honestly this interview is hilarious and beautiful all at the same time

Mami’s Guide to Monsta X

Hello~ I have a rather odd request. You know Monsta X super well and I was wondering if you could give me a small guide on each member? Like their names/stage names and a little on what they’re like. Im so bad at telling them apart and remembering their names ㅠㅠ It’s really a really odd ask so you don’t have to ^^;; Thank you though.

This is not a weird request at all, in fact, I’m rather honored you asked me of all people to do this tbh so I am going to go all in ayy and tell you about this wonderful group of memes.

So, I was going to put a link on here to wthmille’s stan monsta x video (it sums them up perfectly) but it seems to have been taken down so unfortunately you can’t watch it unless you watch this where some British lad reacts to it. It’s not the same effect but it’s that or nothing unfortunately. I’m salty that video has gone down tbh it was amazing. Mille is also amazing- okay focus, Monsta X. Right.

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I’m going to start at the beginning of Monsta X and give you a lil’ bit of history of these memes. So, they all started off on this music show called no mercy with a bunch of other guys. The idea of no mercy is basically you have to perform each week and someone gets knocked out each week. The winners of the show, obviously, are our wonderful seven.

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We’re going to start with leader Shownu (Son Hyunwoo) he’s a rather shy character and the others like to make fun of him. He’s, from what I gather, a really fluffy and sweet guy. He was at JYP as a trainee, but shit went down and now he’s with starship. He’s friends with GOT7.

He’s super talented. He has an incredible singer, and his dancing is literally out of this world. He helps create the choreographies and claims he can pick up and move things around with his toes. I told you they are literal memes. He is very much a gym person and likes to work out a lot (it certainly shows)

When I write for Shownu I try my hardest to capture his soft soul and his kindness. He seems like the kind of person that is quiet, but has the biggest impact of all. The rest of Monsta X are literal animals so I question how he stays so sane sometimes. He is known as the “Dad” of the group, and he does come across of acting rather fatherly towards them since he looks after them all.

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So now we’ve discussed Dad, I should probably introduce you to the Mum of Monsta X, otherwise known as Yoo Kihyun. Kihyun, according to the other members, nags them a lot and doesn’t like mess. He is that much like a Mother, and he also checks Changkyun before he sleeps (how fucking cute I can’t even-). Fun fact about Mum and Dad though, in no mercy, Kihyun and Shownu had to work together to do a duet and they were so awkward. Like you could just feel the awkwardness watching them, they were so uncomfortable around each other. Obviously, they are comfortable now and yeah, but I just think it’s amazing how much they’ve developed. A lot of people ship these too but I can’t really bring myself to. I’m changki trash I’m sorry.

Anyway, Kihyun is basically lead vocals (he kills it, he’s amazing) and if that’s not enough, he can also play the guitar and the piano. He’s also talented at cooking, he likes making ramen, and according to him, all of the other members are awful cooks (I can believe that tbh). He’s really salty about his height since he’s one of the shortest members. He hates his aegyo but let’s be honest he’s the only one.

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Now I have told you about Kihyun, I can tell you about his other half, Lim Changkyun (Stage name: I.M.) He used to live in America at some point so he can speak English rather well. He’s another one that is rather quiet though, he’s not your stereotypical childish maknae, he’s rather reserved and comes off as quite mature. Except for when he’s biting Shownu’s arms I can’t justify that I’m sorry, I don’t get it either.

Apparently he is closest to his fellow rapper Jooheon, but he is close with other members too, and likes to play games with Kihyun. He seems sweet, but don’t be fooled, because he can and will wreck you.

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Let’s talk about Lee Jooheon shall we? Well, Jooheon is literally a ball of fluff and a ball of fire all at the same time. When he raps, he’s like a beast, honestly, he’s so powerful and strong on the stage but in real life he is a literal cinnamon roll and his aegyo will make any heart melt (except for the one time he did aegyo and a baby cried). He’s kind of innocent to be honest, especially by comparison to the others, he doesn’t seem like he really understand innuendos, but he’s still hilarious all the same.

Fun fact for you, he really disliked Changkyun on no mercy because long story short, Changkyun replaced someone else and Jooheon (and the others as well tbh) were really salty about it. But they’re literally best pals now so it’s chill. He is also friends with GOT7 (at least Jackson, anyway). He plays the cute boy image really well. He’s scared really easily.

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Next up we have Shin Hoseok (stage name: Wonho). This is where the penny drops and people who are now just finding out about this group realise where the inspiration for my username came from. Wonho is everyone’s bias wrecker. I don’t care what you say. If he’s not your bias, he’s your wrecker.

Wonho is literally the cutest member. He openly states he doesn’t care for gender roles and he has admitted before now that he doesn’t mind what gender he dates, all that matters is that they can cook good ramen. A lot of people ship him with Hyungwon, I am also guilty as charged.

Before he debuted, he lived in a poor family. He cried on no mercy telling the story of how his Mother sold all the furniture and that he had to debut for her and omg (I don’t cry, ever, and this nearly brought me to tears NEARLY) He is rather sensitive from what I gather, but that’s just what makes him all the more charming. He’s another one that takes his gym and fitness very seriously (again, it certainly shows).

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Next we have Lee Minhyuk! The sunshine of the group. Minhyuk is the energetic one, and according to the other members he’s quite talkative even though he was quite quiet when he first started at the company. (ofc now he never shuts up, but that’s the beauty of him, really)

He’s said many times that he’d like to become an MC. He often MC’s for Monsta X on variety shows. He is a great MC. he’s very loud, confident and bubbly. He’s definitely the mood setter in the group. One of the members that he is closest with is Shownu because he said their personalities are so different it just works. There are a fair few Showhyuk shippers out there.

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I was trying to avoid this one until the end because last but not least, we have my bias. Chae Hyungwon. Now, Hyungwon wasn’t always my bias, he was my wrecker, and unfortunately, he wrecked me completely and now he’s my bias.

How do I begin to explain Hyungwon? He’s a meme, the biggest one in the group, but he is also so sexy. He doesn’t get a lot of lines in songs I’m salty af but when he does he kills it. And his dance moves? It’s literal dancing sex jfc (I feel like I’m slightly biased ayy about him but idc)

Hyungwon is known to sleep a lot, apparently he can sleep for like 30 hours in a row or something like that. He’s rather calm and reserved in interviews and on national appearances but according to the other members he’s the loudest in the dorm so, who knows???

He dances really well, is widely known for his mantis dance (don’t ask). He does a lot of modeling in his spare time, and a lot of people compliment him for his good looks (the judge on no mercy was really flustered by him because of his good looks.) He is both a visual and a meme.

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So this is my guide to Monsta X. I hope it was somewhat educational.

Please stan Monsta X, they are well worth it. I promise you will not be disappointed.

So I’m writing this in the wake of the new interviews we got at Anime Midwest, specifically Otsuka-san’s words on Victor and Yuuri’s relationship and the ensuing salt by antis. What boggles my mind is that people who so desperately cling to the idea that Victor and Yuuri are just in a “strong platonic friendship” are now not only disregarding canon context but also actual words from the creators of the show themselves.

I just want to start out by saying that we shouldn’t even be having this discussion. I am 100% certain that if Victor and Yuuri were a heterosexual couple there would be no controversy at all. No one would have to sit here and argue the validity of their romantic relationship—we would all have automatically assumed it from the get-go. If Victuuri were a heterosexual couple we would all be under the assumption that they were romantically involved already without half the things we actually got to see between them on the show.

How many times have we all seen movies or shows that start out with a female character and a male character at the very beginning and have thought “okay they’re going to end up together” (unless they’re related, one of them dies, etc)? A lot—even if we aren’t always conscious of it. It’s a common conclusion we all make and directors of such movies and shows rely on this assumption as they weave the romance. And almost always, these assumptions are correct. “He was a boy, she was a girl. Can I make it any more obvious?” Avril Lavigne said in her infinite wisdom once.

We even see this very trope subversion in episode one, with Yuuko. When we as an audience are first introduced to her character, we’re done so under the guise of Yuuri having a long-standing crush on her. She’s his childhood friend, the girl next door, etc. It’s natural for us to assume that he’s in love with her and that his narrative will probably revolve around those feelings. It’s natural because we’ve been conditioned this way. And then at the critical moment, when we think Yuuri is literally about to confess his feeling for Yuuko, our expectations are smashed when we find out that she’s happily married with three children. Some antis even still cling to Yuuri’s past feelings for Yuuko as proof that she’s somehow Yuuri’s true love interest and this is hilariously reach-y. Yuuko is so far removed from the realm of possibility for being Yuuri’s love interest that it’s comical—and purposefully so. The same time that we’re presented with Yuuko as possible love interested, we are also introduced to Victor. Victor, who is shown as being Yuuri’s ultimate inspiration and who Yuuri’s narrative ACTUALLY revolves around. (Similarly, Victor’s narrative revolves around Yuuri, as we’re shown in episode 10.) This is not a coincidence. We are shown this here, in this manner, for a reason—and not only because Yuuko is the one who introduced Yuuri to the wonder that was Victor. This is storytelling.

Throughout the series we’ve been bombarded with clear evidence for Yuuri and Victor’s romantic attraction towards each other. And unlike in many other shows where these are played off as jokes, these moments are taken rather seriously. Even when presented in a funny light (such as the “naked hug” scene in episode 6), they’re not jokes. They’re actual moments that happen between Yuuri and Victor and are either proof of their romantic interest in each other or serve to deepen their relationship in that regard. A lot has already been said on this matter, however, so I’ll move on.

What I really, really want to address is the fact that antis are taking the “soulmate” thing and either twisting it or refusing to see both sides of the picture. Kubo and Sayo (along with other staff) have said that Yuuri and Victor are soulmates and that their relationship goes beyond conventional labels. This is a beautiful notion—the idea that their love, in all its forms, is transcendent. That their bond is so strong and unshakable. And we even have confirmation that the reason Yuuri and Victor are now together in St. Petersburg is because they cannot bear to be apart.

