honestly this is my favorite music video

What REALLY Makes me Mad

You know what really makes me mad? It’s when people say “You don’t have to defend him/her because he (or she) isn’t your bias.” People honestly think, that the only reason why I’m defending someone and helping ANOTHER HUMAN BEING OUT is because “I like them”? That’s what really gets on my nerves . I don’t write post and make videos just for attention, and I certainly don’t make these in hopes that one day they’ll see it. I make these things because I care about other people. I make these posts and these videos to share how this made me feel and how our decisions effect the artist. Even if one person sees this and I change their mind that’s all I care about. I make posts because for as hard as our boys/girls work for others to respect our name and fandom, WE should be working just as hard. Jackson said during the GOT7 tour (in the US)that they work hard so that we can be respected. That they may not eat three meals a day but, they push themselves just so that we could be respected. Now here we are yet again, as a fandom, bashing and trashing on one of our own members. It’s one thing to have a random put you down, it’s another thing to have your own fandom put you down. Think about that. Respect others. TREAT THEM LIKE HOW YOU WANT TO BE TREATED. And is it so hard to care about one another?


Two Asian Americans whom I love dearly singing one of my favorite songs from Dear Evan Hansen?? Honestly, my skin is clear and my crops are watered.

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any good yoonseok posts (with reasons for shipping) or pics?

  • ya omg i have a yoonseok tag that u should check out for a+ content :^)
  • but first and foremost u should totally read THIS post bc it explains their relationship in such a beautiful way!!!
  • THIS is also an amazing compilation post that sums them up perfectly!!
  • THIS is a great post as well!!!
  • THIS VIDEO is honestly my favorite video on entire youtube the way it’s created and the music and the clips just omg im crying when everytime i watch it hagfshfg its so beautiful PLEASE GO WATCH IT!!!!!! 
  • THIS! FKN!! FANCAM!!! of hoseok moaning during yoongi’s part in cypher pt. 3!
  • their first impression of each other
  • they can recognize each other by their sighs
  • just the fact that they’re doing a v app show together and even created a shipname for themselves, sobi :’)
  • even the staff(?) has a picture of them in their office???
  • this bangtan bomb where they got eye contact for like 5 seconds and then both looked away at the same time??
  • SUGA free…? HOPE free!
  • back then when they were trainees, yoongi gave up spending new years eve with his family because hoseok was lonely in the dorm, so yoongi showed up at the dorm with chicken in his hand and decided to spend the time with hoseok instead.
  • their first interaction was based on yoongi caring about hoseok and telling him to go sleep in the room instead of the living room, and he thought hoseok looked pitiful when sleeping with the blanket tucked inside out.
  • one time when hoseok felt dizzy and had to leave practice, yoongi got so worried that he left the practice room earlier than planned to keep an eye on him in the dorm.
  • hoseok used to suffer from stress-induced enteritis, and yoongi often took him to the hospital to get an injection.
  • basically THIS whole interview :’’)
  • “thinking about it now, I have always been receiving energy from j-hope.” – yoongi
  • “if I was a girl, i would definitely fall in love [with yoongi]” – hoseok
  • “whenever im sad, i gain strength by looking at you.” – yoongi to hoseok
  • “jhope. his nice features are seemingly prominent these days.” – yoongi (when answering who matches “the most beautiful moment in life” the most)
  • “im thankful to j-hope for helping me with my stage movements during the rehearsal.” – yoongi (when answering who he’s thankful to in the last concert)
  • take a look at these vines: x / x / x / x / x / x / x / x / x / x / x / x
  • some nice gifsets: x / x / x / x / x / x / x / x / x / x 

and pic spam down below under the cut  :^)

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honestly one of my favorite things rn 


My 3 Year Old Sister Reacts To: BTS - War of Hormone MV

Well, this is what a text reaction to a music video would look like~ And, as you can see, her bias changes every video though I mean honestly who can blame her for stanning V in this video??? So, which do you guys prefer? Or should I do a text post, and then have a video accompanying it of her cutest moments? Just tell me what you want to see and I’ll try to get it done~

Also, I hope I’ll be able to get another post up tonight? My computer is freezing as I’m typing this, so I don’t know, but I do know that two regular posts are going up tomorrow~ Sorry to those of you that have been waiting for a while, I got lazy over spring break and didn’t get as many posts up as I’d expected >.<

EDIT :: I split it up into separate pictures. I hope that makes it easier to see >.<

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♡ Sign: Aquarius

♡ Height: 5′6

♡ Last thing googled: Danganronpa V3 OST

♡ Favorite music artist: I don’t know honestly I just listen to whatever I like, especially video game music!

