honestly this is my favorite music video

✏️ Tips for Learning a Language ✏️

✏️    Talk To Yourself 

- this helps me so so so much. I start thinking my languages when I complain about my cats when they’re being annoying.

✏️    Keep Yourself Interested 

- It’s hard work to learn a language. Find ways to keep yourself entertained. Aesthetic notes, fan fiction or buying your favorite books in your language is helpful.

✏️    YOUTUBE 

- this shit is so helpful. look up videos, listen to music, watch stupid challenge videos, it’ll immerse you into the language.

✏️    Pocket Dictionaries

- I have a whole self of german dictionaries (thanks mom), and honestly, it’s so helpful to look through them. Keep them on hand to find words that you don’t know

✏️    Accept Mistakes 

- You’re learning an entirely new way to communicate. Honestly, you’ll make a lot of mistakes. When you accept it, it becomes less traumatizing to mess up

✏️    Change your phone and games

- Ok, I didn’t wanna do this, but I did. The moment I switched my phone to french, oh my god, it was so immersive. I didn’t even know how much time i spent reading on my phone until I switched. I did switch back, and I felt less immersed. So honestly, it helps. I’m an active Minecraft player, so I changed my game to French. Holy fuck did that help.

✏️    Take notes ALL THE TIME

- Find a quote you like? write it down. Find a new word? write it down. Song? WRITE THAT SHIT DOWN.

✏️    Tumblr blogs are helpful

- I follow a les mis blog that posts about the french election in french and honestly, seeing memes and slang in french is so helpful, like yes.

Not all of these will work for you, but they help for me, so I hope that you benefit from this.

~ Rin


I never thought this would happen.

I  never thought I would just  ‘Slip into the Shining life’ 

I never thought I would be a  Carat.

I fist discovered Seventeen with Adore U, their debut. But at that point I had only joined the kpop fandom for a few months and only liked older groups. I thought ‘how can someone Stan young groups?’ And so many of them…. I just learnt the names of Exo and Super Junior, how will I learn them too?!’

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So I just left it there.

But then…. Mansae came out… And that’s how it all started.


Well I immediately fell in love with Woozi.

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I got interested in him, started reading about him about all his hard work and BAM I found myself accidentally learning all of their names. In fact, Mansae became of e of my FAVORITE songs ever. But I didn’t Stan yet. Yet, I told myself that if I love the next comeback I will Stan.

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And so pretty u came out and i thought… oh i dont like this (well not really).

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The music video was just absolute nothing and I was so disappointed. But soon, I saw the live showcase and realised…. I love, love, LOVE 'Pretty U’.  It’s such a great song. It’s just that that bad music video engulfed the song, depriving us of its goodness.

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And thus I became a Carat.

And soon Very Nice came out, 

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then Boom Boom and with Boom Boom came one of my FAVORITE albums… Ever.

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And now Don’t Wanna cry came out, with an album that I will I will love more than the going Seventeen one

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(In fact, everyone in 17 is my bias. Woozi is THE bias but the other 12 are biases. yes, it does sound weird.)

Anyway, enough about my journey.


So what is it about seventeen that makes them so special?

And honestly it’s everything.

The vocals are fantastic, the rap is great, the dances epic and the personalities…. Even more amazing!

These members aren’t content with okay. They aren’t content with just knowing a specific skill. They are always willing to learn, improve, strive forward.

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You would think that the hip hop unit would remain simply well… Hip hop. They would rap and dance. However, not this hip hop unit. This hip hop unit also works hard on their singing skills. We heard them all sing, we heard them all improve and even in their latest title track, Vernon and Scoups are singing. They participate in writing lyrics, in telling their own stories and emotions and in this sense they participate in communicate with the fans and generally everyone willing to listen. They are making mixtapes too

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This is the Hip Hop Unit

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(and this is also our hip hop unit)


You would think the performance unit is called that because all they can do is dance. Nop. This performance unit works on so many other things. All can sing,mother youngest can also rap, while the two Chinese members keep improving their Korean, writing lyrics and even having their own song. You’d think that they are just execute a nice choreo sent to them by someone. Well, the choreography leader works hard to also help create the choreography, creating key points and amazing dances with Input from others.