So let me deviate a little here by saying sure, yes: there can be “platonic friendships” which are very strong and it’s important that such friendships are portrayed well in media. It’s vital that people understand that friendships can be just significant as romantic relationships. However Yuri!!! on ICE is not setting out to do that, nor should it have to. We now know very clearly that Sayo’s intent for Victor and Yuuri’s relationship is distinctly romantic. The show itself pulls no punches on this matter. There is no room left for self-interpretation.

What I’m trying to say is that when we get a heterosexual couple, we assume romance first and friendship second. But when we get a homosexual couple, we assume friendship first and romance second. I don’t intend to sit here and say how unfair this is—how it forces same-sex couples to go through various hurdles that het couples don’t have to bother with in order to prove the status of their relationship. That’s a topic that’s already been discussed at length but I want all antis to take a step back and realize that this may be one reason why they’re still clinging onto the “they’re just friends” rationale.

Now going back to the soulmate thing. Yes, soulmates can be platonic, but why are they not allowed to also be romantic? Antis seem to cling to the snippet of their relationship going beyond labels and somehow try to weaponize this as evidence of them only being close friends. But “going beyond labels” and “being soulmates” is not automatically exclusionary. It’s inclusive of all forms of love, including romantic and sexual.

This is getting long enough so let me just end by saying I know a lot of people aren’t trying to downplay their relationship for any homophobic reasons but are actually just afraid of being queerbaited. And thus these people are wary of any representation until and unless it’s absolute representation. This is understandable and honestly for a long time, I was afraid too. But now we have confirmation from the creators that yes, Yuuri and Victor’s relationship was always meant to be a romance and also that the staff now understands that ambiguity in this case is not what people want. They’ve listened to us and now it’s time that we trust what they’ve been saying as well.

I implore all antis to ask themselves why they’re so intent on ignoring canon evidence and now actual interviews from creators on the matter in order to downplay Victor and Yuuri’s relationship. Please, just stop and think. If you’re so dead-set on thinking that they’re just friends then, fam, maybe this isn’t the right show or fandom for you. Life is short. Go away.

(There are several sources who have transcripts of what was said at Anime Midwest, including @hanleia on twitter. Please check them out if you are interested!)


Youtube Series found »  {HERE}

Scenario: You’re a rising fashion/beauty YouTuber and your subscribers have been asking for you to start a vlog channel together with your boyfriend! 

*wanna one members speaking = “bold” / (y/n) speaking = “italicized” 

Yoon Jisung » [ grocery shopping ] 

  • “Afternoon everyone! So today, (y/n) and I are just getting some groceries for this week. My parents are in town and are planning to come over for dinner tomorrow and—What are you doing… babe we said no chocolate.”
  • Inspects fruits and vegetables together and bickers over which one is fresher.  Film your reaction when he makes food/brand puns. Laughs at his own jokes. 
  • Talks about trying to cook more at home instead of ordering take out all the time. Basically, trying to eat healthier and cutting back on the sweets. 
  • “Just got back home and finished putting the groceries away. We’re chilling now and looking up recipes because we both can’t cook to save our lives—especially (y/n)” 
  • “I’m going to literally stock the entire fridge with everything that has carrots inside. Don’t try me.” “Just kidding. I’m sorry. You’re the best and really pretty and I love you.” 

Ha Sungwoon » [ babysitting friend’s two-year-old child ] 

  • “So today I have a very special guest at the apartment… it’s Stella! We know how much you all loved her when she came to visit so of course, I said yes to looking after her. Stella’s parents are at an emergency business meeting and asked if we could watch over her for a couple of hours today. (Y/N) went on a food run and she adores this little one so she’s trying to rush and come back.” 
  • Is extremely active with Stella and is basically in love with her. Watches cartoons with the child and showers her with cuddles. Lets her play around with the camera and inserts clips of the uneven angles and cute baby smiles.
  • “Ah, (Y/N) is here! You went to Chipotle? You’re the best.” Gives you kisses and takes the food from your hands and places them on the counter. 
  • Films you playing with Stella and decides to have the child choose between you two and obviously he wins.
  • “Honestly, you somehow forced her to choose you. If I didn’t step out to get food, we all know who’d be the favorite.” “No need to be salty.” 

Hwang Minhyun » [ cleaning / arranging new apartment ] 

  • “Hey, everyone! (Y/N) and I are slowly but finally settling down in our new apartment. It’s been a really tedious process but we’re almost done. We’re going to do some cleaning around because you all probably know by now that I’m the clean freak out of the two of us.” 
  • Places the camera on the marble counter top and films himself mopping the floor and wiping down the windows.
  • Talks about how the adjusting process has been and gives tips on what you should do to make the “moving out process” easier. 
  • “(Y/N) just brought home more PR packages and keeps screaming from the other room about some huge collection… COME HELP ME WITH THE STOVE. WE’RE NOT COOKING TILL IT’S CLEAN!!!!” BABY I CAN’T!! LET ME OPEN ALL OF THESE FIRST.” 
  • Films the huge mess you made and watches you talk into the camera about the new products and how you’re going to film a huge first impression video at the end of the month
  • Ends up cleaning after you and becomes a little agitated, but you shower him with kisses and he instantly forgives you.

Ong Seongwu » [“car prank”]

  • “What’s up everyone. As you all have probably seen two vlogs ago, (Y/N) decided that it would be a great idea to cover every inch of my house with my old fuccboi photos when my friends from high school came to visit me. She decided to sleep over last night which gave me the perfect idea. Since she’s so in love with the photos, I decided to tape up her entire car with them this morning and she’s running late to work right now so you bet she’s not going to have time to take them off one by one.” 
  • Casually films you quickly putting on your make up. Asks you if you forgot set your alarm (he turned it off purposely to make you wake up 15 minutes later than usual lmao) Tries to play it off cool and offers to make you a quick breakfast on the go. 
  • Watches you grab the sandwich and waits for you to yell out his name. 
  • “I lost them. Sorry! Drive safe and have a good day at work! Love you!” (ends up giving you his car keys anyways later on) 

Kim Jaehwan » [  karaoke night at your parents’ house ]

  • “So tonight is going to be a really fun one. (Y/N)’s parents invited us over for dinner tonight and that’s not even the best part though. We’re going to have a karaoke party with her relatives and I already know it’s going to be wild”
  • Films your mother cooking and basically, everyone from your immediate family loves Jaehwan and his jokes. You’re like wtf but is actually really happy that he’s getting along with everyone. 
  • “Jaehwan’s currently going through the list of songs on the karaoke machine and my dad is super hyped now. They’re about to do a duet so let’s see—” “YAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOO! C’MON OKAY OKAY!!!!” 
  • You film him dancing hilariously with your dad and uncles. Cracks up from second-hand embarrassment on the side with your cousins. 
  • Chooses to sing Beautiful (Goblin OST yES) while holding your hand at the end. Everyone is screaming over you two and you’re hella flustered but low key loving it. 

Kang Daniel » [ GoT Night / Sleepover ] 

  • “Good evening everyone! So I’m heading and sleeping over at (Y/N)’s place for tonight. She’s been traveling a lot and having a great time meeting you all through T*RTE’s sponsored tour. But we haven’t seen each other for three weeks now and yes as you can tell from my tweets. I’m deprived of (Y/N) and I miss her a lot.” 
  • Vlogs on his way there and talks about what he’s been up to and talks about his trip to the vet that morning with Peter. Mentions about helping you edit a couple of clips for your next beauty related video.
  • “Alright! Brought her favorite snacks and we’re supposed to catch up on Game of Thrones tonight definitely can’t wait.” 
  • Rings the door bell and grins happily when you open the door. Takes you into his arms tightly and showers you with kisses.
  • Cuddles on the couch and props the camera up on a stack of books. Listens to some of your stories about your trip and inserts clips of both of your reactions to an ep of GoT. 
  • “Okay, everyone. I think the vlog is going to end here. As you can tell, (Y/N)’s passed out,” pans the camera over at you briefly “And she’s still struggling a bit because of the jet lag so we’ll see you in the next one! Goodnight!” 

Park Jihoon » [ picnic anniversary date ] 

  •  Today is the mark of your one year anniversary and what better way to celebrate than to go on a picnic date. 
  • Jihoon films you making the sandwiches and sides before going into detail with which park you guys were going to. 
  • “It’s honestly a really clean place and our usual little spot that we go to is kind of hidden but it has a really nice view of the city and it’s super quiet. We haven’t been there in months and our first date was actually a picnic one too so we just wanted to relive some memories.” 
  • Helps you finish packing the utensils and the juices before heading out. 
  • Ends up speeding up the some of the clips and replacing the audio between you two with music. 
  • Briefly, talks about how you guys first met and how shy he was when he asked you for your number. “He was super red and nervous! I thought that he so cute so I ended up giving it to him and look where we are today!”  
  • “Alright, that’s basically it for now. We’re going to end the vlog here and enjoy the rest of our day. Promise that the vlog next week will be longer. Bye everyone!” 

Park Woojin » [ Mukbang ] 

  • Does a bunch of retakes on the huge amount of food you both ordered. Didn’t feel like cooking at all today, so ordered a lot of korean food through Postmates. 
  • “We know you all have been requesting us to do a mukbang today so here it is! (Y/N) will basically run through the entire list of food that we ordered today.” 
  • Watches you list out the foods while holding your hand. Would lift the dish slightly to show it to the camera. Smacks his lips and tries to hold in his urge to eat as you keep talking about different ingredients. 
  • When you give the go, he basically digs in and scoops food onto your plate.Silent majority of the time as he chows down his food. 
  • Woojin.. we’re supposed to talk while eating” he blinks and smiles as he continues to chew quickly before speaking “Sorry. It’s still weird for me to talk and eat at the same time.”
  • You both talk about upcoming plans, new restaurants that you want to try, funny episodes between you two. 
  • Basically, you film him finishing every bit of rice and soup and gives him an applause. “I think I ate a bit too much…and I’m getting sleepy” 

Bae Jinyoung » [ Gaming at home ] 

  • “Hi, guys! Today, (Y/N) and I are just staying indoors today so the vlog’s not going to be too exciting. We’re not doing much and for the first time in history… (Y/N) has decided or more like I begged… her to play some games with me. A subscriber gifted us a couple of games for the Wii U so thank you!” 
  • Pulls you into the living room and “interviews” you with the camera on why you don’t like playing games. Promises that you’ll have fun!!!
  • “So she chose Mario Party—don’t worry we’ll read the instructions and stuff hon.”
  • Vlogs you screaming and punching the air and he is cracking up quietly in the back when you do the mini games. 
  • “WHAT THE HECK, I WAS SPINNING. THIS IS RIGGED. CAN WE REDO THIS GAME??” “Don’t hurt yourself please and don’t break the tv”
  • Tries to sit you down on his lap and calm you down but ends up getting elbowed in the face. “SORRY. HOLD ON BABE. I’LL RUB YOUR FACE IN A MINUTE!” 

