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The search for trekkies

Every 7 years I feel a sudden urge to watch a lot of Star Trek and since my dormant Star Trek-feelings have awakened this year, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to follow more Star Trek tumblrs. 

Reblog/like this if you post Star Trek (TOS, AOS, TNG, VOY, etc.) sometimes or all the time, so that I can follow you. That is if you want a geeky 20 year old woman to follow you. It would help me out a lot because I honestly need more of Shatner’s ripped shirts, Nimoy’s flawless makeup and Kelley’s cute face on my dash. Seriously though, DeForest Kelley was SO CUTE. SO. CUTE. God damn him and his little booty shake…

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Can you eat silken tofu? It's super soft and bonus protein

Nope, made with soy which just makes me throw up. Thanks though 💖

Also for everyone else offering recipes, thank you, but I also can’t eat quorn, pasta (wheat and egg) or brown rice pasta (egg and rice because the gods hate me lmao) or any premade soups that contain wheat or sulfites–so that’s anything with onion out the window. Not to mention a lot of soups use caramel coloring (made from corn extract which has been sulfited) so I’m basically making my own soup using water and vegetables which I know I can eat (can eat organic potato cause they don’t get sprayed with sulfite preserve so I’ve been making my own potato chips in the oven 👌👌👌) blending it all together and seasoning with salt and a few safe herbs.

I can’t even eat yogurt from the store anymore cause even the ‘organic’ one has pectin added to it, which is usually sulfited. The good news is I can tolerate lactose again in small doses so perhaps I can start making my own.

This is the side of my chronic illness that is particularly cruel and has really been depressing me recently. Cause I love food and I love cooking and baking, but all of that has been slowly taken away from me over the last 2+ years.

Hopefully once my allergies are controlled (some of them were pretty spectacularly bad) I’ll be able to add more variety back into my food. Cause if I have to live on plain oatmeal for the rest of my life I might go a wee bitty mental.

I’m fine though, honestly, I’m getting some carbs and a little bit of cooked veg and plain chicken in as much as I can. It’s just… I finally got my appetite back after six weeks of that damn virus making me puke constantly and now I can’t eat cause my mouth hurts lmao, sods law I suppose :)

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I didn't really like Lana's singing in the first part. It just made me cringe. The extras and Snowing sounded better. The second part with the rock music was much better, though. I was also entertainingly amused that the EQ took time to visit each of the people who sang (except Snowing) and ruin their day. XD

That’s totally fine if you didn’t enjoy her singing, but I’d rather not receive messages criticizing Lana. She has mentioned before that she’s not so much with the singing, but she went in there and she belted even though it’s not something she probably ever expected to do when she signed on to do this show. Honestly to me she sounded pretty damn good for someone who “doesn’t sing,” who hasn’t had vocal training outside what she went through for this episode, who hasn’t spent years in a band or musical theater. (And please, no one come into my askbox explaining me a thing about all the autotune. I could not care less.) I especially loved how she put all the Drama into it, kicking it up a notch. She sounds like she totally despises singing everything, which her character clearly does, and I’m here for it. Loved the growl she gets throughout the song. Loved the classic Evil Queen sass. And idgaf what anyone says, I am into the boob and booty thrusts. She’s super extra and I love it.

My husband and I are having a bit of a tiff on baby related issues:

Item 1. He somehow thinks picking the baby up off his play blanket on the floor whenever he starts flopping over and crying will somehow turn Stevie into “a spoiled brat” when he knows I’m of the mind that meeting a child’s emotional needs quickly builds a trust that we will be there for him in times of distress, thus making it easier for him to feel secure with doing things… Or, to put it bluntly, I’m not leaving my baby to cry on the floor to “build character.”

