed beside her. He slammed his hand over his heart, and slurred as he spoke.

“Betty. Betty I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for you. I gotta talk to you. We, we gotta talk.” Betty stood still, her eyes wide with an emotion Jughead couldn’t quite identify. Pity? Anger? Disbelief? Archie continued his alcohol fueled speech.

“It was Grundy, Betty. That’s why I couldn’t be with you,” Jughead’s heart sank through his stomach. He felt his mouth suddenly become dry. Don’t do this to me Arch, he thought frantically.

“I was all mixed up with her, and I just… I wasn’t ready then to be your man but I am now, Betty. I’m here now. I’ve always loved you, I just didn’t know-” he paused, holding back a sudden bout of nausea. He leaned against the door behind him with a thud, steadying himself. “You- you’ve always been my best girl, Betty. Let’s just, be together! A power couple, just like- hiccup- just like you said, you know, when you said the stuff you said to me.” Betty stared at the boozed up redhead, trying to process the sudden flood of information. He spoke again before she could react.

“I love you, Betty Cooper,” he practically hollered, emphasizing each syllable of her name. Betty scowled, and shook her head as she replied.

“Archie, shut up. You’re drunk and acting like an idiot!”

“Here me, Riverdale!” he clumsily ran past the couple, jumping the deck railing and landing with a harsh tumble onto the front lawn. “Betty Cooper’s the best damn girl in town! No, no, in the whole country! The world!” he yelled, laying flat on his back in the dewy grass. “We’re gonna be together and, and get married! Kids, white picket-” he paused again, holding a fist to his mouth, his face turning pale as he holds back his gut. Jughead’s face was stiff, and his teeth began to ache from his clenched jaw. With heavy steps he approached the sloppy redhead, and pulled him to his feet by the collar of his shirt.

“Get up.” he growled. Archie complied, stumbling as Jughead practically dragged him to the house. “Getting shitfaced is one thing, pal” he bitterly hissed, “but talking to my girlfriend like that, right in front of me-”

“Girlfriend?” Archie interjected with a laugh. “Come on man, she’s just lonely. Betty!” He turned his head back to her as they reached the door. “You don’t have to be lonely anymore, I’m yours babe!”

“That’s not how this works!” she snapped. Her voice was angry, but tears were welling up in her crystal blue eyes. He quickly shoved Archie inside, and slammed the door back shut. Jughead’s heart was pounding in his chest. He knew Betty still carried some feelings for Archie, and it was a fact he tried his best to ignore. He had to believe that maybe Betty could move on from Archie’s rejection, that maybe she could learn to love him instead.

Yet the worst actually happened, right in front of his eyes. Archie was begging Betty to be his. She was clearly angry at his drunken declaration, but the thought buzzed in Jughead’s mind: Would she be reacting differently if Archie was sober? Gathering his strength, he turned around to face her, but instead saw her ponytail swinging wildly as she quickly walked towards the driveway. Jughead followed her as she approached Archie’s truck, and paused in front of the passenger door, her arms crossed tightly across her waist as she tried to contain her flooding emotions. She faced the dark haired boy, and wiped an escaped tear from her cheek. He stood motionless, unsure what he could possibly say to comfort her, or to even comfort himself. 

“Can we still go for a drive Juggie? I really need to get out of here for while,” she asked him quietly, her voice trembling as she fought to keep her composure.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I wanted to ask how the relationship between lyanna and rhaegar is portrayed in the books, and if she went with him willingly? I watch the show but only read the first book and I was curious, on the show he kidnapped her and that's how people see it. But in the book some characters seem to see it as love/romantic


The way it is portrayed in the books is actually a little complicated, and definitely more nuanced than it is in the show in my opinion. That is going to be long so let me answer your second question first! Also I am not really a show watcher ( I mean I’ve seen it but I don’t watch it fully paying attention) so I will not be able to provide a direct comparison (apologies) but I will do my best to describe what it is like in the books.

I am of the belief that Lyanna did go with Rhaegar willingly, however, I do not think Lyanna was a willing participant/accomplice the entire time. 

There are 2 reasons I think that Lyanna was willing:

1. Rhaegar managed to run away with Lyanna and camp out with her for a while before being found. This would have been extraordinarily difficult without Lyanna’s cooperation. Firstly, Rhaegar is acting pretty much alone with only the help of Oswell and Arthur (and possibly Elia ~ but that is a whole different thing, I will be writing a post on that soon!!!) Lyanna might not be a princess but she is a daughter of a long time noble house. It would not be as simple as waltzing into a house swords drawn and demanding she follow. Furthermore, Brandon’s wedding was to happen soon who was to say that she would even be at Winterfell? She could have been on the road as well to be a guest at her brother’s wedding. There would have had to have been some sort of coordination between Lyanna and Rhaegar for things to have happened as smoothly as they did. 

