honestly this was all i could think about at that part


supergirl season 2a meme → [2/8] scenes

“I think I owe you an apology. For not creating an environment where you felt like you could talk about this with me. All those years we spent together growing up, the endless nights talking and sharing, now I realise they were all about me and my secret. There’s never been room for you, and that’s my fault, and I’m so sorry. I know this is not the same at all, but I do know how it feels to keep a part of yourself shut off. To keep it inside. And I know lonely that can make you feel. But Alex, you are not alone.”

so the second time i saw moana i was on the lookout for that maui-fighting-tamatoa tattoo pretty much all movie and. im pretty sure literally the only time it shows up is during “you’re welcome”

(for that one moment it replaces the “pulling up the islands” one i think)

and yeah it’s probably some sorta inconsistency on disney’s part but goshdang i won’t be myself if i don’t find some sort of in-universe explanation for that anyway. and really, they could have relatively easily put it somewhere on maui or replaced one that isn’t even talked about in the movie with it

but out of all of maui’s tattoos showing him defeating some monsters, the only one (that i know of) that isn’t on constant display is a monster he used to be friends with

i honestly don’t know what any of that means but man i’m emotional about these two 24/7 so i gotta know. i gotta kn o w

also if it was on constant display someone could ask maui smth like “oooh what’s that one about ???” and that probably wouldn’t end well would it

Long distance relationships

I honestly think long distance relationships are better than the regular ones. You can fall in love with every single part of the person. Hearing their voice becomes way more special. It’s not all about the physical stuff. It’s not all about the petty stuff that everyone has now. You get to know the person better than anyone you could in person. Yeah it sucks not being about to hold them or kiss them but when that time comes, you will cherish it so much because you know what it’s like to not have it.

i admire peniel so much. as someone who has also been struggling with hair loss for the past 2 and half years, i am honestly amazed at his strength. i got to the point where i did not leave my room for months. when i did go out, all i could think about was if people were staring at the parts of my scalp that were showing. i wanted to throw up every time i brushed my hair or took a shower. i still do. all the blood work that came back with no answers, all the doctors that were of no help. i stopped talking to everyone, except for my mom and my best friend. i didn’t work or go to school. i shut down entirely. 

meanwhile, peniel has been suffering and continues to update fans. he makes vlogs for us, he updates on social media. he released his mixtape. he even started another instagram account for his photography and pennie. he didn’t want to go back to the us for treatment because he’s so dedicated to his members and his fans. 

though i am a lot better than i was before, i hope i can become as confident as peniel is becoming. i’m so glad he has the support of his members, and i hope fans continue to be understanding. i know for a fact he can really use it.


Summary: Phil can’t help wondering what Dan likes so much about bottoming…

Word Count: 1.4k

Genre: honestly genre do u think this is

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BUT THERE’S ANOTHER THING THAT’S ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE HERE SO ALLOW ME TO ELABORATE ON THE SCREENSHOT ABOVE (warnings: kinda long and a shit ton of rage directed towards karamatsu/the heso wars writers, which none of y’all should take seriously for the most part)

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Okay can we talk for a second about the final scene of ACOMAF?

Because I am still an emotional wreck and I need to get some of these feels out before I explode.

1.) when Feyre jumps back from Tamlin (H A T E) and Rhys is right there to back her up. AND when she does her whole light trick and Rhys just automatically catches on, even without their mind connection. THEY. ARE. SO. IN. SYNC. YAS.

2.) Feyre pretending to be devastated about the bond and begging the king to release her from it…and she’s crying and Rhys is crying and I AM CRYING…honestly, all that I could see was Rhys, with a look of total desperation on his face, just thinking “my mate, my mate, my mate” and it literally W R E C K E D me.

3.) I think that one of the most underrated parts of the scene is when Mor and Feyre make eye contact and they are both crying because not only is Feyre leaving Rhysand, she is leaving her entire family. AND MOR LOOKS AT HER WITH SO MUCH LOVE IT IS EARTH SHATTERING. Then Mor goes and grabs Feyre’s sisters because she understands that they matter more than almost anything in the world to get despite their past.


5.) Amren’s concern for Feyre after she realizes what has happened. SHE LITERALLY DEMANDS THAT RHYS GO GET HER IMMEDIATELY.