Lee Daehwi » [ shopping for mutual friend’s big birthday bash ] 

  • Films you scanning around the mall from behind. Catches you whining about wanting to eat everything in the food court on camera.
  • “We’re getting some new clothes for our friend’s birthday bash that’s happening next week. The color scheme is pastel so we’re just shopping around. Not like she doesn’t have enough clothes in her closet to choose from already..” 
  • Follows you around with the camera and watches you pick out a lot of things THAT WEREN’T pastel.
  • “Uh no, you are not getting that. IT’S TOO SHORT. HECK NO!!”
  • Puts back more than half of the stuff you threw into the shopping bag because they were either too short or you had something extremely similar in your closet.
  • “What about this dress? It’s so cute and—” “SCANDALOUS AND SHORT NOPE.”
  • Finally, gives up and lets you buy it but will lets you know that he’s staying glued to you just in case any unknown single guy friends of your mutuals hit on you. 

Lai Guanlin » [ visiting animal shelter to adopt a dog ] 

  • Films a bunch of the dogs at the shelter. Inserts cute clips of you playing with the dogs. “If only we could adopt all of them..”
  • Describes the kind of dogs there and suggests going to your local animal shelter to adopt instead of shopping for one.
  • “Oh my god.. it’s a Shiba..” Films the black and white Shiba and instantly falls in love. Very calm and quiet. The dog slowly warms up to him but is still visibly shaken. Instantly knew at that very moment, that this was the dog for him. 
  • “So everyone.. I think we’ve made our decision. The workers were telling me how she was saved from the meat trade in Asia and she’s still kind of shaken up but I think she’s the one. She’s around four years old now and her name is Sylvie. We’ll probably change her name later on though.”
  • You begin to document the moments between the two. “Guess I’m going to be fighting for Guanlin’s attention later on.. Just kidding. Watch Sylvie end up loving me more.” 
  • “Babe, can you go fill out the paperwork? She’s sleeping on me and I don’t want to wake her up”   
Behind The Album - Harry Styles Mini Series  (Part 2)

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Part 1 

It was a few days after Harry had told himself he was finally going to ask you out. He had to do that, actually, but anytime he was around you he was nervous. He’d drop things and trip a little and his face would flush whenever he talked with you. One day you were filming a bit of the interview section and he kept awkwardly answering the questions and staring at you. 

You had noticed that he was acting strange around you and you wondered if knew that you were having feelings for him. You tried not to be obvious, but there were times you were catching glimpses at him especially since he liked to walk around the house shirtless. One morning you couldn’t sleep, so you decided to get up and go for a run on the beach. 

You weren’t much a runner, but every now and then you just had the urge to get a run in. You changed into some running shorts and a tank top before slipping your running shoes on your feet. You threw your hair up in a ponytail before grabbing your iPod and earphones. You grabbed some water in the kitchen before sliding open the door and headed to the private beach adjacent to the house. 

After warming up a bit and doing some light stretching, you started with a slow jog down the shore before breaking into a run. After a good ten minutes or so, you felt as if someone was following you. You slowed your pace a bit and tried to peek behind you without whoever it was noticing. 

When you got a peek, you realized it was Harry and that got your heart racing even more than the running had been. He caught your gaze and waved to you before speeding up to where he was next to you. 

“Hey, I thought it was you,”  he smiled. 

You laughed. “Well, I’m glad it was you behind me and not some random person.” 

“I didn’t know you liked to get up early,” he said. 

“I don’t usually, but sometimes I can’t sleep, so instead of fighting it, I just get up and go on with my day,” you said. 

He nodded and you both started slowing down to a walk. You put your hands on your hips as you walked side by side with him down the beach. 

“So, why Jamaica?” you asked. “There are so many other places to go, why did you choose here?”

“Honestly, I don’t know,” he laughed. “When I decided on making this album, I knew I wanted to get away from all the shit that could distract me. I didn’t want to be in LA or London. I wanted to come somewhere I could relax and just write and record.” 

“Well, it’s definitely a beautiful place,”  you said. 

“Yeah,” he nodded looking at you. 

You smiled over at him and he quickly turned away. 

“Uh, do you want to maybe go get breakfast somewhere?” You asked. “Or should we see if the rest of the house is up?” 

“Trust me, they’re not,” he laughed. “I’d love to go.” 

There was a little food stand nearby, so you both made your way over to it. You both ordered a smoothie and some other things before sitting down at a table nearby. 

“I’ll pay you back when we get to the house,” you said. “I can’t believe I mentioned breakfast and didn’t even bring money,” you laughed. 

“No, it’s okay,” he smiled. “Don’t worry about it.” 

“You sure?” you asked. 

“Yeah, it’s fine,” he laughed. 

“Well, then next time it’s on me then,” you said. 

“Deal,” he smiled. 


On your walk back to the house, you both were laughing and talking about different things. Harry had made a joke and you pushed him as you laughed shaking your head. 

“That was really bad,” you said. 

“But you laughed,” he pointed out. 

“Because it was so stupid, not because it was funny,” you said. 

“Oh, I think you’re lying,” he said. “That was fucking hilarious.” 

“No, not really,” you giggled. 

He looked at you with a smirk on his lips before picking you up and running into the ocean. 

“What are you doing!” You screeched. 

“I think you need a little bit of a wake-up,” he smirked before throwing you in the water. 

“You little shit!” You screamed standing out of the water. 

“Oops,” he smirked innocently. 

You glared at him and pushed him down into the water. 

“Heey!” he groaned looking at you. 

You smirked and started making your way out of the ocean. 

“Oh, it’s on,” he mumbled to himself before running out and chasing after you. 

You laughed as you tried running away from him, but he was a lot faster than you, so it didn’t take long before his arms were wrapped around you. You laughed trying to get out of his grasp, but you ended up being turned around to face him. Your faces were merely inches apart. 

Both of your clothes were soaked from the salt water, while you both were breathing heavily from the previous chase. Neither one of you moved and you both just looked at each other. His gaze moved from your eyes to your lips, which made you do the same thing. 

The thought of kissing him had gone through your mind for ages, but this was the first time you had ever been this close to do it. The want in your body to press your lips against his was so extreme that you bit your lip to keep yourself from closing the distance yourself and possibly embarrassing yourself in the process. 

However, you didn’t have to worry about that because you soon felt his lips against yours. You didn’t hesitate to respond back to the kiss, even though professionally you probably should have. Your arms wrapped themselves around his neck and his pulled you closer to him. 


Later that day, neither you or Harry talked about the kiss that happened on the beach that morning. After it happened, you both had the biggest blushes on your faces. The rest of the walk to the house was silent and when you walked inside most everyone was up, so you really couldn’t talk about it then. 

You know that you were going to have to talk about this eventually, but you kinda didn’t mind the whole procrastinating thing. You all had sat down for a late dinner at the house and you knew Harry kept looking at you. Whenever you took a sip of wine, you’d look over and see him glancing at you. 

When dinner was over, Harry got up from the table and brought his dishes into the kitchen. You got up and put your dishes in the sink when he discreetly whispered in your ear. 

“We need to talk,” he whispered. 

You nodded and Harry walked out of the kitchen. “I think I’m going to call it night, lads,” he said. “Maybe go watch a rom-com in my room.” 

“So you’re not going out with us again?” Adam groaned. 

“No, I’m not. Tomorrow though,” he said. 

“What about you Y/N?” Adam asked. 

“Uh, I’ve got footage to edit,” you said. “Besides I’d rather not be a babysitter to a bunch of drunks,” you joked. 

“We take offense to that,” he pointed out. “We don’t always get drunk.” 

“Not entirely true,” you said. “I’ve got the receipts” you smirked. 

“Well, you two have fun,” Jeff smirked to Harry, who gave him the finger as they all left. 

When you both were sure everyone was gone, Harry walked up to you. 

“What happened this morning never should have happened,” you quickly said. 

“Wait? What?” He asked, his demeanor diminishing a little. 

“It shouldn’t have happened because we have a business relationship,” you sighed. “But I’m glad it happened.” 

“I am too,” he whispered grabbing your hand. “But you’re right, we’re doing business together.” 

“We need to keep things professional between us,” you said looking up at him. 

He nodded moving closer towards to you. Your back was pushed into the kitchen counter as he pressed himself against you. 

“Stop it,” you groaned. 

“Stop what?” He laughed. 

“Looking at me at that,” you mumbled. 

“I can’t help it,” he sighed. “I like you.” 

“I like you too, but we both-” you whispered. 

“We can still keep things professional…” he said. “We need to be.” 

“This is really professional,” you said motioning between the little distance between you two. 

“You’re off the clock,” he smirked. “As long as there’s not a camera in your hand, you’re not working, which means our business relationship is nonexistent right now.” 

“And what about the other in the house? They’re not going to be gone every night,” you said.

“We’ll figure it out,” he whispered. “But it’s your call. If you don’t want to pursue whatever this is between us, then okay, we won’t, but if you do, then we’ll figure it out.” 

You sighed looking down before looking up at him and pressing your lips against his and that was all Harry needed to know. 

A Little Crush On You: One Shot

Its a little singer au with like to other aus mixed in! Tell me what you think!

P.S kind of need some love guys, it was my birthday yesterday and well… it was bad.