2. It does not really fit with Rhaegar and Arthur’s character that they would take Lyanna against her will. Ned Stark’s characterization is the one I primarily am referring to when I say this:

“The finest knight I ever saw was Ser Arthur Dayne, who fought with a blade called Dawn, forged from the heart of a fallen star.”(A Clash of Kings pg 250 -251)  

“For the first time in years, he found himself remembering Rhaegar Targaryen. He wondered if Rhaegar had frequented brothels; somehow he thought not.” (A Game of Thrones pg 402)

Ned does not really think of Rhaegar and Arthur much but when he does he does not really view them negatively. He seems to think of Arthur as an admirable knight and does not think Rhaegar was a very lustful fellow. I really don’t think Ned would feel this way about them if they did in fact take Lyanna against her will. 

Now the reason I do not think that Lyanna was a willing participant the entire time is this scene:  “As they came together in a rush of steel and shadow, he could hear Lyanna screaming. “Eddard!” she called. A storm of rose petals blew across a blood- streaked sky, as blue as the eyes of death. “Lord Eddard” Lyanna called again.” (A Game of Thrones pg 425) 

Lyanna is literally screaming for her brother and the Kingsguard who were loyal to Rhaegar are trying to kill her brother, which is likely the total opposite of what she wanted.The definition of willing according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is “ inclined or favorably disposed in mind; prompt to act or respond;  done, borne, or accepted by choice or without reluctance; of or relating to the will or power of choosing.” That does not fit Lyanna at all in that scene. That of course makes me question exactly what Lyanna was told and if she honestly knew what she was getting into. 

Now getting into the way Rhaegar/Lyanna is portrayed in the books via the characters. The books definitely portray Rhaegar/Lyanna in a more romantic tragedy kind of way BUT there is a HUGE caveat. 

In the books Rhaegar and Lyanna’s realtionship is primarily characterized by conversations between Dany and Barristan who are both very very very problematic narrators for this. Like I mean “It is not for me to say what might have been in your brother’s heart, Your Grace.” (A Storm of Swords pg 486) Barristan literally comes out and says he is not the person to ask about Rhaegar’s feelings. 

 I will link you to one of my older posts, Elia/Rhaegar: An Analysis of Their Doomed Romance (Part 1) (linked here: [x]) in which I talk about why the use of Barristan and Dany is problematic. 

There are mentions of Rhaegar/Lyanna by other characters but those mentions are also usually “oh it must have been love” kind of characterizations for the same reasons that Barristan and Dany do. The only exceptions to this is Robert, who is convinced Lyanna was kidnapped and raped, and Ned, who does not really provide much insight into the kind of feelings (whether it was romance or not) between Rhaegar and Lyanna. 

Thanks for the ask Anon!!! Feel free to drop by again!!!

Time After Time (Part 6a of 10)

Summary: AU. When the reader’s parents divorce, her mother moves her to a new town, right next door to Bucky Barnes. This is their love story.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,051

Warnings: language, fluff

A/N: I want you to picture your own face in the one part, smiling brightly. You’ll know what I mean.

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6a - 6b - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10

Age 20

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#62 - For anonymous

Filling the prompt “Can you do one where you and Van are close friends and you always hang out after school and cuddle and stuff and he admits his feelings for you?? thank you!”

You hadn’t really been friends with Van when he was still in school. You were in the same year level, but you never noticed him except for the moments where he’d be off task in class and a teacher would ask him if there was something more important than his education. There always was. There was always something he cared more about. A new song. A show on the weekend. Finding a drummer for his band. His new puppy. You’d always chuckle under your breath at the chaos he caused.

You became friends on the day that would be the catalyst for him dropping out. It was a Friday, and you had English after lunch. Honestly, you were surprised he was even in class; he would frequently skip. The teacher was having everyone analyse poetry. You loved English, and you loved poetry. You started to flick through your own copy of Howl and Other Poems. You made eye contact with Van briefly as he was searching through his bag for something. He gave you a smile, and you smiled back and quickly looked away. He pulled out headphones and started to listen to something, tapping the beat out on his desk with pencils. The teacher was on him instantly, ripping the headphones off his head.

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anonymous asked:

Can you please write more about Taehyung? My heart is about to explode. This is exactly why I find him so interesting. I wanna know if maybe I missed some things so I like to read your perception. Sorry don't wanna burden you and please do it when you want to of if you ever have the time. It's just - amazing to read. Thank you.

💖 since i’m sick today & feeling emotional, i’m going to FINALLY do this. so here goes, bout to wax some sick poetic about my man. (instead of answering the 985 analysis things in my inbox) 🎻

Kim Taehyung is my 🌏, and lemme tell u why. This man smiles & loves from the bottom of his soul, way past his heart, way past that meditated place where sometimes we tend to go when people are talking to us, telling us things that we’ve heard before and we hear a lot. Taehyung hears compliments a lot….

“…Everytime he hears compliments he becomes shy and thanks people sincerely.” / “he’s very kind.” / “he [taehyung] is my savior.” / “He’s a very bright person.”  