Item 2. I get that he wants to be accurate measuring things out to make bottles (though it’s honestly the only thing I’ve ever seen him be precise about,) but when the baby is screeching in my ear is a pretty decent time to cut a few corners and speed up the process to help take care of him. Yeah, i snapped at him, asking why it always takes him so damn long to make a bottle when mine take half the time while I’m still holding the baby, still don’t appreciate the whole “fine make your own fucking bottles then.”

here’s a thought

so I was reading a bunch of YOI metas, discussing the unexplained turnaround in Victor’s decision to go back to skating in episode 12, instead of the retirement his whole plot arc was leading up to,

and i had this weird little idea

what if victor intends to go back to skating…and lose?

bear with bear with

(and this is more of a detailed hc than a meta, but i hope that the imagining comforts you, if you like me are feeling terrified about the writing and plot arc of yoi s2.)  

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Not the previous non, but I'd love to hear stories about the "couple". (Ones that you feel comfortable sharing, of course). I honestly used to wonder what I was missing when people said they were the perfect couple and so in love, because he always looks like he doesn't want her to touch him. If someone doesn't want to believe they're PR, fine, but don't they wonder why they are so awkward together after 3 centuries of their magical relationship?

I know right????? As i said if my father comments then it’s pretty damn obvious.

Though, I’ve seen some pretty damn awkward stuff on the carpets. Fights, paps calling folks names to move out the fucking way so they can get their shot. It can get ugly.

One has to have a thick skin. Cause they tear up then the ga like to finish the job.


As inspired by @montmartre-parapluie’s suggestion on @tavsancuk’s post

The Great Clavicle Comparison: Who Wore Dem Collarbones Better?

Let’s meet our dashing duo!

On the left, we have Mr. E. Hewlett modelling a lovely deep V neck with a smooth chest and a prominent dip visible near the sternoclavicular joint. His rival, Mr. J. G. Simcoe, takes a darker, rougher approach, allowing his frankly alarming quantity of ruffles to frame a subtle but solid crop of gingery scruff. Hewlett’s overall aesthetic is the crisp déshabillé of a gentleman-scholar returning from an enlightening ramble on the moor, during which he probably was injured by cataloged three new subspecies of stinging nettle; Simcoe’s, the seemingly-careless-but-absolutely-intentional decadence of a poet in the Byronic vein, draped artfully over the settee as he practices brooding in the mirror. Two very different flavors of décolletage, to be sure, but an admirer could be forgiven for succumbing to the charms of either.

Shall we zoom in on the competition a bit?

Very nice, boys. Those are some damn fine ruffles you got there. Well done.

Now, God knows I have a preexisting bias between these two gents. I am trying to look at this objectively, though, and … Honestly, if it were down to necks (or to my own personal preference for a bit of roughage to run the fingers through), I’d have to give the victory to Johnny Graves. But ultimately, this is about clavicles. And while Edmund’s are out and proud, Simcoe’s barely show at all! He’s covered pretty much to the throat! I just feel like he didn’t put any effort in.

And then there’s the matter of overall presentation. Because yes, the rumpled dressing gown has a certain allure, but Simcoe looks so bored that it’s like he’s not even trying here, you guys:

Just … slouchin’ around all broody with your sherry and ruffles, huh Johnny. Okay. I know, I know, you’re very cool, pretending to be so over the girl you would literally kill for. If you don’t want to be here, there’s the door.

Meanwhile, not only does Hewlett show significantly more skin – he also knows how to strike a POSE!

Is there a certain level of pretention going on with both these dorks? Are they both, in the end, the 18th-century equivalent of painstakingly mussing your hair so it looks like you just rolled out of bed, the better to impress your crush? Sure. But personally, I’ve never been a fan of that “too cool for school” attitude Johnny’s putting on. Just work it, dude.

And hey, I gotta say it: ultimately, Simcoe’s outfit is basically a sloppier version of Edmund’s astronomy robes, minus the effort of putting on a hat.

Sorry, Simcoe. If you’re secretly packing some award-winning collarbones under there, you should’ve taken a few more buttons down.