♡ Last TV show watched: can’t remember!!

♡ When did I create my blog: around the middle of 2016

♡ What kind of stuff do I post about: I honestly don’t know, memes, my fave characters, just a bunch of stuff on this blog I guess!

♡ Do I have any other blogs: yeah I have this blog obviously and I have my main blog, and then on here i have like 50 side blogs of hoarded urls!

♡ Do I get asks regularly: I do I just forget to answer them all the time!

♡ Why did I choose my url: I was big in the Life is Strange fandom at the time and Pricefield, and I just happened to get a canon url!

♡ Gender: Male!

♡ Pokemon team: INSTINCT *dabs* 

♡ Favorite colors: I can’t really say, depends on what im feeling!

♡ Average hours of sleep: ummm anywhere from 5-12 hours *i know its bad don’t judge me*!

♡ Favorite characters: Im only gunna name a few or else this would turn into a book, Ellie Williams, Saihara Shuuichi, Pidge, Hunk, *essentially the entire main cast of Voltron*, And then *insert 50 more characters* 

♡ Dream job: I wanna be an Astronaut, Painter, or a Detective!

Im gunna tag: @rachelambr @chaseprice @thestarryskiesofpalaven @ultra-despair-weeb @antarcticajoy @sadturret @elliewilliams @softellie

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Did you know that Mabel Blank Space is no longer on Vimeo and I am unable to see it on tumblr for some reason. Can you please post it again maybe on YouTube? I really enjoy your AMVs/music videos. I think my top favorite is Gravitowned XD

Yeah I know… I got hit with a DMCA notice a couple days ago. Honestly I’ve been expecting this to happen pretty much since the day I uploaded that video since Tswift is notoriously awful about copyright and fair use, so I’m actually surprised the video even stayed up that long. Sadly uploading to youtube is not an option for the same reason, there it would just get taken down immediately and possibly get my channel suspended in the process. So pretty much my only option now would be to go and sue her, which… not worth it for obvious reasons, so I’m afraid the video is lost to the world :(

Weirdly enough this doesn’t make me want to buy her albums or support her music in any way! Funny how that works!

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Nicknames: Maura, May, Ale

Star Sign: I don’t really know, but according to my birth month I’m a capricorn.

Height: 5′8″

Time right now: 8:47 pm (pacific time)

Last thing I Googled: Lana del Rey’s music video

Favorite music artist: Imagine Dragons <3

Song stuck in my head: Drunken Love by Beyonce

Last movie I watched: Silent Hill 

Last TV show I watched: American Dad S04 E04

What am I wearing right now: Purple Tee Shirt, Blue Sweat Pants, Sports Bra

When I created this blog: January 2014…Maybe..I don’t really remember

The kind of stuff I post: Honestly, anything that amuses me

Why I chose my url: Funny story about my url, I’ve been known to be the mother hen or mother figure within my group of friends (two that include my actual siblings lol) and for the longest time I wouldn’t accept it until one day one of my best friends boss nick named me Mother Mayra and from there on it has pursued me everywhere I go. Hence, MotherMay.

Gender: Female

Hogwarts House: Forever Gryffindor 

Pokémon team: My Best Friend tried to pull me into that but it didn’t work. 

Favorite Colour: Green

Average hours of sleep: It use to be 5 hours but now it’s gone up to 8 well rested hours. 

Lucky number: I wouldn’t call it lucky but my favorite number is 5. 

Favourite Films: I have a collection of favorite movies: Jurassic Park, Back to the Future Trilogy, Shrek, Austin Powers Trilogy, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Tropic Thunder, Harry Potter. 

Favourite characters: Batman, Loki, Iron Man, Randy Marsh, Roger Smith, Steve Smith, Stewie Griffin, Stan Smith.