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You’d think the vocal unit  would say, ok we debuted. We are also very passable so let’s just stay this way. No man the improvement is tremendous. I’m just two years this vocal unit has done the unimaginable. Yes, Seungkwan and Seokmin were always the strongest members vocally but even then, now they are heavenly. Jeonghan and Joshua who were the least…  Impactful in the unit in terms of vocal strength now have amazing high notes, they try falsettos and all that amazing stuff.

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And woozi is being Woozi. Producing and writing album after album, hit after hit without complain. They sing heartbreaking songs with such strong emotions tart even if u do not share the same experiences you will still fell what they feel. You be a boyfriend? Well their songs will make you want to call your imaginary ex.

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And when you put all those members together you get Seventeen. An absolutely amazing group that creates amazing songs.

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Their journey didn’t start easily with them coming from an almost bankrupt company at that point. Their debut just kept being changed and pushed back. And I cannot even imagine how much stress that must have given these young boys.

I do not want to imagine how much they must have suffered thinking that they are not good enough to debut. I do not want to imagine the hell Pledis put them through, the punishments, the diets etc. 

I don’t not want to imagine how difficult it was for them to not only live with such emotions but not have family right next to the, to cry.

But in spite or because of these hardships Seventeen debuted as such humble people,

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as such hard working young men and most importantly as a team. They continue to aim making people super happy.  

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And I hope that they too are super happy.

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I hope that they are healthy and that they keep loving what they do.

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I hope they can communicate and deal with their issues together.

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I hope their tears are now tears of joy

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It must be so difficult. They are 13 people who always have to see each other. One gets tired of seeing their family so imagine in this case. But it seems like they all have their feet on the ground and can work together. It seems like their experiences made them into one big family that survives together

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(although they might be a bit too chaotic… RIP trophy)

And I hope that none of them feel any certain burden by themselves. It’s so painful to know the pressure they are in and all the stress they go through. It’s painful to think about the stress the three unit leaders have to go through. The hip hop leader being the overall leader, Hoshi’s choreography has to be on point and addictive and woozi has to stay put with all the writing and all the producing, feeling as if it is his songs that will make or break not simply his own career, but also the career of 12 other people.

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And while they don’t want to share the burden with Carats in order not to hurt us, i feel like it would be easier to share.after all, many  supporting and splitting the burden is easier than for one person to have the whole stress buffet.

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The members are hopeful there for each other and we, though not directly, are here for them too. Whether it is by attending a concert, buying their albums or simply by listening to their stories and music we hope to show Seventeen that we are here for them, that we love and cherish them.

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Seventeen always talks about how they feel like they have to return the fans 

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Love and how they feel like they haven’t yet. But I feel like it’s the opposite. I feel like we Carats want to return the love they give us instead. After all, they work so hard for Carats, making amazing pieces of art. They keep talking about just how much carats mean to them but they have no idea just how much they mean to us.

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I laugh with Seventeen, I cry with Seventeen, I worry with Seventeen.

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Seventeen has truly impacted my life.

These 13 amazing, beautiful, talented guys have proven themselves in unimaginable ways.

I hope that they realise just how much they mean to us. Just how happy they make us daily be it through their music, Instagram post or just knowing that Seventeen exists, even though we probably don’t deserve a group as humble and as fantastic as them.

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They don’t deserve the world.

No they deserve so much more. Not even saying ’ they deserve the universe’ see,s to be enough.

So Seventeen happy anniversary. Keep growing, be healthy, both physically and mentally. Keep improving, keep doing what makes you happy.

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And just know that we Carats are right here. We might not be able to always wipe your tears but we will try our hardest to always do so.