So, there you have it, folks. But please, don’t take my critique of Simcoe too harshly. He is still a fine fine fellow, and I daresay anyone should feel quite honored for the privilege of an audience with that anatomy.

Also I’m kind of afraid he’s gonna bayonet me for this so haha heeyyyy Simcoe, how’s it goin’, man! Lookin’ good!!

Awkward Encounter (Dean x Reader)

Title: Awkward Encounter
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word Count: 2.5k
Warnings: Swearing, some kissing, implied nsfw. Oh, also this is in the 4x17 AU, where Dean is Dean Smith and all that, so prepare yourselves for your average salad-eating OOC Dean.
Summary: You’ve never needed a job, not until now at least. After purchasing a particularly large collection of video games, however…Welcome to your new job, I guess! We have computers and…Your hot boss who eats like a pig, apparently? 

Originally posted by dancewithmejensen

You strode in front of the mirror one last time, making sure that every single piece of clothing was in place. Now, you weren’t big on dressing up, but today was a special occasion and you wanted to make sure it’ll be perfect: It was your very first day at your new job and you’d be damned if you weren’t going to make a good first impression. 

“’I won’t be needing any job’, I said. Look at me now, heading towards my new job. Nice, Y/N”, you muttered, not being even half as excited as you were supposed to be. But in all honesty, was there any person who enjoyed working? Besides your roommate, I mean. Sarah was a workaholic, or at least that’s what you liked to call her, considering that she always had a job that paid well and would spend the majority of her time with it.

You, on the other hand…Not really. You had enough money to get by, you know? So a job hadn’t been mandatory, not until now at least. After paying for a particularly large collection of video games, your budget had dropped incredibly low and ever since then, you had been job hunting. And after so many interviews, you had finally found a place! It had a pretty weird name, something like “Sandover Bridge” or anything similar and your job was quite simple: You were one of their tech support employees. 

“Dude, you look great! You’re gonna blow them away with your looks!”, Sarah grinned, casually walking in your room. You two were never ones for the privacy thing, so walking in without knocking wasn’t unusual.

“Thanks, but do you really think I’ll actually handle a job for more than one day?”, you asked, looking at her with a deadly serious expression before you both burst out laughing.

“Shush, you’ll do just fine”, she continued, lightly patting you on the shoulder. “Now hurry the fuck up, I’ll be damned if I’m letting you arrive late on your first day!”

You fake-sighed and smiled, finally grabbing your bag, yelling a short “Goodbye” to your roommate and heading out. You weren’t rushing there, to be fair, you were pretty damn close to the building and had at least half an hour left to get there, but if Sarah told you to get out - Well, you got out. That was a thing you had learned pretty well over the years living with her.

Walking at a leisurely pace, you finally arrived in front of the gigantic building. Woah, there was no way that thing had existed in your town before, honestly. How the hell did you walk past it? Well, either way, it didn’t really matter, considering that now you were supposed to walk in there like you owned the place and start working. Also, for future reference, you probably should keep away from any GameStop from now on.

Swiftly entering the brick red building, you asked at the reception for the floor you’d be working on. The lady there gave you a blank look, staring at your choice of clothes with confusion, but then shrugging and giving you the piece of information you needed.

You walked in the elevator - Thank goodness there even was an elevator, considering that you had to get to the eleventh floor and you’d be damned if you were going to use the stairs daily for that. As soon as you entered, you noticed another man next to you. He had brown hair, his locks reaching up until under his chin and he wore a simple yellow t-shirt. 

“Which level are you headed to?”, he asked you, quite obviously trying to reach his own destination as fast as possible.

“Uhm, level eleven, I think”, you said awkwardly. You weren’t used to talking to new people, so even telling a stranger a simple number felt weird to you. What was weirder, though, was how you saw the shock settle across his face soon enough.

“Is there an issue in our department, Miss?”

