honestly this tattoo is awful

headcanon that ronan gets gansey very drunk one night and in his alcohol induced stupor, with ronan egging him on, gets giant raven wings tattooed on his upper back in jet black ink, all the way down the back of his arms to his elbows and the words “regis corvi” written vertically between the wings.

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How do yout think the companions feel about tattoos? Say Sole had a few of them but they had never seen them until Sole was undressed and in bed with them?

Cait: If it’s not something she deems stupid then Cait loves Sole’s tattoo(s), though she wouldn’t waste any time paying attention to them if she was only seeing them now that they were getting undressed. She then would consider getting one after seeing theirs, then deem it too much like a brand; something she almost recieved during her days under the slavers.

Codsworth: He already knew, he didn’t approve initially but eventually got used to seeing them marked up.

Curie: She asks SO MANY questions. Was the facility you got it in sanitary? Did it hurt a great deal? How long did it take to heal? After all the medical questions are over, she asks a few more personal ones; Does it mean something? Did you get it to match with someone? And she approves as long as they got it safely and it’s not anything offensive, though she’d never get one herself given wasteland cleanliness standards.

Danse: Danse is a toss-up. If it’s something that has a meaningful story, or memory behind it then he’d be all for a tattoo; in fact respecting Sole greatly if it was something they got during military service since he has the BoS emblem between his shoulder blades. If it was something meaningless or inappropriate though, he’d be like a disapproving mother.

Deacon: He likes it just fine, but only because it’s a part of Sole. On anyone else he might call it tacky, or straight up ugly, but on Sole? It’s the most beautiful piece of art he’s ever seen. He’d never get one though, too much of an identifying mark and too hard to get rid of.

Hancock: You bet your ass Hancock loves Sole’s tattoo(s), especially ones where it gets a rise out of them when he presses a kiss against it. He’d get one to match them if he wasn’t so sure it would make him fall apart.

MacCready: He adores them, because if Sole thought something was important enough to go through pain to put on their forever then is has to be important, right? He’d consider something small, a name or a little symbol so he never forgets a part of himself, but contents himself to kissing over Sole’s until they find somewhere sanitary to get it done.

Nick Valentine: Being pre-war and all, he’s a little bit mixed on how he feels about Sole having a tattoo (or a few). He likes how it looks on them just fine, but he can’t shake the taboo that was on them from before the war. For obvious reasons he can never get one.

Strong: Why would he care? Unless Sole mentions how badly they hurt to get he’d not even pay any attention. If they talk about going through excruciating pain to get then though, then he’s really on board to get one himself.

Piper: Thinks tattoos are awesome, and would totally get distracted from anything sexy for at least a few minutes if Sole revealed any to her. If she ever got one, assuming she found someone she trusted to do it, she would probably get something poetic on the inside of her wrist or on her hip in small, dark text. Maybe a rose too.

Preston: Depends on the tattoo. Something artful and he’d absolutely marvel at it/them, with so little beauty left in the world it really is something to be intrigued with. Something vulgar and he’d probably be pretty turned off. Himself, he only has one; the letter M less tattooed and more carved then filled with ink on his upper leg. One of the older cadets gave it to him when he first joined up. The other M was on someone who isn’t around anymore.

X6-88: Honestly? He’s confused. He’d only seen the crude, awful tattoos that wastelanders gave themselves; not the genuine art from before the war. But he spends little time looking at them after the surprise fades, and gets right back to business. He himself would never get one, and is offended you would ask.