He sat and watched her, sitting in the corner of the café with his hood up and sipping his coffee. He watched as she was guided to the small stage, holding her guitar and her hair swaying as she moved. Her friend helped her get situated, moving the microphone closer before walking away. 

The girl played a few notes on her guitar before she sighed, looking up at the audience. Her eyes a beautiful blue, making anyone who saw them sigh. She smiled. “Hello, I’m Marinette Dupain-Cheng and I’m going to sing you a song.”

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So let’s recap real quick: the most talked topic of d2 is shipping. Literally is all over social media. I’m confused af too cause EVERYONE NEEDS TO DATE EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE CANON
So here is what i think:

MalxEvie: for starters, Mal gets shipped with half of the characters in this movie. Mevie is probably the most talked about. Don’t get me wrong, i like it. Like, there’s no heterosexual explanation for Space Between. And all of the touchy feely they got. But DON’T HATE ME, i don’t think Evie is a lesbian. WAIT DON’T DRAG ME. I do think she is bi yeah, and they def have a ton of chemistry but i don’t see smth happening. Like yeah they probably kissed but are still besties. And i like them that way, sorry don’t kill me just my opinion.

MalxBen: THE canon. I agree with a lot of u guys, they didn’t have that much chemistry in this one. Like, if u watch If Only, or Set it off u gonna be like MY KIDS! SO PERFECT. But this one kinda dissapoint. I think a lot of it has to do with Dove and Thomas falling in love during the shooting, so u have the hook scene where Mal looks at him with fuck me eyes and Hooks like yeah baby and it’s so hot. So u are like, wait, where’s my king?? But then it slowly escalates and i get that too. They needed to show Bal disconnecting so they could re connect at the end. And that last kiss thou. Ben wanted to do so many things. The whole cotillion is so cute. And that scene when they just got back from the isle and Jane is all over them and Ben drags ma grl M so cute and goes like: do what u need to do and she’s like I WANNA DO U. Lovin it.

BenxEvie: PLEASE. Da best thing ever. I said i think Evie is bi and here’s why. Honestly i think she’s crushing on Ben so hard. Like, every time they interact is so sexy and cute at the same time. THE WAY THEY LOOK AT EACH OTHER PLS. Like, in You and Me, that hand holding. And she looks at him when he arrives and is like, ok boo i see u, u love my bff that’s ok i want u to be happy. She’s suffering a lot. Mal is her bestie and Ben is her bf bestie but she’s so in love. And honestly Ben’s so down. Especially on that Mal went back to the isle scene. Like, she’s so TAKE ME WITH U and he’s like YES PLS I WANT U BBYGRL. But the know they can’t. I want them together so bad.

EviexDoug: my poor little Dopey baby. Devie is my main canon for life. He believed in her since the beginning and helped her find her true self. So beautiful. And it makes me sad bc i KNOW Evie has a Ben crush. But i want Devie for life. My babies. I wanted them to have more screen time. Pls, D3 i want more plot

JanexCarlos: the cutest. So pure and innocent. And Carlos is such an insecure baby i wish he could get better. They are so cute. And that scene at the end when they tell Fairy Godmother and she’s like WAIT BITCH AREN’T U GAY WHAT HAPPEND WITH JAY soooooo shocked hahahahahhaha hilarious.

CarlosxJay: sometimes, C wants to be like Jay, and sometimes, he wants to do Jay. That’s it. But i don’t think J feels the same. Or at least for now. He’s so girl crazy right now. But keep ur hopes up cause Jaylos bitch 💜

JayxLonnie: did not see that coming. Mulan’s daughter being like i can do this sporty shit better that u and i’m like YAS BITCH, SHOW THEM HOW. I love it. And it’s good cause Jay is so over the moon bc all the girls wanna be with him and ma grl Lonnie is like wait boo u gotta work for it. And J putting Chad on his place. Jonnie or whatever needs to happen.

MalxUma: tis confirmed. The actors adressed it on tw. And i’m so down for it. So, they where childhood bffs, and then Mal went all bitchy on her and got herself a crew. But then they grow up and are like oh wait u kinda hot and realize they were into each other all this time and become gfs but then Mal breaks her heart for an unknown reason and see ya later boo, poor Uma. Or at least is what i wanna believe.

UmaxHarry: contrary to what most ppl think, I don’t wanna put this on the toxic relationship box. Harry LOVES her and workships her and is so devoted to their love. And Uma is zero responsive cause her heart is broken bc of Mal (btw, i think MxU broke up before the VKs were chosen) and won’t say much but if Harry leaves her she’s gonna feel like a part of her is missing. They don’t explicitly say they are together but DA FLIRTING BRO, IS ON POINT. And so hot. They also make great partners. And Uma turns to him every time, and Harry is like so happy to be helping. He crazy thou. I know that. I just want more plot.

HarryxMal: booty call. Harry got way to attached. And his heart got broken. Poor baby H (i luv him btw). I think originally, Harry and Mal where supposed to express that. Yes they were past lovers, and Hook is a litta bit angry seeing his girl with King Ben all over the place and KNOWS there’s still a spark between them but Mal is like BOO YOU WRONG. I LUV MY KING. But the chemistry and fire and eye fucking between Dove and Thomas makes it seem like way more than the actual story. Dove admitted on an interview, the scene was almost cut off bc of their actual flirting. Still think it’s a good story.

MalxJay: seriously what? I didn’t see this until a friend pointed it out. J is soooooo protective of her. I think this is more of a Disney way to show the VK’s are REALLY close and love and care for each other. Kind of screwing over the guys and gals can’t be bffs saying. I’m aaaaaaalll here for it. Show me the non romantic love they have for each other. Don’t think it’s actually a ship. Like, i think the same with EviexCarlos. Maybe a thought for D3, show more of the MalxCarlos and EviexJay friendship pls.

CarlosxBen: more of the Gay!Carlos theories. I don’t like to put a sexuality upon a character unless they actually say it, but yeah i think Disney serve us a teenage Carlos that is exploring his sexuality like any other guy his age and YES HONEY U DOING GOOD. Same as Jay, i don’t think Ben is here for it. He’s busy finding Mal and looking at Evie hehe. But a wondering, not 100% sure of his sexuality Carlos is the shit. Althought he ALSO has feelings for Jane.

BenxHarry: yo Harry wants to do everyone hahahha. He’s a little turn on over making a good guy go bad. And Ben…. still thinking of Mal and gazing lovingly at Evie.

HarryxGil: it’s and actual canon cause the actors improvised a kiss on set. Disney cut it cause it wasn’t on the script or smth, not sure. Gil is sort of a booty call for Harry. Like, when he and Uma fight and he’s in need for some lovin’, goes to G. Poor G no one takes him seriously. (Also, don’t think a UmaxHarryxGil relationship could be, basically bc i don’t see chemistry with UxG but it’s just my opinion)

UmaxBen: PLEASE DON’T KILL ME JUST READ. Ben knows EXACTLY how Uma’s feeling, tells her some truths and she’s like WAIT WHAT THE HELL GET OUTTA HERE! But secretly has a platonic crush and insted of doing a let’s make the fucking barrier go down spell she makes a love one cause if she can have it all, she’s gonna take it.


Because I Love Her - Chapter One

Originally posted by loveviral

Book: The Royal Romance
Pairing: Maxwell x MC (surprising huh?)
Prompt: “People say that some souls just understand each other upon meeting” - ChoicesCreates
Summary: Exhausted and overwhelmed with her duties, MC passes out at a royal event. Maxwell, who has been in love with her ever since he saw her, feels extremely guilty.
Notes: This is Chapter One of my new Maxwell x MC fanfic!!! When I was writing, I realised how much this week’s ChoicesCreate prompt fits this chapter, so I decided to enter this week! Hope you enjoy! I have a lot planned for this, so look forward to that!! Be prepared for a lot of heartbreak. Also I know it seems shocking, but I am in no way a medical professional, so do not take anything I say as fact!!
Some swearing is included in this! Also, MC passes out because she’s exhausted, dehydrated and malnourished. There’s some mentions of her forgetting to eat/sleep/take care of herself, since she’s so consumed with her duties, AND worried about them, so if you feel like this might be triggering, pLEASE do not read this!

@hollyashton & @pixelchoices

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Red Carpet - Dylan Sprayberry Imagine

Summary: Shortly after their break up, Dylan Sprayberry sees Y/N attend the Teen Choice Awards with Peyton Meyer and gets jealous.

Word Count: 2, 542

Pairing: Dylan Sprayberry x Reader

Author’s Note: For all the DylSpray teens who love him oh so much, this one is for y’all! (This isn’t beta proof.)

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

Originally posted by kurtcoblaine4ever

“It’s Dylan Sprayberry and Khylin Rhambo from Teen Wolf!” Jeannie from The Ellen DeGeneres Show said excitedly as she looked into the camera.

The two actors said ‘Hey’ as they approached the last two interviewers at the end of the red carpet. Jeannie stood next to a tall man in a white button up shirt with a tuxedo jacket and black short shorts. The man’s shorts looked like someone had tailored his black pants into short shorts.

“I’m lovin’ your outfit, bro,” Khylin admitted. “I’ll be upset if you don’t win Best Dressed tonight.”

“Thanks!” Andy laughed.. “So we have some Ellen stuff for you guys." 

"Ellen swag?” Khylin asked excitedly. “Sweeeet.”

Jeannie and Andy handed them each a pair of Ellen sunglasses. Dylan immediately put his on. “Oh man, these are pretty awesome.”

Teen Wolf is nominated for a couple of awards tonight. For Choice TV Actor (Drama), Choice TV Show: Sci-Fi TV, and Choice TV Bromance,” Dylan and Khylin nodded as Andy read off his index cards. “How do you feel about the nominations tonight?”