We might not be able to physically help you stand, to lend you a hand but we will always try to do so in other ways.

We might not be able to always help relieve your stress, your pain, your fears but we will always try our hardest to show our presence and to show you that you do not have to be perfect for us. That we love you just like that. To us you are already perfect.

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Once again, happy anniversary Seventeen.

I never thought this would happen.

I  never thought I would just  Slip into the Shinning life.

I never thought I would be a  carat.

But I will be forever grateful that I did.

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Thank you for reading.

P.S. none of the gifs are mine! Credit to the original owners!

Also let’s give Seventeen a win(if not more) with this amazing comeback!

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Honestly, this was probably my favorite DAPG vid in a while. Idk why, I just loved the RPG, the interactions, the music and game references, it was just really good

it was incredible, and i think it might be my favorite gaming video ever. i can’t get over how excited they both were about it and i loved how dan was trying to tease phil about his grammar or whatever but couldn’t stop himself from giving phil praise and compliments every minute because DAMN he deserves it??? i know next to nothing about gaming or how one would use whatever tool phil mentioned to make a game like this, sixteen years ago mind you, but fuck it’s clear that regardless of whatever help that technology gave him, he still had to do a shit ton of work to make this and think of the story and the characters and write all the dialogue and i’m just so IMPRESSED with him and his brain. it was so clear that dan was too, the whole entire time. and i love that dan’s support doesn’t just stop with comments like “i like this” or “i’m having a lot of fun” (which are great in themselves) but that he takes it even farther and tells phil that he (phil) could make his own game now and that he should even do all the drawings for it. like this video gave us a chance to watch dan being phil’s biggest creative supporter, and basically tell him that he, dan, has faith in phil’s ability to make or create just about anything and even though we knew that was the case, it was so overwhelmingly sweet to me to see it in action like that. i also love how phil was so excited to see that dan was impressed with the game? he looked pleasantly surprised and so happy every time dan told him he liked it and i wanted to cry. and i can’t get over the music choices and how dan identified and knew every single one after like .3 seconds and how each time a new song came on they’d turn to each other and smile as dan recognized it and i’m sure there’s just a depth of shared conversations and nostalgia there for them bc a lot of the songs are from classic games they both love and others are just ones that it seems like dan would know phil likes (like “smooth” by santana and bohemian rhapsody). it was so sweet to see not only dan being supportive and excited but also to see how much their interests and knowledge overlap, even to the point of them becoming self-aware about it and apologizing to us for the number of inside jokes and references they were making, and to the point of them noting that at 14 years old they would’ve still been friends and probably gotten along the way they do now. it’s wild to me, always, that they found each other and that they align on soooo many things, and it was making me so emotional to see that play out in this video. they are literally so perfectly suited to share a life together i don’t even understand… i will gladly watch several hours of dan fawning over phil’s mind and talent and creativity, of dan being so visibly PROUD of his partner, and of phil basking in the compliments. it’s the most heartwarming thing, and i just love this video SO much

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This is a really stupid question but do you maybe know a bts video that can cheer someone up? Not like one of those try not to laugh ones but one that makes life a little easier on a bad day?

Ah, not a stupid question at all! I hope I can answer this well. I’ll try my very best. I’ll first mention that everyone perceives things differently, so even though I may think this is what you’re looking for, you/others may not agree~

Honestly, Namjoon’s VLives always get me. I know you’re not looking for super crazy funny ones, which is why I recommend his. In full, his lives aren’t necessarily serious from beginning to end (he’s fun and funny for parts of his), but the way he speaks is very comforting and he really does sound like a friend (sometimes even a mentor). He often gets into tangents about life and youth and talks about his realizations, beliefs or advice. I think and hope one would find some comfort in these videos, as I often do~

Not sure if you wanted music (video) suggestions, but I thought of some anyways:

Young Forever - Honestly, it’s one of my favorite songs. The music video might be a good one to watch on one of those days that you just want to pass. Sometimes these kinds of things make me more sad when I think too hard about it, but I also think it could be weirdly comforting too. They’re running through the maze, seemingly lost, which I find that to be what we do in life a lot. We’re always running and oftentimes we don’t know what we’re running toward. However they make it out of the maze and run free at the end of the video and I find that can be really visually comforting on one of /those/ days~

Butterfly - In itself, I find this to be a beautiful song. No music video, though watching their live performance is really lovely. The lyrics are also really touching and depending on how you perceive it it can be a bit relatable  as well. It’s kind of sad sounding? But it’s one of those songs I turn to when I have a heavy heart.

Run - I’m not sure why I chose Run, but I think it might be comforting. The MV is really wonderful, bringing to life some really interesting parts of youth and life itself. It’s also more lively and upbeat than Butterfly and Young Forever, which might be a nice change~

Save Me - I love this song. The MV is a nice one because you don’t really have to think about anything since it’s just dancing. I listen to this song when I have bad days or am just in a certain mood. Hard to explain, but I recommend it.

This may not be what you’re looking for, but I tried my best and hope that at least one or some of these will help~ If anyone has any suggestions, please leave them below. Much love. <3
- Kristi


More of The Last Guardian arrived today…or in this case The Great Man-Eating Eagle Toriko! After beating the game back in December, I knew I had to get the JP release along with the soundtrack. I picked both of these up from Amazon.co.jp when I noticed the game price had dropped rather significantly. I paid nearly full retail for the OST but for me personally it was more than worth it!

Honestly..if the price drops anymore, I would recommend the first print JP release for the Brutus booklet alone. The Fumito Ueda Material Book is an amazing piece to have. Brutus is my favorite JP magazine - so to have their style and presentation showcase one of my favorite Japanese VG Directors/Designers is a perfect marriage.

The band’s upbeat tune is already being pegged the “song of the summer” — an acknowledgment the two don’t take lightly as they join the ranks of their all-time favorite songs of summers past, including Len’s “Steal My Sunshine” and Smash Mouth’s “All Star.”

“Put that on my tombstone: ‘Writer of song of the summer before the summer starts,‘” jokes Chuck. “To hold that title would be a dream come true, honestly. To me, that’s my favorite song of the year. There’s always that one summer song.”

Darren continues: “It’s a really democratic process. There’s no Grammy attached to it, it’s pretty undisputed. The idea of making that many people have a good time with a beer in their hand by the pool — that’s bulletproof. You can’t take that away from somebody.”

Let me start off with saying sorry for the picture quality. It was taken with my webcam, since my phone was taken away. 

But, I’m Tyler, or Ty. I’m a ftm transgender guy, so I was born a female, but I identify as a male. I’m 14(15 in  weeks) and live in the US. I am an atheist in a world of Southern-Christians, but I honestly don’t care what religion, race, or gender are. 

I love things such as animals, YouTube, Netflix, Music (mostly emo or indie pop), My youtuber is JennXPenn. My favorite shows are The Fosters, OITNB, The 100, Switched at Birth, and many more, My favorite movie/book is The Perks Of Being A Wallflower. 

I like to do random things ironically, such as wear shudder shades or plank in random places. I’d classify myself as a recovering emo/hipster. I normally wear beanies, but my mom took mine away as a punishment. 

I have a YouTube channel with 1 video from 3 months ago that is beyond cringy lolol. 

I’m a basket case, so I need a brain, athlete, princess, criminal. 

Message me on Tumblr @ ftmcat or email me @ tydefoster@gmail.com


Two Asian Americans whom I love dearly singing one of my favorite songs from Dear Evan Hansen?? Honestly, my skin is clear and my crops are watered.

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Hey! Do you think paramore will make any more music videos from the album? And if so which songs? Every time I listen to the album I see what each songs music video could be, I think it'd be awesome if pool was partly shot underwater!!

Heyy! Wow that pool video would be amazing, anon! I hope you’re right and they make it that way!