He was trying to be polite and his posture had stiffened the instant he had heard the number, which , once again, made you question the entirety of the staff around there.

“What do you mean? I’m just trying to find the department I’ll be working in.”, you replied, looking at the man confusedly. 

“So, let me see if I get this right…You’re the new employee?”

What was wrong with this guy? 

“Yes, I am. Is there a fucking issue with it, or why is everyone giving me weird glances?!”, you finally snapped. Were jobs supposed to be this stressful in general?

Taken aback, the employee let out a hearty laugh, making you only glare at him harder. Honestly, what was his fucking issue?

“Where’s your uniform then? You know, yellow shirt, casual jeans? You’re dressed like you’re ready for a photoshoot! Don’t tell me nobody told you you had to wear one.”

Oh. Oh. You looked down, trying to avoid his gaze. Damn, first day at work and already embarrassing yourself?

“Hey”, he said softly, looking at you. “It’s fine. I’ll help you get your uniform. Name’s Sam Wesson. What’s yours?”

“Y/N L/N. Nice to, uh, meet you”, you said, still trying to shake off the embarrassment. Besides embarrassed, though, you were also pretty damn angry. Who the fuck had decided to just casually not let you know that uniforms were a thing here?! Ugh.

You followed Sam out of the elevator and into a small, crowded room. It was filled with people from twenty to about any age, each and every single one of them wearing a damn T-shirt.

“Hold on, I’ll go grab you one from the back”, the tall man said, giving you an apologetic look and heading towards what you guessed was the back room.

Seeing him gone, you allowed yourself one last sigh before awkwardly shuffling about, ignoring some curious glances around the department. How were you going to be able to face these people with a straight face anytime soon?

After what seemed like hours (even though it had probably only been two minutes), Sam shut the backroom door behind him, a sympathetic expression tightly etched onto his face.

 “…We’re out of T-shirts. I’m so sorry, Y/N, but I think you might have to talk to the director about this.”

What? C’mon, he must be playing tricks or something! Just enter there, asking for a T-shirt, while dressed like that? Hadn’t you been embarrassed enough for one day?

You let out a short laugh in disbelief. “Oh, no, no. I’m not going there. Sorry, Sam, but I’d rather work in this today and buy myself a shirt from the next shop than to have to face my new boss dressed like this.”

He let out a sigh at your stubbornness, glancing at your outfit one last time before looking you in the eye, a puppy like expression adorning his face. Was he pulling fucking puppy eyes on you?

“Oh, hell no. This isn’t going to work with me.” His expression intensified and you finally gave in, but not before letting a sigh pass from your lips.

“Whatever, I’ll see what I can do.”

Your pace was rapid as you attempted to get as little weird looks as possible (which was, by the way, quite the impossible task), practically hopping inside the elevator and rushing towards your boss’ office.

Well, getting there had been simple enough, but right now, standing in front of the wooden door that had a small golden board, the words “Dean Smith” written in cursive letters on it - Well, that was more difficult. How were you going to assess this situation? Professionalism was clearly necessary, but in what measure? Would he think you’re a freak if you went too formal on him? Shit, this wasn’t good. You’d probably be waiting in front of the damned door forever if you kept it up like that!

Taking a huge breath of air, a fake air of confidence surrounding you, you knocked hard on the door. After a few seconds of listening intently for a “Come in!” and not getting one, you decided to knock again. Of course, there was no answer whatsoever. You finally pressed on the door’s handle, slowly but cautiously entering the room.

And woah, wasn’t that a sight to behold: His office was huge, practically taking up half of the floor. There was a wooden desk, covered in all sorts of files and paperwork, another smaller desk with a computer on and the walls were painted in a classy white and black palette. What was even more shocking, however, was the sight of your boss: He was eating some sort of salad with sesame and bacon (quite a weird choice in itself), but the issue wasn’t what he was eating, but rather how he was eating it: He wasn’t taking small bites or anything, oh no: His fork could practically be rendered useless as he practically ate half of the salad in two tries, filling his mouth to the brim, puffing his cheeks out. He looked kind of adorable, to be honest, but the lack of formality genuinely shocked you. Wasn’t he supposed to be eating like the perfect guy or whatever? Like, honestly, he was so caught up in that damn salad that he hadn’t even noticed your arrival. Not yet, at least.