…he receives a lot of love and dedication, but despite this, Kim Taehyung genuinely comes from a place of such beautiful warmth and kindness, that he never takes a compliment for granted, he absorbs love as much as he can and always repays it with as much as he can and yet he still feels like he’s not giving back enough.

“I think I received more love from you than I ever gave you, so thank you….I want to try my best to give more, more, more, love to you…..I’ll try harder and love you [ARMYs] more and more.” X

Ya know, Taehyung really has so much love to give. Explosive amounts. More love in his heart than anyone I’ve ever known. He cries easily, he feels things so deeply, he’s so terribly sorry to disappoint people, he wants to fill his heart with loved ones, he wants everyone to not just love him but love each other and respect each other. Taehyung is the most beautiful soul.

Taehyung who always tries his very hardest to make fans feel comfortable, make them laugh, make them smile, hold their hand. who isn’t afraid to play around and show vulnerable sides of himself too. Despite the fact that he doesn’t seem to like feeling exposed, and despite the fact that recently he’s stated he really truly wants to become a very ‘cool/manly’ person, and tries really hard to become that person. he still shares sides of himself that are uncool, and he still is willing to be goofy and fun with us, even though it’s always gotten him called things like ‘weird’ and go*forbiD ‘alien’ asjdfkljasf.

He who would give up everything he had for others. Who’s first thought when receiving the gift on the recent guest appearance they did, was to pick the food. Everyone laughed and thought; lol, of course, Taehyung WOULD do something goofy like that. When there’s all these cool things, of COURSE he’d pick the random food basket. And then when asked he said it was going straight to his parents. Or during Now 2? I think? when they did the seasons Kings, and he won the 2nd best food item, but he was so happy because it was the one his parents would like. And what he didn’t send he said he would share with the others. Taehyung who spends lowkey thousands of dollars on birthday presents for the other members, who ALWAYS puts other people first. Always. Without a second thought. Especially family and friends.

Taehyung who when he speaks sometimes gets nervous, has bad public speaking skills, constantly says the wrong words, uses the wrong tenses, sometimes speaks banmal on accident, speaks with satoori when he doesn’t mean to, accidentally uses the wrong words and ‘buffers’ (as in he just kind of stumbles over words, stutters and pauses because he’s thinking). This is because people have said that he’s hard to understand and weird, so he tries really hard and has to think a lot about what he’s trying to say. You can clearly tell when he’s feeling nervous even just speaking Korean. Forget abt it when he’s trying to speak English, which he said he wants to learn and has been practicing. But despite this he’s always trying to relate. Even if he can’t relate traditionally, lots of words and conversations. He tries. His Vapps that people make fun of him for, sitting around, eating, listening to music; this kind of thing…people think that he’s being weird. He’s just being himself. He’s trying to share his time with us without forcing himself. 

People like to think Taehyung is an extrovert. Taehyung is 100% not an extrovert. If anything he’s a fluctuating Ambivert. Taehyung isn’t much of a talker. Taehyung is also a rather physically inclined person (much like Jeongguk and Jimin). He doesn’t often speak much in Vlives (which people sometimes complain or like to say that his vlives are pointless) because it’s not what comes naturally to him, and maybe because when he does talk a lot he struggles. I get tired of people asking him to share himself with us, and when he does that in the only way he really knows how, they just kind of think it isn’t enough.

Taehyung honestly….the point I want people to never forget is that Taehyung really never goes anything less than 150%. 

Yet, people think that he’s a flighty, goofy, air headed guy. Despite the fact that he said he did very well in school. That he reads. That he’s an art, film and music buff who spends his spare time watching abstract, poetic angsty movies like sunshine of an eternal mind and knows how to play saxophone, listens to jazz and blues and classical music in his spare time.

Taehyung honestly…is one of the most beautiful souls I’ve ever seen, and also one of the most misunderstood idols I’ve ever seen. Really truly. It’s like, actually a lil crazy when i think about just how much people refuse to acknowledge in him, his growth, the kind of person he is. I feel like people are stuck with seeing him as the 2013 teenage boy who was a little bit anxious, excitable and goofy, who had an image to maintain who was told to act silly for the cameras and who was just a farm boy who was worried that he wouldn’t fit in, who barely made it onto bangtan as it was and who would have done ANYTHING to stay because he didn’t know it until it happened, but being a star was the life he was destined to have. Who’s parents scrapped up money to get him a fancy jacket so that he’d fit in and who never really planned to have much of any major life besides having lots of kids and a partner and loving his family a lot. But instead his family became bigger and he just embraced all of bangtan, and the staff, and the ARMYs, and random strangers, and random animals. Anything, everything. Taehyung is……..

MaN.. … . . Listen…I really…love…Kim Taehyung. I would cross an ocean to see him smile. Because honestly, he’s a li t e r a l    actual  angel.✨🐯 imma stop, this is literally a novel already. i’ll just continue waxing sweet poetic in the next ask or something. i’m exhausted by my love.