And well, we have this big hint. I’m talking about this sticker on the album.

So yeah, I think we can expect, at least, 2 more singles/videos. And honestly, those two songs are some of my favorites off AL so I’m SOOOO excited!!


Sexy songs! As requested by @wiredclover! Because I needed something else to do than write. 

A lot of these just go with the theme, some have certain elements. Some are just a given. I’m totally open to more suggestions but I hope you all can maybe find a good song in here. 


Aristophanes is a great Taiwanese rapper that did a track with GRIMES on the Art Angels album. SCREAM is literally all about doing the deed. Her other tracks carry a very sensual tone to them. A lot like FKA Twigs and her sensual tracks.

Obviously “Secret” by Miyavi because I CANNOT watch that music video without blushing and biting my knuckles. 

“SheBob” by Phoenix/NEBULIN is a cover of the Cindy Lauper song and may not be for everyone. 

Crap, I obviously forgot “Closer” by In this Moment, a cover of the NIN song which is honestly my favorite cover of it because Maria Brink has the perfect bedroom tone. 

ID #50928

Name: Cymbelline
Age: 15 in july
Country: USA

Hi! This is like my second attempt at making one of these, I just never know what to say. I like a lot of things honestly, I like sports (my favorite is hockey), video games, a large variety of music, and a bunch of other misc. interests.

I like old things, I try to be good at history but I haven’t the best memory. I like photography a lot though I’ve yet to get a proper camera. I like to do artsy things despite the fact I’m not the best. Although I will admit, I’m very good with music and I love everything about it.

Basically, I like everything and I’m somewhat an easy person to talk to.

Preferences: anyone really! as long as they aren’t discriminating against multiple or different genders! and someone who is prepared to handle my emotions

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any good yoonseok posts (with reasons for shipping) or pics?

  • ya omg i have a yoonseok tag that u should check out for a+ content :^)
  • but first and foremost u should totally read THIS post bc it explains their relationship in such a beautiful way!!!
  • THIS is also an amazing compilation post that sums them up perfectly!!
  • THIS is a great post as well!!!
  • THIS VIDEO is honestly my favorite video on entire youtube the way it’s created and the music and the clips just omg im crying when everytime i watch it hagfshfg its so beautiful PLEASE GO WATCH IT!!!!!! 
  • THIS! FKN!! FANCAM!!! of hoseok moaning during yoongi’s part in cypher pt. 3!
  • their first impression of each other
  • they can recognize each other by their sighs
  • just the fact that they’re doing a v app show together and even created a shipname for themselves, sobi :’)
  • even the staff(?) has a picture of them in their office???
  • this bangtan bomb where they got eye contact for like 5 seconds and then both looked away at the same time??
  • SUGA free…? HOPE free!
  • back then when they were trainees, yoongi gave up spending new years eve with his family because hoseok was lonely in the dorm, so yoongi showed up at the dorm with chicken in his hand and decided to spend the time with hoseok instead.
  • their first interaction was based on yoongi caring about hoseok and telling him to go sleep in the room instead of the living room, and he thought hoseok looked pitiful when sleeping with the blanket tucked inside out.
  • one time when hoseok felt dizzy and had to leave practice, yoongi got so worried that he left the practice room earlier than planned to keep an eye on him in the dorm.
  • hoseok used to suffer from stress-induced enteritis, and yoongi often took him to the hospital to get an injection.
  • basically THIS whole interview :’’)
  • “thinking about it now, I have always been receiving energy from j-hope.” – yoongi
  • “if I was a girl, i would definitely fall in love [with yoongi]” – hoseok
  • “whenever im sad, i gain strength by looking at you.” – yoongi to hoseok
  • “jhope. his nice features are seemingly prominent these days.” – yoongi (when answering who matches “the most beautiful moment in life” the most)
  • “im thankful to j-hope for helping me with my stage movements during the rehearsal.” – yoongi (when answering who he’s thankful to in the last concert)
  • take a look at these vines: x / x / x / x / x / x / x / x / x / x / x / x
  • some nice gifsets: x / x / x / x / x / x / x / x / x / x 

and pic spam down below under the cut  :^)

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tagged by @goosygander!!