7.) The fact that Rhys calmly explains (AS IF IT WAS TOTALLY EXPECTED?!?!) that Feyre is now the High Lady of the Night Court. HIS MATE. HIS SPY. HIS EQUAL IN EVERY WAY.

6.)Tamlin the tool returning to the spring court and basically saying “wow that was intense, aren’t you glad that I saved you?” And Feyre just nodding along like “whatever you say, now let’s just skip to the part where I destroy you?” and Lucien standing a few feet away like “Holy. Shit.”

Please someone talk me down because I’m sobbing.

Gasoline: Part 4

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1.1k

Warnings: Teensy bit of flirtation and fluff.

A/N: Honestly? I’m losing the inspiration to write at all. And this is all I could muster for now. Trust me, the ideas are there… I’m just struggling to get them written. SO. Have this to hold you over. As always feedback is appreciated.

Part One, Part Two, Part Three

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You were sitting at the head of your bed, body limb and mind whirling. Jensen was in the shower and you were supposed to be reading, but you couldn’t stop thinking about him!

You could picture the way the water would cascade down his back in droplets, the warm water loosening the muscles in his neck. Soap lathered up over his toned yet chubby tummy, over his pecs and down his biceps, the bubbles coming to rest on-
“You’re still up?” Jensen walked out in a plain t-shirt with a pair of sweats, his hair still wet.
Shit shit shit.
“Yeah, just been – just been texting my friends. They’re having a couple drinks at her room.” Lies. All lies.

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Okay so my grandma is Japanese and recently she taught me how to make gyoza. A large part of the process is basically just sitting at the table putting pork and cabbage into gyoza skins (especially when you’re making a shit ton) which meant we could just chat and stuff. But now all I can think about is Japanese Big Bro Shiro sitting Keith down and teaching him how to make gyoza while imparting his Big Bro wisdom and it just being super serene and peaceful and a great bonding experience and I JUST WANT THIS SO BAD

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Am I weird for wanting an argue between Hiccup & Astrid in season 4? Don't get me wrong, I definitely ship them but since the hunters' arrival, "viggo's fiasco" and Hiccup's obsession about him I have the impression that there's a lot of unsaid between them.

I don’t think you’re weird at all for wanting it. I, too, think that there could be some great potential for the two of them getting into a bigger disagreement. 

We do at times see Hiccup and Astrid come to minor disagreements in the show - for instance, Astrid is displeased at Hiccup for trying to sneak away at the start of Enemy of My Enemy - and Hiccup is also displeased Astrid hides information about Heather in S2 - but there hasn’t been a major conflict between the two of them for all of RTTE. The last time they were even seen in a major conflict, honestly, was in the first half of ROB with Heather Report Part 1. That’s been a long time.

It’s only real that individuals with two different perspectives will clash. Astrid and Hiccup, as close friends who are also romantic interests, have a lot of interaction time with one another. And while they agree with lots of things, they also have some differing opinions. And they have some strong opinions. As you say, Hiccup has some current weaknesses going on with how he handles the Viggo “fiasco,” and Astrid realizes this. There are also other areas for them in which the two could easily come at odds.

Hiccup and Astrid aren’t communicating as much as they need to. We know that pretty clearly in RTTE. Heather cajoles Astrid about the fact she’s keeping a lot of her feelings for Hiccup hidden. While Heather is talking about the positive romantic feelings, it doesn’t take away from the fact that Hiccup and Astrid really do need to figure out this communication business. Major time.

Arguments happen when communication breaks down. Arguments can also be the manifestation of people finally communicating - heatedly - what they have been holding back for some time. An argument between Hiccup and Astrid about any sort of topic could actually help them breach their communication challenges. Even if the argument is about the color of Toothless’ tail fin (I’m cheekily exaggerating), it still helps them open up to one another. Once the two of them make up the argument, there should - ideally - be improvements in how they talk to one another and express their thoughts to one another.

So I don’t mind what the argument would be about. I think it could be a good episode if done well. It could bring more much-needed screen time to Astrid and her thoughts, as well as help solidify where Hiccstrid are at (and where they are headed). Even if they don’t have an argument, there still needs to be some episode where the plot is about their problem of communication, and lead to the resolution of them finally learning how to speak up. 

Playing Games - Part 1 - Smut

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Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski / Reader
Words: 1,943
A/N: Okay so there was a picture that inspired this and then I got an anon about it so idk I thought it was a good idea. Possible part 2 if you’re interested.