Connection Thirty Five

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Connection.  Read Chap One here. Two. Three Four.  Five. Six. Seven. Eight.  Nine.  Ten.  Eleven.  Twelve.  Thirteen.  Fourteen.  Fifteen. Sixteen. Seventeen.  Eighteen.  Nineteen.  Twenty.   Twenty One.   Twenty Two.   Twenty Three.   Twenty Four.   Twenty Five.   Twenty Six.   Twenty Seven. Twenty Eight.   Twenty Nine.   Thirty.   Thirty One.  Thirty Two.  Thirty Three.   Thirty Four.

Sherlock x reader

An American forensic psychologist hired by Mycroft Holmes. You thought it would be more interesting and fulfilling than your previous job with a law firm in London but you had no idea how much it would change your life. Or really, how much one person would change everything.

Word Count: 4441

A small corner of the table in the sitting room had been taken over by two of your textbooks, a notebook, and a pile of notes. To Sherlock’s credit, he hadn’t complained or said a word about your small workspace beside the chaotic organization of his open casework across the rest of the table. He had kept his things out of that small section where you once again sat reading and scrawling, refining and tweaking as your thoughts raced faster than your hand.

After your third visit to Sherrinford, even though she only spoke one other time, you had a thought that had been stirring and developing into a theory. It took you a few hours to find the right materials in your storage bins in the basement then every chance you got you were going through your books, making notes for everything that could be related, even though you were leaning toward a certain disorder, you didn’t want to pigeonhole her either. Too many had already done that to Eurus and even though you promised you wouldn’t come as a therapist, you couldn’t banish the thought that something had been missed all these years.

Sherlock’s socked feet barely made a sound but you were still aware of his easy stride into the room. You scribbled a notation along with a page number then glanced up. He had picked up his violin and stepped in front of the window but his eyes were on you. “Interesting case?”

Even though he had already approved and encouraged your thought process on his sister, you still felt a hot lash of guilt and something else that had been creeping along the periphery like a shy old friend. “Do you think this would even help? It’s not like anything I find or prove will give her a chance to leave that cave. Nothing I do can absolve her.”

He looked out the window as the violin found its home on his shoulder and he gently touched his bow to the strings but didn’t make a noise. A few seconds ticked by then his chin hugged the chinrest. “I think she’s been in the dark because the people who should have helped her have failed her for far too long.” He met your gaze, “it’s about time someone treated her like more than just a lab animal in a box.” He winked then began to play turning back to the window.

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Warm Welcome - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Author: dylanowhy (me)

Summary: You are new to Beacon Hills and attend Lydia’s party with your new friend Kira where you meet a few people, but one stands out a little bit more than the others.

Pairings: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Warnings: Drunk Stiles, making out and slight vulgar language.

Word Count: 1,788

[GIF isn’t mine bebz, creds to whoever made this gem]

A/N: I kind of want to turn this into a mini series but I am unsure, should I post a part two??

High school was complicated and parties were stupid. You had only lived in Beacon Hills for around a month now and when it came to making friends or even being noticed, you failed. So far you have only acquired one friend, Kira, a girl who was currently not being such a good friend right now since she was planning to drag you along to a party. But not just any party, oh no.

“It’s Lydia Martin.” You said as you smoothed down the small skirt that could be an inch or two longer.

“She’s my friend, and a lot less intimidating than you think.” Kira reassured for maybe the tenth time today, you just couldn’t shake the very familiar feeling of misplacement – like you didn’t belong. “Listen, (Y/N), I was the new girl once, I was awkward, weird, and all around I felt like a walking embarrassment. But these people took me in as one of their own — I really think you are going to fit in perfectly.” Kira’s words were inspiring, always were. She knew how to say the right things at the right time. So, with a tug of your skirt for the last time, you announced that you were ready for whatever the night had in store.

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Glimmering Gold

Summary: Love hangs in the air like stars and snowflakes, like a promise—and Taehyung is hopeful, he really is. / Or, a story about coming apart and coming back together.
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Genre: Angst/Fluff
Word Count: 10,248
Author’s Note: A little early for Christmas, but I know if I didn’t post this now I wouldn’t have time until after the holidays. Either way, my gift to you guys as a thank you for making my past 2 months here so special and memorable. This took extremely long for me to write and I apologize, but I hope it’s not too messy.


(present day)

He almost can’t believe his eyes, the sudden shock to his system rendering him completely incapable to move as he stands with his hands at his side and the breath catching in his throat. He grows numb from dismay, from a flood of emotions, and he can’t even begin to think about what kind of fear, apprehension, regret, love would be dancing behind his eyes at the same moment.

He had been stupid to think that after all this time, after all these seconds, minutes, hours, weeks away from you would have been good for him. Especially given all the shit you’ve both been through, it should have been easy to let go of you, easy to push you to the back of his mind and busy himself with the real stuff, the important stuff. So what if he’s spent far too long trying to stop being so hung up over you? You were his first girlfriend, his first love, and everything else in between. He had created a whole new perspective, a whole newfound respect for his life—one that became undeniably brighter with you in it.