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one year of “the gain train.”

alright, so get ready for a massive fuckin emo post because i’m about to tell y’all about some of my very best friends. first of all, shoutout to the duffer brothers and netflix for giving us the amazing show that is stranger things. and shoutout to the wonderful cast, because without any of those people i wouldn’t know my best friends. i made this blog roughly a year ago (it was around september 13th, 2016 i believe.) i just needed a place to talk about stranger things non-stop without my irl friends being annoyed and i had been on tumblr for years with different fan blog (this is the only one i’ve got now.) i knew that i’d find people here who would GET ME but i never knew that i’d find a bunch of nerds just like me who love shit posting and making memes and bad jokes. so here we go.

@bill-denbroughs - SHELLY. listen. i love shelly so much. we really have become closer in the last few months and i’m very thankful for that. shelly is one of the most kind hearted people i have ever met in my life, and she really deserves nothing but the best. and i’m pretty sure we’re the same age, some of the older ones of the gc which makes us moms, but shelly is the real mom. she’s karen wheeler. we would fall apart without sweet, sweet shelly.

@eddiekaspbraks - FUCKIN AIMEE. literally so talented????? LIKE SO TALENTED????? RUB SOME OF THAT TALENT ON ME BINCH. always so passionate about the things she loves (example: the losers club. VERY PASSIONATE ABOUT EDDIE.) i admire her and her art so much. and she is so strong willed. get yourself an aimee tbh.

@richies-tozier - KYYLEXA. my sworn enemy. i’m just kidding, i would really die for kyy. from the moment i met kyy (which was actually a bit before the GC was made,) we discovered that we were literally musical soulmates. we have the same taste in music and she’s always the first person i go to with recommendations and tours, etc. i think so highly of kyy because i love her and she is so loving and caring for everyone and i just want to give her 5000000 hugs. also she’s actually finn wolfhard (i’m not kiddin.)

@reallylikeseggosALLO. MY SWEET, SWEET ALLO. honestly we have been close from the beginning. queen of memes and shitposts. i love her so much. a fellow weeb in the gc. also dragged me into fucking KPOP as of this week. honestly i wish i lived closer to alli because she’s so funny and i need that kind of presence irl right now. literally such a beautiful person inside aND OUT???? CALLS HERSELF TRASH BUT WHERE????? 

@protectmikeCAITLIN. or caitSIN on occasion. literally so freaking talented and beautiful? and SO FREAKING FUNNY. also kind of the glue that keeps us together when things get a little rough. she’s very reasonable and understanding and she is also the creator of the groupchat. so ultimately i owe all of my thanks to cait for introducing me to all of these amazing people. LOVE U LONG TIME CAIT.

@flea-and-the-acrobat - SAM!!!! okay. sam. WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN. his sense of humor is one of a kind. he is honestly such a nice person and he’s like a little brother to us all. WE MUST PROTECT SAM. he deserves the best. sends the funniest memes ever. i’m so glad we became pals because the gain train would be dry and boring without him.

@stevenrogers - marvin YA BITCH. WOW. ME AND MARVIN GO WAAAAY BACK BUT I WON’T GET INTO THAT LMAOOOO THAT’S A STORY FOR ANOTHER TIME. BUT OKAY. marvin, we always pick on each other but it’s fine because i love you very much. you’re HILARIOUS. you really are the king of comedy. and watching you grow with your photoshop skills this past year???? literally you put my work to shame. i’m so proud of how far you’ve come. now you have to teach me some things about photoshop. REMEMBER WHEN IT WAS THE OTHER WAY AROUND?????

@cloeggo - CHLOE. THE SWEETEST ANGEL I HAVE EVER MET? honestly wow. we would actually truly fall apart without chloe. she’s an angel and i really do love her so much. when i finally get the means to travel the world, i’m visiting her first so i can hear her cute accent irl. everyone protect chloe please. she deserves the BEST.

@themikewheelers - TORI. queen of toads. honestly so funny and always keeps us up to date with things going on with the cast like interviews and new content regarding the show. i love her so much, also the youngest of the group so she’s like our little sister. we have to protect tori too. we havE TO PROTECT.

@eggogorgon - BLAAAAKE! even though he’s not as active anymore it’s totally fine because he still gets an honorable mention. literally always kept us up to date with every photoshoot, interview, EVERYTHING. HE STAYS ON TOP OF THAT SHIT AND IF YOU FOLLOW HIM YOU KNOW THIS. we miss ya blake. you’ve also come such a long way with photoshop and your gifs are godly. so happy to know you!!!!

@the-weirdo-on-maple-street - EMMA!!!! really such an angel. VERY FUNNY. I FOLLOW HER ON TWITTER AND SHE RETWEETS THE FUNNIEST SHIT. very quiet in the gc but when she pops in it’s a party. we love u and miss u emma!!!!


A/N: Hey guys!! Sorry it took so long to finish this part, but life was hectic and what not. I would also like to apologize for any spelling mistakes and if you have any constructive criticism I would love to hear it. Also yes, I did skip the smut scene because I don’t think I’m ready to write one yet so please don’t be angry!! Anywayyyy, here you go the second and final part of this fic. Enjoy xoxo

Part one

When Dean had heard Cas’ plan he’d been angry. It was ridiculous, and honestly… how was this his life?? Dean had come to terms with his feelings towards the angel for a while now, but since he’s Dean Winchester there was nothing he could do about it. There was always something in the way, whether it be mind control, dick angels, demons or you know being a freaking demon. Dean had long settle for just being close to the angel. And then Cas went and got baby fever…

The hunter would admit, it weirded him out at first, but as he laid in bed thinking - because Winchesters did not pout dammit -  images began pouring in his head. Images of a pregnant Castiel smiling down at his bulging stomach, images of Cas rocking a green-eyed baby and singing to him, a little girl with blond hair and blue eyes asking to be picked up… before he could stop himself he was smiling and then another image… an angry Castiel yelling:

“They will be my children, not yours!”

….and for the first ever the constant sharp pain in his arm was dulled by the crippling pain in his chest. Because it was one thing to know he’s not good enough for Castiel, but another to hear it from the angel.

Now, his friend was off looking for a donor, who would probably be a fucking dickwad, because besides Castiel and a few chosen ones, all of heaven was filled with dicks, and one of those dicks got to be with Cas and make a fucking baby. Cas had explained to him about the mating thing, and it just rubbed Dean the wrong way. Some fucker got to be with Cas intimately and would probably be with him for some time until babies were made. The fact that bitch reaper had managed to take Cas’ virginity still made him bitter and now this?!It was entirely unfair. Would any of them stick around for the actual birth? Will they help the blue-eyed angel through the pregnancy? And more importantly will any of them show Cas the fun he deserved? Would any of them take the time to take him apart the way Dean wished to? Will they be patient and attentive and make sure that Cas felt safe and loved? Dean seriously doubted it. He picked up his weapons and began stripping his gun. He needed to some time before he could face Castiel again. He just hopes that by the time he sees Castiel again, the baby idea is abandoned.

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anonymous asked:

Why is nobody talking about the subtle 2jae moment in GOT7's 5 Seconds Interview in The Show? It's my favorite thing. It happens when they dance to 'Stop stop it' and I die everytime I watch it. I'm such a trash

My dear anon,

Ah, thank you so much for bringing this up!! I would hate to ignore this beautiful video! Not only is it hilariously funny, but as 2jae trash, we get that beautiful moment where Jaebum sings “I want to run to you and hold you” and pulls this not-so-subtle move:

Do you see his tiny smile as he looks right at Youngjae? You’re not the only one dying over this moment, my dear anon! It’s just so incredibly precious, and I just find myself smiling with him every time I see it!

Yet this moment is not the only reason I love this video as 2jae trash. Perhaps it shows my excessiveness with my love for the close relationship between these two, but there are actually a number of other (even more subtle) 2jae interactions in this video that bring a smile to my face! So, if you don’t mind me cluttering up your ask with my obsessiveness observations, I’d like to appreciate 5 other moments that make my 2jae trash heart happy!

1) These frames from when Jaebum was doing voice immitations just make me so happy because Youngjae and Jinyoung (because the JJ Project bond will always remain) looks so incredibly affectionate! Just look at the way Youngjae smiles at him in the first part of the clip, and then his cute little laugh at the end is just too adorable to me!

2) Also, there’s no doubt that Jaebum is incredibly competitive and Bambam answering the question on time is more than enough reason for him to get excited, but I just love how his smile lingers on Youngjae’s own celebration for a moment longer than anything else, and his little head duck at the end just makes me smile. Plus, Jaebum is adorable, let’s appreciate that.

3) I also love this moment after Jackson implies that Youngjae is “the most annoying member.” At first, Jaebum looks almost offended on Youngjae’s behalf while Jinyoung immediately starts grinning, but then he gets so adorably amused and dare I say fond??? when Youngjae takes revenge!

4) Then we have a spotting of truly fond Jaebum when it comes time to talk about Youngjae’s childhood photo. Just look at his precious little smile as he leans in to get a clear view and listens to Youngjae talk!

5) And can we take a moment to all appreciate Jaebum’s proud, happy smile after Youngjae easily answered the question about Bambam’s full name?? The way he watches Youngjae celebrating like a precious dork is so cute and affectionate!

Bonus) Now, as much as I love all the above moments, I have to say that my favorite moment, perhaps even above the blessing that is Jaebum’s glance at Youngjae during the dance, is one that lasts perhaps only a second and is only barely caught by the camera, but…

Am I the only one who sees how they were looking at each other before their eyes drifted to the other members? I know there’s less than a moment of it because the clip cuts in as they’re glancing away, but it still gets to me. These are the moments I realize what trash I am. I hesitate to include it on the list because it’s almost beyond subtle, but I have to point it out anyway!

I am so glad that you are 2jae trash enough to bring this to me and let me die with you over all these moments, my dear anon! <3<3<3 It fills my heart with joy to appreciate the bond and spotted moments of flirtation between these boys! I will be the last person to try to force someone to ship something romantically, and I’m perfectly willing to accept that even 2jae might not have a romantic connection with each other… but it’s videos like this with all these little moments scattered throughout that make it impossible to ignore now incredibly close Jaebum and Youngjae are, even though they don’t share the same sort of obvious and fanservice-filled bonds that some of the others do! Whatever form it may be in, the dynamic between 2jae is one of love, respect, and intimacy, even if they don’t show it to the public often. Which, honestly, makes these moments of visible affection all the more meaningful for me, whatever the context of their relationship!