Part 2 Here

Scott McCall was a bastard. That’s all you could think as you climbed out of the backseat of the jeep. He was on one of his “pack togetherness” kicks and was forcing you to do group activities. Which was fine, you liked hanging out with everyone, but you were dreading this particular outing. You were going to play laser tag, which you were sure was going to be fun and all, but you weren’t very good at it. You were klutzy on a good day, and you just pictured yourself sprawled on the carpet while Malia stood above you shooting you over and over and racking up points. You honestly felt bad for whoever’s team you got stuck on.

“It’ll be fine, Y/N.” Scott said, patting you on the shoulder when he caught the sour look on your face.

“Tell that to the bruises I’ll have tomorrow.” You dead panned, following him into the sports complex.

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Honestly, I don’t get why everyone is complaining about how “too easy” the Thordak encounter fight was. I think it was just because none of the player characters fell unconscious people weren’t taking it seriously.

A lot of it came down to lucky rolls, plus nearly all of them chugged fire resist potions and let loose with everything they had. They had gathered all their allies for exactly this reason. Thordak rolled badly, they rolled well. It’s an encounter that I think was very well balanced to the party. Worse rolls and it could have easily shifted to damn near impossible. 

Plus (I’m writing this as of the break) we still don’t know if there’s going to be a part 2 to this fight. If they still want to kill Raishon, or if Thordak has some other incarnation somewhere, it’s going to be a tough slog after throwing everything down. I’m still miffed Scanlan held off on the flute, J’mon Sa’Ord only promised to help with Thordak and not any of their other personal grudges. 

I’m not even sorry about the rambling because it’s going to cease to exist soon so I’ll just have get it all out of my system:

- No, this is not my favourite season because of the glorious Hiccstrid development (but yeah it’s a big part of it) but I also love it because of all the character development we got, both individually and as a group. Honestly, I had my doubts about this season after watching the first few episodes (because it was really similar to what we had seen before.) But as the episodes went on; i could start to feel all the developments and I after finishing the season, it felt more complete than before. There were so many scenes between different characters and just not the same over and over again. 

- Hiccup is not creepy for trying to kiss Astrid (geeez). If you rewatch the scene, there’s obviously a lot of tension and I think that if Astrid didn’t want to be kissed; she would have thrown a punch, literally. Probably before it even happened. Also, she knew what was going on, she even asks why he didn’t do it so she was in the clear. Hiccup was just in the moment… I doubt in that moment that he even thought of Astrid as blind. He had just told her that she was strong and invincible. Meaning; Hiccup didn’t see her blindness as an issue. He just saw her

- Speaking of Hiccstrid. I love that we got so many on screen kisses, not because it’s adorable but I love that the writers think of them as a real couple. Otherwise, they would have one big epic kiss (animation style) and then nothing more. But they’re behaving as a real couple, sneaking kisses, holding hands, talking to each other about their problems. It’s so healthy and I love them as a couple; not just romantically, but as best friends and battle partners too. 


so deciding to do hourlies today was kind of a hard decision actually. 

ive been really ill lately, dealing w chronic and mental illness (hypothyroidism/fibromyalgia + depression/anxiety/ptsd) and it’s turned my life into extended sequences of lying in bed wishing i could do anything BUT lie in bed and also like feeling bad in ways people probably dont want me to describe, rock bottom kinda shit  

luckily, ive dealt with most of this before, and im pretty sure im on my way to some sort of recovery after only a month (first round w hypothyroidism took the better part of a year) and i DID have the energy to do these, but then there’s the issue of…showing everybody how i have to live my life lately

i always feel like the artists i admire are doing /so much/ and honestly i wish i could do as much, but its not feasible when im sick like this, and its been really getting to me lately. its frustrating, and embarrassing, and hard.

but its the way i have to live when my meds are off, or when im having flashbacks, or whatever it is that day. or several days. or months. and its the way other people like me live, too! 

and thats why i wanted to do it, i guess. to see that this is a valid way to live. to help show other people its valid, and to help show myself. to look at it with compassion and humor and try out just enjoying the fact of my existence.

so anyway thats a lot of text for it but i just kinda wanted to get those thoughts out there. thanks everyone

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Could you post any nct smut suggestions?