“I can still run off”, you thought, but dismissed it the next second. You had to do this, as awkward as it’d be.

You cleared your throat, hoping to grab his attention. You knew you had succeeded when you could hear the fork drop in the remainder of the salad, your boss giving you a shocked look. 

“Since…Since when have you been sitting there?”, he stuttered slightly, trying to fix his composure.

“I-I just entered, Sir.”

Yep, go full formal. It’ll work out one way or another.

“Good…That’s good. I-I mean, it’s good you haven’t been here for long, because…”, he trailed off awkwardly, gesticulating just a bit over the top.

You looked down, feeling the heavy air set in. Mr. Smith didn’t say anything for a while, until finally an awkward silence set in. You ended up being the first one snapping.

“So, I’m here for a reason. Sorry to have walked in on you, but I may need some help.”

He finally looked at you properly, spending a bit too much time on your clothing choice. He was probably thinking that he hadn’t seen you before, you reckoned. A small, cheeky smile appeared on his face.

“What can I help you with, sweetheart?”

Oh, for fuck’s sake. He just went all the way from awkward to flirty in less than a minute.

“I, uhm, may or may not have received my uniform? I believe I was supposed to be wearing something different today. A yellow shirt, or something of the sorts?”

His mouth opened slightly as he tried to figure it out. Soon enough, he rose from his desk, laughing lightly.

“So I get that you’re the new employee that everyone’s been making a fuss about? I’ve received at least a dozen of calls today regarding your attire.”

He smiled one last time, heading towards the room adjacent to his, coming out with a clean yellow T-shirt neatly folded in his hands. You couldn’t help but notice how professional he looked now, in his striped shirt, scarlet tie and dress pants, a controlled expression on his face.

You thanked him, awkwardly taking the object of clothing and preparing to leave. You had your hand on the handle when something caught your eyes: He still had some sauce on the side of his face. Now, you generally weren’t the type to point stuff out, but you figured it’d be a big mistake not to let him know, considering he was your boss and all. You cleared your throat one last time.

“Uhm, Sir? I’m afraid you still have some sauce on your cheek.”

He hastily dropped the paper he was holding, trying to find a tissue to clean himself with. He gently pressed it to his right cheek, trying to pinpoint the exact location without having to ask you. You couldn’t help but giggle at his failed attempt.

“It’s on your left cheek, Sir.”

His mouth formed a small “O” as he tried to wipe the sauce on the completely wrong part of his face. All he was doing was spread it more, however, making it almost impossible to hold in your laughter. Mr. Smith looked you in the eye with a dead serious expression, motioning for you to come towards him.

“Stop laughing over there and help me out then!”, the man grumbled.

You stopped your laughing abruptly, awkwardly taking slow steps towards his desk. Taking out a tissue from the package, you tried to keep as much distance as possible while performing this task. To no avail, however, as Mr. Smith practically glued you to him, not caring about personal space one bit apparently. Your face was beet red by then and you tried to concentrate on the task at hand, attempting to avoid looking at him for too long. Because damn, being so close to him, you could say without hesitation that God had done a good job on him. His eyes were a clear shamrock color, pools of green staring back at you. His mouth was tightly shut, letting you clean his cheek easier. But you’d be damned if you didn’t find that accidental or not so accidental lip biting hot. And shit, while trying to avoid staring at him, you had done the exact opposite. You simply couldn’t take your eyes away from that perfectly tamed hair of his and the barely noticeable freckles.