And then you had to go and stomp over all that hard work, all that care and effort and love. He should have hated you, despised you even, for turning him into something he almost couldn’t recognize anymore.

But however, in spite of everything, in spite of the passiveness, the awkward glances and the silence that felt more like heavy tons weighing on his shoulder, his heart still beat for you. The sight of you elicited fire in his nerves, making him feel alive for the first time since you walked away, since he let you go.

It had been six months since he last saw you, that final sunny morning in June—you, in a sundress, eyes full of tears, him leaving your apartment, shattering the last remains of trust that could have possibly been lingering in the atmosphere.

But now, 3 weeks before Christmas, dressed in a navy blue winter coat, beanie, black jeans, boots, and a smile, arms filled with carefully wrapped presents, the love and attention clearly shown, long hair decorated with the falling snow outside, standing in the door frame as Seokjin opens it wider to make it easier to step through—!


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BTS Reaction to girlfriend being paired with another member for the pocky game

Anon Requested:  Bts reaction to their girlfriend being paired with another member for the picky game?? 

I actually didn’t really know the actual rules for the pocky game and had to look it up so if I get anything wrong I am so sorry

Jungkook (Taehyung): Jungkook hated this, he didn’t want you to play this game and seeing that it was Taehyung that you were paired up with killed him. He knew that Taehyung wouldn’t push boundaries but that doesn’t make him feel any better. You and Taehyung were in the living room with the rest of the boys surrounding you, most of them were laughing and smiling like idiots, all of them but Jungkook. He didn’t want to watch but he couldn’t tear his eyes away, the mere thought of you and Taehyung accidentally kissing ate him up inside. The moment you two started the game Jungkook was already throwing himself in between you two breaking the chocolate covered stick and letting it fall to the floor, he immediately pulled you to him and began dragging you away from all of the boys constantly repeating “Nope.” as he finally made up his mind about the game.

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Taehyung (Jimin): Being in a relationship with Taehyung was easier than you thought, you being an idol as well it was easier in a way to be together, no feeling like you weren’t good enough for him, no inconsistent jealousy because of tabloids or blogs because you both knew better than to listen to them, you also got to see a lot of each other as shocking as that sounds. You two had appeared on multiple variety shows, some with both of your groups and sometimes it was just random stars and you two so happened to be some of the idols asked to be on the show. When you both were on the same variety show with your groups and some other groups a fan question from Twitter had asked you two to play the pocky game but with different members from each other’s group. You both were shocked to hear the request but you both nodded and agreed to it as you both were very close to each others group. When you were paired with Jimin Taehyung honestly didn’t care, he was happier it was with Jimin rather than one of the older members and seeing him paired with Chae-young the vocal lead of your group you couldn’t care either, they were like brother and sister anyways so you had to reason to worry. When playing the game with Jimin you were getting close so before your lips had touched you quickly bit down on the stick ending the game for you and him.

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Jimin (Namjoon): Jimin wouldn’t like that you were paired up with Namjoon to play the pocky game but he bit his tongue when the game actually started. He cursed at himself because he was actually the reason you two were even in this predicament. If he did say that the losers have to play the pocky game then you wouldn’t be so incredibly to Namjoon, Namjoon was like a big brother to you but that doesn’t make anything better. You two would stand in front of each other and you could literally feel the awkward tension in the room, it became even weirder to you when Namjoon put his hands on your hips so we could balance himself so when he bent down to your level he wouldn’t fall. Namjoon wasn’t even halfway down the stick when you bit down on it, you wanted to end the game as quickly as possible. The boys around you booed you but you didn’t care, you caught the rest of the pocky stick that fell and simply put it in your mouth walking back to Jimin.

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J-Hope (Jungkook): Hoseok only laughed when he heard that Yoongi dared Jungkook to play the pocky game with you, Hoseok didn’t really mind when he heard Yoongi say this, you two have been dating long enough to not have to worry about small little dares like this and how close you’re going to have to be with Jungkook. You were perfectly fine with the dare as you were the one to go get the pocky box from the pantry and sit in front of Jungkook. Jungkook on the other hand was completely shocked by the dare and how calm you and your boyfriend were about this. He’d look back from you, who was focusing more on opening the pocky box than you were on how nervous he was and Hoseok who was just laughing at Jungkook’s expression. “You’re okay with this hyung?” Jungkook asked astonished. Hoseok only shrugged in response looking at you struggling to open the box, he quickly took it from your hands and opened the box and pulling the packaging out and soon putting the pocky in the box. “But what if we kiss?” Jungkook’s eyes widened wider than they already were.

“Kiss then.” Hoseok chuckled handing you the box and you quickly put the stick in your mouth. 


“It’s part of the game Kookie, are you scared to kiss (Y/N)?” Hoseok laughed again and Jungkook could only let out a shaky breath and lock eyes with you feeling the small amount of confidence he had leave his body. You raised an eyebrow at him and eventually Jungkook leaned in taking the pocky in his mouth.