Disclaimer: there is a lot of good NCT smut out there I have yet to read, so if you feel you or another authors story should be in this list hmu with new writings bc I’m always luking for more^^
I honestly don’t read that much NCT smut, barely read fics these days tbh and when I do I read about other groups mostly lol
And also, I for real am super picky [ocd who?] and I think it comes with writing smut idk you tend to view smut differently after and maybe it just comes with aging, your tastes mature a bit. That being said idk if I would even recommend half of my shit lmao


First of all, stormae is one of my favorites!
she has a fic rec list
her masterlist is here most are not smut, still good reads

Hellion - Ten {@stormae}

Call Boy - Taeyong & Ten PART 1 & PART 2 {@caliboyjaeffrey}
Open Wide - Doyoung
& there are lots more on her blog :)

Look What The Cat Dragged In - Taeyong & Ten {@naughtykpopimagines}

Here is a list of recommended readings, not all NCT

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In Voltron fanworks its kind of a trend for Keith to be the “aggressor” in his relationship with Shiro, the one who kisses first, confesses first, makes sexual advances first, ect, with Shiro responding rather than initiating, and while that does somewhat reflect their personalities, I think a large part of that interpretation is coming from Sheith fans being afraid to portray Shiro in a way that could be interpreted as predatory. I know I certainly worry about the content I post, I sometimes catch myself thinking “Oh what if an anti tries to use this against me”, and honestly it’s so sad that creators are having to censor loving, mutually consensual portrayals of intimacy to avoid being attacked.

So for all you Sheith content creators out there, don’t worry. Keith loves Shiro very much, and they are VERY attracted to each other and thirsty for each others affection. Any anti who attempts to interpret your creation any other way is delusional and not worth your time. Don’t be afraid to have Shiro kissing Keith just as much as Keith kisses Shiro. 


It’s the fact that I could become a part of GOT7. Since I passed the audition, I had spent only 7 months as a trainee and then was immediately added to the members of GOT7 in order to begin the preparation routine for our debut. Up to that time I had never danced once in my life, so it was very hard to keep up with other members who had been preparing for the debut since a long time ago. That’s why I feel really lucky to be as I’m now - being able to do activities as a member of GOT7” - Choi Youngjae

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Hello Aunt Scripty!!! I have an increidible curiosity for nanotechnology, specially nanomedicine. I just want to know, what is your take on replacing tissues with the use of nanotechnology specially when it comes to injuries or traumas to help the survival of the person? I know this goes more to the science fiction side but if it's possibleI just want to know your perspective on this.

Hmmmmm. I think honestly you know more about nanomedicine than I probably do! It’s a long, long way from becoming a part of prehospital care, which is my wheelhouse. I think nanomedicine is an awesome concept, and could be very well executed.

My understanding is that different nanobots will have different features and functions, so a given character may need different bots for different therapies, but I don’t know at all how this applies really in the clinical setting.

Sorry I’m not more interesting! xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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honestly the entertainment industry should be more like lawyer clinics and pro bono work.  I.e. “We follow the market on 90% of the things we produce, but the other 10% of the budget are set aside for things that are risky and innovative, things that haven’t been tested yet, things not guaranteed to be hits, things with a different target demographic - because we recognise that art has societal value, and it’s our duty to contribute to it in a meaningful way.”

That way, we could get movies starring POC, starring women, starring queer people, movies that aren’t about action or explosions or part of endless remakes and reboots - and all without the usual scramble a-la “This movie is TOO IMPORTANT, we can’t let it tank! Show them that you support this movie, that a movie starring X CAN succeed, spread the word and watch it in theaters!” All without worrying that if we fail to show our roaring enthusiasm for THIS movie, companies will think they can’t take risks like this anymore and it will be on us.

(*Granted, 10% isn’t a hugely ambitious figure, but… like, as averse as the big name filmmakers are to risk-taking, it would probably be an improvement on what they’re churning out right now.)

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Could I get a sigil for "I do not think about anyone else and focus on myself in the shower" or something like that? Because I am trying to make the shower a safe place for self-care (not sexual) and to part myself from my stressful relationships. Especially since my family won't bother me while I'm in there, I want to calm my mind and focus on taking care of myself. Again, this is non-sexual. I will probably write it on the shower wall in those bathtub crayons. Thank you very much.

(honestly this is such a nice idea?????)

“This is a safe place for self-care; nothing may disturb me.”

All the best for you, anon.

Sigil requests are open!