You expected an awkward glance, but he seemed just as mesmerized, not taking his eyes off of you for one second. You had finished the actual wiping a long time ago, but couldn’t find it in yourself to leave. For fuck’s sake, first day at work and you already find out that your boss is really hot. Why couldn’t he be your average 50 year old guy? Nah, it just had to be this handsome guy that happened to be your age.

Before realizing it, you had both leaned in, lips inches away from each other. His eyes searched for any sign that he should stop, finally taking the last step as you nodded. It was a slow, but passionate kiss, your lips moving together in tandem. You knew how wrong it was, but to be fair, you simply couldn’t help it: The way he was kissing you, the way he had his arms tightly wrapped around your waist - You couldn’t help but get lost in the kiss. He gently nipped at your lower lip, asking for permission that you granted. Opening your mouth, you let his tongue roam around, kissing him wildly. As his hand shyly made its way under your shirt, you leaned into his hot touch. Shit, you could get caught so damn easily, and yet you couldn’t bring yourself to care. 

And later on, as Sarah asked you how work had been, well, you could only reply with a small smile accompanied by a blush, still trying to tame your hair.

so many lovely female characters in snk

i pretty much worship mikasa ackerman and i dont understand hatred of her, she is literally perfection personified 

i don’t appreciate the fandom’s treatment of her

you can ship ereri without bashing on her, you know

i love christa now, because i love her complexity as of late

i love ymir even though she’s such a bitch because she’s a bitch and she knows it and is fine with it because fuck the world anyway

i love Sasha because… Sasha, man. She is a hunter goddess and so much more badass than you could ever imagine

Annie’s pretty fucking baller and she beats the crap out of Eren in the coolest Titan fight so far and damn is that awesome. She’s something of Mikasa’s rival too and damn if that doesn’t get my motor going…

honestly i just love the diversity of their characters

like in anime, you get several stock female characters

-the cheerful sweetheart who usually gets killed for dramatic reasons. At first you think that’s Christa, but it turns out she’s the key to humanity’s survival OR destruction and she’s NOT that weak, timid moe character you think, she’s got quite a backbone and she’s compassionate enough to recognize that she can’t follow in her family’s endless cycle of power

-the stoic, emotionless bitch character. Yes, Mikasa gets shit done. Yes, she’s a badass bitch. Is she emotionless? Fuck no, she’s got plenty, she just keeps it tamped down so she can focus, geez. And she’s not the character who’s obsessed with one boy and no one else either. She cares about Armin a great deal too and she’s lost her family twice. She’s just clinging to the last pieces of shattered happiness she has. 

- the cocky, loud-mouth female who swaggers around and talks with that Kansai drawl. Ymir, except she’s not endearingly hot-headed, she’s a straight-up bitch, she knows it, and yet her reasons for being one are completely understandable. She recognizes that pleasing the world won’t bring you happiness and fuck that anyway, be who you are, man. Even though I don’t like her very much, I respect that that’s her character. And I love that she completely defies the “aggressively cute” character. Like, I think SnK does such a great job of not infantilizing women by making them appealing to men in some form or another

-the one that overreacts and freaks out over nothing and generally is comedic relief, doing goofy things and usually subject to the rapid face animations with the huge eyes or the angry head vein. Sasha seems like this too, since she’s obsessed with food and does goofy things with Connie. But she has depth too, like leaving home to prove that humans don’t need to abandon their traditional lifestyles to be more “useful.” Her hunting skills have saved the gang many times, and herself too. She’s goofy, but she’s got a huge heart and she’s brave too. Plus how many of us can shoot like she can? She’s an ace. 

As for Annie, well, emotionless bitchy ice queen sort of goes under Mikasa’s, but she’s also not nearly as emotionless as she’d like and she was genuinely pained by her actions, as anyone would be. I’m really interested in her story too. 


There was no point I was trying to make. I just would like everyone to take a second to appreciate great female characters.