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Namjoon: You being the rapper of your group a variety show decided on having all the rappers of different idol groups to come. You were happy about this because along with just you Namjoon and Yoongi was also a guest at this variety show. Yoongi was your best friend and well you were dating Namjoon and you haven’t seen him in a while. When the hosts announced that we were going to play a pocky game contest you were originally excited because you assumed they’d pair you up with your boyfriend but you should’ve known better. If you could only see your own face on screen you probably would’ve laughed along with everyone else but when you heard that you’d be paired up with Yoongi for the game you couldn’t help but be nervous. You grabbed the pocky stick from the host and walked to the middle of the stage you were on and stopped in front of Yoongi. You took a quick glance at Yoongi before sticking the pocky stick in your mouth, his hands gripped your shoulders and he slowly lent in. Namjoon was simply watching you, he showed no emotion that displayed disgust or disinterest in what you two were doing but on the inside he wanted to break the pocky stick and pull you away.

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Yoongi (Jin): When Yoongi offered Jin to play the pocky game he was absolutely flustered, he’d eye you and him seeing if this was some sort of trap, Yoongi would just throw his arm over your shoulder bringing you in closer while you both had a smile plastered on your face. Jin would be completely confused, he honestly did think this was a little trap for him to fall into and at first declined but you and Yoongi wouldn’t accept that. You leave Yoongi’s side and tug on Jin’s arm, whining and talking in a high little girls voice as you begged him to play. Yoongi had the pocky box in his hand and as you pulled Jin back towards you and grabbed the stick from your boyfriend he finally gave in, taking the stick from you and putting it between his lips. Yoongi watched as you two played, Jin flashing his eyes from you to your boyfriend who was behind you. He let out a chuckle as he saw how nervous the eldest member was being, Yoongi honestly didn’t have a problem with you two playing but he still stayed just in case.

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Jin (J-Hope): Jin was a little in between when you were in an interview with Hoseok as you two collaborated with each other on a new song of yours and now you two had a lot of interviews and variety shows that you were going on. As a request from an interviewer to test out how well your chemistry was with Hoseok he asked you two to play the pocky game, you both were a little wary as you didn’t know how Jin would react but eventually you both agreed and a box of pocky was brought out to you two. As you played the game Jin was watching intently, he didn’t know how to feel, he didn’t want your lips to touch but he knew it was just a game and that the kiss wouldn’t technically be considered a kiss just because it is part of the game but still he couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealously fill up in the pit of his gut as he watched Hoseok inch closer and closer to you. 

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“Bubblegum pink really ain’t my colour, doll”

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Pairing: Bucky x reader

Warnings: FLUFFY

Word count: 3.634

Summary & A/N: It’s originally based on an idea I got from @hymnofthevalkyries but then I saw this prompt and it actually comes pretty close to what I had in mind. I also took the liberty to use the four prompts (in bold) provided by @the-vigilante who requested a fluffy Bucky x reader. Here you go hun ❤

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Pen Pal

content: Dean is twelve years old when he asks Castiel to be his pen pal, not knowing that it will change his life completely. (x)

word count: 5377



“Hey, Cas, you wanna be my pen pal?”

Dean grins brightly at the slightly older boy in front of him who hid himself in a quiet corner of the Winchesters’ garden with a heavy book and ignored the grown-ups enjoying their barbecue party since the moment he arrived with his parents about an hour ago.

“What?” Castiel asks confused, apparently contemplating if he misheard Dean.

“Pen pal,” Dean repeats, dropping onto the ground right next to the other boy. “You know, exchanging letters and that stuff.”

“I know what it means,” Castiel counters. “But … why?”

Dean shrugs and starts to pluck some blades of grass. “It’s just … a stupid school project,” he explains. “Our teacher thinks it’d be good for us or whatever. She wants us to talk to kids from different countries.”

Castiel blinks. “I’m sitting right beside you,” he reminds Dean as if he seriously believes the other may have not noticed that. “And I was born here. I grew up here.”

“I know,” Dean rolls his eyes. “But you’re moving. I mean that what this party is all about, right?”

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Perfection - Jason Todd x Reader

Originally posted by andyacklesspn

Requested by Anon - AK!Jay x reader where Jason finally reveals his face and makes a move.

You stood in the kitchen of your apartment, serving up the spaghetti you made onto two plates. Carefully you balanced the plates, you carry them into the living room to set them on the coffee table. Glancing at the clock, you sigh collapsing onto the couch to wait for your dinner guest. 

It had been several weeks now since you had first met the mysterious Jason Todd. You had been walking home from work when it started to downpour. Luckily, you had an umbrella, but there were those less unfortunate than you. That was how you first saw him, sitting alone on a un-roofed bus-stop bench. While other people on the street ran for cover or pulled out their own umbrellas, he sat there with the hood of his sweatshirt covering his face, starring out into the street oblivious to the rain. 

You didn’t usually approach random people, but something drew you towards him. He just seemed to be so sad, so miserable, you had to do something. Sitting down next to him, you shared your umbrella with him. Soon after you both began to talk, and eventually you took him back to your apartment for dinner. 