1. When writing (or drawing) a story, what starts the idea for you?
Well, that honestly depends. My ideas come from all sorts of places. Sometimes a song inspires a character, sometimes I want to base an idea off of a theme or concept I like… and sometimes I’m just eating food and then this idea pops into my head out of nowhere.
2. What’s your favorite type of music?
Ah gee, I like all kinds of music. I listen to a lot of video game soundtracks and Vocaloid music, though.
3. Do you play video games? If yes, what’s your favorite?
OH yes. My favorite video game series is Kirby (my favorite is the newest one, Planet Robobot), but I am rather fond of Splatoon and Undertale, obviously. Also Mariokart is a great game.
4. What’s your favorite movie?
I don’t actually have one, but A Town Called Panic and The Emperor’s New Groove are a good time.
5. What’s your most favorite color ever?
Pink. It’s such a nice color.
6. Do you garden?
Every so often.
7. Have you ever gone wading in a river?
Yes. It’s an interesting time.
8. Do you think you’d ever try to contest a Guinness world record? If yes, which one?
No. I’m not really that much of a candidate for impressive accomplishments.
9. Have you ever prank called?
10. What’s the weirdest (or grossest) candy you’ve ever tried?
There’s this Mexican candy that’s shaped like a turkey but is actually spicy peach flavored and it’s strange. I liked it though.
11. Do you like Trains? ;3
Of course.

My 11 questions…
1. What is your favorite type of cheese?
2. Early bird or night owl?
3. Brainstorming and initial work, process work, or finishing work?
4. Comfort food?
5. Is there anything you’re very afraid of?
6. Favorite meme?
7. How do you feel about math?
8. MBTI type?
9. Your three favorite ice cream flavors! Because it’s hard to choose just one! And if you don’t like ice cream tell me your three favorite sweets!
10. If you like chocolate, what’s your favorite kind?
11. How do you feel about these tag things?

And of course, gotta tag some of my buddies.
@rabbitpietale, @amusedchill-d, @necesito-escapar, @deirdre-evelyn, @reye-chan, @kanaking, @myawesomeuniverse, @stuffedart

I think I’ve tagged enough. Don’t feel pressure to participate if I mentioned you, but I thought it’d be fun to hear your answers to my weird questions.
Thank you for tagging me, goosygander!

Note to self and readers: “Spanish music” is hereby used to define the production of Spanish-speaking artists (so “music in Spanish” would’ve been more fitting, actually, but I’m too lazy to make a new banner), regardless of their geographic origin; in fact, I feel like most of these will be from Argentina.

Also in this series: Random Music in French

Bebe – I was jamming to Malo [x] before I even knew what its powerful lyrics against domestic violence meant. The Valencian singer quickly went on to become one of my favorites, with songs like Siempre Me Quedará [x] and Siete Horas [x] being the soundtrack to many a car trip.

Soda Stereo – this famous rock group founded in Buenos Aires in the Eighties and led by the late and lamented Gustavo Cerati have under their belt hits like Trátame Suavemente [x], De Música Ligera [x] and Cuando Pase el Temblor [x].

Shakira – the Colombian singer-songwriter’s beginnings were in her native language, her first widely successful album being Pies Descalzos (1995), followed three years later by ¿Dónde están los ladrones?. It’s a different kind of pop than the one she does now, with a rockier vibe to it: I count among my personal favorites Pies Descalzos, Sueños Blancos [x]¿Dónde están los ladrones? [x] and Escondite Inglés [x].