But I totally think they’re in love.

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anonymous asked:

I think is hilarious that JP&cast are still trying to shift the blame of the character's failure on the audience. KC is to blame that H-C are not liked, the audience is sexist bc it doesn't like Cami-Elena. Are they serious? If anything positive came from TO is that ppl are a lot smarter and insightful than JP thinks and don't take crap writing and characterization without thinking evaluating and dismissing characters and stories that are revolting A.

One thing that they should have all learnt by now is that by twitter and interviews you can’t make the audience see what you want it to see. it’s what you put on the screen that matters and to what it responds. B

lol…blaming your audience for your failures is one of the quickest ways to lose it lol.

At this point I am just laughing. It is ridiculous. You have some writers and actors that are panicking to the point that they do not even filter through basic logic their fear and they just express it aggressively towards the fans. Shaming your audience for having the insight that you should have had all along? It would be sad if it was not so funny lol.

In the end of the day the result remains the same. Plec writes extremely misogynistic female characters and the fans are on to her. Period.

You can try to sugarcoat to, to cover it, to evade it but the result is the same and it plays on the screen for everyone to see it and eventually reject and criticize it. And we are talking about massive rejection here.

I can’t speak for Camille. I have only seen her in the backdoor pilot but I have had 4 full seasons of Elena to know that if anything the people that do not like Elena are not sexists but people that cannot stand that insane level of misogyny. Elena originally had character (you could like that character or you could not like that character but at least it was established and it was there) and after a point the girl that would not sit and cry and die for a man became a male prop that serves only as on object for a triangle or for male character development. She is there for Delena or Stelena or the triangle. She was there to shame a victim of abuse, to get brainwashed, to have no personality anymore and to produce some hot sex scenes to placate the shippers. She was there as a beautiful trophy for the two brothers to claim. She lost her compassion, her moral compass, her opinion. She became dull, unethical, a sex doll. Everyone has to save her, she is incapable of surviving on her own, she basically cares only for her shallow needs. I mean if this is not a strong character what is right? (that was ironic if you have missed it)

Some people want to advocate women’s rights and men’s rights in the wrong way.

You do not get to like a character because that character simply has a vagina or a penis. That is human anatomy not a personality. If a character is female and you do not like that character that does not make you a sexist.

See at the writing and see at what age you are in.

What will make you sexist is if you get the most offensive trope and suddenly and blindly you start rooting for it. I am not going to stand there and root for a woman because she simply happens to be a woman. That won’t help any cause or any character for that matter. I will root for that woman if her character is something that attracts me. There comes the writing because it is all in the writing.

If you see a misogynistic character in your tv, in cimena, in a book and you do not criticize it but you embrace it, because it happens to have female parts and you have female parts for example, then you simply promote that misogynistic view and you contribute to that.

There was a time that those female characters would be praised. But today? Today people have evolved a little bit more. They want to see strong characters (male or female) and they won’t stand silent and allow you to promote your misogyny and your sexism freely. That does not make the audience sexist. It makes it the EXACT opposite.

And this is actually healthy. There is a reason why the majority of the viewers have rejected those characters. And it is logical for the viewers to speak up and honestly I am relieved to see this happening because it shows that people won’t stand there and watch writers degrading women and promoting “idols” that basically say that a woman is made only for sex or reproduction and is there to be an object for a man or an eye candy with no soul, heart, strength or even brain cells. And this is exactly what Plec writes and what Leah Pipes for example portrays. And people are not that unintelligent as the TO team thinks so they are expressing their revulsion towards that kind of shitty writing as they should.

P.s: Some people should seriously get a dictionary and check out the meaning, the true meaning, of some words; as for example the meaning of the word sexism. And IF the understand what it truly means then maybe they would be more careful about misusing that word in the future.


Sorry for the length of this post, but I had one of the best weekends ever. I’ve been volunteering and working autograph lines at Fan Expos and Toronto ComiCons for awhile now, but this year was my favourite experience so far. I really wanted to work Katie Cassidy’s line because I love Laurel Lance/Black Canary and my team leads were amazing. Knowing I wanted to work her, my team captain let me switch teams on the third day of the convention so I could work her line, I even picked up extra shifts. Katie flew from Salt Lake City Comic Con to LA on a redeye flight, then an overnight flight to Toronto for Fan Expo Saturday morning so she took a nap when she arrived so she could be on for the show, but some fans were a little annoyed with the schedule hiccups because that meant her signing line started later and they had been waiting. Luckily our table was positioned next to John Barrowman’s, and he really helped keep the crowd calm and helped the volunteers out by being hilarious. Not only did he keep our line entertained for 2 hours, but he gave out Tim Tams to all the fans that were lined up waiting and took a huge group photo with all of us which he posted on twitter and facebook.

Once Katie arrived it got even better. First of all, her handler, Cher, was so great. I loved working with her and Katie. Cher was amazing at her job and so nice and Katie was amazing with her fans and very apologetic to everyone for the delay, even though it was something that was out of her control. When John came back from his panel and saw Katie he ran over to the table and gave her a big hug. To see them both so happy was the cutest thing ever. She was very professional and I knew she was beautiful from seeing her on tv, but in person, she is gorgeous. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who looks better in person then they do on screen. I honestly couldn’t believe it.

Her autograph line was huge and her schedule for the weekend was really tight, but she made sure she signed for everyone and kept telling me to keep people coming, right up until her photo-op with John Barrowman and Alex Kingston. At one point during her signing time, she called me over to the table and quietly said, “Hey, sorry, excuse me. Would you mind getting me a diet coke? Is that okay? It’s okay for me to ask you that, right? Am I allowed to ask you?” And I just said, “Absolutely,” and went to get it for her. I was surprised with the interaction because she was so polite and didn’t want to be a bother to me or interrupt my job. I had no problem running and getting whatever she wanted, I was happy to help. Another thing that really stood out to me was how poised and elegant she was. From the way she sat, to the way she moved and spoke to people, every volunteer around her table commented on how well she presented herself. When she was done signing Cher asked me if I could come back and do Katie’s line the next day and gave me her number so that she could keep me updated with Katie’s schedule.

On the second day Katie’s schedule was tight. Cher texted me in the morning updating me about the plan for the day, Photo-ops, interview, Q&A panel, autographs. Since Katie & Cher liked me, Cher informed me that she had talked to Katie and Katie was going to be signing something for me for free, which if you had seen me that day you would know I was beyond happy. I was planning on paying for Katie’s autograph, but that was a very kind gesture that I appreciated. It’s a misconception that we get free autographs when we volunteer for Fan Expo. We typically pay the same as everyone else and if you do get offered a free autograph it means the handler and celebrity really enjoyed working with you. I had a photo-op with Katie as well which was cool and I didn’t mention this above, but Katie had two security guards that stayed with her throughout the event because of an issue with a stalker, and when I walked in for my photo-op her security immediately recognized me and started talking to me right away. The second Katie saw me joking with the guards she greeted me with the biggest smile and this big, happy, “Hey!”

In the afternoon she had a Q&A panel, which I got to attend thanks to my team captain. During the panel there were a lot of questions about her acting methods, she talked about finding out Black Canary would be the character who died on Arrow and how she only found out 2 episodes beforehand. Again the manner she conducts herself in astounds me, you could tell she’s still upset that she was killed, she talked about when she got the call from the producers and said, “It sucked and it still sucks,” but she was so gracious about it and went on to say that, “It’s tv,” and she was happy that she got 4 and a half years playing Laurel and Black Canary. She talked a little about her new deal to appear across Arrow, Flash, & Legends, and also said she’s going to be filming a movie in LA as well. She talked about her crossover episode on The Flash and talked about the fact that she and Caity Lotz are roommates in Vancouver this year and last year she was roommates with Danielle Panabaker. She joked about the fact that everyone on The Flash can sing like Broadway stars so there should be a musical episode of The Flash, but not of Arrow because apparently they aren’t very good singers. Someone brought up the fact that in the Arrow fandom it seems really hard to be a fan of both Felicity and Laurel to which Katie replied, “Yeah… I don’t know why. I love Emily. We love each other.” The same person also asked Katie how she deals with all the attacks on her and Laurel and the “Bye Bye Birdie” hashtag and Katie answered that she, “…didn’t even know that was a thing.” She said she doesn’t read instagram and twitter comments because it would make it hard for her to enjoy what she does and feel proud of it without being self conscious. She’s human too and said, “I guess the way I deal with it is not knowing it exists.” She then went on to say that she knows a lot of people started out not liking Laurel and she hoped the character had grown on them over the four years as she developed and grew into the Black Canary. A lot of people cheered when she said that and she talked a little about the alcoholism and addiction storyline of season 2. She also shared a story about a day on set that was a really emotional day for her playing Laurel. She had been crying a lot to get into the tone and character for the scene she and Stephen had shot and it was a heavy episode when all of a sudden she got this text from John Barrowman, who wasn’t on the call sheet that day and was supposed to be in Palm Springs. The text he sent was a series of photos of him in her trailer with his bare ass on everything she owned and when she showed it to Stephen, “he freaked out and was like, ‘Ah! I don’t want to see that!’” But apparently it was exactly what she needed to lift her up and make her smile after having filmed the heavy episode.

After the panel she came up and did her final signing for the day and once we got through her line I got to pick a photo I wanted her to sign, and I was happy just to have it signed, but she asked if I wanted it personalized. So I said, “Sure if you don’t mind,” and she smiled and said, “Yeah, let me personalize it!” So she asked me to hold my badge so she knew how to spell my name correctly, then wrote, “Thank you!” When she finished signing I took a quick moment and just said, “You’re awesome, thank you so much. I really enjoyed working your line and meeting you.” To which she replied, “No, you’re awesome. Thank you. You did such a great job this weekend, I really appreciated it.”