Since then, Jason had been stopping by for dinner every night. He never used the front door, always insisting on climbing through your living room window. You both would talk a little about the events of the day without getting too personal, and then watch a little television since you both discovered you enjoyed the same shows. However when the clock struck ten, Jason always had to leave, never taking you up on the offer to stay on your couch. He would disappear back through the window, leaving your apartment more empty than it was before.  

One of the unspoken rules of your relationship was his appearance. Ever since the first day you had met him, you had never actually seen Jason Todd’s face. He always kept his hood up, hiding in the shadows. Sometimes, he would wear a black bandanna around his mouth and nose. When you asked him about it, he said it was because his face was damaged. You were hurt by his lack of trust in you. Therefore you spent every night hoping it would be the night he finally trust you enough to show you his face. 

You found yourself in love with him, even though your relationship was strange and it sometimes seemed like he used you for food. He had a deep melancholy that followed him around, and it broke your heart. You wanted to help him, but didn’t know if he would let you. There were times when he would look at you, and you wondered if he felt anything for you at all.

“(Y/N),” Jason greeted as he stepped into your living room with his hood covering his face like always., breaking your thoughts. You sat up quickly at his arrival.

“Hi, Jason. I have some food if you want some,” you response the same way you do every time. You always acted surprised when he showed up as if you didn’t expect him. He closed the window behind him, standing stiffly by the window instead of sitting down in your armchair to eat like he usually did.

“Yeah, thanks…,” Jason began shifting uncomfortably. “There is something I need to tell you.”   

You froze in fear, afraid of what he had to say, but you tried to keep it hidden. “Really, what is it,” you ask, standing up to face him. 

“I…” Jason started, taking a deep breath before continuing. “Something bad happened to me, and I have struggled to recover from it. When we met, I was in a bad place, and you helped me. You have helped me through this, and I found I…” He broke off, seeming to have lost his nerve.

“You found what, Jay,” you ask softly. Taking a tentative step towards him, you wondered what he would say.

“I care about you, (Y/N). After what happened to me, I didn’t think I could care for another person again, but you changed that. You were the only one to show me kindness and understanding. I trust you,” Jason explained honestly. He took a step towards you and into the light. Your eyes widen as he reached for his sweatshirt hood, pulling it down to finally revealed his face to you.

It surprised you, seeing him be so handsome. You studied his face, seeing everything line and scar. His eyes were closed as if afraid to see your reaction. Reaching up, you traced his scars before sliding your hands through his dark hair. When your finger found the “J” burned onto his cheek, he flinched. You hummed to soothe him before whispering, “You’re perfect, Jay.” 

His eyes popped open when your hands dropped back to your sides. Seeing his blue eyes for the first time was mesmerizing. The shadows always had blocked the color of his eyes. “How can you say that,” Jason asked, the torment bleeding from his eyes. “I’m a monster.”

“No,” you answer sharply. “You’re not a monster. All these scars show how strong you are. You should be proud.” Jason stared at you with disbelief as you gently take his hand. “I love you and you will always be perfect to me.”

Jason studied you for a moment. You wondered if you had stepped too far. He let go of your hand, making you think the worst before he crashed his lips into yours. Wrapping his arms around your waist, he lifted you to press you against the wall. 

He kissed you hard like he was drowning and you were his only source of oxygen. You wrap your legs around his waist as the kisses intensified. After a minute, Jason broke the kiss to whisper in your ear, “I love you too.” You laughed with delight, capturing his lips once more. He chuckled as he carried you towards your bedroom, forgetting the dinner cooling on the coffee table. 

Prisoner (Sith!Obi-Wan Kenobi x Reader)

(So I wrote this for my friend @obimcgregorkenobi. If y’all love Obi-Wan as much as I do, you should check her out. She’s a great writer! Like, seriously, she’s one of the ones that inspired me to create this blog.)

Summary: You, a Jedi master, are captured by the mysterious Darth Valor one night. He brings you back to his home, where you remain as his prisoner. Strangely, though, you feel like you’ve met the Stih before…


You walked through the empty street, clutching your robes tight to your body to stave off the cold air of the Coruscant winter. The shadows seemed to quiver around you, and you watched them carefully as you began the long trek back to the temple. You’d been investigating a report of Sith activity in an abandoned sector of the city, and your speeder had run out of fuel just as you’d decided to call it a night. The next public transport station was still a ways up ahead, so you quickened your steps, feeling increasingly uncomfortable as you continued on.

As you moved down the road, you sensed something closeby through the force, something devoid of all light, a dark spot in the otherwise normal landscape. Moving a hand down to where your saber rested on your belt, you tried to calm yourself, mentally preparing for a fight if one arose.

“You’re out awfully late,” you heard a smooth, accented voice comment from your left. Your whole body tensed up, and you slowed your steps, searching for the voice’s source in the shadows of the alleyway it had come from.