Patricio Rey y Sus Redonditos de Ricota – also known as Los Redondos, this alternative/progressive rock group from Argentina might puzzle you with somewhat enigmatic lyrics (that often have a political subtext), but just go with the flow of their awesome guitar riffs and you’ll love them anyway. I’d recommend Vencedores Vencidos [x], Nadie Es Perfecto [x] and Nuestro Amo Juega al Esclavo [x].

Sui Generis – yeah, guys, you’ve guessed right: I’m all about classic Argentinean rock (and there’s more to come!). Canción Para Mi Muerte [x], Confesiones De Invierno [x] and Rasguña las Piedras [x] are pretty emblematic examples of their work.

Fito Páez – with so much Argentinean music, I couldn’t overlook him, right? Listen to Al Lado del Camino [x], Mariposa Technicolor [x] and Dar Es Dar [x].

José Feliciano – honestly speaking, I only know one song, that happens to be among my father’s all-time favorites, albeit in its Italian version, Qué Será [x].

Raffaella Carrà – sorry, but when I found out she was a crowd favorite in Latin America in the Seventies I just had to include her, hahaha. Listen to Hay Que Venir al Sur [x] (and watch the music video, please!) and to Fiesta [x], I promise you’ll have fun.

BONUS – random songs I like:

  • Caminito [x] – a wistful tango, here sung by the beautiful voice of Carlos Gardel.
  • Todo Cambia [x] – a ballad written by Chilean Julio Numhauser during the years of the Pinochet dictatorship, and made famous by Mercedes Sosa.
  • Verde (Que Te Quiero Verde) [x] – I suppose I wanna say this should be a flamenco, but I am not that competent in this field so take it with a grain of salt. What I know for sure is that the lyrics were taken from García Lorca’s poem Romance Sonámbulo.
  • Caminando Por la Vida [x] – I ignore every other song Melendi has ever made, but I’ve had this one playing on repeat in my mind since I first listened to it.
  • Flaca [x] – more Argentina, guys! This one is brought to you by Andrés Calamaro.
  • Sofía [x] – well, this one was rather obvious. I don’t really know whether I genuinely like it or it is eating my brains out with its catchy refrain (just kidding, I do enjoy it); anyway, it’s a summer jam and belonged here.

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Lets do this~ I am tall girl who loves videogames and anime. I'm kinda blunt, but socially awkward (and anxious). Most of the time, unless I'm feeling shitty I try and I cheer up the ones I care about. If I don't like you or you're rude without reason (to my friends or I) I tend to always spew out insults and won't hold back. I love music and have a great singing voice that honestly calms me. I also like to learn new things about people every day! A lot of this was random but it works for you~

Guess who iiiiiiiii ship you with~~~ I know u have a thing for Yoosung, and guess what~~~

I ship you with Yoosung! 

you two play video games together all the time, and you love recommending him your favorite animes!! This boy has no doubt watched some, but none of the really really good ones that you have. You guys sometimes just have date nights where you binge watch some of your favorite anime and eat Yoosungs cooking! He also loves how bold you are when you don’t like someone, because he doesn’t have that kind of confidence. When you step up for him with people that are on his ass with work, he thinks you are an angel sent from heaven because yess, please give me more free time to spend with youuu~~ He also really encourages your singing and likes it when you sing him to sleep, your voice is the quickest antidote to his insomnia and LOLOL obsession!

First Impressions

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First Impressions

“Thank you Jiho! Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!” you chimed hugging him.

“Alright, Alright. Meet me there, and please don’t embarrass me” He laughed before heading off to his next schedule.

Your good friend Jiho, was going to be a feature on Dean’s newest single and that meant he was going to be filming a video for it. This was your chance, to meet the very producer you’d been fawning over for years.

You needed to make a good impression.

You spent the entire day getting ready for this. You lost count of how many times you’d changed your outfit, and how many times you burned yourself from your curling iron. You looked over your shoes. You’ve narrowed it down to two. A pair of black booties with a sensible heel, or a pair of strappy black heels that you could barely walk in. The choice seemed obvious but you still couldn’t help but to debate over them for a while.

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