Dream Job: My dream job is to become one of the top educators in the world that develops programs from all types of learning abilities. Education is very important to me and I want more people to be exposed to the amazing programs we have here in California. I want to make sure that all ages are aware that they can get help to go to college and so forth. 

Number of blankets I sleep with: I sleep with one thin blanket because I get hot really fast and I don’t play that hell game. 

Dream fictional character that you would want to be: I would love to be Bonnie Bennett from #TheVampireDiaries because her character is a witch and I’ve been fascinated with witches and their origins. Also because she has a romantic relationship with Enzo, a sexy Vampire. I have a thing for Vampires.

One Interesting Fact About You: I’m really good at reading maps. I know that we live in a world of technology where we can just google map anything but back before that existed my dad actually taught me how to read and understand maps. I’ve never had a problem finding addresses or locations even if I don’t carry a map with me because I use that skill which, I really don’t know what to call, to get me where I need to go even if I haven’t been there before. 

I challenge : @that1cameraguy, @lenenene, @deborahsaladbar


BTS’s Spring Day

This is honestly my favorite KPOP release so far (in the almost 6 years of being a kpop fan). Everything about this song and music video is beautiful. The lyrics were sad but relatable, the melody makes you feel assured that somewhere out there, someone understands everything that you’re going through. The music video, oh my god. Its the most beautiful one that Korea has created. Everything was so aesthetically perfect, the boys’ visuals were A+, it was so different than the others.

Oh Bangtan. What would I do without you and your music (plus your variety shows)? I cannot and will not leave this fandom. You are the current kings of kpop and you never fail. You deserve every good thing, and you deserve more!!

Let’s go on for more years, and I will always be grateful💜 thank you, thank you, thank you. Popular in Korea or not, no one can deny that you are worth the hype. 😍

Monbebe Tag!

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1. Who is your current MX Bias?

Precious bunny Wonho. My Ramyun King <3

Originally posted by monsta-x-cuties

2. Who was your first bias in MX?

Always and forever, my UB Wonho <3

Originally posted by swagplusderp

3. Favorite MX song?

I’ve always loved Honestly, but I also like Queen

Originally posted by hanbinsconverse

4. Who is your MX bias wrecker?

I love all of them but Kkukkung is such a meme 

Originally posted by monstaxmemes

5. What is your favorite MX music video? 


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6. What were your thoughts when you watched “No Mercy”?

It’s was awful! I was so emotional and cried like half the time. Like I’m not a fan of survival shows but it brought Monsta X together as they are now.

7. Favorite MX meme?

I know Hyungwon is a meme and I love him, but I.M is my favorite tbh

Originally posted by kaimikachan

8. How long have you been a monbebe? 

Feels like forever <3 (I’m engaged to all seven of them tbh)

Originally posted by lostinmonstax

9. What is your favorite MX album? 

The Clan Pt. 1: Lost Album

10. If you could befriend one member of Monsta X, who would it be?

Every single one of them. But if I had to choose, aside from Wonho, It’s be Joohoney (I’m Jackson)

Originally posted by monstaxmemes

11. If you could marry one member of Monsta X, who would it be? 

Shin Hoseok. My forever Hubby. He’d be such a great family man. OMG (They all would tbh)

Originally posted by kihn

12. How did you fall in love with Monsta X?

Honestly, I loved them for their music. Their personalities got me even more hooked.

loveittodeath  asked:

Led Zeppelin :)

Am I a fan?: i definitely love them altho it’s about the music only, i’m not in that “my precious cinnamon rolls” mood with them (not yet lmao)

First Song I Heard By Them?: I am not sure because my father always played their records around the house ever since i was born, but my first memory related to them goes back to when i was like 5 or something and i was listening to Black Dog and went like “WOW!!” and ran to the other room to show it to my brother

Favorite Song?: The Battle Of Evermore

Favorite Album?: Zep IV

Favorite Music Video?: not sure i have one? i haven’t watched many videos honestly 

Have any merch?: my dad has all the vinyls and stuff and i had a hoodie but i lost it :(

Seen them Live?: i saw Robert Plant in 2014 that’s the closest i could get lmao

Favorite Member?: i’m not gonna lie, i don’t have a fave because i don’t know “enough” about them to pick a fave, but a friend of my dad told me stories from when he met Jimmy Page that cracked me up so he gotta be my zep 

thank you love!!!!!!!