“Especially for being in such a dangerous part of town,” it continued on. “Especially for being completely alone…”

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okay, this is totally irrelevant, but have a quick story time because i had to scroll past this post and felt guilty.

way back in time, many summers ago, little old me went to visit the local library for the first time. i was young, very young, in elementary school at the time, and it blew my mind. see, the local library is more of a city library, because it’s located in the town square and is absolutely massive. we’re talking three stories and a grand staircase here. there were so many books! for free! for literal free! and i could have all of them! 

so, because elementary school me had no idea what restraint was or how to apply it to my daily life, i checked out approximately 20 books. possibly more. (the library only had a checkout limit on academic texts. well. used to only have.) i then went home and read voraciously, and was done with all of these books in about 5 days.

only no one believed i had finished all of them that fast. my parents refused to take me back, because they thought there was no way i could have finished them all. 

believe you me i was not about to take this lying down, so i must have argued for hours before i finally accepted defeat. i went back up to my room and shoved this pile of books under my bed, determined to bring them out again on my next trip to the library.

by now you might be getting an inkling of where this story is going. 

that pile of books was then forgotten under my bed until approximately my freshman year of high school, when i unearthed it as i cleaned out my room. (i was going through a ‘reinvent myself’ phase and had decided the new me was not going to be a compulsive hoarder.) somehow, in all of that time, i had never returned to the library. it seemed unbelievable. how could this have happened? i must have sat there for a solid 10 minutes in stupefied horror, running my fingers over the dust-coated spines. i knew immediately i had to return these books.

i did not immediately return the books. because freshman me was dumb as hell about a lot of things, but not about consequences, and i knew there were going to be consequences.

eventually, though, i womaned up and grabbed my wallet and a bag for the books and went to the library again. i marched right up to the front desk area and said i had some books to return and some fines to pay. so they direct me to another desk, where i hand over the decades-old (hahaha but really) library card.

this is where it went to hell in a handbasket. 

turns out when my parents brought me to the library they didn’t register for a full library card and opted to get a ‘guest’ one that would expire in a few weeks. they only put down the home phone number, no address or email. except the phone number was one digit wrong. so this library card had 20 books on it when it expired, and the librarians had to keep refreshing it or whatever for the past however many years while also repeatedly calling a number that never worked. so the fines kept racking up and they had no way of tracking down the owner of the card. 

things only got worse when i pulled out the stack of books and put them on the counter. now, i did my best to wipe off the dust and grime, but there was only so much i could do. these books looked like they belonged in a haunted house or an evil witch’s lair after spending years under my bed, and from the way the librarian was glaring at me by then i was pretty sure that was where my corpse was gonna end up too.

skip ahead to after the librarian scans all of these books, death-glaring me into submission the entire time, and informs me my total amount of fines owed is $90.26. which holy shit. holy fucking shit.

keep in mind i was an itsy-bitsy freshman in high school at this time. $90 was a lot of money to me. as a matter of fact, it still is. so i’m getting out my wallet and counting the money inside, and lucky for me i happened to have $100 and 25 cents. lucky is actually a bit of an understatement, because i got the feeling that if i had anything less or wasn’t able to pay the fine a haunted house would be one of the nicer places my corpse was gonna end up. 

except i wasn’t done being a little shit, because i apparently hadn’t learned my lesson yet. whatever that lesson was supposed to be. so while i could have put down $100 and waited to get my 74 cents change, i put down $90 and 25 cents. 

so the librarian started counting the money, and i started subtly moonwalking towards the door. as fortune would have it, i reached the glass-paned portal to salvation the moment that librarian realized i was exactly 1 cent short of paying off my fine.

she looks up and sees me standing at the door, hand wrapped around the handle. i look back at her. cue the western standoff music.

i don’t know how long we stood there. i honestly don’t. it could have been seconds. it could have been minutes. all i know is that when i felt my palms start to sweat and my knees begin to shake, i wrenched that door open with all of my strength. i had to go. 

and the librarian- the fucking librarian- vaults the desk and comes after me.

the noise that came out of my mouth was not human. it was somewhere between the shriek of a prey animal and the dying wail of an electric guitar. because this librarian, swear to god, was ancient. i’m talking ancient ancient. so ancient my own grandma (bless her heart) would look young. white-haired, sweater-vested bottle-glasses-wearing ancient. yet here she is, heels clicking across the floor, ankle-length skirt flying behind her and twin fires of pure fury burning in her eyes. i could almost hear the souls of the damned strike up their chorus. 

i deadass sprinted out of there so fast my gym teacher would have been proud. i put every action movie star from the past three decades to shame. usain bolt himself would have looked slow next to me. and i did not stop until i was standing in my bedroom again, several miles away.

to this day, i have not set foot in the city library again. i know that if i do, i will not escape alive. sometimes, in the deep, dark of the night, i hear high heels clicking across tiled floor and the sound of a door slamming shut behind me. i burned my library card and never keep anything under the bed.

so, if you’re ever wondering why i can never go to a library again, this post is why.