So long story, but if you read it all, all I can say is Katie Cassidy is beautiful and she is so nice. I’ve heard so many people try to say bad things about Katie, but having worked with her, I have nothing but good things to say. I had an amazing weekend working with her and Cher, and working at the table next to John Barrowman was so fun. Working with her also made me realize all over again how sad I am that Laurel was the character that the Arrow writers killed. Best weekend I’ve had at Fan Expo yet. 

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I’m a celebrity and I may or may not be following your blog which is dedicated to me. reading your comments and tags are hilarious and very flattering and I’m somewhat smitten Klaroline au pleaseeeeeee

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS PROMPT YOU LOVELY HUMAN!! I got really into this universe, such a goodun. To other people who are waiting on my drabbles… I am writing them, but I was struck with the inspiration stick with this one! Hope you enjoy!

What most people didn’t know about the infamous bad-boy, Hollywood heartthrob Klaus Mikaelson was that as a teenager he was the opposite of a bad-boy, and the opposite of a heartthrob.

Unlike the rest of his siblings – who had come out of the womb perfect and beautiful – he had been not attractive at all, and his awkward phase had lasted from the age of 12 - when he shot up and became scrawny, weedy and lanky - through all his teenage years - when he had been scrawny, weedy, lanky, had glasses, braces, pimples and a social anxiety born into him from years of psychological and physical abuse from both his parents - all the way through to the age of 23.

By this time, however, Niklaus had mastered coding, every version, variation and rerelease of GTA and WOW amongst other games, had got a diploma in cooking – because he had been bored one summer – become best friends with a stranger on the internet, completed an undergraduate degree in both art history and the dramatic arts, and had starring role in a BBC mini series called ‘When We Overlook the Nerdy Hackers’ - a role which he was definitely type cast for.

But on his 23rd birthday, he looked determinately in his mirror. He knew he was incredibly intelligent, and a talented actor - many years of pretending he was fine when his insides were screaming in pain had trained him well. But to make it big in Hollywood, unfortunately, you couldn’t rely on talent alone.

So, Klaus packed up his life in London, logged off from the internet for good – abandoning all the friends he’s made – and flew to the states, where he found he the best personal trainer he could afford and the most reputable one on one acting tutor he could find, so he could chase his dream.  

He trained, and practiced, and sweated and cried, until his 24th birthday, when he looked in the mirror again and smiled.

He had done it.

Gone was the scrawny, weedy, lanky boy he’d been a year ago. If he was honest he was almost unrecognisable from who he’d been 12 months ago. He felt the tiniest bit of guilt eat at his insides, thinking about all he’d left behind, but he had to do this. He couldn’t be that person anymore.

To cap it all, he’d been offered a leading role in one of the most anticipated films of the year.  

And so awkward, nerdy, social outcast Nik died forever, and Hollywood heartthrob, bad-boy Klaus was born.

He honestly blamed his bad-boy tendencies on the fact he had never socialised properly as a teenager, and so the attention and partying went straight to his head.

But he didn’t mind, he was living the high life, and throwing it back in the faces of all those who had ridiculed him for having big dreams.

Ten years passed before awkward Niklaus surfaced again, and in that time he won two Oscars, been nominated for five, starred in countless blockbusters, had been with more girls than he could remember, and had become even more attractive to the point where he had one People’s Magazine’s sexiest man alive six years running.

The day he reintroduced himself to his nerd side, was the day he had been on a talk show and they had read some very raunchy fan fiction written about him and Bulgarian supermodel Tatia Petrova, who he’d had a very short lived fling with – models were way too highly stung for him.

While he had laughed through the interview, and kept his cool while the host trash talked the person who had written it, but Klaus couldn’t help but feel upset by what had happened.

Despite his determined transformation, he still vividly remembered what it was like to feel completely alone and have only the Internet and your own dark imagination to keep you company. He remembered the hours he spent writing stories similar to the one that had been read out, or drawing fanart, or participating in fandom events, and even though that wasn’t him anymore, he would never forget those times. Could never forget them.

When he got back to his home after the interview, a niggling feeling. He ate, and showered, but the feeling which had been born inside him during the interview engulfed him,

He flopped his bed, and as the clock ticked past midnight, Klaus pulled his computer toward him, not to FaceTime his family, nor to fetch a booty call – like he usually would. Nope, instead he opened a site he’d not touched since he was 23.


The site read.



Log in

Forgotten your password?

The layout and set up of the home screen was still the same, but it looked so different to what his teenage memories recalled. Excitement was thrumming through him as he tapped in his email address – lonelyhybrid@gmial.com - and then his password.

As he hit log in, Klaus was stunned by the difference him before him. And was slightly guilty to see the large number of unread asks, but other than that he remembered exactly why he’d loved this site. The people were hilarious, the gifsets were so much more creative than he remembered, and there were people who seemed to get everything he was feeling.

Klaus spent hours on the site. Initially, he trawled through his blog – the-lonely-hybrid.tumblr.com – then through his dashboard.

He was excited, and a little self-conscious, to see his face staring back at him from many different posts. It seemed someone he used to follow back in the day, had become a Klaus Mikaelson dedication blog. It intrigued him, because it seemed that all-about-klaus followed him back.

He was intrigued to work out which of his mutuals had become so infatuated with him, but he was also feeling guilty again. All those people who had helped him through all his emotional problems, and just up and left them, with no explanation.

As he followed the link to the blog’s main page he couldn’t help the smile that spread across his face.  

The title of the blog read The Other Side of Klaus Mikaelson.

The bio read –

Just a small town girl, desperately hoping to find her Klaus.

As he began combing through the blog, he honestly thought he could feel himself falling for the person who ran it a little bit. The bright, shining personality of the blogger was evident in every single post.

Each post was written with such care, and every gifset was crafted to only show the best parts of him. There was nothing about his tendency to break girls’ hearts, or his drunken tantrums at paparazzi. There was no mention of pregnancy scares, or his famous feud with Damon Salvatore.

No, everything on the blog was designed to show people his softer side. There were pictures of his trips to Africa – where he spent three months every year teaching the children – something the press rarely reported on as it wasn’t glamorous enough. There were gifs of him appearing on his younger sister’s YouTube channel – something he loved doing, because no one could make him feel good like Rebekah could. And there were long metas about how his bad-boy persona was really just an act to cover his insecurities.  As he read those, he wondered how she managed to pinpoint his inner most feelings when he could hardly reconcile why he acted the way he did.

He read every single tag and it was all he could do to not hug his computer.

#oh my gosh, #klaus mikaelson, #precious snowflake, #sinnamon roll, #he’s far too cute to be allowed on this earth, #klaus cuddly teddy bear mikaelson, #cute, #queue

While he kind of resented being called cute, he kind of loved it too.

He stayed on the blog, entranced by her words and encapsulated by her voice, until the morning sun began to stream through his still open curtains. In amongst the parts about him, he was able to make out her other interests. There were a number of posts about her thoughts on climate change and feminism, and he was stunned by how convincing her arguments were. While her writing style was familiar, he still for the life of him couldn’t remember why he followed her all those years ago.

As the day drew on, and dawn became mid-morning, he kept scrolling through post after post, becoming as enamoured with her as she was with him. His eyes and body was tired, screaming out for sleep – or at least food – but Klaus couldn’t tear his eyes away.

When the posts began to change, from her fascination with him to TV shows, characters, ships, world politics, amongst other things, he had to stop himself from swooning with feels. Being affected by feels was another thing that hadn’t happened in ten years. Apparently he and the mystery blogger had extremely similar tastes in pop culture, and similar opinions on worldviews.

Klaus felt his stomach do backflips and he squirmed a little on the bed when he saw a gifset, much earlier than when her vigorous blogging of him began, from him in the BBC series and the caption read – gosh, isn’t he the absolute cutest! #klaus mikaelson, #why have i not seen this show before, #when we overlook the nerdy hacker, #he’s the cutest nerdy hacker I’ve ever seen #klaus mikaelson hack my heart please! #or my body #either one #kthanksbye

Klaus couldn’t believe that anyone would have thought that him then was cute, and it made him so incredibly happy. He rolled onto his back and grinned, unconditionally, at the ceiling for a few moments. He needed this girl him his life.  

Hey people! There is actually another 5000+ words to this… I got really into this idea. Let me know if you think it’s worth posting more…. 

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hey im pretty new to bastille and all that, and you seem like you know a lot about them. can you tell me about all their albums and about them and maybe some good interviews??? thanks so much i love your blog<3


okay this is bad blood

External image

they also released all this bad blood, which is basically the same thing with a couple of extra tracks that they didn’t release on bad blood originally (like poet, the draw, skulls, etc)

External image

the band has four members: dan smith, will farquarson, kyle simmons, and chris “woody” wood (don’t call him chris ok). the band name comes from dan’s birthday falling on july 14th, which is bastille day (when the bourgeoisie stormed the bastille in 1789 during the french revolution) (yeah they’re huge nerds)

okay first off dan smith has the voice and appearance and personality of an angel yep he is beautiful but he is also very pessimistic and does not realize how talented he really is (just listen to their music for proof yep) and he is also a hUGE DORK

okay will farquarson is the most sarcastic man alive and look at his beard wow and he has this hilarious obsession with rihanna. he is honestly the funniest man ever and literally lied about his instrument playing skills just to get into the band. if you don’t think that’s admirable then idk about you

okay next is kyle simmons um his obsession with cats is really remarkable and he is so cute because he gets so excited about things that he stutters a lot and he is the keyboardist but sometimes plays bass without breathing somehow. also his shirts are quite iconic

lastly we have woody who is basically the kindest and most huggable person ever he is the drummer and i hate to break it to you but his hair is probably ten times more luscious than yours 


One Direction Questionnaire: Results

For a week, I collected answers for multiple questions involving One Direction and fans. I received 1,057 responses. The following is the results I received.

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The Russian situation

Russian Cup and Batumi are happening soon, in some days, so I just wanted to let you know how I was looking at the current situation before everybody gets injured and I have a mental breakdown. Just for “what could have been” purposes.

In general they look much better than last year (and not even talking about 2013 because that was a joke). They could even have some injured people and still muddle through. 

Basically the seven that will travel to Glasgow, if everything goes, miraculously and for the first time, well, are the girls that went to Montpellier and Baku (Kharenkova, Spiridonova, Paseka, Afanasyeva, Komova, Mustafina and Tutkhalyan), unless someone had vastly improved in recent months (maybe Dmitrieva?).

The locks

- Aliya. I have to explain even why? The only thing I’m curious about is how her routines will look, because seems she could have different BB and FX routines. The rumor has it she is training a RO+Layout on BB, but I don’t know for how long, so maybe she will not compete it if she just started doing it like… one month ago, but if she started the training right when started working with Starkin (which I suspect), she could be showing it in Penza just for testing purposes. About her tumbling passes, I don’t have a freaking idea. There was a video of her training the triple, which looked nice (for her), but in general her twisting elements look worse at the actual competition than in training, so, please, don’t do it (oh my god). She seems to be upgrading for a double L turn also. Long live the Queen.

- Afan. She has had some health issues with her teeth lately, but it shouldn’t affect her performance. If she doesn’t get injured, she is, OBVIOUSLY, in. I’m more curious about if she is finally doing BB again or if she is waiting until next year, because that could change the situation of who gets named or not for the team (if she does, bye bye Seda for sure). She will not train UB anymore. About VT, thanks God she is coached by Nazarova and not Ulyankina, because that means we will not see a dreadful Cheng. I’m sure we will see her turns combinations again, and also the full front after the 2.5, even if just for test it at RC for next year. If I’m not wrong, they will wait until 2016 Nats or later for finally trying the Chusovitina. Prepare your rosaries, guys, Mama Afan’s ankles will need them.

- Vika. She looked surprisingly way better than what I was expecting from her at Baku, and that was 2 months ago. Back then she had some small issues adapting herself to competition again now that she is two thousand metres tall, but I bet her routines must look more “controlled” now. And even with those issues, she was way better than almost 80% of the NT. I’m happy she didn’t leave Yelfimov. In general, I’m not expecting to see her best this year, she should just be a team player in Glasgow, and concentrate her individual goals for Rio (this basically means NO AMANAR PLS). I would be happy if she brings back the BHS+arabian. At least in Batumi or Russian Cup EF. I want to see it one more time before I die.

- Spiridoz. I’m kind of angry that she’s a lock, but what can I do. She can do bars, and nobody else can. Honestly, I won’t give a f*** about her other events because she always showes promise domestically and then in the actual intl competition messes up completely. If she only could live up for her beam potential… (she actually has an interesting set). If Paseka goes to WC, her BB QF routine could be the end of her career or just another confidence pass for next year. Because with just bars she’s not going anywhere. Especially with Melka and Skrypnik waiting for the 1st January to eat her alive for that UB spot.

The hopeful ones

- Kharenkova. Her possible upgrades for this competition are basically the reason why I’m mostly interested in RC this year, although seems that she has had some back problems recently. How will she respond Seda’s Baku performance? She beat her for that spot back in May. Both will be fighting for that 3rd AA spot, and, to be honest, Masha is in a better position than Seda. She loses to her on VT, but wins on UB and BB. Bars are unconsistent for her, but shows more promise than Seda, who is basically not useful at all on them. Both are excellent on beam (I would say Seda could be better than her), but Masha’s general consistency is what set her apart from Tutk. On FX, it will depends in Masha’s upgrade (seems that she will be adding herself to the new Russian DLO trend, the whip whip triple is so 2013 lol), and how she adapts to it. If she were just more expressive… Her music is already amazing. I think she will make it. 

- Paseka. I’m sorry, guys, but I think I’m starting to like her D: No, really, let’s be serious, Maria has gotten better with time. Her amanar doesn’t look like an uncontrolled, not charged beater anymore (although her entry is still the best tribute to V for Vendetta that I have seen in my life), even if her Cheng is not just horrible, it’s hilarious. Thanks God the judges are on the sidelines lol. Her bars are nice but very basic, although attending how overscored she was during Nationals, V-Rod likes them (just an excuse for putting her on teams? mostly). She could be useful on FX for that 3rd TF spot, just if she regains her last summer form. That routine was beautiful. Because her floor from Universiade has to be a hidden camera, not even Anna Li. To be honest, even if it sucks, she doesn’t need UB or FX. If she made the Olympic team with just an horrible Amanar and a mediocre Lopez, she will make a pre-Olympic year team with a much improved Amanar and a way more difficult second vault, even if it is just an ode to puking.

- Tutkhalyan. In my opinion Seda will be fighting both Paseka and Kharenkova for their spots. She could work as a 3rd AAer, as she did during Baku, but also as a VT/FX specialist, that also could help on BB. In general, she could be more useful that either Paseka or Kharenkova. Potentially, she could be used in any event during TF, except bars ofc, and not score worse than any of her teammates. Her problem is her inconsistency, especially on BB, her main event, her lack of experience, but also the fact that the judges don’t seem to like her. Going for Kharenkova’s place would mean that she will have to compete BB and FX. Tbh, I would prefer to watch Seda compete on FX over Masha, who seems very weak and unstable in this event. But the same doesn’t happen on BB. Seda either has the routine of her life or messes up, no middle point. And normally she messes up. Sadly. That’s why I don’t think she will take Kharenkova’ spot unless Masha gets injured or starts having consistency issues on BB and Seda hitting time after time. Taking Paseka’ spot seems easier, in some measure. She just needs a vault as difficult as Paseka’s ones. Yes, be afraid. She’s coached by Ulyankina (Sosnitskaya, Paseka herself), so it’s not insane to consider that she will attempt the Amanar anytime soon. Last summer she told in a interview she had done it in training, and during Baku’s PT seems that she attempted a couple. And they were not very successful. Maybe she surprises everyone and has a decent and safe Amanar, she actually has a kind of nice DTY (if we forget her entry, and the fact her knees are a little bit bent), but I wouldn’t put a lot of hope on it. It is not her time yet.

So, my Team Prediction by the 16th August (just one month before RC):

Aliya Mustafina VT UB BB FX

Viktoria Komova UB BB

Ksenia Afanasyeva VT FX

Daria Spiridonova UB

Maria Paseka VT

Maria Kharenkova BB FX

Seda Tutkhalyan (Alt.)

The ones in the sidelines

These are the ones I don’t particulary think could make the team “by themselves”, or really factor in the mix, unless improving incredibly, or, what seems more probable, if someone between the top 7 gets seriously injured.

Dmitrieva. She has surprised me so many times this year. She was the rookie of Nationals for me. Attempting a DTY, and revealing later a much better Lopez, scoring as high as 14.7 on BB, and showing, probably, one of the best FX the Russians have this year (watch it on YT, it’s great). She is getting more consistent each time she competes, and, if she had a much better UB set, she would be just right there with the top ones. But sadly she’s not. Although I think that she has a lot of potential, and, if well paced and coached, could be a dark horse, maybe not for Rio, but yes for 2017 and the next quad. She reminds me a lot of a young Afan, and also has in herself all the style and spirit of the Russian school. Damn it, I REALLY WANT HER TO MAKE IT BIG. I just hope she kicks ass in Batumi at least. (If a gymnast like Afan, Paseka or Tutkhalyan gets injured, she could take her spot. Maybe she doesn’t have the same level of difficulty, but we would gain in quality for sure.)

Shelgunova. Oh, my Zhenya, you could have been so great. If you just weren’t that injury prone and had that form of absolute shit. What can I say, except on VT, where she just has a FTY (although she has competed a DTY in the past), she has tons of difficulty, nothing less of 6.0 in any event, but a form that could kill Elena Grudneva just with looking. She seems a nice girl, but you don’t make teams for being nice, and I just wish she never makes one. Unless she doesn’t work on her form (what is a little bit too late), she will not pass from the 8,3 E score (as if lol) in her life. She is a favourite of V-Rod (another proof that this woman is crazy), but Andrei doesn’t seem to like her. In something he had to be right, finally. (She would take the same spots as Dmitrieva, but I would take Nastya first.)

Kramarenko. Old but good. Very g00.000d tbh. Lol, sorry. Love you Kramo, but I had to do it. Getting serious, she was the one that left Komova out of Worlds last year (actually was Vika herself, but technically Kramo took her spot, although she ended up competing AA), and did very nice actually (for being a Russian. On a beam): She has done very well at Nationals, Universiade and at those Bundesliga meets lately, but sadly I can’t see her factoring that much anymore. She’s basically a refill if either Komova or Spiridonova gets injured, as she can easily get an UB score in the high 14′s, even over 15. Everybody knows that she has nice form, style and a interesting routine’s composition, so I don’t think It’s needed to say that she can be trusted. Unless we are talking about VT. Then, just call the firefighters. 

Sosnitskaya. I don’t even think she will be back this soon, and even if she does, I don’t think she will be fully recovered. And even if she is fully recovered, I don’t think she will get further than Tutkhalyan. She could just factor in VT, and this year Paseka is better than her. Maybe FX, but I never saw the hype about her. Yes, big tumbling passes, but bad executed and with horrible basics. An to top, she has changed her Pretty Woman music, gaudy but at least entertaining. If by a miracle she is back by next month (which I doubt because she is not settled to compete in Batumi), she could replace Paseka, and if so, Afanasyeva.

I refuse to even discuss about Nabieva. For God’ sake, let’s have some dignity, Russian stans.

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So because we believe that harry and louis are in a relationship that means that we cant appreciate how handsome they are.?! Are people ok? Like you said, I have eyes and harry is gorgeous just like louis and liam and niall. Why cant we say that? When people are talking about how beautiful louis is then it's ok but but when it comes to harry it's not? What are they affraid of? Its not like me thinking he's pretty it's gonna change my belief in louis and harry. People are just looking for drama.

People think that by talking about the fact that Harry is a muscular guy, it’s a) erasing other things about him, b) hyper-masculinizing him, and/or c) being too “het.” I have a lot to say about this, but first I’m going to put a disclaimer and say that not everybody who has an issue with the beef thing is doing this stuff or thinking this stuff, but some of them definitely are. 

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